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he 13th of August is International Left-Handers’ Day. Launched in 1992, it is now an annual event where left-handers everywhere can celebrate their sinistrality (that’s the posh word for left-handedness) and increase public awareness of the disadvantages of being left handed (like scissors…conventional scissors are made for righties, a fact which made my primary school years in the less-enlightened 1970s somewhat frustrating), and also the advantages, because there are quite a few. In many sports for instance, we seem to have an advantage.

Left-footed soccer players and tennis players find it easy to wrong-foot an opponent. A righthanded player is used to ‘like-handed’ opponents who play a similar game. A lefty will have faced more right-handers and thus be used to their "opposite" style of play. We’re also more creative, possibly due to the way our brains are wired: The left half of the brain, which controls the right hand, is also responsible for speech, language, writing, logic and numerical thinking. The right half, which controls the left hand, is also responsible for music, art, creativity, perception, spatial awareness and emotions. I’ve learned to embrace my left-handedness over the years. It’s part of who I am and I’m pleased to announce that since I purchased a pair of left-handed scissors I can now cut out neat paper shapes with the best of them! By Sarah Davey






large number of members of the community attended the unveiling of the Daniel Protheroe memorial at the newly refurbished Daniel Protheroe Memorial Park, Rhestr Fawr , Ystradgynlais on a beautifully sunny afternoon on Saturday 1st July 1st July as part of the village’s ‘Buskagynlais’ festival.

from two local choirs Côr Dathlu Cwmtawe and Côr y Gyrlais also performed at the event. The three choirs sang a selection of Daniel Protheroe’s compositions to the delight of the hundreds who attended the event.

The newly refurbished park was a joint project between the Ystradgynlais Town Council and the Ystradgynlais Heritage Society and was funded by both groups with grant aid provided by WREN - a not for profit business that awards grants for community projects from funds donated by FCC Environment through the Landfill Communities Fund. The project involved refurbishment of the area which was once the site of Daniel Protheroe’s birthplace (6 Gough Buildings as it was then known) and the construction of a memorial in the Park’s centre to which is attached four commemorative plaques. The coloured, bilingual plaques outline the achievements of locally born composers and poets Daniel Protheroe, (1866-1934) conductor and composer; John Thomas Rees, (1857-1949) conductor and composer; Thomas Levi, (1825-1916) minister and publisher and Gwilym ap Leyshon, (1863-1925) poet and minister. Two benches and raised flower beds were also incorporated into the project. The commemorative plaques, located at the former site, presented to the town in 1999 by the American Welsh Society and the original white marble plaque unveiled on his former home during the National Eisteddfod in Ystradgynlais in 1954 were incorporated into the brick feature at the rear of the Park. The new commemorative plaque was unveiled by Mrs. Hannah Protheroe- Griffiths the grand niece of Daniel Protheroe – a resident of Ystradgynlais. The event was attended by the Voices of the Valley Choir, from Valley View High School, Scranton U.S.A. (the town where Daniel Protheroe emigrated to in and the town in which he is buried). Members

Arwel Michael, Chairman of the Ystradgynlais District Heritage and Language Society along with Cllr. Meurig Evans, Chairman of Ystradgynlais Town Council believe that the improved facility will benefit the people living in the area. Thanks were also expressed to the local volunteer group Blodau who planted up the raised flower beds to enhance the Park’s features




You colour yourself in war-paint, justice filling every brush. Self-serving morals take the places of real honour. Those who do not side with your unjust cause are heretics. Hypocrite. You bear arms, a life which you have never dreamed, now real. Beads of sweat are wiped away with a flag. The enemy is but a mirror, an image of what is to come. The price of infamy is hard to swallow. Walk away, your life intact but hanging from a thread. Scars are your only medals, your memories, nightmares. It only takes a smell, sight, sound and the bombs are falling again, their innocent whistling disarming. They shovel you with the rest, those who cannot live in the moment, but are forced to repeat their hell. You're no different. Once you were delcared a hero, now uncaring eyes simply pass over you. Thrown into the bin and forgotten in the gutters.

By Brandon Phillips-Lewis




Year 5 at Ysgol Bro Tawe, Ystradgynlais working on ‘The Night Out Young Promoters Scheme.’


olice Community Support Officers from Ystradgynlais Station have recently been involved with pupils from Year 5 at Ysgol Bro Tawe, Ystradgynlais working on ‘The Night Out Young Promoters Scheme.’ This involved working with the Young promoters taking them through the process of organising a professional performance for their community, funded by the Night Out community touring scheme. Over a series of six weekly sessions the children set ticket prices and start times, design posters and fliers, invite local VIPs and are responsible for marketing and promoting the event. Sessions are facilitated by Christine with the help of local Police Community Support Officers, giving the children an opportunity to get to know their local officers which helps builds trust and confidence and impacts on anti-social behaviour. The children were also

subject to a visit from PC Flynn 106 and PC Thomas 699 who are Firearms Officers and also PC 942 Llewellyn from the Dog Section along with his dogs Rula and Monty. The performance took place on the 5th July and Circo Rum BaBa, a group of three talented acteresses took part in the show called ‘The Crow House’. The event was very successful and enjoyed by parents, children, and the VIP guests which included County Cllr Mrs S McNicholas, Gaynor from Tesco in Ystradgynlais who sponsored the event and the Superintendent for Powys Mr Jon Cummins. Ystradgynlais Neighbourhood Policing Team would like to thank Tesco, Ystradgynlais for sponsoring the event and also Nigel from TLT who also provided soft drinks, cakes and crisps for the children.






JAMES WALKER “FIGHTING FOR YOUR RIGHTS” Consumer Champion – the man who helps you resolve your consumer complaints!

A Hand with Broadband


emember life without the internet? No, me neither. We’ve got so used to broadband, mobile phones and new technology, that the world of landlines and dial-up connections seems far away. But as we’ve become more reliant on broadband services, problems have emerged. Over 17,000 people have contacted Resolver about broadband in the last couple of years. Complaints range from dodgy connections to service failures, with MIA engineers and rubbish customer service high on the list too. There are some positives. It’s just been announced that broadband providers will be forced to advertise the speeds that at least half their customers actually receive. At the moment, they can get away with promoting the speed that only the top 10% get – which is hugely misleading. And regulator OFCOM is consulting on introducing automatic compensation for delayed repairs and missed appointments. But most of the people I speak to just want what they’ve paid for. So, if you aren’t getting the service you signed up for, here’s what to do.

Get a better deal • Do a speed test. There’s loads of free apps that you can download that will allow you to check the actual speed of your broadband connection. You can find a selection on Money Saving Expert’s guide. Take a screenshot each time you check.

• Ask for options. Speak to your provider (send them a tweet or get in touch online to jump the queue), you could ask for something to boost the speed, get a reduction in your payments – or they may even have a fix.

• Take it higher. Still not happy? Resolver can help you make a complaint, but it pays to set out your argument in simple terms. If you want out of the contract, provide proof of the poor service and the efforts you’ve made to sort it out. Broadband speed isn’t guaranteed, but you can argue that you’re not getting the service you paid for it it’s constantly disrupted.

Switching providers The question I get asked the most is “Is it worth switching providers?” There’s no simple answer, I’m afraid. The quality of broadband can be affected by lots of things, not least where you live. If you’re unhappy with the service, check out these things first: • Telephone extensions. Extension leads can lower your broadband speed or cause interference as can tangled leads (it’s not all technical!) Shorter, higher quality cables can make a difference. • Microfilters: What?! Microfilters are those little white box thingies that split the broadband and phone signals. Check you have one and that it’s working. Your broadband provider can confirm if you need one. • Electrical stuff. Loads of things are rumoured to affect signals; fish tanks, lamps and dimmers, speakers and even fairy lights. Don’t be fobbed off. Move your things about but get the engineer to identify any problems. Moving the router off the floor can also help. One last tip – research suggests you’ll be charged upwards of 40% more if you stay loyal to some providers. So, switching can really save you loads! But remember: • Check your contract. If it’s still running, you could face a hefty charge for cancelling early. Negotiate if you’ve not been getting the service you’ve paid for and use Resolver to make a complaint. • Check out what other people are saying about the competition. Some customer service is better than others… • Don’t forget to ask what happens next. It sounds a bit sad but I’ve seen grown men and women reduced to jibbering wrecks after three days offline!

We can help at We’d love to hear about your broadband stories. Tell us more at or check out Facebook and Twitter. @WalkerResolver@resolvercouk


Three Cliffs Bay




New Showroom for


outh Wales Picture Framers

in Ystradgynlais will shortly be moving into a newly refurbished showroom located at “The Cabin” in Ystradgynlais Workshops on Trawsffordd Road (next to the rugby club fields). A spokesperson for the framers says “We are quite excited about the move as The Cabin has a much artier feel to it than our current showroom and will allow us to offer and display our products in a warmer, more customer orientated environment. We’ve had the approval for the move from Powys council who own The Cabin but haven’t had an exact date at the time of going to print, although we hope to be in by September. ‘The Cabin’ is in the same complex as our current showroom so disruption for the move will be minimal and should be completed quite quickly once we have a definite date from Powys. As well as our new showroom it is also planned to make The Cabin available to local art or craft clubs for one or two evenings a week. Anyone interested in this can contact us on 01639 849544 or call in to the showroom between 9 and 5. We are also having a moving sale with up to 50% off selected items, so why not pop into the showroom at Unit 324 Ystradgynlais Workshops, Trawsffordd Road,Ystradgynlais. SA9 1BS.



Serves 2 PEOPLE

Method 1. Heat some oil in a pan. 2. Lightly brown the onion and add the garlic

3. Add the rest of the chopped ingredients

Risotto is a northern Italian rice dish, that’s quick to prepare and yet a satisfying meal. Great for using up leftovers, why not experiment to add new ingredients?

and fry for a couple of minutes until slightly softened. 4. Add the risotto rice and fry, stirring regularly for another couple of minutes. 5. Add the stock cube to the boiling water and pour onto the rice dish. 6. Cover with a lid and reduce the heat. 7. Once all the liquid has been absorbed, your dish is ready to serve. .

Ingredients 1 small onion, finely chopped 1 clove garlic 2 small sticks of celery Half a red pepper, chopped into small pieces 1 vegetable stock cube

200ml boiling water 4 small handfuls of risotto rice Bacon (optional to make a non-vegetarian version) Parmesan cheese to top (if required)


AUTO BIOGRAPHIES All-New Peugeot 3008 SUV 1.2 GT Line

Price: £25,655

By Tim Barnes-Clay, Motoring Writer @carwriteups


t is not unusual to see some big changes between an older and newer generation of the same model, but the all-new Peugeot 3008 SUV looks radically different to the outgoing one. That exiting generation, introduced in 2008, was a frumpy, chubby SUV that did little to inspire buyers. The all-new Peugeot 3008 SUV, though, is a different animal, burying the clumsy image of the last car six-feet under and achieving the European Car of the Year crown. Sometimes it can be difficult to separate SUVs out on the road because most of them drive alike. Many are set up for comfort, and that’s what the all-new 3008 is tuned for. The small steering wheel and light handling gives a feeling of sprightliness, even if that’s not the case, as it’s a tall, heavy car. However; that’s not a complaint, the designers and engineers have done a good job covering the traditional flaws of an SUV’s dynamics. There’s a wholesome medley of engines on offer, as with most Peugeot models: two petrol’s in the shape of a 131PS 1.2-litre unit and a 165PS 1.6-litre turbo.

22 Then there are a couple of turbo diesel engines of 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre capacity. What suits you best is largely going to depend on what sort of driving you do. Short urban trips suit the 1.2litre petrol more, whereas longer journeys will fit the potential 70mpg obtainable from the 1.6litre diesel. I drove the 1.2 petrol in GT Line spec with 131PS, fitted with a manual gearbox. Behind the wheel, things feel dynamic, and the weighting of the steering is spot on. The car grips bitumen like a cat’s claws cling to flesh, and mid-range pulling power is good, so you can pick up the pace easily. The six-speed transmission is slick shifting, and the car delivers a hushed ride. Tyre roar and wind whistle is kept out of the cabin, too. All this just adds to the 3008’s sense of refinement. The Peugeot offers a composed ride with seats that provide the sort of comfort and support required for long distance motoring. Furthermore, the car’s suspension sops up potholes without complaining. Significantly, the all-new 3008 doesn’t tip into bends. Indeed, body roll is very well contained. This surprised me, as smaller SUVs aren’t always the type of vehicle to stay so unflustered on twisty tarmac. The new 3008 comes in four levels of trim: Active, Allure, GT Line and GT. Factory fitted safety kit includes automatic emergency braking and rear parking sensors. The GT Line hasn’t got any extra safety equipment - just sportier looks. But it has all the safety kit you really

Pros n Cons

need, and as with all 3008s, it has a top five-star Euro NCAP safety score. A car can look great and have all the equipment in the world crammed into it – but it’s no good if it isn’t economical and it doesn’t drive decently. There are no concerns to be had in this area with the 3008 SUV. The 1.2 GT Line’s average fuel consumption of 55.4mpg and 117g/km of CO2 means low running costs, combined with effective performance. 0-62mph is achieved in 10.8 seconds and the Pug’s maximum speed is 117mph. The all-new Peugeot 3008 SUV’s entry price is £21,795, but expect to fork out £25,655 for the petrol-powered GT Line I drove. A basic Nissan Qashqai costs £18,545, and the new SEAT Ateca is priced from £17,990. But I think the 3008’s extra cost is justified because it feels more upmarket inside than these two rivals. Cabin materials include brushed chrome, large areas of carbon decoration and textiles. They even cover some areas less commonly found in SUVs, such as the dashboard inlay. It’s all very contemporary and attractive The Peugeot is just as stylish outside, and it drives well, while delivering a comfortable ride for all.

Fast Facts 1.2 - litre- GT Line

● ● ● ● ●

Stylish Look√ Ride Comfort√ Kit√ Boot Space √ Measured Pace X

● ● ● ●

Max speed: 117 mph 0-62 mph: 10.8 secs Combined mpg: 55.4 Engine layout: 1199cc 3—cylinder turbo petrol ● Max. power (PS): 131 ● CO2: 117g/km



Running & Fitness Coach By Verity Wright,

How to Breathe Properly


ne of the first questions I am asked from new runners is how to breathe properly whilst running. If you are one of the many people who have this problem, don’t worry it can be fixed quite easily. The most common cause of being out of breath when running, which in some cases can lead to serious pain and/or panic, is that you could be running too fast too soon. Why You Should Walk If you are just starting out on your running journey then walk, allow yourself to be a beginner, especially if you haven’t exercised for a long time. Try and get into the regular habit of exercising, slowly develop your fitness, give your bones, muscles and tendons the foundations they will need to becoming a runner without injury; and this can be easily achieved by putting walk breaks into your running; don’t worry, walking is not cheating or quitting, it is vital as doing too much too soon could result in you not being able to run at all or you may become demotivated and frustrated; being stuck in vicious cycle of going for a run, running too fast, feeling out of breath and out of control even after a short amount of running time which can result in you turning back home feeling rubbish and deflated. Walking puts the body through the same range of motion as running, but with less stress impact on the body and lungs, you may not be moving as fast but walking builds a good base for running, a good solid foundation to build the miles upon. Adding walking breaks into your run and slowing your pace right down can make a big difference to your running, it may be the difference between you going out for 5 mins and giving up or going out for 20 mins and adding walk breaks, these walk breaks are giving your body the chance to recover and then go

make your run more enjoyable so that you want to do it again. And if you see anyone you know whilst you are on your walking break, and to be honest this is when we usually see people, then just think to yourself, well they don't know that I haven't just finished a 20-mile training run! Top Tips for Controlling Your Breathing • Warm up properly by walking briskly for 3-5 minutes. This allows your breathing to increase slowly and your diaphragm to adjust to a more vigorous breath, it also allows the nerves to calm down. • Start out slowly, even if you think you could walk faster, running slowly is still running, it is better to start slowly and finish strong. • Do your walk breaks before you become too breathless and panicky so that you are in control. • Once you’ve slowed your pace, breathing can become quite rhythmic so listen to your breath and body • When running your oxygen consumption increases, so breathe through your mouth to get enough air in; your mouth opening is almost ten times larger than your nose opening, so more oxygen in. • Like any muscle, it will take time to strengthen your breathing muscles so be patient. • Avoid fatty foods or large meals right before your run and give yourself two hours to digest a meal, as food can play havoc on your stomach and diaphragm as you begin to breathe and bounce. • Try not to tense up as this can cause you to hyperventilate causing you to breathe in shallow, quick breaths and then running doesn't become enjoyable so relax and slow it down. Verity Wright is an Endurance Athlete entering events from 10k to 42k over country, roads, fells and mountains. If you want to know more, you can visit her website


Weight Training


or those that would like a more vigorous workout plan, weight training is a viable option that can combine building muscle tone and working the cardiovascular system. Weight training tones your muscles and raises your metabolism, which helps your body burn more calories not only when exercising, but also while you sleep. Weight training reverses the natural decline in your metabolism, which begins around age 30; therefore this is something to think about for all those who have reached that age. Working with weights can produce a great deal of energy, and a full workout works almost all of the 650 muscles in your body. Looking toward longterm benefits, weight training strengthens bones, which can reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis. This of course is of very big concern amongst women, since osteoporosis afflicts women much more than men.

Many women worry that weight training will make them muscular and bulky like a man; yet you must keep in mind that men and women have different muscular structures, therefore weight training will not develop big muscles on women, just toned muscles. Not only is weight training a routine that makes you strong, it is a routine that trains the body to build muscle instead of fat, takes stress off key areas of the body such as the lower back, making you less prone to injury in that area. Since high blood pressure or hypertension is a big concern with those who are obese, it is welcome news that weight training decreases your resting blood pressure. Weight training has also been proven to increase your blood level of HDL cholesterol, which is commonly referred to as good cholesterol. Overall health is definitely improved through weight training. If you like the idea of going out somewhere daily for your workout, welcoming the change of scenery and benefiting from the camaraderie of others who are also training, then you may want to opt for a gym membership, fitness trainers are always on hand to help you along the way


It’s Time to Relax By Kelly Shaw


don’t know about you, but I always feel a sense of accomplishment after getting through the summer months; maybe it is because it is such a busy time for us in the salon. It could be that you’ve survived the summer and are looking forward to the children going back to school! Whatever it is, this is the perfect time to think about ‘You’ for a minute, and don’t you dare feel guilty! There are many ways to relax, and finding one that works for you is the first step. It may be gardening or reading a book, having a soak in the bath with aromatherapy oils or going down a treatment route; which I will be looking at today. With such a variety of treatments available, designed to help our health and wellbeing, I wanted to highlight a couple of options and their benefits. Massage With so many therapeutic benefits to both the body and mind, this is often the first treatment people think of when they want to relax. However, if you choose the wrong type of massage then the experience could leave you feeling more stressed than when you arrived. Aromatherapy massage is a wonderful way to relax as, not only do you benefit from the physical actions of the massage such as soothing muscular tension and improved circulation, it is the restorative properties of the oils themselves that have immense benefits. An aromatherapy massage can be deeply relaxing or more uplifting depending on the oils and the massage techniques used by the therapist and all of this should be discussed during your consultation. The oils you choose can help with disturbed sleep, digestion issues, hormonal imbalance or a lack of energy. If you haven’t experienced massage before then this would be the perfect introduction in my opinion. Reflexology This is often overlooked due to a lack of understanding about what the treatment is all about – it is not just a foot massage! Reflexology is a very individual treatment which is tailored to you as person, considering both physical and non-physical factors that might be affecting your wellbeing.

Some people find it works for them - some don't. The best way to find out is to try it! The theory is that reflexology helps the body to restore its balance naturally. Usually after a treatment, your tension may be reduced and you might feel relaxed. You might also notice yourself sleeping better and find your mood and sense of wellbeing improving. You may also find that other aspects improve too; however, this happens on an individual basis. With ever increasing levels of stress in everyday life, it is important for people to take more responsibility for their own healthcare needs. Reflexology may be one of the ways to mitigate the stresses of modern life. As amazing as the above treatments are, there are some things you can try which won’t cost you a penny: • Laugh – it really is the best medicine. Laughter releases endorphins that improve your mood whilst decreasing levels of the stress causing hormones; it tricks your nervous system into making you happy. However, a spontaneous burst of laughter at your desk could raise a few eyebrows so pick your moments carefully… • Sleep - probably the most effective stress buster there is. Although stress can cause you to lose sleep, lack of sleep is a key cause of stress. A vicious cycle which causes the brain and the body to become out of balance. Try to get the recommended 6-8hrs per night. Turn off the TV, don’t look at your smart-phone and do your best to get into bed and relax.


Races Admiral Swansea Bay 10k The Admiral Swansea Bay 10k is one of the UK’s premier road races with a flat, fast and scenic route alongside the magnificent views of Swansea Bay. The race is open to all abilities aged 15+. We hope to see you at the start! The 10k course takes place along the beautiful sweep of Swansea Bay. It’s a fast, flat course, perfect for improving your personal best.

Date: 24th September Start Time: 1.00pm Start Location: Outside St Helens Rugby Ground Entry Fees: Adult Affiliated - £22.00 Adult Unaffiliated - £24.00 Online Entries Only - No Entries On The Day

For more info & to enter:

Five Valleys Sportive - Cycle Race The history of the Five Valleys race route comes from an event which was started as a road race by the Port Talbot Wheelers in 1958 and grew to become one of the most famous races held in Wales, it was the only race in Wales which was given a Star Trophy status – this rating is now called Premier Calendar. The reason for its popularity was because it was such an arduous course taking in some of the most historical climbs in South Wales. The Five Valleys Sportive - Test Your Limits! "One Of Wales' Premier Sportive's" This challenging and exciting sportive is being held annually in aid of Prostate Cymru that helps raise awareness and support for men in Wales with prostate cancer. A testing, tough and historic route awaits those who enter this fun, popular and rapidly growing event

Start Date: Sunday 3rd September 2017 Start Time: 9.00am Venue: Margam Country Park, Margam, Port Talbot, South Wales, SA13 2TJ Event Type: Cycle Sportive (Non-Competitive) Choose from 2 route options Long 72 Miles - Entry £25 Online - £35 on Day Short 54 Miles - Entry £25 Online - £35 on Day

for more info & to enter online:


Join us again in the October/November issue for more Fitness, Health and Wellbeing In The Community














Isle of White Tim Saunders

A breath of fresh air. That sums up the Isle of Wight in more ways than one. You see not only is it renowned for its clean air, many of the facilities and attractions are also of a high standard. “The Victorians visited the island for its superior air quality, which promoted good health,” explains Cherry Sanders, co-owner of Appuldurcombe Gardens Caravan and Camping Site at Ventnor, where we stay in a static caravan. “I originally come from the Midlands but moved here 12 years ago to live my mum’s dream of running a holiday business here.” The 14.5-acre site has 40 static caravans and 130 pitches for camping. It was a finalist in the Practical Caravan Top 100 Sites 2013 awards, testament to its excellent facilities, which include an award-winning toilet block with walk in showers “more like what you would find in a good quality hotel than a campsite,” my wife says.

There’s also a delightful heated outdoor swimming pool, which opens from 8am to 9pm and no matter when you swim it is just the right temperature. The children’s play area includes swings, a slide and an assault course, which Harriett (3) completes. I don’t know of any other campsite that boasts a duck pond and holds a David Bellamy Gold Award for Conservation. Our static caravan is a good base from which to explore the island. We quickly realise that our limited

Isle of White- Cntd on pg 38……>>

38 Isle of White -

Cntd from pg 37……>>

As we are staying at Appuldurcombe Gardens, it is important that we visit Appuldurcombe House and Farm Park because at one time this was all one site and so all the gardens here and the orchard in the campsite have been designed by Capability Brown. Appuldurcombe House and Farm Park is literally just up the road from the campsite and is now run by English Heritage. There are two separate entrance fees for each attraction. Both are well worth a visit and between them make a fabulous day out. The house, when inhabited, was the largest private house on the island with 365 windows and seven staircases. We enjoy a picnic in the grounds where the children roam free. It is possible to rent one of seven holiday cottages here. The farm park is home to a variety of birds including owls, falcons and an eagle. There is so much to learn including how when falconry was introduced in 860AD in the UK it was only kings who could fly eagles. Apparently, falcons live twice as long in captivity because they don’t have to work as hard so will live for 20 years. There are activities scheduled throughout the day to keep us all amused. We enjoy a bird display, a ride in a tractor trailer taking in the spectacular views and a stroll around the farm where we see goats, pigs and sheep. The play area is much appreciated by our two daughters.

When we visit The Isle of Wight Bus Museum at Ryde we are not sure how our little daughters will react. But to our surprise they thoroughly enjoy it, each wanting to steer and take turns at being passengers. Home to 23 buses, the museum has done a marvellous job in preserving this little bit of island heritage. The visit reinforces how design has, in my opinion, gone backwards; old buses with real wood interiors look so much more attractive than new ones. These buses are also driven on the road.

The Needles - is a row of three distinctive stacks of chalk that rise out of the sea off the western extremity of the Isle of Wight UK close to Alum Bay.



Gardening 41





know Wisteria is considered the king of climbers by many gardeners but surely honeysuckle must be the crown prince. The fragrance is nothing short of heavenly. It grows wild in a wood near my home and the scent stops walkers in their tracks whenever they come across it. Honeysuckle stems emerge from the ground and grow slowly upwards until they find something around which to twine. At this point they romp away, scrambling up frameworks or trees decorating them with spidery flowers and showering the air with that heady scent on warm summer evenings. The most common complaint I get about honeysuckle is ‘failure to thrive’. People buy one, plant it and it struggles on for a couple of years before it turns up it’s toes and keels over. ‘Why did that happen?’ they ask imploringly. Mostly it happens because although they are undemanding once established, honeysuckles are quite fussy about their situation. Honeysuckle prefers its roots in damp soil, not too heavy, and enriched with plenty of leaf mould. This makes perfect sense if you think about the forest floor where it grows wild. And it likes its head in the sun to

Cntd pg 43…….>>>>>>>

43 <<<<<<………Cntd from pg 42

to encourage prolific flowering. I grow it like clematis - I place a couple of bits of paving over the soil that surrounds the roots to over the cool shade they require. Honeysuckle is not at all fussy about the support it needs. I have some growing over a pergola, and some over a wigwam in a border near a bench, just so I can get the benefit of the scent when I sit there. I’m trying to establish one over the porch too. As it’s against a wall I am having to make sure that it receives enough water. My father had one growing over an old tree in his garden. If you want to do the same I’d advise planting it near the extremity of the branch canopy rather than near the trunk where root - competition will be fierce. Train the stems upwards along some garden twine into the branches and the result will be breathtaking.

There are lots of varieties to choose from. Our native honeysuckle, Lonicera periclymenum has early and late-flowering varieties and for scent they are difficult to beat. I do have a lovely Italian honeysuckle, Lonicera caprifolium, which was recommended to me by Alan Titchmarsh at a Gardeners World event many years ago. I wanted summer fragrance and I have not been disappointed with the great Mr. T’s suggestion. Now is actually a good time to buy a honeysuckle as you can conduct a scent test at the garden centre. Happy sniffing!

By Rachael Leverton







A Good Read

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DOCTORS SURGERIES Abercrave Clydach Primary Care Cwmllynfell Meddygfa'r Cwm Ystalyfera Pengorof Pontardawe Primary Care Seven Sisters

01639 730225 01792 843831 01639 830204 01639 844738 01639 843221 01792 863103 01639 700203

HELPFUL NUMBERS 999 Emergency 101 Police Non Emergency 0800 555 111 Crime Stoppers 01792 702222 Morriston Hospital 01639 862000 NPT Hospital 01792 205666 Singleton Hospital Ystradgynlais Comm/Hospital 01639 844777 01639 686868 NPTCC 01597 827464 Powys CC 01792 636000 Swansea CC 0845 988 1188 Floodline Welsh Water (emergencies) 0800 052 0130 & Sewerage Problems

Dyfedd Powys

Community Police PCSO 8065 - Nicole Watkins PCSO 8185 - Rachel Williams PCSO 8031 - Dan Garnell

LIBRARIES Clydach Cwmllynfell Pontardawe Ystradgynlais Ystalyfera

Abercrave 01639 730234 Caewern 01639 630722 Clydach 01792 843539 Crynant Stores 01639 750050 Glais 01792 842263 Glanrhyd 01639 842103 Leonard St, 01639 776616 Main Post Office 0845 722 3344 Penrhiwtyn 01639 643231 Rhos 01792 863956 Rhyd Y Fro 01792 869061 Trebanos 01792 863126 Ystalyfera 01639 842256 Ystradgynlais 01639 842156 Ynys Y Darren- Ystalyfera 01639 842122

01792 843300 01639 830660 01792 862261 01639 845353 01639 843965

PC 828 - Sara Richards PC 118 - Mike Hapgood

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