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•The standards of beauty reflected this upheaval •Hair became the symbol of the era in more ways than one

•Men and women of all ethnicities wore their hair long, natural and above all free.

Farrah Fawcett's loose mane of freely falling curls, bronzed skin and glossy lips created a sensation in 1976. •The Afro hairstyle remained popular and was also adopted by many white men and women

The punk movement arose in opposition to the hippie-influenced values of the era.


Punks created a shocking provocative look that included fluorescent colors, shaved and tattooed scalps, facial piercings and spectacular makeup.

the "age of excess

Style that included heavy makeup with vibrant neon colors and intentionally messed-up and off-colored hair

Middle-class white teen-age boys adapted the punk-influenced spiked hairstyle * Small braid at the back of the neck (the "rat tail").


In opposition to these trends, a neoconservative "preppy" look was also in, popularizing traditional short hairstyles for men and women.


Model Kate Moss created a disturbing standard of extreme thinness

•The "grunge" movement in rock music popularized an unkempt, natural style in opposition to the heavily artificial looks of the '80s.

•Tongue, eyebrow and nose piercings (for both men and women)

Michael Jordan made shaving the head a popular "hairstyle" for men of all races

•Jennifer Aniston of the sitcom Friends created a brief hairstyle fad with her modern version of the '60s shag

historia de la belleza  

presentacion sobre los estereotipos de la belleza desde los 20´s hasta la actualidad

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