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Applying its Practical Wisdom for a Balanced and Harmonized Ceremony With another wedding season upon us, the eyes of the world will be watching the most spectacular ceremony in a long time with the royal wedding of William and Kate. It's a reminder of how lavish an occasion the exchanging of vows can be. As a most welcome opportunity to celebrate the joining of two hearts, it's imperative that the positive energy be encouraged to flow freely, uplifting the bride and groom and everyone in attendance and working behind the scenes. With all the details and things to check off the list in planning a flawless day, there are important considerations that should not be left to chance. With some knowledge and intention of how to best support a positive and joyous wedding, the best possible atmosphere can be created. Feng Shui harmony is about colors, elements, shapes and numbers to all support one another in a beneficial way. There are some ancient Feng Shui guidelines that will help you with the harmony and balance of the ceremony as well as with the reception. • Selecting the luckiest date - According to Feng Shui traditions, the number 8 is auspicious for love and 9 represents eternity, so try to choose a wedding date that contains these numbers or at least adds up to them. • The colour of the wedding dress and tuxedo - The most beneficial color pairing is based on the Chinese tai chi symbol of yin and yang (black and white). Black represents female (yin) while white is male (yang), so adorning the colors of the opposite sex balances the female and male energy of each person. For the bride's dress, opt for a softer more relaxing tone such as light beige or cream colour, off-white or pearl, rather than stark white. • The colours of the groom and wedding party - Earthy colors like cocoa, olive, honey or dusty rose are ideal shades for the bridesmaid's dresses. • Enhancements for the wedding dress - Sparkle with the energy of the metal element by wearing a glittering necklace, earrings or crystals woven into the dress material to catch the light and dazzle. Avoid overdoing it however as a little goes a long way. • Flowers - Healthy and colorful flowers increase the flow of positive chi to any environment. Choose pink roses which symbolize love, lilies for abundance, chrysanthemums for happiness, or peonies for longevity.

• Lighting - For both the ceremony and reception, place soft crystal salt lamps and candles around the space for livening up the energy with the fire element. Be sure to leave no dark corners. • Scents - Pleasurable smells have a powerful affect, and can subtly enhance the energy of any room. With either essential oil diffusers or scented candles, choose scents to enliven the mood such as rosemary, ylang ylang, lemon or rose. • Crystals - Bring along two Rose Quartz crystals, (representing the bride and groom), and place them in the relationship area of the ceremony and reception space, which is the farthest right hand corner. Rose Quartz is auspicious for romance and represents beauty and love. • Furniture - The shapes of the reception tables are important, and can make a big difference on the quality of everyone's experience of the evening. Avoid square or rectangular tables with sharp jutting edges, which attract conflict. Rather, choose round or oval shaped tables which encourage harmony and inclusiveness, leaving no one sitting alone at the far end. The goal of Feng Shui is to create a nurturing, uplifting environment that supports people, and incorporating this ancient wisdom into your wedding day will contribute to a loving energy that can have a positive effect on your marriage for years.

Yvonne Phillips is a National Feng Shui Practitioner, Author and Speakerwith over 18 years of experience. Yvonne is certified with Feng ShuiInstitute International and has trained with world famous Feng ShuiMaster Lillian Too. As owner of Creative Color & Design, sheincorporates Feng Shui principles into both residences and businesses,from small businesses to large corporations. Please visit for more information.

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==== ==== The most fun you will ever have with LED bike night lights! Check this out! ==== ====

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