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==== ==== Increase fertility when you want to be 2 plus 1...a family! ==== ====

Infertility chooses no one and it has been around for generations--probably as long as mankind existed. The best type of treatment that has withstood all these years is the natural ways to increase fertility. Simply that. No surgery and certainly no medicinal drugs. Around 7.1 million couples in the United States are currently facing infertility problems. Infertility can affect both men and women regardless of age and more so when you get older. Aside from physical and biological factors, the condition of our environment is among the major causes of the spread of infertility. Pollution and harmful chemicals do serious damage to our health. Infertility may be a tough problem to deal with but it can be treated. If you do not wish to be subjected to painful surgery or suffer nauseating side effects from pills, you can opt for the natural ways to increase fertility. Here are three of the highly recommended natural ways to increase fertility not only for women but for men as well.

Your best defense against infertility attack is a healthy and well-nourished body. If you wish get pregnant, your body needs certain vitamins and minerals to sustain pregnancy. Some of the necessary pre-natal vitamins that are considered a must-have are Vitamins A, C, E, zinc, iron and folic acid. The best sources of these vitamins are fruits, vegetables and some sea-foods. Try to avoid eating at fast-food restaurants because their foods are usually heavily laden with preservatives and additives that can be harmful to your health and damage your fertility. As much as possible, cook your foods at home using healthy and natural ingredients. If you have a habit of smoking and excess drinking, it's about time that you quit. This is one of the natural ways to increase fertility that some women find hard to do because of addiction. Smoking is known to cause serious birth defects in babies and it can also bring early menopause to women. If you suffer from early menopausal period, you can kiss your dream of having a baby goodbye. Speaking of addiction, one of the natural ways to increase fertility that is important that you should see to is the prohibition of taking any illegal drugs. These substances are extremely harmful not only to your reproductive health but to your over-all health as well. Doing illegal drugs can do some terrible effects to your fertility such as difficulties in ovulation. Your immune system can also be weakened making you susceptible to diseases that can harm your fertility.

Caring for your fertility is important if you wish to have children and possibly grandchildren in the future. If you suspect that you are infertile, try some of these natural ways to increase fertility. You also need to talk to your doctor about your condition so that you will be advised on other means to care of your reproductive health. Pay Close Attention Here There are more ways to increase fertility naturally that you need know about. Read about them in full details and learn how you can resolve your own infertility issues.

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==== ==== Increase fertility when you want to be 2 plus 1...a family! ==== ====

How to Increase Fertility  

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