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Observing our huge cities expand every day and almost every hour, every year engulf new colonies of immigrants and their tentacles, like giant octopuses on the surrounding space, feels a sort of shudder, as if they should witness the symptoms social Si some strange disease one hand is in some of his episodes an extraordinary event for the moralist, is on the other hand, in normal development, an indicator of healthy and regular evolution. Where cities grow, humanity progresses, where decay, civilization itself is at stake. It is therefore important to clearly differentiate the causes that have determined the origin and growth of cities that have caused the deterioration and disappearance, as well as those that now are slowly transforming to 'married off', so to speak with their environment.

The first cities were centers and economic governance r e l i g i o s o. His pla n or y s u s responded to construccione s l s needs of residents and defensive character of the same era, in many cases, in determining location and extent. The primeras civilizaciones u r b a n a s emerged in Egypt and Mesopotamia. Later, with the civilizations Greek and Roman, was broadcast a city ​model for the Mediterranean that will be the basis of urbanization Western.

During the Renaissance man becomes the measure of all things. Trade and nascent mercantilism encourage the development of cities. It seeks a urban model so that the city is a space orderly, rational and affordable to the understanding of their residents or visitors.

There were many projects were made, though most of them remain in theoretical models that were never implemented.

At present market pressures or urban land users, the social or political orientations of municipalities are channeled and manifested in the urban plan through the General Plans of the same. However, one can not speak of a city-type because each is the result of its historical past, the current social needs and ideology of socio-economic system in which it is registered.

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MESOPOTAMIA: It is the name by which it is known to the Middle East area located between the Tigris and Euphrates, but extends to areas adjacent to fertile strip between the two rivers, which roughly coincides with the non-desert areas of the current Iraq. The term refers primarily to this area in ancient times.

MEDITERRANEAN: He says what's on the inside of a territory. Pertaining to the Mediterranean Sea.

CIVILIZATIÒN: Term that is identified as a set of values ​and artistic development, and social science of a particular community.

MERCANTILISM: set of economic ideas that believes that the prosperity of a nation depends on the capital or state you may have, and that the overall volume of world trade is unchangeable.

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