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Choose Business Listing Level:  Basic

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 Premium

Choose one category or subcategory for your business listing. You may choose an extra 2 categories or subcategories for an additional $20 per extra category. Note: FC Chamber/Tourism board reserves the right to modify categories as deemed necessary.

 Sponsorship

 Name

 Events  Weather

 Address

 Phone Number

 Biking Trails

 Government

 Boating

 Churches

 Camping

 Schools

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 Lodging

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 Miscellaneous

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 Two-Sentence Business Description

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 Banks/ATM  Shopping  Grocery

 Website  Company Logo or Photograph*

 Recreation

 Lawn/Garden  Retail

 One Page PDF file (e.g., menu, flyer)*

 Specialty  Medical

 Facebook Page Address  Twitter Feed Address  Coupon (Please include two-line description and restrictions)

 Personal Services  Auto/Gas  Car Wash  Beauticians  Gas  Miscellaneous  Service  Parts

 Photography

 Professional Services

 Chiropractors

 Accountants

 Hospitals

 Attorneys

 Pharmacies

 Building/Contractors

 Physicians

 Communications/Media

 Urgent Care

 Insurance

 Veterinarians

 Real Estate  Miscellaneous

*e-mail to:, Subject: FC App Info, with business name, contact information and phone number, or include a copy to be scanned


CONTACT INFORMATION I hereby certify that the information contained herein is true and accurate. I am the owner of the Business Listing or am the duly authorized representative and may sign this data submission on behalf of the owner(s) of business. I have read and understand all of the data collection conditions listed in the Instructions, and understand that any wrong information given on this form will not be changed in the FC iPhone App till the following year. I further certify that all copywritten materials submitted are authorized for this use.

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Franklin County's

iPhone App

Taking your business to the next level... Brought to you by:

The Franklin County Tourism Board The Franklin County Chamber of Commerce The Franklin County Community Foundation


INSTRUCTIONS 1. 2. 3. 4.

Choose your Business Listing: Basic, Advanced, Premium or Sponsorship Choose the category(s) of your Business Listing. Fill out the information for your Business Listing level. Contact the Chamber at 765-647-3177 if you need assistance designing your Business Listing. This can include photos, writing description and coupon information. Logo or PDF design can be negotiated for a separate charge. 5. Sign and date Business Listing form. 6. Total cost of Listing Level, and Additional Categories. 7. Send Payment, Sign-up Form, PDF's and Logo/Photo to: Franklin County Chamber of Commerce. You may also e-mail Logo/Photo and PDF file to: Any Business that sends a sign-up form that is incomplete or without payment may incur a late fee or will not be included in Franklin County's iPhone App. 8. Note: Business Listing is for iPhone ONLY - other platforms will be in second phase.




TOTAL COST  Basic $0 $80

Chamber Member Non-Chamber Member

 Advanced $50 $120

Chamber Member Non-Chamber Member

 Premium $100 $150

Chamber Member Non-Chamber Member

 Sponsorship $500

Per Ad


Address that opens to the Google Maps, allowing for easy directions to your business k Clickable phone number for one-touch dialing k Hours of operation k Two-sentence description of your business k

COST $0 $80

Chamber Members Non-Chamber

k k k k

All Basic Features Logo or Business Photo A link to your website A 1-page PDF that can be used for a menu, flyer, or brochure

All Basic and Advanced Features k Facebook and Twitter icons, allowing customers to 'like' and 'follow' you from within the app k A personalized coupon customers can redeem by showing their phone at your establishment. k



$50 Chamber Members

$100 Chamber Members

$120 Non-Chamber

$150 Non-Chamber

All Basic, Advanced and Premium Features k A large, rolling ad that will randomly appear on the main icon page or a category listing page that will be a direct link to your business listing in the Franklin County iPhone App k

COST $500 Per Ad

 Additional Categories - $20 each (Maximum Categories = 3) SUBTOTAL:


Make checks payable to: Brookville/Franklin County 
Chamber of Commerce
 P.O. Box 211
 Brookville, IN 47012 Attn: FC iPhone App

Franklin County iPhone App Sign-Up Sheet  

Franklin County iPhone App Sign-Up Sheet