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Suncoast Brillo


Message From The Board Greetings to Suncoast Members,

The 2013 calendar year is well under way and we

already have numerous events in the record books. In January 2013 several Suncoast members assisted in the first annual GWPCA Southern Classic in Masaryktown, FL. We had nice entries for this inaugural event and fun was had by all. We hope to have even more club members participating and volunteering next year. Thank you to all who came out. In April we held a field training day also at Masaryktown, FL. This event was successful with getting several novice hunting members and dogs out for an introduction to birds. I think we have a few new members hooked, and I know the dogs are ready. We are always trying to find ways to keep our members involved in different canine sports, this is a versatile breed! So in June we have a dock diving seminar planned. Look for a sign up sheet soon. Also keep a watch out for upcoming show events this summer, as well as more field events and coursing ability get-togethers this fall. We hope to get all of our members involved.

Suncoast Board Members President - Belinda DeLaby | Vice President - Erika Brown | Secretary - Angie Johnson | Treasurer - Marion Hancock | Board Member - Christi Chism | Board Member - Maryanna Cox-Herrington | 1

Balance as of March 9, 2012 $1,997.33 Outflows: 3/27/12 HT Birds 3/27/12 HT Expenses 8/15/12 Natls Trophy 4/04/13 Equisure 4/21/13 Train Day Birds 4/21/13 Train Day Grds

$80.00 $65.00 $75.00 $600.00 $206.00 $40.00

Outflow Total

Suncoast German Wirehaired Pointer Club of Mid-Florida May 8, 2013 Treasurer’s Report Submitted by: Marion Hancock, Treasurer May 8, 2013

Inflows: 5/1/12 HT Entries 2/8/13 Dues 3/4/13 Dues 4/05/13 Dues 4/08/13 Dues 5/07/13 Dues/Train Day

$1,066.00 $238.00 $260.00 $185.53 $250.00 $143.00 $284.00

Inflow Total


Balance May 8, 2013


The 2013 GWPCA Nationals will being held in Lincoln, Nebraska. The specialty shows, obedience and agility will be held at the Lancaster Event Center, starting Thursday, October 3, 2013. The field events are in nearby Branch Oak FT grounds. Hunt Test Day 1, FT Derby Classic and the water test start off the fields events on Monday, October 7, 2013. If you have not booked a room please do so immediately. There is a Nebraska football game the same weekend and rooms will go fast. The host hotel is New Victorian Suites 402-464-4400.

2013 Maturity Re-Nomination Reminder

For all information on Nationals go to: And go to Facebook Page 2013 Nebraska –GWP Nationals

Owners of individual dogs from properly nominated 2013 Maturity litters have until June, 30, 2013 to get their re-nominations in!!!. Don't miss this opportunity to include your special dog in the very first "official" GWPCA Show Maturity!! The Guidelines and forms can be accessed on the GWPCA website. More Maturity Litter Nomination Reminders

Don’t forget to send in your GWPCA versatile applications. New dogs added to this prestigious program will be announced at the 2013 Nationals

And while the 2013 Litter Nominations are closed, please note that litters whelped toward the end of the 2014 Maturity eligibility date range (April 1, 2012 - March 31, 2013) can actually still be nominated by their breeders for the 2014 Maturity, since breeders have 90 days after the whelp date (or up to 6 months., with an additional fee) to do so. So many eligible litters, so little time! And please don't forget to nominate litters whelped between April 1, 2013 - March 31, 2014 for the 2015 Maturity. Contact Suncoast Member Audrey Meinke for more information.

Paying for membership dues on-line using your debit or credit card with the GWPCA will soon become a reality. Check the soon for more information.

Join the GWPCA Today and help support our Parent Club. But don’t stop there...Get Involved!


2014 GWPCA National DNA Requirements 2014 GWPCA Nationals in Rend Lake, FL

This is a reminder to all people planning to

attend the 2014 GWPCA Nationals or any Na- DNA Test Kits can be purchased at Prepaid tionals there afterwards. Per a GWPCA board vote at the December 2012 board meeting. All test kits are $35.00. GWP’s over two (2) years of age will need a DNA test i.e.. DNA number to enter GWPCA National Events. This requirement is needed for test_kits.cfm any GWPCA National Event where a National Title will be up for grabs. Thus a DNA number will be needed to enter the GWPCA National Specialty, National Field Championship and National Amateur Field Championship. DNA Test Kits can be purchased at If prepaid the cost is $35.00, if you pay when you send in the test kit the price is $40.00. Also there will be a discounted DNA clinic at the 2013 Nationals.


IDock Can Diving Fly! Seminar Orlando, FL

Does your GWP love to

swim and retrieve...then you will want to attend our Dock Diving Seminar.

Suncoast “A” Match Look for Information soon on our last “A” Match. The success of this match is very important and once it is complete and we forward our last package to the AKC to get approval to hold specialty shows and hunt tests. “A” Match Coordinator is Christi Chism and Chairman is Julie Harrison. Please contact Christi at

When: June 30th 9am - 2pm Where: University of Doglando 12276 E. Colonial Dr., Orlando FL Price: Members $40.00 first dog. $20.00 second dog same handler

The Suncoast GWP Club in partnership with the University of Doglando is holding a Dock Diving seminar. The seminar is geared towards beginners. Lunch will be provided. Contact Angie Johnson at 407-466-3554

The Suncoast Club held a Field Training Day on April 21st in Masarkytown Field Trial Grounds. We had a nice turn out with the opportunity to introduce many members and dogs to the world of AKC Field Events. Some of these dogs have never seen a bird before but you would never know it. Sue McKeever’s Dog “Romeo” was a stand out novice dog. This was his first time on birds and he would have easily passed a Junior Hunt Test. I think we have a new member hooked. Other stand out novice dogs were Cutie handled by junior handler Alex Chism, Reagan owned by Bob and Kathy Marks (that dog loves to point she held for a LONG time as we worked a closer dog on point). Baby dogs Molly and Jackie had a great time chasing quail. And it was wonderful to see some of the old boys out there, Baron and Spumoni hunted like they were young dogs. Thanks to all the members who came out and supported this fun day of training. 4



eartworm disease is caused by parasitic roundworms, the adult form is Dirofilaria immitis, these worms live in the chambers of the heart, the arteries and lungs. The period between the initial infection, when the dog is bitten by a mosquito and the maturation of the worms into adults, living in the heart takes six to seven months. Heartworms spread host to host through the bite of a mosquito and this is the only way heartworms can be spread. The mosquito bites an infected animal and ingests microfilariae. The microfilariae develop into larger larvae using the mosquito as an intermediate stage before completing their life cycles. The rate of development in the mosquito is temperature dependent, requiring about two weeks of temperature at or above 80 F, as a result transmission is limited to warm months. When the mosquito bites the animal the larvae gets “injected� under the skin at the site of the mosquito bite. The larvae migrate to the muscles of the chest and abdomen where they enter the bloodstream and are carried through the heart to reside in the pulmonary artery. Over the next couple of months the worms increase greatly in size. The female adult worm is about 30 cm in length, and the male is about 23 cm. Approximately seven months after infection, the adult worms have mated and the females begin giving birth to microfilariae, which circulate in the bloodstream for as long as two years, waiting for the next mosquito to bite the host and the cycle repeats itself.

Signs of Infection? Many dogs will show little or no sign of infection even after the worms become adults. However, active dogs

and those with heavier infections may show signs of a persistent cough, reduction of activity or exercise, reduced appetite, lethargy, weight loss, vomiting, difficult or rapid breathing and eventually congestive hearth failure.

How Do I Know? Heartworms can be detected by blood test. The filtration test finds microfilariae in the blood; the occult test locates adult worms in the heart. Many veterinarians prefer to do both tests as the absence of microfilariae in the blood does not necessarily mean that there are no adult worms in the heart.

What is Treatment? Adult heartworms in dogs are killed using a drug called adulticide that is injected into the muscle through a series of treatments. Treatment may be administered on an outpatient basis, but hospitalization is usually recommended. When the dog is sent home, exercise should be limited to leash walking for the duration of the recovery period, which can last from one to two months. This decreases the risk of partial or complete blockage of blood flow through the lungs by dead worms. Surgical removal of the adult heartworms is possible and may be used in advanced cases with heart involvement.

Prevention? There are a variety of options for preventing heartworm infections, including daily and monthly tablets, monthly topicals and a six-month injectable product available only for dogs. All of these methods are extremely effective, and when administered properly on a timely schedule, heartworm infection can be completely prevented. These medications interrupt heartworm development before adult worms reach the lungs and cause disease. Consult your veterinarian for the best treatment for you and your dog.


Jolee, “FC High Power’s Jolt To The System JH” won 4th place in the first annual AKC Walking Dog Championship. Jolee is owned by Suncoast member Belinda DeLaby.

“Show a keen desire to hunt, be bold and independent, and have a fast, attractive manner of hunting.” - AKC The following Suncoast Dogs have earned Pointing and Retrieving Hunt Test Titles. CH Blueline’s Aspen Glow JH

Heyleigh, “GCH Heywire ‘N Highfield’s Hey Look Me Over” earned an AKC Best In Show at the Lakeland Winter Haven KC under judge Ms. Beverly Vics. Heyleigh was bred by Suncoast member Judy Cheshire.

Owner - Heidi Baumbarger CH Blueline Lightning Bug JH Owner - Heidi Baumbarger Reece Aftehours In It 2 Win It At Whitetail JH Owner - Deb Darby & Angie Johnson CH Afterhours Reece Flying Solo JH Owner - Tina Whitmore, A Johnson, A Chism Reece Afterhours N Dusty Steele N Thyme JH CA Owner - Joni Cornell, A Cornell, A Johnson Claddagh’s Raven Moon JH Owner - Amber Duff CH Heywire Looks Like Almond Joy At Reece JH BN Owner - Joni Cornell, A Johnson, A Meinke GCH Hawk Haven’s Grand Stand MH Owner - Pete & Norma Paduch GCH RipsnorterNCladdagh Backfld N Motion JH JHR

Phelps, “GCH Mountain View National Acclaim” earned an AKC Best In Show at the Palouse Hills Dog Fanciers in Lewiston, ID, under judge Stephen Hubbell. Phelps is owned by Suncoast members Pete & Norma Paduch and Betty Stroh.

Form Follows Function The following Suncoast Dogs have earned Conformation Titles (GCH or CH). GCH Hawk Haven’s Grand Stand MH Owner - Pete & Norma Paduch GCH RipsnorterNCladdagh Backfld N Motion JH JHR Owner - Margie Howard CH Caramel ‘N Heywire Justa Three Cheers Owner - Audrey Meinke & Bernee Brawn

Please submit Kudos to Angie at 6

Heidi Baumbarger - ( Josh & Erika Brown - ( Judy Cheshire - ( Christi & Steve Chism - ( Joni & Dave Cornell - Billy & Deb Darby - ( Belinda DeLaby - ( Rick & Deanne Donohue - ( Amber Duff - Steve Ferreira - Bryan & Robin Fobbus - or Earl Fowls - ( Marion Hancock & Robert Wickes - George & Maryanna Herrington - John & Margie Howard - Alexis Chism Jim & Carolyn Isom - ( Mike & Angie Johnson - ( Allison Chism Lorraine Leal - Alexis Cornell Robert & Kathy Marks - Francis & Diane Marsh - Jan DeLaby Marian McKeever Cole Ferreira Audrey Meinke - ( Pete & Norma Paduch - ( Billie Green Lori Patterson - Diane Philibert & Mark Rosenblat - Octavian & Lisa Popescu - ( John Quattrochi & Sue McKeever - Bruce Ross & Donna Burgess - Betty Stroh Tony & Anita Tate - Christine Whitmore - ( Spring/Summer Breed Jim & Helen Witt - (

Sire: GCH Mountain View National Acclaim Dam: CH Tova’s Atomic VD Winston JH

“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.”


Spring/Summer Breed Sire: CH RLB’s Mac The Knight MH Dam: CH Drakkar’s RLB’s Secora RE CD JH V Octavian & Lisa Popescu Phone: 503.473.4533 Email:

~ B. Williams

Spring/Summer Breed Sire: GCH Afterhours Reece Have Gun Will Travel Dam: GCH Afterhours Cute As A Button JH Christi Chism Phone: 352-5591-3669 Email:

Sire: GCH Hawk Haven’s Grand Stand MH Dam: CH RLB’s Sage Sedona Timecam SH Sires owned by Pete Paduch Contact HawkHaven Wires for Info Phone: 845-888-50144533 Email:

Spring/Summer Breed Sire: CH Afterhours Reece Flying Solo JH NA II Dam: UAGI CH Reece Afterhours Pretty Is As Pretty Does JH RN V NAI Angie & Mike Johnson Phone: 407-466-3554 Email:

Puppies Due May 12th Sire: CH Sure Shot’s Rock On JH Dam: CH Mountain View’s National Anthem Judy Cheshire Phone: 919-477-6530 Email:

Puppies Due May Sire: CH Whitetail’s Shortcut MH Dam: Whitetail’s Iowa Ice Deb Darby Phone: 864-710-7204 Email:


How long have you been in wires? Mike and I have been in away at the age of 2 from Pythiosis. This dog touched everyWires for almost 10 years. We got our first wire in February one she met and there was not a thing she could not do. 2004. What is your Most Memorable Moment Competing with your dogs? I started thinking about this question and was How or why did surprised by how many great moments I have had with my you get into wires? We actually go into dogs, for only being in the breed for 10 years. I am very wires by a joke. I blessed. Thinking back at a few, one was when I ran Reece in had two wirehair NAVHDA Natural Ability. She was my first bred-by dog and dachshunds and my first time running in NAVHDA. We earned a Prize I (112 Mike commented Pts) but it wasn't until the end when I finally realized what a one day that we special performance she put on, when the judge came up to needed a more me afterwards, handed me his business card and said when “Manly” dog you are ready to breed her call me, that girl was spectacular. around the house. I asked him which Another moment I will never forget is winning Best of Breed breed would he at the 2010 Nalike? Expecting him tional Specialty to say Springer breeder/owner/ Spaniel or a similar handler with Trusporting dog, since man “GCH Reece that is what he Afterhours The owned before me, I Buck Stops Here was surprised when JH”, after the Remington and Baron he pointed out a judge pointed at GWP. We did our research, talked to some owners and liked us, Mike said he what we heard. We then found a reputable breeder who did did not know I health tests and etc. (Afterhours Kennels) a couple of hours could jump that from us and the rest is history...We got our first… I mean high. first and second GWP’s. Also getting to witness my first Best In Show with Truman. What is your favorite characteristic about the breed? I Sometimes I think it is harder not being on your dog during love their versatility and that they can do almost anything, moments like this, because all I could do was bite my nails. and who can resist that fuzzy face. He ended up getting back to back BIS’s, that weekend. Who was your first GWP? Well like I mentioned before our first GWP was really two. We went to the breeder to pick up our puppy and we came home with two. Baron, “CH Afterhours Sir Baron RH JH” and Remington, “CH Afterhours Sir Remington RH NAJ”. There are times when we thought OMG what did we do bringing home two GWP’s but looking back I would not have done it any differently. Those two boys are the best of buds and Mike and I had a great time training our own dog.

What are your plans for 2013? We plan to breed Marley, she is another special girl. She will do anything I ask of he. We have titles in show, hunt test, NAVHDA, agility and obedience, she is a jack of all trades.” And as always continue training and working with our dogs.

Who was your favorite GWP? Well that question is a little unfair because I love them all for different reasons, but one dog I will never forget was my Reece, “Reece Afterhours Life Is a Box of Chocolate JH, NA Prize I”. Unfortunately she passed

Are you happy with the direction the breed is going? Yes I am, keep’m versatile. One thing I would like to see is more volunteerism by the GWP fanciers out there to their local club or GWPCA. Start off small, maybe volunteer with a small committee, help organize event or send in a submission to the Brillo or Wire~News. You never know what that will lead to, maybe running for an office someday. Just Get Involved.



Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply When loved one comes home, always run to greet them. Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joy ride. Take naps. Stretch before rising. Run, romp and play daily. Avoid biting when a simple growl will do. On nice days, stop to lie down in the grass and relax. When you’re happy, dance around and wag your entire body. Delight in simple joy of a long walk. Be loyal. Never pretend to be something you’re not. If what you want lies buried, dig until you find it. When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by, and nuzzle them gently.


Suncoast GWP Brillo Spring 2013