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The story of my life My name is Angie Zuley Matamoros Castaño naci on December 3, 2000 in Girardota at 4:45 am.Mi mother calls Sneyda Osorio Matamoros Castaño and my father Jorge Ivan Velasquez Ospina. Since My breast I stay in pregnancy my dad I do not support her for which ah my breast he has to work out forward alone with me never receiving the support of my grandparents I lack me at all. When I tape-worm 6 months of born my breast realized that my dad had died with the time I was growing. When tape-worm 10 months they disguised me of ratona.

When tape-worm 14 months they baptized me my godfathers were my grandparents Lucrecia chestnut-tree and Sergio Enrique. When tape-worm 2 years was born by my Brother Dany Alejandro Ramirez Matamoros I felt very satisfied but simultaneously a bit jealous but with the time I learned ah to want it and comparti many happy moments with the eramos the raison d'être of my breast. When tape-worm 3 years we went away time to living to the union very naughty age one day playing I was a little boll and got in the nose which could not extract me my breast and he has himself to remove to the hospital but I us us have to go in mule because were it very far and in the hospital they had to tie me with a sheet because I was not leaving myself to extract the Little boll gave me of discharge and I returned to the house it was in a mount very withdrawn by which my breast got bored very much and one came for Girardota with the excuse of baptizing my brother and we never returned there we continued living with my grandmother.

At the age of 3 and I happen my breast put us to day-care center because my breast had to work us to extract forward to my brother and to my when my breast I enter myself to the day-care center a girl bit the arm and at once my breast I move back and it put me where DoĂąa Marina with my brother which we were amusing ourselves very much they were extracting us to walks. Since my breast was working the whole day the one that was taking care of us while she was coming was the girlfriend of my uncle and she us was not putting so much care and we leave for the street and a child was going down in a bicycle and key raises my brother and it broke the foot I was very scared and I gathered it and my breast takes it to the house loaded it him has myself to leave of working to take care to my brother and me him. When cumpli 5 years between to the I.E. Colombia I touch with a very pretty very dear teacher so called Maria Eugenia it was offering to us very much love and fondness I knew many friends my breast joins very easily to the college all the time I was retiring and was helping myself to doing tasks was living very hanging of my.

When tape-worm 7 years did a holiday to me with my brother we share of a piĂąata, cake, ice cream and a payasa that I encourage my holiday.

When tape-worm 9 Years Taking Ah My Cousin to the day-care center accidentally treads on the leg to a dog and it bit me and I fracture the small finger of the foot. When tape-worm 10 years I did the first communion with my brother this day we spend it very richly I was with my family, friends.

When tape-worm 11 years fractures the right foot with a shoe that my brother had made crossed I did not see it and I me stumbled then they were saying the foot and I was following with the same pain my mom he has himself to remove to the hospital and in the hospital they put a plaster and ordered me for Medellin my breast he asked my aunt for the favor if it could accompany us and for every Medellin my aunt and my breast they were loading me because I could not Walk. When I Expired 12 years they made me a chiquiteca with all my friends and I amused myself very much. My best friend was Jimena madrigal for all sides eramos united until once I him empece to speaking to a girl who to her him was not falling well and even it is I come the friendship from us two. When tape-worm 13 years I did the confirmation my godfather was my uncle Sergio they did a holiday to me with my friends we ate, danced and Amused ourselves very much.

When tape-worm 14 years my uncle Sergio Enrique Matamoros I marry in which this day cries very much and very rich pass next to all the persons that mas Want. When I expired 15 years they gave to me a lot of money and buy me many clothes sali to eating ice cream With my family and when a surprise comes to my house me tenian. My brother me tape-worm a cake, my premium me tape-worm a few chocolates and a globe. They sang them to me 15s and I ate up the cake with all my family this day it was an unforgettable day for my.

Last year in January when we enter ah to study I touch myself in and degree 902 was a very enterteining group which we were amusing ourselves very much I touch with valentina Mazo I fell down very badly and with the time I was treating with her and Saw that she was a good person it was with that mas was treating in the lounge and jodiamos.

My best friend was a Marian zuleta villa we were united in the college everything united haciamos and we were never separating the teachers were trying to separate us but she and I we were still united loved ourselves mucho.cuando finish he year I Wise who alone was a friendship of college she was speaking to myself and was saying to myself that because he was not speaking to him and I said to him that wise I that if we were going out to vacations our friendship was not going to work mas and this way he was we did not return to speak.

He continues enabling 2 matters the whole December I was doing the workshops to be able to happen to tenth and achieve it. When I expired 16 years they bought me many clothes and extracted me to eating ice cream. Of my family to the persons that mas want it is to my grandfather Sergio poseur, to my premium Maria Fernanda, to my cousin Miguel Angel and to my uncle Sergio Enrique. My dreams are to win the year and to begin the university to study Wh My dreams are to win the year and to begin the university to study What always and dreamed to be veterinary. This one is my history of the past, present and the future. at always and dreamed to be veterinary. This one is my history of the past, present and the future.

The story of my life  
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