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What’s your favorite purchase in 2019 and why? “It’s not what i’ve been able to purchase,

“My house! We got it in September!”

but more on what I’ve been able to give.

- Angelo Cayanan, Photographer

One of my favourite things about 2019 was helping hundreds of immigrants through the Power of Giving event that I hosted.”

- Angie Ostojic, Executive Editor “My pug named Peppa! She’s a spark of joy and has brought our family closer together. She never fails to make us laugh.”

“First time since 2011, I celebrated myself, my accomplishments, and what has gotten me to my place in my life right now. I finally celebrated me.”

- Ava Tan, Co-Editor

- Lois San Miguel, Hair Artist

“My fave purchase in 2019 is my books!! It took 2.5 years to become a published author, so I am extremely proud of myself that I was able to purchase the first print run of my books!”

“A trip to Vancouver with my sister for my birthday. It didn’t go quite as planned, but spending quality time with my best friend made up for it in every way!” - Gen San Miguel, Makeup Artist

- Lis Perez, Co-Editor “My trip to the Philippines and being able to see the smiles on the children’s faces as we gave them food and other supplies. It was priceless.”

“My drawing tablet, because it helps me improve my digital drawing skills.” - Shiela Gamayao, Graphic Designer

- Alma Armada, Content Advisor

“Our business, MinuteMan Press, because it changed our lives.” - Mindy and Arnold Villanueva, Production and Print

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TABLE OF CONTENTS SUCCESS STORIES The Power of Giving, p. 16-17 Angie Ostojic Overcoming Homelessness & Addiction, p. 15 Anita Tavernier Don’t Wait For “Someday”, Start Now, p. 14 Asifa Akbar Overcoming Domestic Violence, p. 29 Cynthia Chau Trusting the Process, p. 18 Jann Neri Vicente The Value of Giving Back to Our Parents, p. 25 Jay Tarabocchia Staying Focused Through the Ups and Downs, p. 19 Tristan Cote The Fear of Dreaming Big, p. 24 Vanessa Canavero Awarding and Empowering The Youth, p. 31 Gar Gar

BUSINESS TIPS Risk and Faith: The Unique Personalities of Startup Grind Calgary’s Feature Speakers, p. 9 Chad Ford How To Build Your Personal Brand, p. 28 Christie Garcia How I Became a 6-Figure Earner In My 20’s, p. 6 Justin Limpin Making a Choice To Create a Legacy, p. 21 Arnold & Mindy Villanueva How I Published My Book in 3 Easy Steps, p. 23 Kelly Falardeau Hate Selling? 3 Simple Tips, p. 27 Jackie Rainforth

LIFE HACKS The Three Types of Hunger, p. 12 Bo Tang Raising Children to Be Heroes, p. 7 Jack Toth Overcoming Fear Is Necessary For Success, p. 8 Ava Tan Knowing CPR can Save Lives, p. 22 Vero Ruiz How to Make a Difference, p. 11 Maria Hapin What is Happiness?, p. 13 Angie Ostojic

One Simple act of Kindness will go a long way. -Angie Ostojic

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DEAR READERS, As another year comes to an end and we begin to shift our attention to the upcoming year, let’s begin to find ways to embrace our fears with open arms. This issue contains success stories and ideas from people that have achieved extraordinary results by overcoming their biggest fears to attain the life of their dreams. My vision is to educate and inspire you to believe that your dream life is within your reach, but only if you dare to go after it. I am thankful to the contributing writers for sharing their wisdom and providing value to their community through education and inspirational stories. If you have expertise and ideas to share on a specific topic, please send us an email at angieostojicmagazine@gmail.com. I look forward to working with you. Remember that everyone is an expert at something. It’s time to share your story. Yours Truly,

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How I Became a 6-FIGURE EARNER in My 20’s By: Justin Limpin


all you need to do is add hard work towards that understanding.


ook at all the successful companies you know. Every single one of them solves a specific problem. I believe that once you understand how money works, all you need to do is add hard work towards that understanding. It was the year 2017 and I was heading onto my winter semester break. I would go around neighbourhoods during my days off from work to sell my paintings for $20 a piece. I would come back with no less than $60 every time I went out. One day, as I was doing my usual door knocking, a man answered the door and was incredibly nice. I showed him a couple paintings and he found one that he liked, but out of curiosity I asked him about the car spoiler beside his front door. It was one of those huge, expensive spoilers that’ll set you back around $600. He didn’t know what to do with it. As he was about to walk back in, he said “Take it, and you sell it for me.” The next day I took pictures of the spoiler and I posted it online. After a couple of hours someone from facebook messaged me and said that he was willing to drive to my place and pick up the spoiler for $450. So in the past 2 days I made over $530 by selling my paintings and the spoiler. This was bigger than my average part time pay cheque back in my job -- It was at this moment that changed my perspective on money. How come some people work every day, for years and never become rich while some seem like they don’t work at all but they’re driving Lamborghinis and going home to huge mansions? When I worked in my job, I was being paid $13 per hour, but when I was out selling my paintings, and the spoiler I wasn’t being paid per hour, I was being paid for solving a problem or supplying a demand. From this day onwards, I knew that the only way for me to become wealthy is to provide people with solutions to their problems. DROPPING OUT OF COLLEGE Fast forward a couple months to February 2018 jobless and was half way through my second semester, I decided to drop out. As I spent weeks trying to figure out what to do with my


| AOM | www.angieostojic.com | Volume 3 Issue 3 |

life, the memory of selling that spoiler came back into my head. I remembered how I was paid that much money for so little time. So I searched the web looking for business ideas, future industries, and successful startups to get at least a spark of an idea on what to do with my life. After weeks of research I found out about Social Media Marketing. Basically, you go and pitch to companies that you will help them reach their goals faster with advertising on Social Media. Whether its to gain more exposure, followers for their brand, get more customers, more sales, more leads. I spent all the money I had saved up to start this new business. I invested in online education, courses for social media marketing, hours on the internet looking for ways to make this into a possibility. After spending all my money, and hours upon hours of research, I decided to pick up the phone and start prospecting for new clients. On June 19th, I incorporated my business and in less than 3 months, I was making a six figure income. Fast forward to today, I’ve worked with over 40 different companies, networked with the most amazing people and mentored students all over the world. A week ago, I registered my second business that provides short term rentals to professionals, JayLim Rental Properties. All of this became possible because of the moment that made me realize, you shouldn’t work for money, money should work for you, and if you’re able to give solution to a certain problem, certain people will pay you for that solution. If you look at all the successful companies you know every single one of them solves a specific problem. And lastly, I believe once you understand how money works all you need to do is add hard work towards that understanding. When you got it figured out there is no way you will sell an hour of your life for a measly 13 dollars ever again.




ome. It is much more than a physical building that protects us from the elements—it is a place to nurture, provide for and build our families. It’s important to remember that although there are many challenges which will be overcome, raising a family can become one of life’s most rewarding adventures. By simply providing a loving, supporting environment, you are laying a foundation in your home that your children can build on. Studies show that when youth have a meaningful connection with a supportive adult, they will primarily look to those mentoring adults for support and direction. At IMPACT SOCIETY, we recognize that everyone is designed and created with their own unique set of strengths and abilities. As a parent or caregiver, your number one responsibility is to recognize and live from your own strengths and abilities, then you will more naturally recognize and build the strengths and abilities of your child. REDEFINE YOUR APPROACH Is it easier to point out your child’s successes or negative behaviours? When a report card comes home, do you first notice lower grades or the high ones? When your child does a task, do you point out ways it has been done poorly, or are you quick to complement? If you find yourself first pointing out the negative, the probability is you struggle in recognizing and celebrating your own strengths and accomplishments. As a result, you struggle to recognize your child’s successes.

CULTIVATE A HABIT OF CELEBRATING SUCCESSES 1. Every day, make a list of at least three things that you did well (without listing the things you should have done better). By recognizing and celebrating these successes, which can be very simple, you will begin to positively impact your own self-concept. 2. For forty days, develop the habit of recognizing when your child is acting positively and responsibly. Identify three instances where they do so. Building this habit for forty days will positively impact your relationship and increase your confidence, as well as your child’s confidence. Children who are more confident are less likely to exhibit at-risk behaviours that can cause short-term or long-term challenges. Your child will become someone who displays the actions of a hero—using their gifts and abilities to make a positive change in themselves and others.

Jack Toth, Founder/CEO, and his wife Colette Toth co-founded Impact Society in 1994—a Calgary based charitable organization. IMPACT SOCIETY provides education and community organizations with programs to help youth build confidence, character and integrity, opening youth to greater purpose, significance and opportunities for genuine success. For more information please go to www.impactsociety.com. | AOM | www.angieostojic.com | Volume 3 Issue 3 |






ahatma Gandhi famously said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Whether it’s losing weight or wanting to be financially independent, one thing is required to start, and that is courage. It is the antidote to most of the barriers in our lives. The opposite of courage is fear, and I want to highlight a few types of fears that hinder us from taking action. FEAR OF UNCERTAINTY We’ve been taught to make rational decisions at a very young age. Biologically, we are wired for self-preservation, wanting to predict and control our resources for survival. However, it is also true that if not for the courage of pioneers such as computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee who created the World Wide Web, or Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone, humanity would not have progressed this far. They were faced with incredible uncertainty but were willing to see their ideas through, and now millions of people are benefiting because of their willingness to overcome uncertainty to find answers. FEAR OF CHANGE Although change is necessary for the progression of


| AOM | www.angieostojic.com | Volume 3 Issue 3 |

humankind, it is often met with resistance. The status quo strives to re-assert itself despite growing evidence that change is necessary. We must remind ourselves that change can be positive; it can reignite dormant passions and open new opportunities for spiritual and economic advancement. Entrepreneurs are great examples of people that are not afraid to challenge the status quo. Airbnb (competing with hotels), Uber (competing with taxis), Skipthedishes (an online food delivery service), and Wealthsimple (competing with stock market brokers) are a few revolutionary companies that thrive from the concept of decentralization, challenging well-established business practices and therefore, enabling change. FEAR OF FAILURE It is a touchy subject, however, most fear of failure typically stems from limiting beliefs that have been established in childhood or early adulthood. As mentioned above, humans are biologically wired for self-preservation, and failure to comply or deliver has typically been met with punishment. As children, we were exposed to rules set by our parents, our teachers and peer groups. We learned the importance of complying with others and the importance of following rules to avoid “punishment”, which typically manifests through the withdrawal of love and feelings of shame and judgment. It is no surprise, then, that most will contend themselves with decisions that will keep them “safe”: Safe financially, safe emotionally, safe in society’s eyes, even though they might feel the need to pursue a different calling. With careful reflection, we can heal from the wounds of our previous failures and aspire to live with courage to help and inspire the people around us. What fears are you currently experiencing and what fears are getting in the way of your success? How might your life positively change by challenging them?


I have observed


and a belief that they will succeed regardless of empirical evidence to the contrary.


the Chapter Director and President of Startup Grind Calgary, I have had the honour of hearing the entrepreneurial stories of some of Calgary’s most successful entrepreneurs. People like Rob Purdy, who runs a $600 million dollar venture fund focused on tech companies, to Audrey Mascarenhas, who created a clear-air company which is currently valued at over $250 million, to Manjit Minhas, the Dragon’s Den star who has created one of the largest liquor companies in Canada from scratch.

HIGH RISK TOLERANCE The number one similarity between these individuals is their high capacity for risk. Almost all of them faced serious financial risk or catastrophe. One example was when Paul Anderson talked about having to take out a second mortgage to make payroll for his land company. He talked about the stress he felt having to put all the life savings he had saved in his career into his business and the gravity of the conversation he had with his wife about their future. He eventually sold his company for millions, but at that point in time he came perilously close to losing it all.

LESSONS FROM THE WORLD OF BUSINESS Derek Ball, the successful founder of two Calgary based start-ups which he sold and who now lives in Silicon Valley, described this lifestyle of risk as a five-year cycle to regain a full pay cheque. Where each time he started a new company, he did not take any pay for the first year and it generally took about five years before he was making a salary to commiserate with his previous pay. To this end he emphasized the need to focus on successfully selling his companies and the risk in missing one of those five-year cycles.

The before mentioned Rob Purdy joked about dealing with the stress of leaving his job and launching a new fund by enjoying ‘Caesar O’Clock.’ He described this as the time of the day on Sunday when he realized that Monday he had to be back in the office so he suddenly wanted a strong Caesar.

In general, the solutions the feature speakers spoke of are as diverse as their paths in business. Nic Beique who grew his payment processing company Helcim from $1 million to $35 million spoke about finding reprieve by reading biographies of already successful entrepreneurs. Dan Themig, of the over $1 billion valued Packers Plus focused on physical activity- in particular: mountain climbing. By contrast, both Manjit Minhas and Jon MacInnes (who recently sold his company Print Audit) spoke of a disciplined focus on their company’s finances as a stress reliever.

KEEPING THE FAITH One word that I might use, however, is faith. More than just being an optimist, I have observed many successful entrepreneurs as having faith in themselves and a belief that they will succeed regardless of empirical evidence to the contrary. I like the word faith because it speaks of believing resolutely in something bigger than oneself without any evidence for it. And perhaps it is the one word which is powerful enough to describe an ambition which can counter the sometimes-extreme risk of entrepreneurship.

About the author: Chad Ford is an entrepreneur who has run the software company Sunexo Solutions since 2012. He started Startup Grind Calgary in 2017 as a way to share the stories of successful entrepreneurs in order to help inspire, educate and grow a community amongst Calgary entrepreneurs. He is also a veteran of the Canadian Forces where he served in the infantry which included a tour of duty in Afghanistan in 2006. About Startup Grind Calgary: Startup Grind is the largest independent startup community, actively educating, inspiring, and connecting more than 1,000,000 entrepreneurs in over 365 cities. The cornerstone of our global community are monthly events featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors who share lessons learned on the road to building great companies. We are powered by Google for Entrepreneurs. In Calgary, we have focused on delivering premier events aimed at existing entrepreneurs. To learn more, please visit: www.startupgrind.com/calgary | AOM | www.angieostojic.com | Volume 3 Issue 3 |



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is one of the top ways that we can improve our health and boost our confidence at the same time!


our skin is the largest organ on your body and yet it never seems to come up when discussing healthy living. Taking care of our skin is one of the top ways that we can improve our health and boost our confidence at the same time! HEALTHY SKIN – HEALTHY BODY Your skin accounts for 15% of your body weight and the average person has about 300 million skin cells! It is one of the most important organs when it comes to your health. More than that, your skin is often the leading indicator of your general health. Do you notice that when someone becomes sick, their skin becomes dry and often changes to a sickly colour? From an evolutionary standpoint, it appears to be one of the reasons why humans tend to judge people by their looks. Someone who looks fresh appears healthier in general.

EVEN BABIES NOTICE It’s not just jerks who judge people by their appearance. Research has found that even babies tend to be more interested in attractive faces. This inclination happens before we are exposed to societal pressures. A study from the UK found that babies as young as one day old spent more time fixated on more attractive faces. The skin is one of the most noticeable parts of one’s face. This means that as unfair or sad as it may sound, people do judge others based on their appearance. By taking care of your appearance, you not only change how people look at you, but their reactions will make you feel better about yourself.

WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR SKIN Daily exercise, hydration, eating right and stress management are all essential to having healthy skin. Perhaps one of the most important steps you can do is to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep. This is the time that your body

goes into repair mode. Without a proper night’s sleep, people often do not have the energy to exercise and studies show that they make poor decisions when it comes to eating properly. That is one of the reasons they call it beauty sleep! IMPLEMENTING A PROPER SKIN REGIMEN There are some specific steps you can take that focus solely on your skin. You can follow a good skin care regimen for a healthier and more beautiful skin. Use this regimen every morning when you get up, and at night before you fall asleep. Start by washing your face with a cleanser. Follow up by exfoliation and then applying a toner to balance your skin’s pH level. Next, apply a serum. A good type of serum to start with is hyaluronic acid and Vit. C. Finally, apply moisturizer and don’t forget to apply (and re-apply) sunscreen. A minimum of SPF 30 is ideal for daily use. Having a routine like this helps you start and finish off the day by focusing on yourself. Enjoy this little bit of time for self-love. By taking care of yourself, you are showing the world that you give importance to your most valuable asset: your SELF. Remember, your skin will represent you for a very long time! Maria is the owner of AESTHETICA MARIA, an advanced skin care and cosmetic micropigmentation clinic in Calgary. She is a good standing member of the Canadian Association of Medical Spas and Aesthetic Surgeons (CAMACS) and the American Association of Micropigmentation (AAM) | AOM | www.angieostojic.com | Volume 3 Issue 3 |


The Three Types of


By: Bo Tang, B Sc., RD, CDE, Certified Craving ChangeTM, Facilitator, Certified Coach Practitioner


here are so many popular diets out there, from high fat low carb Keto to the infamous celery juice cleanse endorsed by celebrities. Every diet has worked for somebody, but not for everybody. Every diet has worked for a certain period of time, but unsustainable for a lifetime. As we search for the secrets behind longevity, we quickly come to realize that “we are what we eat” and the world of nutrition becomes ever so fascinating. The history of nutrition goes back to 400 B.C., the Greek physician Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine said, “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” Nutrition is essential for survival and facilitating wound healing. We are fortunate to live in a world where there is an abundance of food. As food becomes readily available, our mission is to master the art of eating, to achieve a long and healthy life.


As a registered dietitian, I stand without personal bias. Nutrition recommendations are there to fit your uniqueness, to improve your current health and to enhance your lifestyle. Our body is extremely smart and efficient. When something is eliminated from our diet, we stop producing the necessary digestive enzymes for it. This is energy conservation and explains why many people of Asian descent cannot digest the lactose in dairy products.

“WE ARE WHAT WE EAT” AND THE WORLD OF NUTRITION BECOMES EVER SO FASCINATING. Understand what type of hunger we are feeding will help us practice the art of intelligent mindful eating. Here are the different types of hunger and how to identify them. When you are craving for a bag of chips or your favorite chocolate bar but you know you had just finished your lunch, so you stop by the nearest convenience store and purchase the bag of chips or the chocolate bar you’re craving for. You quickly tear open the packaging and a whiff of mouthwatering smell escapes into the surrounding air and you cannot wait to stuff yourself with your favorite treats. Once you’ve taken the first bite, you’ve satisfied your “mouth hunger”. Mouth hunger is equivalent to your cravings. Stomach hunger is the physical hunger experienced when you’ve not had anything to eat or drink for several hours and you are ready to devour just anything given to you, whether if it’s an apple, a celery stick, or even a leather belt (ha!). In a world surrounded by food, when can you think back to the last time you fed into your stomach hunger? Heart hunger is the most common hunger we feed into. That is when we eat under emotion. When we are happy, we celebrate with food. When we are sad or anxious or upset, we distract our negative feelings with our favorite food. When we are procrastinating or bored, we occupy our mouth with sweets. Make it your goal to understand the different type of hunger. Keep a food journal. Listen to our body’s needs. Eat with intention. Talk to a professional dietitian, if your goal is to use nutrition to your advantage.


| AOM | www.angieostojic.com | Volume 3 Issue 3 |

What is

HAPPINESS? By: Angie Ostojic


and find contentment that already makes you feel good rather than in the things that don’t truly matter.


ou might think you know what happiness is. You might even think it’s an odd question to ask – what is happiness?

In my personal experience, this is what I found:

1. HAPPINESS ISN’T ABOUT GETTING EVERYTHING YOU WANT Money does not buy happiness. In fact, getting a raise or an increase in funds can actually INCREASE your unhappiness. Why? As you receive more money, your expectations tend to exceed whatever money you have. Even though you might have that new car that everybody wants or the biggest house on the block, you will soon feel like it’s not enough.


WHY CHOOSE HAPPINESS OVER SUCCESS? Many people think that success will guarantee happiness. But if you think you’ll be happy once you receive the promotion you’ve been gunning for or the car you’ve been eyeing, trust me – that is the wrong idea of what happiness truly is. Here are three reasons to choose happiness over success:


People who are happy don’t live in a constant state of ecstasy! Life isn’t like that. Some days you feel great, other days not so much. Everyone has bad days - that’s just the way it goes. Happiness is way more than just feeling good. It means feeling content and living a meaningful life.

What does this mean? Take a look at your current circumstance. Have you ever noticed that there are always more goals to achieve? As soon as you get that promotion you’ve been eyeing for months, your eyes are on the next promotion. Shortly after buying your dream car, you begin to eye the upgraded version. Setting goals and achieving them is important but waiting to be happy until you’re successful is like chasing butterflies. There will always be a more beautiful butterfly that you just can’t get your hands on just yet.



There is no end to your happiness. It is not something you achieve and then it’s gone. It’s not something you need to check off your bucket list. Happiness is more like a habit you can learn. It’s the way you look at the world and your relationships.

There’s increasing evidence that happy people tend to be more successful. By focusing on being happy and living life on your terms, you are already successful. Choosing happiness in your current circumstance creates greater self-confidence. You will act and talk like you’ve already made it. And that sort of confidence is contagious and inspiring. Simply by choosing to be happy, you have a competitive edge!

So where does that leave you? Studies have shown that happiness comes from a combination of factors, including: finding deep satisfaction and meaning in your life to looking for the things that are good and not focusing on what you are lacking or what you haven’t achieved. Lasting happiness depends on some things such as mindset and expectations and how you feel day by day. If you invest more time in relationships and connections with the people you love, you’ll be happier than all the material possessions you can ever receive. Don’t you agree? Happiness is also about being grateful. Show gratitude and be at peace – even through the ups and downs of life. That is where you’ll find the most joy.

• SUCCESS IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT Ask ten people for their definition of success, and you’ll get ten different answers. For some people, it is the consumer’s dream of an executive job, a fancy car, and a big house. For others, it is the freedom to travel or paint or write a book. Choose what makes you happy. What is your passion? What makes you want to get out of bed in the morning? That is the meaning of success. Happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy right now and find contentment that already makes you feel good rather than in the things that don’t truly matter. The choice is yours. | AOM | www.angieostojic.com | Volume 3 Issue 3 |


DON’T WAIT FOR “SOMEDAY”, START NOW By: Asifa Akbar, M.A., LL.B., Certified Life Coach



f you asked me what motivation I use to pursue new goals and reboot old ones, I would say that my parents are a big source of what keeps me going. They immigrated to Canada more than half way to their retirement age. With five children, they embarked on a new life that would not have been possible in our country of origin, South Africa. They showed me that it’s possible to start over, no matter what your age is. My maternal grandmother, on the other hand, serves as my muse when it comes to learning something new. She learned to read and write for the first time at age 53! I was around 10 years old then, and every week, we’d borrow easy-to-read books (like Beatrix Potter tales) for her from the public library. With diligence and determination, my grandmother learned to read in her 50’s and proved that anyone can fulfill their dreams at any age.

PASSIONS ARE WORTH PURSUING I became a Certified Life Coach in 2015. I felt called to do it while my father was hospitalized and on his last stretch. Since then I took a detour to pursue another long-cherished professional goal, which I never gave up on despite appearing somewhat elusive. I am now pursuing both endeavours simultaneously because I believe there is no one-track path in life. You can pursue any life-affirming goal you set your mind to and feel capable of. You can learn or adopt a positive attitude, lifestyle, skill, or hobby, at any point


| AOM | www.angieostojic.com | Volume 3 Issue 3 |

of your journey. It’s your birthright to do so at any life stage that you find yourself on! As individuals, we are not carbon copies of one another. Celebrate your personal milestones whenever you reach them, without comparison. After my father’s passing, I realized that all that we have is the present moment because the future is not promised to anyone. Your someday is now. Your goals are worth pursuing, no matter what your age. Go ahead, take courage, follow your dreams. It’s never too late to live happily ever after!


Homelessness & Addiction By: Anita Tavernier


y story starts like any other. I was a little girl, eager to start school but I was trembling and so overwhelmed with fear. I was eleven years old and in grade 7 when those feelings crept up again. I couldn’t shake off the feeling of being scared, timid, and anxious. I had strong abandonment issues and gravitated towards others who experienced the same. That year I met a new group of friends, ones who would introduce me to cigarettes, pot and alcohol.

UNDER THE INFLUENCE When I started feeling my first drunken tipsiness, I thought it was amazing. I finally felt a certain level of peace that I had longed for. I was certainly not nervous, scared and crippled with anxiety and fear. On the contrary, I was happy and I loved to socialize. I finally felt like I fit in. I was only eleven, but to me, I didn’t feel it was wrong to be drinking or getting high. It truly felt like drinking was a gift from God!


I tried all the drugs that you could possibly imagine. You name it, I had smoked or inhaled it. Drugs and alcohol were my life, but they also came with a price. I became homeless and stayed at the Calgary Drop-in Center more times than I’d care to admit, and I found myself sleeping in parks.

walk away from my toxic relationship and four glorious months later; I had the courage to give up alcohol for good. The feeling was so powerful! I felt so unbelievably strong mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

FIGHTING FOR CHANGE They say you are whom you hang out with the most. I became an alcoholic and found myself surrounded by other alcoholics. My ex-boyfriend was an alcoholic, he was an abuser and he became my worst nightmare. It was at this moment that the harsh reality of what my life was like began to hit me. I had to get out of this relationship, this sickness, and this uncontrollable urge to drink and get high. I valued my life way too much to continue throwing it away. December 2012 was when I finally had the courage to

and I am so grateful to be able to share it.

FOLLOWING THE PATH TO FREEDOM I now do my best to power through. Yes, there are a lot of hiccups with my mental, emotional, spiritual well being from time to time. My uplifting journey is still a work in progress, and I know it won’t happen overnight. I just have to take it one day at a time. ‘Tis the new beginning with a second chance at life. I will accept this with open arms. No matter the challenges I face, I know I can do it. The way I see it now, any challenge is minor compared to what I have endured. This new life is such an incredible blessing and I am so grateful to be able to share it. | AOM | www.angieostojic.com | Volume 3 Issue 3 |


The Power of




he most impactful initiatives are the ones that start with our own journey. We go through trials and tribulations, but that doesn’t stop us from our desire to help others and make a difference. In retrospect, we choose to use our journeys to not only impact those around us, but to plant seeds so others can follow in our footsteps. This serves as an inspiration in itself. The Power of Giving is a powerful initiative that started with one woman’s heart. Angie Ostojic’s journey is an inspirational one. She grew up in the Philippines and had a rough life, which included being unable to afford clothing or an education. Poverty became part of her childhood journey and as Angie grew older, she made it her mission to not live in scarcity ever again. With her heart and her drive to succeed, Angie graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree, she is a top performer as a successful entrepreneur in her company and she is a transformational life coach. With no planning, only the will to help others, Angie initiated the Power of Giving event on November 3, 2019. She describes this event as ‘warm love for the newcomers and the needy.’ Initiatives start when one decides to use their own journey and embrace it wholeheartedly in order to make a powerful impact in the lives of others. This surrounds the entire


| AOM | www.angieostojic.com | Volume 3 Issue 3 |

embodiment of the Power of Giving. When Angie first arrived in Canada years ago, she worked as a nanny and she did her best to fit into the Canadian culture and her community, so she fully understands the emotional feelings attached to starting a new life in a new country. On November 3, 130 immigrants from various organizations walked through the doors and into Angie’s heart. Through her many connections and friendships, her team was able to provide an obscene amount of blessings to the immigrants of our community, which included: lightly used winter jackets, warm clothes, toys, shoes, non-perishable items and even diapers for the wee little ones. The event was so incredibly successful, that we can definitely expect to see many more great things to come from Angie and her team. Angie believes that it only takes one person to start a ripple effect of kindness.


Thank you to all the volunteers who offered their time and their hearts in order walk in Angie’s footsteps and provide a simple act of kindness to those who need it. We have the power to change lives, but it must start from within. | AOM | www.angieostojic.com | Volume 3 Issue 3 |


TRUSTING the PROCESS By: Jann Neri Vicente

We may never know why we have to experience hardships, but we have to



grew up with a sheltered lifestyle in the Philippines. I was privileged to live a childhood that included upper class education and a first class lifestyle. Although my life seemed somewhat perfect from the outside, I endured incredible hardships. My entire village was destroyed due to a volcanic eruption. I left the Philippines at age 21 in search of greener pastures, moving to Qatar to work for a Fast Food Franchise. LIFE’S GREATEST CHALLENGE Life in the Middle East was one of the hardest seasons of my life. For two and a half years, I earned $200 per month and I worked non-stop, only having days off during Ramadan. Not only was I making pocket change as my salary, but I also had to face abuse from customers, coworkers and management on a daily basis. Depression hit as I lived through this journey. People treated me like garbage, throwing boiling hot water into my face and hitting me with a broom like I was some sort of an animal. Somehow, despite it all, something told me to just trust the process and to keep going.

The turning point came when I was assaulted by a local stranger in the middle of the desert. I watched as this man drove away, my bones aching with a pain like I had never experienced before. I remember being so angry at God as the hot desert burned beneath my feet. “Why did you let this happen to me? Why? Kill me now.” As providence would have it, a cab driver came to my aid. He said the words, “I’m a Christian. A follower of Christ. Come with me.” I felt an unwavering sense of comfort with this stranger and he took me to his church and we prayed together. Although I never saw this man again after that experience, I will remember him as my angel.


| AOM | www.angieostojic.com | Volume 3 Issue 3 |

FINDING A DIFFERENT PATH I knew I had to get out of this country. I prayed for the opportunity and a few months later, I was hired to work for a restaurant chain in Canada. Within two years, I was promoted to Sous Chef and a manager. I finally felt the freedom that I longed for so long. But the storm wasn’t over; I received the news that my mom had passed away and this devastated me. I took it hard. I lost my job and I became homeless for a while, sometimes not even being able to afford food. I accepted a job as a cleaner and eventually began working again as a server for a restaurant where I developed my passion for event planning and decorating. I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel and my life has been much more stable since.

Throughout this challenging journey, I have learned to keep the faith. I trust in God and the process. We may never know why we have to experience hardships, but we have to remember that it is never too late for change.

STAYING FOCUSED through the Ups and Downs By: Tristan Cote


rowing up, I always wanted to be like the older kids. I watched on the side of the pool deck as my older sister practiced with the kid’s I couldn’t wait to one day become. I joined the Scottsdale Aquatic Club at five years old, the youngest age the club accepted little swimmers. Eager to become the best swimmer I could, I worked hard for the lofty goals I had set for myself. Nineteen years later, I began competing for team Canada at every major swimming competition, excluding the Pan American and Olympic Games. Today, the goal that I had set for myself at five years old is still at the forefront of my mind. In fact, as 2020 approaches, the thought of being an Olympian has never circulated my mind more. Moreover, I have only recently begun understanding what the past nineteen years of training has subconsciously taught me. The connection between competitive sports and the professional world contain the same values which one needs to become successful in any field they may choose. UNDERSTANDING THE MIND-BODY CONNECTION I believe that the mind may be the most powerful tool we have to achieve our objectives. The mind and body work cohesively as one, and the stronger that someone can be mentally, the greater their chance of achieving success. Every action and reaction is initiated by a thought, which is why I have made an effort to increase my awareness around mental health over the past years.

A NECESSARY SACRIFICE I consciously chose to sacrifice parties, social gatherings, free time, family occasions, sleep, and energy in order to achieve my goals. Nineteen years of competitive highlevel swimming has taught me to condition my mind to do things that I didn’t necessarily want to do at the time. Sacrifice however, is only one side of the coin. On the opposite side of that same

THE MIND AND BODY WORK COHESIVELY AS ONE, AND THE STRONGER THAT SOMEONE CAN BE MENTALLY, THE GREATER THEIR CHANCE OF ACHIEVING SUCCESS. coin is self-discipline. The saying “it’s what you do in the dark, that puts you in the light” runs fluid through everything that I do. FOCUS AND FAILURE Our ability to remain focused on a single task or objective while distractions attempt to derail us from our goal is the deciding factor between our success and failure. How do so many people kick their bad habits and “make it”? I believe that failure is the major building block in developing self-discipline. How can you truly understand success if you don’t understand failure and the feelings that come with it? It has been through failing, and failing often, in competitive swimming that I’ve turned self-discipline into one of my greatest attributes. By actively avoiding the things that I know will hinder my ability to achieve my goals, I naturally gravitate towards opportunities that position me for success. I embrace hardship as the major driving force in my life, and continue feeding the seed of self-discipline every day. Nineteen years later, I continue to work on the little things which put me in the position to succeed in the first place. | AOM | www.angieostojic.com | Volume 3 Issue 3 |



| AOM | www.angieostojic.com | Volume 3 Issue 3 |

Making a Choice to CREATE A LEGACY By: Arnold and Mindy Villanueva

Never stop



e were born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba and moved to Calgary, Alberta on September 1, 2014.

After working for almost 20 years in corporate management and the finance industry, we needed a change. We wanted something that would eventually give us that balance between work and life at home with our family. But the thought of walking away from the comfort and familiarity of our jobs was almost like jumping into shark infested waters with our hands tied behind our backs. Some of our family and friends probably thought we were crazy to consider leaving our stable and well-paying jobs to go into a business and industry that we knew nothing about. When is the right time? When are you ready? Nobody is ever really ready, but we chose to take the plunge. We didn’t want to live our lives not knowing what could have been. How much more of our time and effort were we going to spend building somebody else’s dream? What about our own dreams? Our parents all immigrated to Canada in the 1970’s at a brave young age, built a fulfilling life and raised us well. We are all about hard work and dedication, and we decided it was time to put all of that towards ourselves. Dream hard, work harder. In the fall of 2018, we decided to look into buying a business. After attending a franchise expo and inquiring about multiple businesses, we were drawn to Minuteman Press. What really caught our attention was their franchise training and ongoing local support programs that would help us become experts in this new industry. Fast forward ten months later, we are now celebrating as Minuteman Press franchise owners in Airdrie, Alberta as of September 1, 2019 – exactly 5 years since moving to Alberta.

We are very different individuals with our own unique set of skills. But together, we are equal partners. Although we have a clear delineation of duties and management of employees within our business, we understand that working together as a team is key. We have trust in each other as a couple and as entrepreneurs. Knowing we support each other and have eachother’s backs truly helps us focus on providing the best design, printing, and marketing solutions for our customers. We are dedicated to the business and are driven to keep growing. Our main personal goal is growth. Never stop growing and learning. We build our business by helping you grow yours! Our main business focus is our customers and to ensure we provide excellent service each and every time. Referrals and repeat customers are the best compliments! Coming from a small city, being comfortable with our jobs, and working in the same industries for almost 2 decades – we are ecstatic and excited about this new journey. We didn’t think it would happen so quickly, but we are so glad it did. There’s no better time than the present, and we are ready! Arnold and Mindy Villanueva Co-Owners and Co-Directors of Minuteman Press, Airdrie | AOM | www.angieostojic.com | Volume 3 Issue 3 |


Knowing CPR Can SAVE LIVES By: Vero Ruiz


n May 2010, I was given the opportunity to teach the nurses at AIIMS New Delhi trauma courses. Heading back to my hotel, I noticed a man lying down on the pavement. The man was not responding or moving at all. I checked for his carotid pulse, but I couldn’t feel it. Realizing that the man was in cardiac arrest, I started to deliver Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). With the help of a volunteer first aider, we shocked the man with the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and continued with the resuscitation until emergency personnel arrived. THE GIFT OF LIFE There is no greater gift than being able to give someone a chance to continue living their life. The hardest part in doing what I did is being able to spin into action the moment someone falls to the ground. Although it seems risky, there are some reasons why one would hesitate in performing hands-on CPR. First, it’s harder to break someone’s ribs than you think. Second, it’s better to risk doing unnecessary CPR than doing nothing. You must move fast. After six minutes, a brain deprived of oxygen can be irreversibly damaged. If a few more minutes go by, the individual would be dead. Understanding the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest is the best indication of whether CPR should be done on the individual. IDENTIFYING A HEART ATTACK Heart attack is considered the number one leading cause of death in North America. It happens when the heart muscle is injured because of a lack of blood flow due to a blockage in an artery. In most cases for heart attacks, the heart doesn’t stop. Therefore, there is no need for CPR. When someone has a heart attack, they will experience sudden and severe chest pains, shortness of breath, sweating with cold clammy skin. IDENTIFYING A CARDIAC ARREST Compared to a heart attack, cardiac arrest is when a person’s heart stops beating. The patient will lie unconscious on the floor, not breathing or moving, and have no pulse. Without performing CPR or providing any medical attention, the patient will die. First things first, always remember to call 911 and ask for an AED. Begin by kneeling next to the patient, interlacing your fingers, and placing the heel of your hands in the middle of their chest, roughly between the nipples. Push fast, at a rate of 100 to 120 compressions a minute. Your hands should move two inches or five centimeters with each compression. HOW TO DO CHEST COMPRESSIONS The correct rate of compressions must be estimated. The best way to do it is through some music. Pushing to the beat of “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees or “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga is a couple examples. With each compression, blood and oxygen is circulated throughout the body reaching the vital organs. HOW TO DO RESCUE BREATHS Full CPR includes providing the person with rescue breaths. Since the victim’s blood already contains oxygen, the first three to five minutes is recommended for hands-only CPR. The basic protocol involves thirty chest compressions and two rescue breaths, and then


| AOM | www.angieostojic.com | Volume 3 Issue 3 |

THERE IS NO GREATER GIFT THAN BEING ABLE TO GIVE SOMEONE A CHANCE TO CONTINUE LIVING THEIR LIFE. thirty more compressions and finishing off with two more breaths. When giving rescue breaths, first tilt the head back by raising the chin to open the airway and pinch their nose. Make sure to get a good seal with your mouth on theirs before exhaling twice. The combination for a full CPR involves thirty chest compressions to two breaths. WHAT TO EXPECT DURING DELIVERY A recent video involving a mother and her choking 14-monthold baby received a lot of attention. Thankfully, two police officers came to the child’s rescue. Although the mother was grateful, she was shocked to realize that she could’ve done something to help her child if she had proper first aid training. Although the feeling of saving someone’s life is remarkable, it comes with a lot of pressure and anxiety. During the course training, instructors like myself should talk about the emotions involved before, during and after these situations. A scenario used to practice skills could go beyond asking “what would you do?” to include a little “how do you think that will make you feel?”. THE BIG IMPACT ON SOCIETY As a CPR provider and instructor, I have dedicated myself to continue to teach and provide people with the proper training. During my time teaching at 5 Star Training Services, I’ve realized that there’s more that we can do to help others. Even though the chances of someone collapsing in front of us does not occur everyday, knowing First aid and CPR can still be very beneficial. After all, it is a matter of life and death. If every other person knows first aid and CPR, the mortality rate due to cardiac arrest will be reduced, and that’s a major contribution to society. Knowing that I am capable of saving a life and training others to do the same motivates me to keep growing my first aid training centre.


IT’S ABOUT MAKING AN IMPACT AND MAKING A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE. If you have a message to spread and feel the pull to write a book, I highly recommend that you pursue it.

someone to build a cover for you. I paid $20 on Fiverr and she designed my cover.



bout nine years ago, I decided to become a speaker and an author to share my journey as a burn survivor. Since then, I’ve become a five-time best-selling author and have spoken on the TEDx stage multiple times. When I wrote my first book in 2013, I did not anticipate being able to write four more books. Most people assume that writing a book will take a year or two to complete, but I’m going to show you how to do it in three easy steps and in just three days! Here is how you can do it without feeling overwhelmed.

When the book is finished, you can upload your cover and your interior file to KDP.com, which is the self-publishing division of Amazon. Step-by-step instructions are located on the website. You can also get your ISBN number from them. You have the option to either sell a soft copy of your book or through apps such as Kindle. Once you’ve been approved, your book is now for sale on Amazon. That’s how easy it is!


Two weeks after giving one of my books to a lady at a women’s convention, I received an email from her inviting me to speak in Africa. Standing in front of a hundred and fifty teenage girls, I was amazed to find them chanting “I am me. The best me I can be.” My book was being used to teach teenage girls in Africa about self-esteem. I was overcome with emotion at that very moment!

You can type out your content, but I’ve found that speaking it and recording it through my smartphone or laptop sounds more natural. When we type things out or write it, we tend to stop and edit as we go with a tendency to second guess our thoughts. Don’t worry if you make any mistakes because you can always fix it later. I spoke for about twenty-two minutes for my book and went to Fiverr.com to get it transcribed for just $25, which I then edited into a book format. STEP 2: DESIGN A COVER The second step is designing your cover by hiring a graphic designer or asking a friend who has experience in creating covers. If you’re on a budget, try to find a graphic design student to collaborate with since they might be looking to build their portfolio and willing to do work for experience. Another option is to go to Upwork.com or fiverr.com and pay


Another amazing benefit of becoming an author is that it led to the creation of my documentary, Still Beautiful. It’s enabled me to charge higher fees for my speaking engagements, but it’s not all about charging fees. Ultimately, it’s about making an impact and making a positive difference. If you have a message to spread and feel the pull to write a book, I highly recommend that you pursue it. If you would like me to coach you in writing, publishing and selling your book on Amazon, you can book a call with me at https://bookkelly.as.me/ | AOM | www.angieostojic.com | Volume 3 Issue 3 |


The Fear of

DREAMING BIG By: Vanessa Canevaro

It would be a shame to let one rotten apple spoil the rest of the basket when there is a whole tree bursting with life-fulfilling dreams waiting to be explored.




e are all the masters of improvisation. There’s no instruction manual telling us “at this age this will happen” or “when you do this, this is the outcome.” Building routines can help us keep track of our daily progress, but we are still susceptible to circumstances that might suddenly change our plans. For example, a deer runs out in front of your car, or you need to pick up your sick child from school and find yourself with unfinished work that puts you a day behind schedule. We all believe we have a plan, but it’s pretty much an illusion that makes us feel organized in an otherwise chaotic world. We try to control what our days looks like by filling up our day planners when in actuality, we can’t predict the future and the mishaps, challenges, and surprises that can happen throughout our lives. SO, WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH THE FEAR OF DREAMING BIG? It’s this uncertainty that creates roadblocks in our lives and limits our ability to move past tragic or uncomfortable events that have affected us deeply. Sometimes, we decide not to take chances or risks that will disturb our routines due to the fear of an uncertain outcome. We try to safely predict tomorrow’s outcomes and run through the hamster wheel of repetition, refusing to dream bigger because doing that creates uncertainty and fear.


| AOM | www.angieostojic.com | Volume 3 Issue 3 |

But, here’s the crunch! What if we never level up in life and stay stuck in our old habits because we feared dreaming big and decided that being safe is easier than getting out there and going for our dreams? There is no guarantee that tomorrow will come. Unless we make a conscious decision to change our actions and squeeze every second of happiness out of life, we risk becoming stagnant and shy away from many amazing experiences. LET GO OF YOUR FEARS Fear can become the most debilitating habit of all when not wielded with caution. Does fear have the ability to keep us from harm? Absolutely! However, be wary of its intentions. We no longer need to look over our shoulders to see if a sabre tooth tiger is in pursuit (after all, we’re way past the stone age!), nor do we need to walk carefully through life for fear of toppling the apple cart of our organized routines.

There are bushels and bushels of opportunities and adventures awaiting to be experienced. It would be a shame to let one rotten apple spoil the rest of the basket when there is a whole tree bursting with life-fulfilling dreams waiting to be explored. Always and in all ways, DREAM BIG! Go get it!

THE VALUE OF GIVING BACK to Our Parents By: Jay Tarabocchia BASc. MSc.



traded a successful 20-year engineering career and a stint at a high-tech startup company to help my ageing parents retire comfortably. Between maintaining my busy career and helping my parents retire with more happiness and dignity, I chose them over money. The opportunity to spend time with our loved ones, especially during the last few years of their lives, cannot be repeated once it’s passed. It has been a challenging yet incredibly rewarding experience for me to sacrifice my stable career for a chance to give back to my parents. It’s brought me to question: What do we have to sacrifice to honor the things that we value in life?

cook meals together, and now we’re building a new garden. Each time I see my dad smiling in his garden I know I made the right choice.


I decided to come back home to Thunder Bay where my parents had been living in the same property for the last 45 years. I’m mindful of how much they’ve had to sacrifice to raise seven children. Instead of seeing moving back home full-time as a “sacrifice”, I see it as a win-win situation. I had a friend in a similar situation who moved back home to assist her mom in retirement, and she said that she wouldn’t give up that experience for anything. The memories, and the simple pleasures are enough, you don’t need to have an exotic vacation. You can have a few laughs and enjoy your day because at the end of the day, that’s life.

Tony, 92 years old: “I am really happy that Jay is helping me out, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to live here. I like living in the house. It’s a beautiful place, country living. We do gardening, everything is beautiful and I like it this way.” I’m grateful that my father is still in good health and is able to walk around. These activities would not have been possible for him if he lived at an old folk’s home in downtown. Living with my ageing parents has allowed me to develop skills that I might not have been able to pursue otherwise. I also get to do nature photography because we live in a rural property. When he passes on, I want to continue living here. I’d like to turn it into some sort of a park because my parents have always said it would make for a beautiful park. It could be a legacy of theirs.

ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITIES Having a positive mindset and sense of humor can help anyone through the most difficult days. I’ve seen a lot of people I care about pass away which reminds me that our time on Earth is limited, something to be cherished. Everyone is going to age and pass away eventually. My mother passed away 4 years ago at the age of 81 and my father is currently 92 years old. My father and I find little projects to work on together around the house. We garden and live off our land,

| AOM | www.angieostojic.com | Volume 3 Issue 3 |



| AOM | www.angieostojic.com | Volume 3 Issue 3 |

HATE SELLING? 3 Simple Tips By: Jackie Rainforth

CHANGE HOW YOU LOOK AT SELLING... a simple and effective technique that can have a dramatic impact on your results.


a small business owner, entrepreneur, or independent salesperson, selling can be a real challenge. Let’s face it. The knowledge and passion we have for our business is usually in the product or service that we represent, rarely is it in selling portion of the process. In fact, most people hate selling and will avoid it whenever possible. Unfortunately, it is a critical necessity to any business. If you do not generate a steady flow of customers to purchase your products or services, your sales revenue will run dry. Without a continued source of revenue, you will not have the cash flow required to sustain your company. As small business owners, the job of selling and maintaining that flow of customers and subsequent income falls on your shoulders. But what do you do when you hate selling? As an award-winning, record-breaking sales expert, and winner of the coveted RBC WOMEN Entrepreneur of Canada Award, I have spent years watching and studying how people sell. More importantly, I train people how to sell successfully. Here are three simple tips to make selling easier. 1. DO NOT THINK OF IT AS SELLING. No one really likes selling and even fewer people like being sold to. Instead of thinking of it as selling and pitching a customer, think of yourself as being an educator and problem solver. We all want to help people, don’t we? It now becomes a conversation about helping your client, as opposed to a sales pitch. Explain why your product or service is a good fit for them and more importantly, how it will be the solution to their problem. What benefit will it provide? How will it save them time or money, improve their efficiency or protect them? Changing how you look at selling is a simple and effective technique that can have a dramatic impact on your results.

2. DO NOT TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY. When a customer says ‘no’ to your product or service, it is hard not to feel the sting of rejection as a personal assault. But remember, they are not saying ‘no’ to you - they are saying ‘no’ to the product or service. Think of it this way. Do you like every shoe in a shoe store? Why would prospects or customers be expected to like everything that you offer them? Recognize that it is not a good fit for them. Maybe it will be a good fit for the next customer. 3. PLAY A MINDSET GAME WITH YOURSELF. As a small business owner, entrepreneur or independent salesperson, selling is crucial to your business. You should be spending 65% of your time selling and generating revenue. Unfortunately, most people get caught in the daily operations of their business and selling is left until last. Instead, make lead generation and selling a priority by playing a mental mind game with yourself. Every morning when you go to your office, put two to five coins on your desk . Each coin is a reminder to make a sales call and build your business. Do not move the coins from your desk until you make all of your calls for the day.Once the calls are made, you can remove the coins. Think about how much your business will grow by making five sales calls a day!! As small business owners, selling is a hated necessity, but changing our mindset with these three simple tips can make it a lot easier. How would a continual flow of new customers, sales and revenue impact your business, annual income and lifestyle?! | AOM | www.angieostojic.com | Volume 3 Issue 3 |


How to Build Your PERSONAL BRAND By: Christie Garcia


You’ll see examples of known brands such as Nike or Apple everywhere! From magazine and television advertisements, to their social media presence, they make sure to be on-brand when communicating with their audience.


’d spent the majority of my 15-year Communications career solidifying the brand strategy of the company that I worked for. After deciding to pursue my own consultancy business, I began to evaluate my own personal brand. My digital presence portrayed me as a business intelligence expert, a team leader in I.T, a dance mom of two and wife to #MrAmazing! I didn’t build this brand intentionally, but my content revolved around these themes and it had become my brand over time. HOW TO START BRANDING YOURSELF Branding is absolutely crucial to your online presence and to your business’ success. Even if you don’t make any attempts to create a brand, it already exists if you are active online.

ANALYSE YOUR CURRENT ONLINE PRESENCE Start by conducting a background search on yourself by looking at all of your personal and business accounts online. Yes, even the ones that you’ve abandoned! If you have a fairly common name, consider using your middle initial or middle name to differentiate. Once you’ve analyzed what your digital footprint looks like, decide what changes you need to make and what you need to implement to guide your brand in the right direction.

GET BRAND CLARITY What do you want people to say when they think of your brand? Do you want to be known as an expert in a certain area? Do you want your brand to be known for certain qualities that you possess? Do you have a certain aesthetic (e.g colour, logo) that you want people to know you by?


| AOM | www.angieostojic.com | Volume 3 Issue 3 |

Decide WHY your audience should choose whatever you’re offering over others! What makes you the best choice? What makes you a good investment? What value will you bring that no one else can? Having clarity on how you want your brand to be perceived is key! Once you have clarity, you can then create a strategy for your personal brand. Be real and authentic. This is very important. UNDERSTAND YOUR AUDIENCE Who is your audience? This is one of the most important things to nail down. You must know who you are communicating with to be able to communicate effectively. Talk their language and make yourself relatable to your audience.

GET IN LINE WITH YOUR VALUES Creating a solid, strong personal brand is not just about creating content. It is also about how you respond and interact with others. Once you have Brand clarity, ask yourself whether your brand aligns with your:

• Vision • Purpose • Values • Passion COMMUNICATE YOUR BRAND Be CLEAR about who you are Be CONSTANT in your efforts to be visible to your audience Be CONSISTENT across all platforms that you choose to communicate on!

OVERCOMING Domestic Violence By: Cynthia Chau

As I lean more into my relationship with God and he reveals his plans for me,



wasn’t prepared to grow up so quickly as I hid in my room with music blasting through my earphones, allowing the sound to drown out the cries and screams of people that I love. The angry voices of resentment, pain and hurt, the sound of things breaking. I grew up in a house filled with violence, tears and fear. I remember being on my knees, staring at the ceiling, wondering if the next few breaths were going to be my last as I felt the pressure around my neck, that’s where grace and love stepped in and saved my life. A NEW BEGINNING I am now 38 years young and lead a life that I never imagined possible. I have a loving and supportive husband and two beautiful children who remind me to be grateful everyday. Having spent the last 12 years on the path of healing and self-discovery, I can stand firm in saying that it’s possible to live with purpose and find joy again after living through the trauma of domestic violence. Here were the steps that I took to heal and let my light shine again.

PURSUE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Seek help. I found people to support me in facing the painful memories that I didn’t know were still buried and didn’t know how to address on my own. Do your research and be sure the environment is a place where you feel safe to share, be vulnerable and honest. Be hungry to evolve and change.

FIND A SUPPORT SYSTEM Find two or three key mentors who will always tell you the truth with love and share life’s wisdom with you. This is a very crucial part of healing. We need to be careful about who we surround ourselves with because some people can hurt us more than they help us.

LIVING WITH GRACE I found comfort and peace knowing I have a place of rest and an anchor. After my parents divorced when I was 11 years old, my father stopped being active in my life. I know he wanted to and had let fear hold him back. My heavenly father, on the other hand, has always been so kind to me. As I lean more into my relationship with God and he reveals his plans for me, I am confident about my future and know that the best is yet to come.

Thank you Angie Ostojic for giving me this platform to tell my story. I am grateful for the mentors in my life: Jack and Collette Toth, Brad Brownell, Abe Brown, Anthony and Madeleine Greco, Cathy Toupin and Paul Sahota. Thank you mom for doing the best you knew how. My life is a masterpiece being woven together, and through all the brokenness, it’s beautiful. I would have it no other way.” | AOM | www.angieostojic.com | Volume 3 Issue 3 |



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n November 10th, 2019, my heart beat like a pow wow drum, and I felt like I was witnessing a miracle. 550 people stood at the community hall singing O Canada. Elected provincial and municipal representatives, senators in waiting, non-for-profit representatives, and people with kind hearts such as Angie Ostojic all came under one roof to applaud the South Sudanese Youth and to encourage their bright futures. It is crucial that we take time out of our busy schedules to acknowledge and celebrate Youth’s successes, rather than emphasizing their troubles and failures. Positive reinforcement will do wonders for youth’s self-esteem and influence how they form their identity. When we empower young people, we build their futures and shape the world that we live in. A lot of youth in the South Sudanese community in Calgary have been dying through overdose and crime. The South Sudanese Youth Empowerment Society [SSYES] works alongside community partners such as the City of Calgary, United Way Calgary, and Calgary Police to help them refocus on education, sports and recreation.

The awards given were for the South Sudanese Youth who had completed their high school education, in spite of being exposed to a culture of violence and lack of regard for pursuing post secondary education. Over a hundred Sudanese Youth were recognized and given an award to the joy of their tearful parents, seeing their children’s names printed on awards and trophies. This event wouldn’t have been possible without community leaders such as Angie Ostojic, who helped the organizers after we ran under budget to purchase the awards. The last words I heard from her were, “We need to have those awards, it’s wrong for their dreams to be broken. Let me see what I can do.” Before we knew it, the $700 was paid off and the award committee started to organize the awards. Why is celebrating something as basic as high school graduation crucial? You see, collectively, people who believe in these youth represent hopes, dreams and aspirations of the community we call home. It is our duty to help the youth master new skills to get ahead in an increasingly challenging world. This includes everything from mental health counselling and after-school support, to resume-writing workshops, mentor programs, and leadership programs to name a few. Angie Ostojic will be hosting a free mindset mastery workshop for our Youth to help them plan for the future and to support their personal development journey. | AOM | www.angieostojic.com | Volume 3 Issue 3 |


AN G IE OS TO JIC CEO (CHAMPION ELEVATING OTHERS) I believe a Woman of Inspiration is someone who has the burning desire to elevate, develop and enhance people’s lives. I am inspired by people who are always ready and willing to serve others to create a better world. A woman of inspiration possesses an infectious personality that inspires and helps to bring out endless potential in others. Being recognized as a woman of inspiration has been humbling and at the same time, empowering. My story sets a great example that everything is possible. If I can make a difference in the lives of others, you’re also capable of doing it in your own special way. It’s my hope that this award inspires more people to take a moment to recognize and acknowledge the greatness of women in their lives and community.









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| AOM | www.angieostojic.com | Volume 3 Issue 3 |

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