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Know Your Mass Fr. Demetrius Manousos


Originally published by the Catechetical Guild in 1954 (Imprimatur Francis Cardinal Spellman), this is a “comic” book unlike any other. Know Your Mass is a detailed, fully illustrated step-by-step explanation of the Traditional Latin Mass now reprinted for the first time in full color! The book presents the theology of the Mass in a manner easily understood by children and yet interesting and informative for adults as well. Fr. Manousos has the amazing ability to take solid theology and present it to children...without dumbing it down. This makes Know Your Mass an excellent catechetical tool for all ages. All parts of the Mass are covered, from the preparation for Mass, the altar, sacred vessels and vestments, liturgical actions, the sanctuary, and some liturgical history as well, to helpful suggestions for children to get the most–or should we say give the most–at Mass. PERFECT as a First Holy Communion gift. Great for converts as well. Highly recommended. 96pp, softcover, STK# 1022Q $15.00

Angelus Press

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My Catholic Faith

1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missal


his is the first totally retypeset 1962 Latin-English daily missal for the laity since Vatican II. It is the most complete missal ever produced in the English language. We have included everything and have produced a missal that is affordable while being of the highest durability. The Roman Catholic Daily Missal will become your life-long liturgical companion–at Church, at home, and on the road. All new typesetting—not a photographic reproduction. Clear and crisp type.  According to the 1962 juxta typica edition of the Missale Romanum  1,980 pages  All liturgical texts in Latin and English (both Propers and Ordinary)  All readings in English (Douay-Rheims) and Latin  All music in Gregorian notation  Ordinary with rubrics in red  Gilt edges  5 liturgically-colored ribbons  Smythe Sewn, rounded back binding with durable, leather-like Skivertex polymer gold-embossed flexible cover  Rounded corners on pages and cover  Reinforced 80 lb. resin-impregnated endsheets for extreme durability (which will not tear like printed paper endsheets)  Fully and thoroughly Indexed  Printed and bound in the USA  The finest ivory Bible paper (imported from France). 

1980pp, sewn binding, gold-embossed genuine leather cover, STK# 8146 $63.00 1980pp, sewn binding, gold-embossed skivertex cover, STK# 8043 $63.00

The classic 1954 edition of the best catechism you will ever find. Perfect for adults and children. 193 chapters covering everything you need to know about the doctrine, morals, and practices of the Catholic Church. How can a catechism be complete and yet be for both children and adults? Look at the picture to the left. As young children look at the picture, you read the simple caption and explain it further in your own words. At the same time, there are questions and answers for older readers. The answer in large type is for adults and older children. This is followed by an explanation in smaller text which gives a full explanation for adults. The perfect way to pass on the Faith. Give it to children (be they 3 or 73), teens, adults…all benefit from this catechism that “grows” with you. Abundant Scriptural quotations (excellent for proving Catholic Doctrine to “Bible-believing” Protestants). It’s also an excellent tool for dealing with liberal Catholics because two subjects of utmost importance are thoroughly treated: the true nature of the Catholic Church (today denied by false ecumenism) and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (today obscured by the New Mass). Profusely illustrated ! 415pp, 8" x 11", hardcover, hundreds of illustrations, durable leatherette cover, STK# 3006✱ $42.00 One Chapter for Each Topic

Topics Illustrated with Captions for Younger Readers

Why is this the most complete missal ever?

All the Masses of the Liturgical Year according to the Roman Calendar of 1962—Temporal and Sanctoral Cycles and accompanying rites (Blessing of Ashes, Blessing of Palms, Chrism Mass, and the Blessing of Holy Oils, etc.)  Complete Holy Week Liturgy of 1962  Supplements containing the additional Masses for the United States and Canada  Feasts of particular Religious Congregations  Liturgical Calendar  Table of Movable Feasts updated to 2050 AD  Masses for the Dead (including infants), Complete Burial Service, Prayers for the Dead  Marriage Service  Special Commemorations  39 Votive Collects  17 Votive Masses  Common Masses of the Saints and the Blessed Virgin  Conclusions of Collects  Rite of Baptism  The Churching of Women Rite of Confirmation  Rite of Extreme Unction  Various Blessings  Vespers for Sundays and Feasts  Compline for Sundays  Office of Tenebrae  The Itinerary or Office before a Journey  Various Devotions and Prayers including favorite Litanies, the Way of the Cross, prayers of the Rosary and others  Morning and Evening Prayers  Devotions for Confession  Litany of the Saints  Devotions for Communion  Anthems to the Blessed Virgin  Hymns in honor of Our Lord and Our Lady  An explanation of “The Liturgy or Public Worship of the Catholic and Roman Church”  A Summary of Christian Doctrine  Kyriale with Tones for the Most Common sets of Masses (I Lux et Origo, II Kyrie Fons Bonitatis, IV Cunctipotens Genitor Deus, VIII De Angelis, IX Cum Jubilo, XI Orbis Factor, XXVII Sundays of Advent & Lent, XVIII Deus Genitor Alme)  Tones for Asperges and Vidi Aquam  Tones for three of the most common Credos—I, III, IV  Te Deum 

Question and Answer

Detailed Explanation Explanatory Graphics

New Offerings A Bishop Speaks: Writings and Addresses 1963•1976 Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

  

Out of print for 13 years! New, expanded edition! Includes those parts unpublished in the original English edition

Out of print for 13 years, A Bishop Speaks is back! Posthumous thanks are due to Mr. Michael Davies, RIP, who continually encouraged us to reprint this book while revising Pope John’s Council and Pope Paul’s New Mass. He said, “You must reprint A Bishop Speaks. It’s a very important work.” He referred to and quoted from his old copy constantly. This book is a chronological collection of key letters, sermons, conferences, and interviews (1963-76) that are critical to understanding his founding of the SSPX, his defense of Catholic Tradition, and his opposition to Vatican II and the New Mass. “We hope that this English edition will be widely read. May it also help many Catholics–bishops, priests, and laity–to understand the tragedy that is ruining the Church, and the new betrayal of which Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Victim,” said Archbishop Lefebvre in the first English edition. 312pp, softcover, STK# 5067Q $20.00

one Hundred Years of Modernism: A GENEALOGY OF THE PRINCIPLES of the second vatican council Fr. Dominic Bourmaud, SSPX

New SS PXfrom a priest

“Change” was the buzzword of the 1960’s and ‘70’s. When it hit the Catholic Church, its faithful were told to expect a glorious springtime. Instead, doubt and instability have prevailed. Where has the destruction come from? All indicators point to the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) as its epicenter. To prove it, the author reconstructed a family tree–a genealogy–of Vatican II to uncover the chain of causes that resulted in this Council and its novelties. The Vatican II “effect” is related to a heresy going back one hundred years: Modernism. The modernists, actively combatted by Pope Pius X (1903-14) and condemned by the encyclical Pascendi (1907), had been working ever since to align the Church with new ideas in philosophy. But their “new ideas” had an origin, too. Following back links in the chain, the author reached the first link: Martin Luther. One Hundred Years of Modernism is an Everyman’s survey of the history of philosophical ideas from Aristotle’s sane realism to the existentialists’ insanity. In chronological order, from its roots in Luther’s principle of private judgment through its subsequent developments, it shows that modernism, prematurely declared dead after St. Pius X’s reign, revived after World War II and reached the highest levels of the Catholic Church’s hierarchy. The book is divided into five historical periods: Christian Truth, Protestant critical modernism in Germany, modernism in France, neo-modernism in Europe, and triumphant modernism in Rome itself. 364pp, softcover, STK# 5242 $25.00

Know Your Mass Fr. Demetrius Manousos


is a detaw Your M as il step-b ed, fully illus s of the T y-step explan trated rad atio NOW R itional Latin M n EPRINT a ED FOR ss THE FIR S T T IME IN FULL COLOR !

Originally published by the Catechetical Guild in 1954 (Imprimatur Francis Cardinal Spellman), this is a “comic” book unlike any other. Know Your Mass is a detailed, fully illustrated step-by-step explanation of the Traditional Latin Mass now reprinted for the first time in full color! The book presents the theology of the Mass in a manner easily understood by children and yet incredibly interesting and informative for adults as well. This should come as no surprise to those who have read The Seven Sacraments, another Angelus Press Fr. Manousos reprint. He has the amazing ability to take solid theology and present it to children...without dumbing it down. He was truly a gifted writer. This makes Know Your Mass an excellent catechetical tool for all ages. All parts of the Holy Sacrifice are covered, from the preparation for Mass, the altar, sacred vessels and vestments, liturgical actions, the sanctuary, and some liturgical history as well, to helpful suggestions for children to get the most–or should we say give the most–at Mass. Ideal, NO, PERFECT, as a First Holy Communion gift. Great for converts as well. Anyone who delves into this book cannot come away ignorant of the true significance of the liturgical representation of Our Lord’s Sacrifice on Calvary that is the Holy Mass. Highly recommended. 96pp, softcover, STK# 1022 $15.00

the Horn of the


Dr. David Allen White

A new biography of Archbishop Lefebvre which is unlike ANY you’ve read before. It is a mosaic–providing parenthetical glimpses and historical soundbites of the life of Marcel Lefebvre. Each tidbit (sometimes one to a page, sometimes five) offers a new and fascinating insight. It is perfectly suited to those who want the convenience of reading for one minute OR one hour. Although not an exhaustive biography like Bp. Tissier de Mallerais’s Marcel Lefebvre, Dr. White weaves poetry, Scripture, anecdotes, news, and history into the story of the life of Archbishop Lefebvre. The result is a thought-provoking appreciation of his life from one of America’s most distinguished Catholic writers. Like a motion picture on paper, Dr. White associates thoughts, images, notions and quotations in such a way that an understanding of the Archbishop and his times emerges. INCLUDES 77 PHOTOS–many published here for the first time. 352pp, softcover, 77 photographs, STK# 8159 $20.00

Novena to the

Holy Ghost

Many novena books are heavy on piety and short on doctrine, yet, as St. Thomas tells us, “you cannot love what you do not know.” Each day includes a short definition of a gift of the Holy Ghost, then a meditation followed by a prayer appropriate to that gift, then a Pater, Ave and Gloria followed by the Act of Consecration to the Holy Ghost and the Prayer for the Seven Gifts. This should ESPECIALLY be in the hands of every confirmand, sponsor, parent, teacher, priest, and religious. 24pp, softcover, STK# 8152 $5.00

The Liberal Illusion by Louis Veuillot

Catholics who read The Liberal Illusion will grasp that the crisis in the Church is primarily due not to Vatican II, but to a centuries-long struggle between Revelation and Revolution. Vatican II was a decisive moment in that struggle when power within the Church passed from the servants of Revelation to the victims of the Revolution. This edition includes a graphic overview and fold-out outline to provide you with a thread to connect together the 38 chapters. The Schema exposes the chapter numbers, giving the reader the Main Parts, Subdivisions, Tickets for Chapters, and one-line Summaries–a horizontal breakdown of the book. The Game Plan is on the reverse side–a vertical breakdown of the main principles and their consequential sub-principles. Each short chapter is preceded by a paragraph summarizing its contents authored by Bishop Richard Williamson. 146pp, softcover, STK# 8147 $14.00

Baptism Compiled by Angelus Press

Here is the complete Rite of Baptism in English and Latin (which can also be found in our 1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missal). Everything you need is here so you can concentrate on the rich ceremonial the Church provides for creating new members of the Mystical Body of Christ. EVERY CHURCH AND CHAPEL SHOULD HAVE THESE AVAILABLE TO THE FAITHFUL. Includes: “On Holy Baptism,” Church Teaching about Baptism, the Serious Obligations of Godparents, the Rite of the Churching of Women, Blessing of a Woman after Childbirth and of Her Child, Consecration of a Child to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Rite of Baptism for Infants and Adults, the Reception of Converts. 63pp, softcover, STK# 8209*, $5.00. STK# 8210* (25 pack), $65.00

2007 Liturgical Calendar The 2007 Liturgical Calendar features 14 months (includes December 2006 and January 2008) to showcase one each of the 14 Stations of the Cross from SSPX chapels from around the US. But the most compelling reason to have a 14-month calendar is to make the secular calendar dovetail with the Church’s liturgical year. Secularly speaking, the first of the year is January 1. In the liturgical year, the first of the year is the first Sunday in Advent, which, this year, is December 3, 2006. So start the year(s) off right with the only liturgical calendar that starts at the beginning of the liturgical year! The Stations of the Cross, the Way of the Cross (Via Crucis), the Way of Sorrows (Via Dolorosa)–these are the names given to the 14 images corresponding to incidents in the Passion of Christ. The object of the Via Crucis is to help you make a pilgrimage in spirit to the chief scenes of Christ’s Passion. This year’s calendar features plenty of room for your notes and appointment reminders. It is large-holed for easy hanging! All the feast days of the year according to the 1962 Roman Missal are listed with class and liturgical color marked along with reminders of days of fast and abstinence. It also includes the latest directory of Latin Mass locations and traditional Catholic schools in the US and Canada. 10¾" x 10¾" Full color throughout, STK# CAL2007 $12.00

Open Letter to Confused Catholics

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

A popular study of the crisis in the Church written for all to understand. Covers the Mass, Sacraments, Priesthood, the New Catechisms, Ecumenism, etc., and demonstrates the new spirit in the Church which has caused doubt and confusion among the faithful. Has served as a beacon for thousands; certain to become a classic. 163pp, softcover, STK# 5045✱ $14.00

The Little Story of My Long Life

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

In January, 1990, Abp. Lefebvre came to the motherhouse of the SSPX Sisters in France. A few days later, serious heart trouble once again put the prospect of death before his eyes. All the Sisters of the community thus came to be around their founder as he recounted with joyful and moving simplicity the amazing story of his life. 119pp, softcover, 39 photographs, STK# 7061✱ $11.00

The Society of Saint Pius X &

I Accuse the Council!

­Against the Heresies

A major player at Vatican II, Archbishop Lefebvre made these 12 official statements at the Council exposing the danger of its documents. He warned that the faithful would become confused, doubting the necessity of the Church, the sacraments, the conversion of non-Catholics, and the necessity of authority. Covers collegiality, the priesthood, marriage, religious liberty, and ecumenism.

Originally given as conferences to seminarians in Ecône, Archbishop Lefebvre exposes liberalism and modern philosophical errors in the Church and society from the viewpoint of 11 encyclicals by 6 popes of the last 150 years. Forms a commentary on some of the most important encyclicals of the last 2 centuries. In the simple style of his other popular work, Open Letter to Confused Catholics.

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

89pp, softcover, STK# 3072✱ $10.00

Spiritual Journey

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

Archbishop Lefebvre’s last book. Describes a sanctity, simple yet profound, based on the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas. “Souls find in the Summa not only the light of the faith, but also the source of sanctity.” Originally for priests and seminarians, it is now a popular favorite. In satisfying the intellect rather than the emotions, we’re encouraged to make “a total and unreserved offering of ourselves to God by our Lord Jesus Christ Crucified.” 73pp, softcover, STK# 4079✱ $8.00

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

351pp, softcover, STK# 6710✱ $17.00

Archbishop Lefebvre and the Vatican

Rev. Fr. François Laisney

The documents and correspondence between Archbishop Lefebvre, Pope John Paul II, and Cardinal Ratzinger concerning the episcopal consecrations of June 30, 1988. Includes: Protocol of Accord, Ecclesia Dei, Consecration Sermon of Archbishop Lefebvre, Declaration of Bishop de Castro Mayer, Media Reports, Canon Law, Creation of the Fraternity of St. Peter. Explanation by Fr. François Laisney, FSSPX. 244pp, softcover, STK# 6719✱ $15.00

They Have Uncrowned Him

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

The Summa of Archbishop Lefebvre. Covers the origins of liberalism, the subversion of orthodoxy by Vatican II, the decline of the missionary spirit by dialogue, the bad fruits of post-Conciliar reforms, and his vision of restoration. Includes Card. Ottaviani’s On the Relations Between Church and State and On Religious Tolerance, replaced at Vatican II by Dignitatis Humanae. 264pp, softcover, STK# 5240✱ $15.00

The Mystery of Jesus

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

In these 29 meditations inspired by Sacred Scripture, spiritual theology, and the fruit of his own years of contemplation and experience, Archbishop Lefebvre speaks about the life of Christ, His mind and will, the love He had for His Father, and His thirst for souls. How can Christ be a pattern for us? Why is it good for us that Jesus Christ is both divine and human? How can His heart be our heart? What was Christ’s mission and what does it have to do with ours? 176pp, softcover, STK# 5046✱ $13.00

Pastoral Letters

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

Written between 1947-68 while a missionary Archbishop of Dakar in Africa, these letters aimed to protect the faith of the priests and faithful of his mission field “and to strengthen them against the seductions of the world.” From “Dangers of Religious Ignorance,” to “The Church and Its Social and Political Evolution” and the profound “Life and Truth.” His consistent teaching shows a life of faith over the years. 148pp, softcover, STK# 3045✱ $10.00

Religious Liberty Questioned

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

Cardinal Ratzinger invited Archbishop Lefebvre to submit a dubia or an official statement concerning his opposition to Vatican II's declaration on religious liberty. This is it. Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop Tissier de Mallerais meticulously explore the question of religious liberty and give a crystal-clear picture of what the Church has always taught, what the Second Vatican Council taught, and how they are contradictory. You, too, will be faced with a choice. And choose we must. 178pp, softcover, STK# 7060✱ $14.00

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre Most Asked Questions About the Society of Saint Pius X

Who was Abp. Lefebvre? What is the Society of Saint Pius X? Weren’t they excommunicated? What are Catholics to think of Vatican II, the 1983 Code of Canon Law, the new Catechism, the Indult Mass, the Fraternity of St. Peter, the New Mass, sedevacantists, and John Paul II? Includes a history of the first 25 years of the SSPX.

● Who was Archbishop Lefebvre? ● What is the Society of Saint Pius X? ● Wasn’t the Society of Saint Pius X lawfully suppressed? ● Wasn’t Archbishop Lefebvre suspended from performing all sacred functions, along with all the priests he ordained? ● Why should Catholics have nothing to do with the New Mass? ● What are Catholics to think of Vatican II? ● But shouldn’t we be following the Pope? ● Shouldn’t we accept the 1983 Code of Canon Law? ● Do traditional priests have jurisdiction to hear confessions and perform marriages? ● May we attend the Indult Mass? ● Wasn’t Archbishop Lefebvre excommunicated for consecrating bishops unlawfully? ● Isn’t the Society of Saint Pius X schismatic? ● What are we to think of the Fraternity of Saint Peter? ● What are we to think of the Catechism of the Catholic Church? ● What of the sedevacantists? 130pp, softcover, 53 photos, STK# 6712✱ $11.00

The Case of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre: Trial by Canon Law Charles P. Nemeth, Esq.

Was the Archbishop excommunicated? This canonical study was written to “examine, assess, and weigh the validity of the latae sententiae excommunication….Every reasoned voice germane to the action has been included.” 173pp, softcover, STK# 6545✱ $13.00

Marcel Lefebvre

Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais

With over 2,000 references, this is the definitive biography of the Archbishop, written by one of his closest friends. Critics have said: “magisterial,” “wellresearched, serious, and honest,” “reveals unsuspected facets. A very complete work,” “a rich, important contribution to contemporary religious history,” “a literary event,” “a landmark.” Influential French Catholic publisher Jean Madiran said, “... the fruit of several years of considerable labor. The book is rich in documentation, often unpublished, and in many theological observations.” Marcel Lefebvre’s (1905-91) life is fascinating. After attending the French Seminary in Rome he joined his brother in the African missions. Consecrated bishop at age 42, one year later he was named the Holy See’s Apostolic Delegate for French-speaking Africa. In 1962, he was elected Superior General of the 5,000-member Holy Ghost Fathers. John XXIII made him an Assistant to the Papal Throne and a member of the Preparatory Commission for Vatican II. At the Council, he was a leader of the Coetus Internationalis Patrum–those bishops who vigorously fought the modernists. In 1968, he resigned his post as Superior General rather than preside over the destruction of his beloved order. He went into retirement in Rome, only to be called on again and again by seminarians seeking his advice on where to get a solid formation. This led to the founding of the SSPX in 1970. All Catholics, particularly those attached to the Tridentine Mass, owe a huge debt of gratitude to this man. We ought to know him better. 718pp, sewn softcover with French flaps, 54 photographs, 16 Maps and Charts, STK# 8035✱ $37.00

Michael Davies’s monumental Apologia series Mr. Davies actually wrote four volumes in this series which defends Archbishop Lefebvre and his battle for the Faith during the crucial battles of the 1970’s and early 1980’s. The fourth volume was never published and the manuscript was subsequently lost. Michael spoke several times in the last five years of rewriting the fourth volume, but it was not to be. These books are full of documentation and poignant analysis. The historical value of these works, from the pen of the man who declared at the First Annual Walter Matt Memorial Dinner (January, 2004), “Archbishop Lefebvre is a Saint,” cannot be overestimated.

Apologia Pro Marcel Lefebvre, Volume I

This book is certainly one of great historical value. Portrays the dramatic conflict relating to the grievances between Archbishop Lefebvre and the Vatican under Pope Paul VI. Depicts the role of one who had the foresight to recognize that he could not defend orthodoxy and at the same time accept reforms “themselves oriented towards the cult of man.” Completely documented. 461pp, softcover, STK# 3051✱ $17.00

Apologia Pro Marcel Lefebvre, Volume II

This volume covers the story of Archbishop Lefebvre’s relations with the Vatican up to the end of 1979. The negotiations between the Archbishop and the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith form the principal feature of the book. 393pp, softcover, STK# 3053✱ $17.00

Apologia Pro Marcel Lefebvre, Volume III

Covers 1979-1982, the beginning of the pontificate of John Paul II. Davies records many of the Holy Father’s directives, how they were opposed by the Bishops, and why it was necessary for Archbishop Lefebvre and the SSPX to avoid all compromise in preserving Catholic Truth. Completes the series by considering Abp. Lefebvre within the broader perspective of the crisis in the Church. 461pp, softcover, STK# 3040✱ $17.00

3-volume Apologia set, STK# 3050✱ $45.00

Sacred Scripture

The Holy Bible (Douay-Rheims Version)



Even after all of the modern “revisions” of the Bible that are now available to Catholics, the Douay-Rheims version (the only Catholic English Bible in use for almost 400 years), is still the very best ever produced. This is a beautiful imitation leather hardbound edition, which fills the great need for a of Free copyShould small (6" x 9") good quality hardbound Douay-Rheims Bible which has not been availle ib B h Whic ead with your able anywhere for several years. It is a perfect gift for Christmas, First Communions, You R urchase. p Confirmations, weddings, birthdays, etc., and is also great for those who want a portable Bible which is legible, durable, and handsome.  Size: 6" x 9" x 1½"  Hardbound Smythe-sewn binding with bonded leather cover  Gold embossed title and decoration on spine and cover  Top quality Bible paper  Maps  Index  32 illustrations  Family Register pages  Papal Encyclical at front  Sharp, clear, and readable text  Gold and red satin ribbon page markers.


1392pp, 6" x 9" gold-embossed leather hardcover, maps, index, illustrations, ribbons, STK# 6736✱ $44.95

A Practical Commentary on Holy Scripture Bp. Frederick Knecht

A great introductory Bible study that shows that the early Church was the Catholic Church and that the Bible is a Catholic book. It hands on to new generations the classic Scriptural teachings on faith and morals in a manner that is easy to understand. A typical chapter will first tell the Bible story based on the Douay-Rheims Bible, with explanations of particular words and phrases. Then follow brief explanations of topics in the Scripture passage, showing clearly the Catholic doctrines that are contained there. Finally, a brief “application” to daily life is given in each chapter. 844pp, softcover, index, STK# 7093✱ $40.00

The Sunday Sermons of the Great Fathers

Which Bible Should You Read? Thomas A. Nelson

A short analysis showing which is the most accurate English translation of the Bible. Not so surprisingly, the Douay-Rheims traditional Catholic version of the Bible emerges from this analysis and comparison as the best, safest, most accurate Bible in English of the ten versions compared. 104p, softcover, STK# 8089✱ $4.00

Where We Got the Bible Fr. Henry G. Graham

Outlines the history of the Bible and shows how the Catholic Church has determined and proclaimed through her infallibility which books are part of Sacred Scripture, and how she has preserved the Bible through the centuries. Ideal for apologetics. 160pp, softcover, STK# 8088. $8.00

4-Volume Set

These four volumes correspond with the main divisions of the Church’s Year. Multiple sermons by the great Fathers and Doctors of the Church on the Sunday Gospels and major feasts. The greatest preachers ever address the same problems Catholics face today. Adds clarity and depth to understanding key passages from Holy Scripture.  St. Basil the Great  St. John Chrysostom  St. Ambrose  St. Augustine  St. Gregory the Great  St. Jerome  St. Gregory Nazianzen  Alcuin  St. Anselm  St. Athanasius  St. Clement  St. Ignatius of Antioch  St. Irenaeus  Origen  St. Patrick  Tertullian

VOL. 1: 1st Sunday of Advent-Quinquagesima (436pp.); VOL. 2: 1st Sunday in Lent-Sunday after the Ascension (469pp.); VOL. 3: Pentecost-10th Sunday after Pentecost (379pp.); VOL. 4: 11th Sunday after Pentecost-Last Sunday after Pentecost (491pp.).

With parallel text from the other three Gospels, and an explanation of the Gospel from St. Thomas Aquinas’s Catena Aurea. Rich in Patristic spirituality–Timeless. 1,775pp, 4-volume set, color hardcover gold-embossed, STK# 6423. $129.95

The Haydock Bible

My Daily Psalm Book

The book of psalms arranged for each day of the week according to the order of the Roman Breviary. There is no need to scrape together endless man-made prayers when the Psalms frame the very thoughts of God. The oldest prayers used by Our Lord, Our Lady, and the saints. 153 fabulous illustrations. 370pp, softcover, STK# 6439. $7.00

My Meditation on the Gospel Fr. James Sullivan

200+ short reflections on the Gospels. Two points each: The 1st helps us recall the particular Gospel event, the 2nd indicates the grace we should pray for. Plus a meditation to help form resolutions accordingly. Illustrated throughout. Pocket-sized. 627pp, softcover, STK# 6440. $7.75

A larger-print (12 point) Douay-Rheims Bible from the 1859 edition of Fr. Haydock, whose superb explanations and commentary take up about one-half to two-thirds of each page. The commentary is drawn largely from the Fathers and Doctors of the Church–ABSOLUTELY INVALUABLE. The commentary (which is NOT large print) makes it the best Bible available if you want to understand Scripture. If you want a Bible that is not just the Word of God but will help you to understand the Word of God, then look no further! Old Testament with engravings and illustrations, record births, marriages, and deaths, Tables (Biblical weights & measures, etc.), Historical and Chronological Index, New Testament with illustrated Bible Dictionary, Historical and Chronological Index and History of the Books of the Catholic Bible. PERFECT FOR CONFIRMATION, WEDDING, CONVERT GIFTS, etc. One burgundy leather hardcover volume on fine Bible paper with satin ribbon marker. 1,968pp, 8½" x 11", Gold-embossed Hardcover, STK# 5456, $125.00

Modern Crisis

The Problem of the Liturgical Reform

The book Bishop Fellay sent to the Pope. Lays out many quotations from the fabricators of the New Mass themselves to show how coherent, but un-Catholic, are the principles behind the Novus Ordo Missae. In three parts: 1) the New Mass breaks the liturgical tradition of the Church; 2) this break proceeds from a new theology; 3) this new theology is condemned by Catholic doctrine. 130pp, softcover, STK# 6740✱ $11.00

The Liturgical Movement

Liberalism & Catholicism

Time Bombs of Vatican II

The liturgical movement was off to a good start with Dom Gueranger and the monks of Solesmes, but before long, it went woefully off-course. How? Why? Who were the key players? What was the principal error of these liturgical radicals? See how the New Mass had already been conceived well before Vatican II.

As former professor of the Major Seminary of Rennes, France, Fr. Roussel was admired by Abp. Lefebvre, whom he influenced. A collection of conferences first given in Rome in 1926, now translated into English by Fr. Coenrad Daniels. It is impossible to understand the crisis in the Church, without seeing the liberal mindset which prepared the way.

Explains how Vatican II wrought destruction by not clearly defining Catholic Truth, failing to definitively reject error, adopting ambiguous, contradictory language, and establishing teachings very close to here­sy. Ideal for non-trads and those who don't understand that the crisis is deeper than the liturgy.

Rev. Fr. Didier Bonneterre

148pp, softcover, photographs, index, STK# 7071✱ $11.00

Fr. A. Roussel, Ph.D.

155pp, softcover, STK# 6714✱ $12.00

Fr. Franz Schmidberger

32pp, pocket-sized, area for stamping. STK# 8104✱ $0.30. [individual] STK# 8104X✱ $14.00 (50 Pack)

Iota Unum Romano Amerio

Schism or Not? Fr. François Pivert

Schism and disobedience... No good Catholic would run such a risk, yet we all hear these accusations. Were the episcopal consecrations of Archbishop Lefebvre an act of schism or not? A complete yet simple explanation written in a conversational style and recommended by Archbishop Lefebvre. 50pp, softcover, STK# 6591✱ $6.00

Close-ups of the Charismatic Movement


Explains the origin and history of the sedevacantist John Vennari movement and its various The Charismatic Movement schools, and demonstrates is being presented as a “new the ultimately absurd conSpring-time” that brings con- sequences of its principles. versions and priestly vocaSedevacantism follows the tions to the Catholic Church. prudential attitude of ArchHowever, we need to ask: Is bishop Lefebvre by avoiding this movement really Cathovain and futile polemics, lic? Or is it something strange while at the same time infiltrating into holy Church. refusing to shift the problem John Vennari gives us an an- so far into the theoretical swer to these questions. He realm that no practical conattended several important clusions can be drawn. Charismatic encounters and 80pp, softcover, now offers public reports of STK# 8011✱ $9.00 what he witnessed. Investigative theological journalism at its best. 175pp, softcover, illustrated, STK# 8050. $13.95

Archbishop Lefebvre on Iota Unum: “In my opinion, it is the most perfect book that has been written since the Council on the Council, its consequences, and everything that has been happening in the Church since. He examines every subject Hardcover a truly remarkable perEdition now with fection. I was stupefied to Available see with what serenity he discusses everything, without the passion of polemics, but with untouchable arguments.... I do not see how the current attitudes of Rome can still persist after the appearance of such a book. They are radically, definitively condemned, and with such precision, for he only uses their own texts....The whole is absolutely magnificent. “One could base an entire course on this book, on the pre-Council, the Council, and post-Council....The Popes take a licking...but he recounts their deeds, their words, everything. They stand condemned. In his epilogue he shows how the consequence is the dissolution of the Catholic religion....there must be a remnant; after all, the good God said that the Church will not perish, therefore there must be a...remnant that will keep the faith and tradition.” 816pp, softcover, STK# 6700✱ $30.00 Color Hardcover, STK# 6700H✱ $40.00

The Roman Rite Destroyed Michael Davies

This booklet exposes the intrigue and hypocrisy which have created the chaos of “liturgical doublethink.” Michael Davies exposes steps taken by modernists to completely destroy the Roman Rite. He relates how early warnings by laity and clergy were ridiculed and ignored. With an Appendix on the participation of Protestants in the compilation of the new liturgical texts. 54pp, illustrated, softcover, STK# 3084✱ $6.00

Modern Crisis

The Eternal Sacrifice

The New Mass

Michael Davies talks about the liturgical revolution now going on in the Church. After pointing out the beauty and dignity of the Tridentine rite of Mass and of the Latin language, he proceeds to describe how these were expunged after the Second Vatican Council by Church “experts.” He ends with a word of exhortation for everyone to help restore the Mass of our forefathers.

First published in 1977, this booklet clearly shows that the celebration of the New Mass, in the quoted words of the illustrious Council Father Cardinal Ottaviani, “represents a striking departure from the Catholic theology of the Holy Mass as it was formulated in the Council of Trent.”

Michael Davies

Michael Davies

48pp, softcover, STK# 3098✱ $6.00

Liturgical Time Bombs in Vatican II Michael Davies

Davies expands on a famous saying of Abp. Lefebvre, “There were time bombs in the Council.” These bombs are ambiguous passages inserted into the official documents by the liberal periti or experts–passages which would be interpreted in an untraditional, progressivist sense after the Council. See Bugnini in action. 99pp, softcover, STK# 7099✱ $12.00

111pp, softcover, STK# 3067. $9.00

Is Tradition Excommunicated?

A collection of eight independent studies explaining what “excommunication” and “schism” mean. Covers the legal status of the Latin Mass, traditional sacraments, and those who frequent them. Includes the 1988 declaration of Bishop de Castro Mayer, and a timeless letter of St. Athanasius who found himself in a situation that looks very familiar to traditional Catholics! Indexed. 116pp, softcover, STK# 1018✱ $11.00

The book that’s been sent to every Catholic priest in the U.S.

Priest, Where Is Thy Mass?

Is Feeneyism Catholic? Fr. François Laisney

Explains Baptism of Desire and the errors of those who deny it. How some confuse the grace of baptism (which is necessary for salvation) with the character of baptism (which is not necessary for salvation) with the consequent denial of the simple truth that all that is really necessary for salvation is to die in the state of grace. Heavily quotes Church documents, Scripture, and the Saints. A defense of Catholicism, not of false ecumenism. 128pp, softcover, STK# 3093✱ $10.00

Baptism of Desire: A Patristic Commentary

Pope or Church?

While visiting the US, Fr. Rulleau, (former Professor of Dogmatic Theology in Ecône, Switzerland) could not help but notice the specifically American problem of the denial of baptism of desire. Rising above all polemics, Fr. Rulleau clearly explains the mind of the Church, based upon the Magisterium and the Fathers.

These two essays address the degree of infallibility enjoyed by acts of the ordinary magisterium. At the time of Pius XII, when the first essay was written, the authority of the ordinary magisterium was downplayed, especially by the “new theologians”; after Vatican II, it is so exaggerated that some now claim the Pope can contradict and reverse the teaching of his predecessors. Where does the truth lie?

Fr. Jean-Marc Rulleau

75pp, softcover, STK# 6722✱ $9.00

Dom Paul Nau, O.S.B. & Canon René Berthold

77pp, softcover, STK# 6715✱ $9.00

232pp, softcover, 15 photographs, STK# 8024✱ $14.00

Seventeen Roman Catholic priests (none of whom are members of the Society of Saint Pius X) explain why they celebrate the old rite of the Latin Mass instead of the New Mass. In question and answer format, these priests tell their trials and triumphs over the Novus Ordo establishment. Inspiring and often heroic examples of fidelity to their priestly vocation. Who ever would have thought that it would come to this?

ANGELUS PRESS 2915 Forest Ave., Kansas City, MO 64109 LOCAL CALL (816) 753-3150 FAX (816) 753-3557

1-8 00-9 6 6-73 37

(Office hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00am-12:30pm & 1:00-4:30pm CST)

Modern Crisis

The Second Vatican Council and Religious Liberty Michael Davies

Thorough. Shows how Fr. John Courtney Murray maneuvered Vatican II to replace the Catholic doctrine on Church and State with a new Americanist vision. Covers the defense of the traditional doctrine by Msgr. Joseph Fenton. Appendices with the relevant encyclicals and documents. 350pp, hardcover, STK# 3009. $24.95

The Devil’s Final Battle Fr. Paul Kramer

The answer for our times! What really is happening in the Catholic Church? Who and what are behind it? What consequences have befallen and will befall the Catholic Church for not obeying the Fatima Message? This book affects you, your family, your salvation, and your freedom, Now! 278pp., softcover, STK# 7075✱ $14.95

The New Rosary Christopher Ferrara

Not content with destroying the Mass, Annibale Bugnini proposed to change the Rosary in 1972. Pope Paul VI responded, “[T]he faithful would conclude that the Pope has changed the Rosary, and the psychological effect would be disastrous....Any change in it cannot but lessen the confidence of the simple and the poor.” Yet, in 2002, Pope John Paul II changed the Rosary. Why? 40pp, softcover, STK 8137. $7.00

Catholic, Apostolic & Roman

The Priests of the Diocese of Campos, Brazil

A book to convince others (and reinforce your own convictions) regarding the validity of Catholic Tradition and the stance of traditional Catholics facing the behemoth Novus Ordo. A summary defense of Tradition by the priests of Campos, Brazil, which justifies the Society’s positions. Not a massive book. Six short and easy to understand parts. Understand the crisis; understand our position. 60pp, softcover, STK# 6728✱ $6.00

Index of Leading Catholic Indicators

From Ecumenism to Silent Apostasy

The SSPX has sent this Jones has amassed statistics study to every Bishop in the on every quantifiable aspect world. Covers: The Recomposition of the Visible Unity, of Catholic life since 1945. The Doctrinal Problems Time and time again one Posed by Ecumenism, The sees growth from 1945 to Church of Christ is the Cath1965 and then a precipitous olic Church, Belonging to decline from 1965 onwards. the Church by a Triple Unity, Line graphs, bar graphs, tables, and explanatory foot- Outside of the Church There is No Salvation, Ecumenism notes detail what could be Begets Doctrinal Relativism, called “A Statistician’s View Ecumenism Turns Souls of the Crisis.” Away from the Church, and 113pp, softcover, MORE. STK# 7098✱ $17.95

Kenneth C. Jones

63pp, softcover, STK# 8171✱ $5.00

2005-2006 Society of Saint Pius X Chapel & Priory Directory: US and International

Includes every SSPX chapel in the world and SSPX and affiliated schools in the USA. Priories are listed as well. Also includes:  Mass times  Holyday and vacation schedule  Useful website links  Driver’s prayer  Regulations on the Eucharistic fast. 61pp, softcover, pocketsized (6"x4¼"), STK# 8124✱ $5.00

The Ottaviani Intervention

Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani & Cardinal Antonio Bacci One of the most important documents of the Conciliar era. In their oft-quoted letter to Pope Paul VI, the Cardinals conclude: “...the Novus Ordo Missae...represents, both as a whole and in its details, a striking departure from the Catholic theology of the Mass as it was formulated in Session 22 of the Council of Trent.” 63pp, softcover, STK# 8078. $8.00

New to Tradition Kit What is the Society of Saint Pius X? What’s the story on

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre? Why are these priests saying the Latin Mass? Are they really schismatic or excommunicated? What do they say about the crisis in the Church? Includes four popular books to answer the questions of those who are new to Tradition:  Is Tradition Excommunicated?  Schism or Not?  Most Asked Questions About the Society of Saint Pius X  Open Letter to Confused Catholics. Also includes four great pamphlets:  “Where Is Catholic Obedience Today?” Explains the nature of true obedience.  “Who Are We? What Are We Doing?” Profile of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and the SSPX apostolate.  “Is the Society of Saint Pius X Schismatic? Excommunicated? Rome says No.” Declarations from current Church personages dismissing allegations of schism and excommunication.  “Why the Traditional Latin Mass? 62 Reasons.” The best reasons why in conscience we cannot attend the New Mass. 4 books, 4 brochures, (boxed). STK# 6698✱ $32.00 [a $10 savings!]


Liturgy The Church’s Year Fr. Leonard Goffine

Latin Pronunciation Guide

A pocket sized card that explains the importance of the correct pronunciation of Ecclesiastical Latin–citing Pope Pius XI, who in turn cites Popes St. Pius X and Benedict XV. Pronunciation covered in three sections: Vowels, Consonants and Dipthongs. Very useful. STK# 6597P✱ $0.50

The perfect book for family reading. Part I: texts and commentaries for the Epistles, Gospels, and most other Mass prayers (e.g., Introit, Collect, Gradual, etc.) for every Sunday and Holy Day of the liturgical year. Part II: The Saints–Epistles and Gospels. Focuses on teaching doctrine and morals through the liturgy. Question and Answer format. Almsgiving  Manner of Following Mass at Home  Bible and Tradition  Blessings  Process of Canonization  Excommunication  Detraction  Education of Children  Consolation in Sickness  Love of Enemies  Indulgences  Holy Orders  Why Christ Spoke in Parables  The Rosary  Processions  Relics  Holy Water  Temptation  The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass  Ceremonies  Regarding the Spirit of the Liturgical Seasons  Miracles  Sacraments  Origins of Church Feasts  Drunkenness  Good Intention  more Hows? Whys? and What-fors? The Church’s Year follows the calendar in effect at the time it was first published (1880), yet all of it is applicable with the use of the 1962 Missal. Totally retypeset. Keepsake edition. “It will bring blessings on any house in which it is kept and used” (Wm. Henry Elder, Archbishop of Cincinnati, 1884). 814pp, 6” x 9”, gold-embossed leatherette cover, STK# 6720✱ $33.00

The Divine Office

Contains the official prayer of the Church–the prayers which the Church puts into the mouths of her priests and religious–the prayer of the entire Mystical Body. All of us should be familiar with this collection of psalms and hymns. Our Lord, Our Lady and the Saints prayed these psalms. In timeless Latin with parallel English translations. Beautiful edition with leatherette sewn cover, rounded edges, black text with red highlights, two ribbons. Includes everything for the Hours of Sunday Lauds, Prime, Sext, Vespers, and Compline; Prime, Sext, and Compline for all other days. Individually shrink-wrapped. Latin pronunciation guide included. 221pp, leatherette sewn cover, STK# 6597✱ $37.00

The Heart of the Mass Table of Movable Feasts

Update your missal to 2040 AD with this chart that fits into your missal. Shows the dates for Easter, Ash Wednesday, Ascension, Corpus Christi, Septuagesima, First Sunday of Advent, Pentecost, and the number of Sundays after Pentecost. On the back: Many common prayers in Latin & English.

STK# 6588✱ $0.50 STK# 6588C✱ $30.00 (100 count)

Traditional Roman Hymnal

A massive all-in-one Hymnal for parish use. Contains hymns, responses, chants, and ceremonies of the Traditional liturgy. Eight most used sets of the Ordinary Chants of the Mass– Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei plus three Credos, Tones for the Gloria Patri, Tones for Mass Responses, Asperges and Vidi Aquam. Hymns and chants are proper to the liturgical season and various devotions (Sacred Heart, for example). English translations, Gregorian notation, Litanies, Confirmation and Burial Service. 345pp, embossed hardcover, 8¼" x 6¼", STK# 6435✱ $25.00

Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary

2007 Ordo

Compiled to assist priests who say Mass and the Divine Office in accordance with the 1962 rubrics. All proper dating of feasts and ecclesiastical activities. US and foreign chapel directory in the appendix. STK# 5241✱ $15.00

The best prayer is the prayer of the Church. Here it is–simpler than the Breviary, but essentially the same. Pray the inspired psalms of the Holy Ghost. Around since the 8th century. Hated by heretics, loved by friends of Our Lady. Recited by Sts. John Damascene, Catherine, Vincent Ferrer, Louis of France, Bridget of Sweden. Latin and English. 1914 edition. 193 pp, hardcover, STK# 3003. $22.00

Learn to bring something to Mass–Understanding. Dissects the Mass into its component parts, prayer by prayer with Latin and parallel English. Explanations from the Fathers and Doctors, revelations to Saints, teachings of the Church, history and mystic commentary. Tells you what the celebrant and ministers are doing, the symbolism of their gestures, and the spiritual significance of articles used for celebrating Mass. 166pp, softcover, STK# 6711✱ $14.00

The Mass

Fr. Adrian Fortescue

A classic study of the history of the Roman liturgy. Part 1: the origin (various theories) and development of the Mass in general; the Eucharist in the first three Centuries. The Parent Rites and their Descendants; the Origin of the Roman Rite; the Mass since St. Gregory the Great. Part 2 covers the Mass as we know it, adding notes to each prayer and ceremony. Bibliography for further study. 438pp, softcover, STK# 5721✱ $19.95


Liturgy The Roman Martyrology

The Roman Martyrology (“In which are to be found the eulogies of the saints and blessed approved by the Sacred Congregation of Rites up to 1961”) is an essential part of the Roman Liturgy, specifically during the Office of Prime, when its daily readings are chanted. The Latin Rite liturgically recognizes MANY saints, but the VAST majority of those are only recognized in the Martyrology. There is no Mass or commemoration for 90% of these heroes of the Faith. The Martyrology has 5-20 saints commemorated every day. An entry may range from just a few words to a paragraph relating the significant acts of the saint or his manner of martyrdom. The Martyrology is not just a compilation of martyred saints, but of all the saints liturgically venerated. Translated from the official Latin text and adhering to the 1962 liturgical calendar, it will help you follow the liturgical year: the feasts of Our Lord and Lady, and the Saints. An essential part of the daily office of Prime, fascinating daily reading, and the ultimate baby name book! Imprimatur 1962. 431pp, 6¼" x 9¼", cloth hardcover, sewn binding, indexed, STK# 8158 $35.00

Calvary and the Mass Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Marriage Mass Booklet

Sheen takes Our Lord’s seven last words and applies them to the Mass. “...the Mass is to us the crowning act of Christian worship....A temple without an altar of sacrifice is...meaningless among altar, and not the pulpit or the choir or the organ, is the center of worship, for there is re-enacted the memorial of His Passion.” 71pp, softcover, STK# 8214 $8.00

Marriage Ceremony and the Nuptial Blessing in Latin and English. Instruction before and after the Marriage ceremony. 52pp, softcover, STK# 3001C. $3.95

Requiem Mass Booklet Complete Requiem Mass with prayers immediately preceding and following. English and Latin. 64pp, softcover, STK# 3000C. $3.95

A Short History of the Roman Mass Michael Davies

A compact history of the Roman rite of the Mass from the Last Supper to the missal codified by Pope Pius V, the so-called Tridentine Mass. Describes the historical development of the rite, and encourages the faithful to remain faithful to it. 53pp, softcover, STK# 4040. $2.50

Dom Prosper Guéranger’s

The Liturgical Year

in 15 volumes

Originally published in the 1840’s, this classic work of the holy abbot Dom Guéranger on the Roman Liturgy is a 15-volume treasury of Catholic theology, history, hagiography, and apologetics–a veritable “Summa” of the liturgy. Essential for every Catholic who loves the ancient liturgy and the life of prayer. Includes:  Propers in Latin and English for every day of the liturgical year (temporal cycle and sanctoral cycle)  Assorted Propers and Hymns from liturgies of non-Roman Catholic Rites (Byzantine, Chaldean, Maronite, Mozarabic, Ambrosian, etc.)  Propers of Sunday Vespers  Propers of First and Second Vespers for Feast Days  Thorough commentary on all of this in addition to introductions to each season of the liturgical year, appropriate morning and evening prayers for each season, the best ways to hear Mass during each season, the best dispositions of soul for receiving Holy Communion in each season, history of the various feast days, lives of the Saints and much, much more! Over 7000pp, 15 beautiful 5" x 7" hardcover volumes with ribbon, heirloom edition, color dustjackets, STK# 5801✱ $219.00

Over 7000 pages , let d k o n Bo D, a ng C rvi d se car

Fifteen Beautiful 5x7 Hardcover Volumes with Ribbon

Heirloom Edition

Color Dust Jackets

Learn How to Serve the Holy Mass Serving at the Altar

Helps the server with correct Latin pronunciation and proper actions within the sanctuary. Consistent review of the recording and booklet will help the server remember his sacred duties and make his serving edifying for others and a blessing for himself. 1) 52pg. booklet, 2) CD—Side 1: Responses and Instructions, Side 2: Responses only, 3) a laminated serving card. All in a molded plastic case with color jacket. 52pp, CD, Card, & Case, STK# 3080✱ $15.00

How To Serve

Low Mass


Benediction R e v. W i l l i a m A . O ’ B r i e n

How to Serve Low Mass and Benediction Fr. William A. O’Brien

Assist at the Sacred Mysteries with precision. Pictures of the sacristy, sanctuary, sacred vessels, and vestments. Teaches the necessary Latin (with pronunciation guide) and the proper movements and responses for serving Low Mass according to the 1962 Roman Missal, Requiem Mass, Mass in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament exposed, Low Mass with two servers, and Benediction. 46pp, leatherette cover, STK# 5016✱ $5.00


Apologetics The Pope Chart Poster

A 40" by 28” poster of the history of the Papacy (Peter to John Paul II) showing on one page the direct link Catholics have to Our Lord Jesus Christ through the Roman Pontiffs. Full-color chart, printed in Italy (the same one available in the Vatican bookstore), features a biographical sketch and a medallion-sized image of all 263 successors of St. Peter. The images are reproductions of mosaics from the nave of the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls. Interesting for any Catholic. A proven tool for apologetics, catechism and home and parochial schools. 3' 4" x 2' 4", STK# 8027✱ $19.95

The Chapel Veil

Elizabeth Black and Emily Griswold

Is the chapel veil extinct? Apparently not! This booklet gives the reasons, based on Holy Scripture and the Church Fathers, why two college ladies who wear the chapel veil in the presence of Our Lord do so. In these two essays, the chapel veil is shown as a symbol which helps the faithful understand the vocation and identity of woman, both in the order of creation and in the New Covenant sacrifice of the Holy Eucharist. The time has come for a restoration of this traditional practice and for the faithful to understand its true importance. 23pp, softcover, STK# 8135 $3.25


Hilaire Belloc and G. Oussani

 The life and teachings of Mohammed  What’s heresy and where we can agree  What’s in the Koran? A healthy sampling  How close the Moslems

came to dominating Europe and why their military threat collapsed  Islam and women  How Moslems adapt to and use technology  The origins and rapid development of Islam  Why it remains a potent religious force to this day  The Crusades  Christianity in Arabia: once dominant, then dominated. 164pp, hardcover, STK# 7051✱ $18.80

Private Revelation Peter Valde-Magnus

A reminder of the proper attitude Catholics should have toward the wave of apparitions and extraordinary phenomena so prevalent in the world today. Includes analyses of present day pseudo-mystics. References to “The Little Pebble” (William Kamm), Necedah, Bayside, and Medjugorje. 43pp, softcover, STK# 3107✱ $4.95

The Triumph of the Church Accompanied by an Historical Chart

This booklet and accompanying chart prove at a glance that the Catholic Church has always been and is the one true Church of Christ. Explains the many heresies through the ages and graphically presents their origin and progress. For schoolchildren, catechism classes and apologetics. 30pp, softcover booklet, STK# 5098. $6.95

Other Charts Available

Ideal for religion classes, church history students, convert classes, discussion clubs and Bible students.

The Test. Chart #2:

STK# 5096. $2.45

The Four Marks. Chart #3: $2.45

STK#  5097.

The Making of the New Testament Chart #4: STK#  5099. $2.45

Origins and Divisions of Protestantism Chart #5: STK# 5100. $2.45

The Life of the Soul. Chart #6: STK# 5101. $2.45

Faith and Common Sense. Chart #7: STK# 5102. $2.45

The Story of Our Salvation. Chart #8: STK# 5103. $2.45

Theology and Catechetics

Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma Dr. Ludwig Ott

Recognized as the greatest summary of Catholic dogma. Tells exactly what the Church teaches on any particular topic. Tells when the pronouncement was made and gives the sources from Scripture, Church Councils, Papal statements and the Fathers and Doctors of the Church. 544pp, softcover, bibliography, index, STK# 8093✱ $27.50

Denzinger’s Sources of Catholic Dogma

All articles, creeds and dogmas of the Catholic Faith, decrees of the solemn Magisterium, papal bulls, encyclicals, and many decisions of the Holy Office. The final word on doctrinal questions, especially in these times of ecclesiastical anarchy. Scriptural and topical index and a page of 16 corrections that escaped the eyes of editors in previous editions. 653pp, gold-foil stamped hardcover, STK# 6767✱ $34.95

Preparation for Confirmation

An excellent way to prepare for, appreciate, and follow the rite of the sacrament of Confirmation. Divided into three sections: Quiz yourself in Part 1 with regards to the minimum knowledge necessary to receive the Sacrament; Part 2: Q&A catechism on the sacrament of Confirmation, explaining its 4 principal effects, the 7 gifts and the 12 fruits of the Holy Ghost. Part 3 explains the rite of Confirmation. 26pp, softcover, STK# 3081✱ $5.00

Everyman’s Theology Leo Rudolf, O.S.B.

We have never seen a book that compresses so much sound doctrine into so brief and readable a book. Amazing. A complete treatise on all the dogmatic truths of our religion that can be fully digested over the course of a few evenings. With matchless clarity it explains every doctrine from Creation to the Last Judgment. 192pp, gold-embossed hardcover, index, STK# 7096✱ $21.95

Catechism of the Council of Trent

For more than four centuries it was known simply as “The Roman Catechism”–the source, guide and standard for all other catechisms. Commissioned by the Council of Trent, written under the supervision of St. Charles Borromeo, and promulgated by St. Pius V in 1566, it was the most comprehensive and authoritative statement of Catholic doctrine ever published. 604pp, foil-stamped sewn hardcover, index, STK# 7087✱ $39.95

My Catholic Faith, Rev. Louis LaRavoire Morrow, STD SEE AD ON THE COVER PAGE

My Way of Life

Walter Farrell, O.P., & Martin J. Healy

Catechism of the Summa Theologica

A pocket-sized summary of the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas. Perfect for spiritual reading, study, and meditation on the go. Written in the everyday language that made Fr. Farrell popular for giving St. Thomas to the man in the pew. 630pp, pocket size, leatherette cover, STK# 6561. $7.50

St. Joseph First Communion Catechism

from the Baltimore Catechism

The most popular traditional preparation for children’s first confession and Holy Communion. All necessary knowledge presented in childlike Q&A format. Demonstrative color illustrations throughout. Excellent for grades 1-2. God, the Holy Trinity, Incarnation, Redemption, Our Lady, Sin, Ten Commandments, Sacraments, Holydays, Prayers, etc. Sections on Examination of Conscience and learning to follow Holy Mass. 64pp, softcover, STK# 4005. $4.95


Fr. R. P. Pegues

Pope Benedict XV enthusiastically endorsed this book which aims to put the heart of St. Thomas Aquinas’s Summa Theologica into the hands of the laity. In the familiar Q&A catechism format, but the difference is that the answers are from the Angelic Doctor himself. Cross-referenced to the Summa for those wishing to study further. 315pp, hardcover, STK# 5906✱ $I7.95

Baltimore Catechism #3 Fr. Connell’s Edition

For children (grades 9-12) and adults.  More than 500 questions covering the entire Catholic Faith (following the Apostles’ Creed)  Clear and concise answers followed by developed ­explanations  Use of Scripture and Tradition to defend Doctrine  Summaries of important truths for each chapter  Study helps and exercises for students  22 illustrations with explanations  Special “lay-flat” cover for hassle-free studying. 352pp, softcover, STK# 4004. $14.95


Catholic Family Life

Raising Your Children

Fatherhood and Family

Dear Newlyweds

Confusion prevails about the job of bringing up children. Integrity Magazine, a post-WWII journal by lay Catholics for living an integral Catholic life, has been sifted for insights on every aspect of raising children.  Teaching Children to Pray  Purity and the Young Child  Creative Activity  The Dating System  zCrisis of Faith in Youth  The Vocation of Parents  Marriage for Keeps.

Fathers are essential for a Catholic America.The question is, “What do fathers do?” Forward-thinking Integrity Magazine gives answers:  Men, Mary, and Manliness  The Family Has Lost Its Head  Economics of the Catholic Family  Afraid to Marry?  Glorifying the Daily Grind  The Heroism of the Big Family  Bringing the Church into Work  Forward to the Land.

Pius XII addressed scores of newlyweds in the 1940’s. These addresses were not off-the-cuff remarks, but taken together, form a complete course of instruction on married life, which is why Dear Newlyweds is NOT just for newlyweds, but all married couples and anyone contemplating marriage. Inspirational yet full of practical advice.

Vol.2, The Integrity Series

256pp, softcover, STK# 6598✱ $15.00

Christ in the Home Fr. Raoul Plus

Ideal for the engaged, marriage instruction classes, and for the already married. A guidebook to finding a happy marriage, keeping a happy marriage, and raising happy children is full of practical and spiritual advice in a series of four meditations: Courtship, Marriage, the Home, and the Training of Children. His section on imparting sex knowledge to children will be helpful to parents faced with this complex problem and duty. 343pp, larger type, softcover, STK 8128 $18.95

Vol.3, The Integrity Series

Pope Pius XII

269pp, softcover, STK# 6730✱ $15.00

200pp, softcover, STK# 6721✱ $13.00

How to Raise Good Catholic Children Mary Reed Newland

A 50-year-old classic (formerly: We and Our Children). Shows how classic Christian principles of sanctity can be practiced by every family. Even the littlest ones can be introduced to the practice of virtue:  The habit of regular prayer  Genuine love of the Rosary  A sense of the dignity of work  An understanding and love of purity  And dozens of other skills, habits, and virtues that every good Catholic child needs.   224pp, softcover, STK# 8041✱ $16.95

The Life of Gabrielle Lefebvre Rev. Fr. Le Crom

Told by the spiritual director of the mother of Archbishop Lefebvre, mother of eight children, five of whom entered religion. After the baptism of the future archbishop, she said, “He will have a great role to play in holy Church, at Rome, near the Holy Father.” Describes her commitment to the ordinary way of salvation and some of what is known of her mysticism. 35pp, softcover, STK# 6583✱ $5.00

Mothers of Priests

Fr. Robert Quardt, S.C.J.

This book praises mothers responsible for their sons’ priestly vocation: the mothers of St. Bernard and St. John Bosco; Alice Rolls, mother of ten religious; the mother of Pope St. Pius X; the mothers of Lu, that town of 4,000, who gave 500 sons to the priesthood in 50 years. What are the dispositions which characterize mothers of priests? Includes indulgenced prayers for vocations. 57pp, softcover, STK# 6595✱ $6.00

Letters to a Mother on Faith

Fr. Emmanuel Marie André

A pastor of 53 years tells mothers how to get their children to heaven. His letters are short, but not sweet. Straight talk on the nature of faith, how it comes, its increase and loss, its distinction from “religious feeling,” how it increases reason. Explains faith without works. Instructive and edifying. Besides the help they give, they’re also food for a mother’s meditations. 48pp, softcover, STK# 6594✱ $5.00

Sins of Parents

Fr. Charles Hugo Doyle

In two parts: “Sins of Commission” and “Sins of Omission.” While perhaps avoiding major sins of commission, even the best Catholic parents commit sins of omission, often without even knowing it.  31 Don’ts of childrearing  21 character traits of good parents  the “unbreakable rule”  three parental attitudes that damage your children  Why do we shout at our children?  And much more! 206pp, hardcover, gold-foil stamped, STK# 6762✱ $19.95

Dressing with Dignity Mrs. Colleen Hammond

Hammond challenges today’s demeaning fashions and provides you with the information you need to protect yourself from the onslaught of tasteless, immodest clothing. Learn the difference between dressing attractively and dressing to attract. Colleen shows how women can accentuate the grace and beauty of their femininity, and that modest need not be frumpy. 138pp, softcover, STK# 8069 $10.00


Catholic Family Life

The Valiant Woman, Msgr. Landriot

Proverbs 31 describes the “valiant woman.” Here is a collection of talks for women...each begins with a theme drawn from Proverbs 31 followed by the moral of the passage particularly suited to the characteristics of the feminine soul. What emerges is an achievable ideal for every Catholic woman. 213pp, softcover, STK 8141Q $18.95

Listen, Son & Parents, Children Mother’s Little Helper & the Facts of Life These books are more necessary than ever. In separate books for boys and girls, 12 talks to be given by parents to their children about the facts of life–according to Catholic principles. In three parts: 1) ages 913, 2) ages 14-16, 3) ages 16-19. Includes suggestions of motives and means for the practice of purity.

75pp. ea. Softcover. $5.00 ea. Listen Son, STK# 5104 Mother’s Little Helper, STK# 5105

Fr. Henry Sattler

Sex education is the duty of training children to be pure and eventually to marry with a holy purpose. Father explains what parents should tell, when and how they should tell it, what pitfalls to avoid, and what questions to expect. 271pp, softcover, STK 8138Q $12.50

Is It a Saint’s Name?

This little booklet helps you sort through over 3,000 Catholic names for boys and girls, including the feast day of the saint–so you know when to celebrate your child’s “name day,” a Catholic custom that previously was more important than one’s birthday! 47pp, softcover, STK# 8217✱ $3.00

The Four Temperaments

The Art of Catholic Mothering

You can’t form character or cooperate with grace without self-knowledge. Explains the four temperaments: choleric, sanguine, melancholic, and phlegmatic. Learn each of their traits (good & bad (includes a test to determine yours)), and how to deal with each.

How does a mother instill the Faith in her children? Discipline? Maintain Faith in the face of life’s challenges? 12 Catholic mothers tell of their struggles: family rosary, poverty, tragedies, so much more!

Fr. Conrad Hock

Maura Koulik

112pp, softcover, STK# 8173. $12.95

55pp, softcover, STK# 6590. $3.00

Where Is Catholic Obedience Today?

Examines obedience from Thomistic and Scriptural perspectives. Covers: What is Obedience, Disobedience (error by defect), False Obedience (error by excess) and True Obedience. Come to understand the old Spanish proverb: “Obedience is the servant of Faith…not of Obedience” and how it bears on the current crisis in the Church. 8.5x14, double-sided, full color, STK# 1016B. $0.50 ea., 10+ $0.40 ea.

Schismatic? Excommunicated? Rome says NO!

An interesting collection of quotes from Cardinal Lara, Cardinal Stickler, Cardinal Cassidy and experts in Canon Law stating that the SSPX is neither excommunicated nor schismatic, that their sacraments are valid, and that the faithful indeed fulfill their Sunday obligation by attending masses of the SSPX. Very revealing.

Mass Cards for the Living and for the Dead Traditional cards (4½" x 6")

with matching envelopes to send those who should know that you have requested the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Tasteful, discreet, apostolic. In stiffened, wrapped packages of 10 cards/10 envelopes only. $15.00/pack of 10. STK# 3112✱ (For the Living) STK# 3113✱ (For the Dead)

8.5x14, double-sided, 3-color, STK# 1016D. $0.50 ea., 10+ $0.40 ea.

62 Reasons: Why the Traditional Latin Mass

Sixty-two reasons why, in conscience, we cannot attend the New Mass (also known as the Mass of Pope Paul VI, Novus Ordo, new liturgy) either in the vernacular or the Latin, whether facing the people or facing the tabernacle. Thus, for the same reasons, we adhere faithfully to the traditional Mass (also known as the Tridentine Mass, old Latin Mass, Roman Missal, Pian Missal, Missal of St. Pius V, Mass of All Time). 17x11, double-sided, full color, STK# 1016C. $0.50 ea., 10+ $0.40 ea.

Not sure which book to give someone? Why not give them an

Angelus Press

Gift Certificate

These gift certificates make ideal gifts for many occasions or just to introduce someone to Angelus Press’s distinctive catalog of books. These certificates can be cut for any amount. Please call for more information.


Spirituality and Devotion To Know Christ Jesus

True Devotion to Mary

This modern classic is a riveting study of the life of Christ. Sheed’s wide learning, profound spiritual insight, and lucid style bring the reader to a deep personal encounter with Our Lord. This book has been called “one of the most satisfying studies of the Gospel ever made.”

True Devotion is not saying 50 litanies to Our Lady everyday, but rather a life lived in imitation of Her. Let St. Louis show you the way, as he has done for several saints of the last few centuries. An invaluable classic that EVERY Catholic should read. Provides the spiritual foundation for the Legion of Mary.

Frank Sheed

399pp, softcover, STK# 6446. $14.95

The Immaculata, Our Ideal Rules for Discerning the Spirits

Fr. Ludovic-Marie Barrielle

Since 1533, the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius have been used by millions to deepen their Christian life. This booklet distills the wisdom of the 30-day retreat into 20 principles so you can discern the spiritual influences in your life that are from God from those that are from the devil. Father writes from 40 years of experience as a retreat master. 60pp, softcover, STK# 4092✱ $6.00

Fr. Karl Stehlin, SSPX

On St. Maximilian Kolbe’s lifelong apostolate of spreading devotion to Our Immaculate Lady following the method of St. Louis de Montfort. Father debunks the myths of this socalled “Saint of Ecumenism” and shows his concern with combatting heresy, liberalism, modernism, Freemasonry and the need to convert heretics and Jews. 192pp, 24 illustrations, softcover, STK# 8133Q $16.95

Miraculous Medal Fr. M. Aladel, C.M.

Here is an authentic account of the apparition to St. Catherine and the countless conversions and cures wrought. The symbolism and doctrine of the medal are fascinatingly explained. 227pp, softcover, STK# 6738✱ $16.95

Mary, Mother of Divine Grace Fr. Rohellec Translated by Fr. Denis Fahey

Retreat ­Manual and Family Prayer Book

Originally written to accompany the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, this prayer booklet is useful at any time. Contains prayers for use throughout the day, the Stations of the Cross, various meditations and hymns (Latin with English), Examination of Conscience. Excellent for those wishing to keep the spirit of their retreat alive. 54pp, embossed softcover, STK# 4063✱ $6.00

In the Litany of Loreto, the Holy Virgin is invoked under the title of “Mother of Divine Grace.” What is the theological meaning of this expression which the Church puts into her liturgy? Find out in three separate sections entitled: “Mary in the Acquisition of Grace,” “Mary in the Distribution of Grace,” and “Mary and the Grace of the Priesthood.” 158pp, softcover, STK# 8167Q $9.95

St. Louis De Montfort

215pp, softcover, STK# 6989. $9.00

Rosary Album

Michael C. Buccino

A Visual & Scriptural Meditation on the Rosary. Over 200 original black and white illustrations–one for each bead (with accompanying Scripture quote)! It took this father/artist 18 years to his children could pray the Rosary better. Perfect for all ages. 72pp, softcover. STK# 8196Q $9.95

Loreto and the Holy House Fr. G. E. Phillips

The best work defending the authenticity of the shrine. Our Lady’s house at Nazareth was transported by angels to present-day Croatia in 1291 to prevent Moslem desecration. Three years later it came to Loreto, where it stands today. 151pp, softcover, STK 8129 $14.95

The Prisoner of Love Fr. F. X. Lasance

Subtitled, “Instructions and Reflections on Our Duties Towards Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. Prayers and Devotions for Various Occasions, in Particular for Visits to the Blessed Sacrament and the Hour of Adoration.” Overwhelmingly complete. 517pp, hardcover, high quality bible paper, 4¼ x 6¼, STK 8130 $22.95

Ed Willock

The Mystery of the Crown of Thorns

151pp, illustrated by the author, softcover, STK# 8179Q $14.95

302pp, softcover, STK# 8204 $19.95�

Ye Gods

If there’s one thing in the Bible that’s hard for moderns to understand it’s the matter of idolatry. Can you imagine people in our day building a golden calf and worshipping it? Read Ye Gods and you’ll be shaken by what have become our modern idols.

The Crown of Thorns is filled with enormous significance as it relates to the Jews, to Adam and Eve, to Moses, Abraham and Isaac, to name but a few examples from the Old Testament. See the ugliness of sin and the price Our Lord had to pay in conquering it.


Spirituality and Devotion My Imitation of Christ

My Daily Bread

For five centuries this has been the most popular spiritual book after the Bible. Covers the fundamental principles of the spiritual life. Invites us to follow Christ Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Abundantly illustrated by the noted Armenian artist Ariel Agemian.

A pocket summary of spiritual doctrine divided into three sections, each covering one of the three steps of spiritual growth: Purification, Imitation, and Union. A perennial classic.

Thomas á Kempis

474pp, leatherette cover, STK# 6437. $7.50

Why Must I Suffer? Fr. E.J. Remler, C.M.

Suffering–its cause, its value, and its ultimate effect (i.e., conformity to Christ). This book will give you strength to bear not only your own crosses, but to willingly share in the suffering Jesus endured for all men by accepting crosses for others and the crimes of our nation. 96pp, softcover, STK# 7082✱ $9.95

Fr. Anthony J. Paone

439pp, leatherette cover, STK# 6438. $7.50

Friends of the Cross St. Louis De Montfort

If you were to follow the advice in these 36 pages and particularly the 14 practical rules concerning carrying your crosses in imitation of Christ, you will become a saint. Period. Amen. PRICELESS. 36pp, softcover, STK# 6988. $2.95

The Rule of St. Benedict

Complete explanation of the medal and cross of St. Benedict: origin, symbolism, its miraculous effects throughout history and the rite for blessing this medal. Did you know that this medal is a devotion to the Holy Cross?

The 6th century was like ours– wars, Church and society in crisis, moral decadence. St. Benedict sought the one thing necessary that would change the world–Holiness. His Rule has endured for 1,500 years­–a guiding light not only for monks, but also for the laity. Learn how to bring the monastic spirit into your soul and into your home.

140pp, softcover, STK# 6737✱ $11.95

237pp, 8½" x 5½", hardcover, gold-foil stamped, STK# 6764✱ $16.95

Christ the Ideal of the Monk

The Golden Key to Heaven

Medal or Cross of St. Benedict

Dom Prosper Guéranger, O.S.B.

Dom Columba Marmion, O.S.B.

“If thou wilt be perfect, go, sell all thou hast, and then come, follow me.” This book is for such souls–monks. Part I: general view of the monastic idea and institution; Part II: monastic perfection following the rule of St. Benedict. 463pp, sewn hardcover, index, STK# 8053✱ $31.95

A collection of 35 meditations based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. The meditations are arranged so that they can be followed during a retreat or can be read as spiritual reading when you have just a few moments.

370pp, softcover, appendices, STK# 8052✱ $9.95

The Raccolta

“Our Lord taught us to ‘pray without ceasing.’ Now, how far is it possible to put this ideal into practice?” Father shows how the life of recollection is governed by three laws: to pray well, to turn everything into a prayer, and to develop a spirit of prayer.

752pp, leather hardcover, STK# 6765✱ $39.95

130pp, softcover, STK# 8057✱ $10.95

Fr. Helmuts Libietis, SSPX

True Devotion to Mary, by St. Louis de Montfort, is THE book on consecration to the Blessed Virgin. THIS book is the perfect way to make that Consecration. All the readings necessary for consecration preparation are here: the Bible, The Imitation of Christ, True Devotion to Mary, The Love of Eternal Wisdom, The Secret of the Rosary, The Secret of Mary and Friends of the Cross. 330pp, color softcover, STK# 6713✱ $18.00

St. Anthony Mary Claret

How to Pray Always Fr. Raul Plus, S.J.

Consecration to Mary

This is the official collection of all indulgenced prayers (800+) in 1957. Lots of Latin, many prayers for very specific needs and hard to find prayers. These prayers touch practically every spiritual and physical need.

Ecclesiastical Ministry Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Marie André

A book praised by Archbishop Lefebvre who during his life often referred to its author as an extraordinary example of the Catholic priesthood in practice. Helps priests understand the profoundly supernatural nature of the priesthood. Intended for priests, but excellent for lay people as well who will benefit by knowing the true purpose of those with whom they are called to cooperate in the apostolate. 44pp, softcover, STK# 6724✱ $5.00


Spirituality and Devotion The Backbiting Tongue

Converted by the Devil:

Detraction: telling the faults of others without cause. We often don't even know we are doing it. After ruining someone’s reputation, we justify ourselves by saying, “Well, it’s true!” So little do we see things from God’s point of view! A fascinating little book.

Biography of an egregious 17th-century sinner who narrowly escaped death and was at last brought to his knees when he went to the church where the possessed Ursuline Sisters of Loudun were being exorcized.

Fr. Belet

Cross and Crown Fr. Robert Mäder

Meditations of this famous German priest. Father's delivery was so powerful that he was called “The Thunder of the Holy Ghost.” In three parts: 1) Thoughts for Lent 2) Christ's Sufferings 3) Christ the King. A sampling of topics: How to make resolutions, hunger for the Blessed Sacrament, fasting, freedom from money, crucifixion of passions, detoxification through the Blessed Sacrament, unconditional obedience to Divine Providence, the “rights of God,” enthronement in the home, the “Queen Mother.” 166pp, softcover, STK# 6718✱ $14.00

78pp, softcover, STK# 6735✱ $4.95

The New Regulations on Indulgences Fr. Winfrid Herbst

Explains indulgences and the new regulations governing them. 27 prayers and good works for plenary indulgences plus 46 ways to gain a partial indulgence. And a Q&A section on indulgences. 47pp, softcover, STK# 8072✱ $3.00

Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence

Bl. Claude de la Colombiere

On August 21, 2005, Fr. Kenneth Dean held this book up during his sermon and said, “NO ONE should leave this earth without having read this book.” We agree...and you will too. If you follow these instructions, you will become a Saint. Period. 139pp, softcover, STK# 8139 $7.00

Pierre le Gouvello de Keriolet

87pp, softcover, STK# 7090✱ $4.95

Uniformity with God’s Will St. Alphonsus de Liguori

A little book about the very core of our relationship with God. The saints knew that in doing God’s Will consists the entire perfection of the soul. St. Alphonsus tells us, "The man who follows his own will independently of God’s, is guilty of a kind of idolatry." Our Lord Himself spent His life in doing the Will of His Heavenly Father, thus this is THE way to follow Christ and to attain Heaven. 32pp, softcover, STK# 8148✱ $2.50

Holy Hour of Reparation

First published in 1945, this collection of prayers may be used for public or private devotion. Excellent for church Holy Hours. Contents of this booklet include litanies, acts of consecration, and many prayers. Affordably priced. 31pp, softcover, STK# 3071. $2.95

Blessed Be God

Frs. Callan & McHugh

In the Likeness of Christ Fr. Edward Leen

Catholic Truth is not a mere collection of dogmas nor a simple moral code; it’s a Person–Jesus Christ. If your spiritual life is dry, an all too human effort to avoid “forbiddens” and occasionally checking off a “good deed” to rack up the merit count or to make a payment on the purgatory tab, then you are missing the vivifying principle of the spiritual life–an intimate and personal knowledge of Jesus Christ. 320pp, softcover, STK# 6727✱ $15.00

One of the few prayer books that covers most of the bases when it comes to novenas, pious exercises, prayers, litanies, the Mass, etc. No prayer book has everything, but this one is as close as you'll get...INCREDIBLY COMPREHENSIVE.

Prayers for Priests

The Prayer Crusade for Priests uses this little compilation of approved prayers for priests in its apostolate. A nice pocket or purse-sized booklet.

12pp, softcover, STK# 3002. $2.50

754pp, index, hardcover, STK# 8164 $32.00

Christian Warfare

This prayer book is guided by the Spiritual Exercises. It has this as a unifying element and is not a haphazard collection of prayers. Includes the full text of the Ignatian Retreat. Prayers, litanies, rule for the SSPX 3rd Order–it is PACKED! And only 3/4" thick! 506pp, sewn hardcover, indexed, STK# 8155 $25.00

From the Rose Garden of Our Lady

A Book of Rosary Meditations

Each mystery has a beautiful illustration, several paragraphs from the Gospels (or a Father of the Church), ten mini-meditations–one for each Hail Mary. Stop SAYING the Rosary and start PRAYING the Rosary! 95pp, pocket-sized, softcover, illustrated, STK# 8012Q $7.00


Saints Saint Pius X: Restorer of the Church Yves Chiron

Chiron breaks new ground by establishing an exact, fair portrait of St. Pius X, who is often portrayed as a pious pope of great Faith, but “retrograde, simplistic and closeminded to modern...ideas.” In fact, he was not a pietistic simpleton, but a powerful and brilliant defender of the True Faith in the face of the Modernism that was invading the Church even in those days–the beginnings of the Liberalism that resurfaced at Vatican II. Mr. Chiron demonstrates that he was a tireless defender of the rights of the Church against secularism, a great reforming pope; restoring Gregorian chant as the sacred music of the Church; reforming the Curia; initiating the codification of Canon Law, and devoting himself especially to reforming the seminaries in order to form pious, zealous young priests, on guard against the creeping infection of Modernism. Chiron draws from many sources, especially Italian, where this man rose from being a poor farm boy to being the Vicar of Christ. The author was also able to research the Vatican Archives. There is no better “rags-to–riches” story, for he came from a poor but hardworking family and rose to the heights of spiritual riches. 352pp, 6" x 9" softcover, 24pp. of illustrations, STK# 6768✱ $25.00

Pius IX: The Man and the Myth Yves Chiron

Is the 19th century a blank century to you? Let Yves Chiron connect the dots from the viewpoint of the longest pontificate in the history of the Church–Blessed Pius IX, one of the most interesting and complex individuals to ever become Supreme Pontiff. Born in 1792, during the French Revolution, he lived through the Napoleonic conquests of Europe, and witnessed the unification of both Italy and the Prussian Empire. His pontificate included the proclamation of the dogmas of the Immaculate Conception and papal infallibility, the convocation of the First Vatican Council, the publication of the Syllabus of Errors, the beginnings of Catholic Action, and the development of the foreign missions. Get an insight into the many facets of the relationship between the Church and the world at the end of the 19th century, including the fight of the Church against the movements of Modernity: liberalism, Freemasonry, the Enlightenment, laicism, capitalism and communism. 327pp, Softcover. STK# 8126✱ $25.00

Saint Nicholas (of Flüe) Fr. Clement

St. Nicholas warned, “The Church will be punished....The Church will sink deeper and deeper until it finally seems to have been destroyed, and the Succession of Peter and the other Apostles will seem to have ended. But after that, it will be triumphantly exalted in the sight of all doubters.” Fascinating story of his life. Pocket size, a joy to read. 78pp, pocket size, softcover, illustrated, STK# 7091✱ $4.95

Saint Athanasius, Defender of the Faith Michael Davies

St. Athanasius was in exile, a compromised Pope occupied the Chair of Peter, the true Faith was being upheld by laymen, inspired by Athanasius. Are there modern-day parallels in the Church and Her Churchmen? Davies shows the historical precedent for the actions of Archbishop Lefebvre and the Society of St. Pius X. 96pp, softcover, STK# 3056✱ $7.00

The Golden Legend Bl. Jacobus de Voragine, O.P.

Written about 1260 the Middle Ages, it was the second most read book (after the Bible) and was the means by which the lives of the Saints were disseminated through all of Europe. It was the fuel that fed the fire of fervent devotion to the Saints that characterized the Age of Faith. One hundred and eighty-two (182) chapters each covering the life of a different saint or saints or an important feast day, all arranged according to the order of the liturgical year. Bl. Jacobus compiled his lives from Scripture, the works of the Fathers and spiritual writers that were popular in his day. Originally, it was used by priests in preaching to the people. Eventually, the laity began reading the book themselves–in Latin and in the vernacular. This excellent English translation will strengthen your Faith and your devotion to the saints, just as it has done for Catholics for hundreds of years. 791 total pages in 2 volumes, softcover, index, STK# 6739. $39.95

Martyrs of the English Reformation Dr. Malcolm Brennan

The parallels between the Protestant Reformation in England and the Vatican II Modernist Revolution are numerous. A break with Tradition slowly foisted upon the faithful through liturgical change. Eventually, nearly all Catholics submitted to the novelties. But a few heroic men and women resisted–then and now. Short biographies of twenty-four of the English Saints and Blesseds who laid down their lives rather than ­compromise with error. Their witness (martyr means “witness” in Greek) will give you strength to persevere in practicing and living the True Faith in the difficult times in which we live. Through their death they planted the seed of restoration. Six woodcut reproductions depicting heroic acts of resistance to heresy. Foreword by Michael Davies. 166pp, softcover, STK# 5053✱ $13.00


Children & Young Adults

Illustrated Catechism for Little Children

A unique catechism, profusely illustrated in color. 11 chapters covering the Faith in 96 questions along with a “reading” broken into points which explain the answers thoroughly, an illustrative story, sidebars on the lives of child-saints, and a glossary. Includes an EXCELLENT depiction of the workings of Sanctifying Grace–a difficult concept to communicate to children. 48pp, softcover, 17 illustrations, STK# 8132Q $7.95

First Communion

This book complements very well the standard Q&A format of instruction. Chapters include: What Communion Is Why We Need Jesus in Holy Communion Getting Ready for Holy Communion Manna in the Desert The Last Supper Holy Mass How to Prepare the Soul On the Day Afterwards Prayers for Before and After Holy Communion Review.

•• ••

•• • • •29pp, softcover,

full color illustrations, STK# 8030✱ $8.50

In God’s Garden:

Children’s Retreats

Stories of the Saints for Children Amy Steedman

Is there a better way to show your children their faith than through the lives of the saints? Ideal to read to pre-schoolers and younger children. Each of the 14 stories is told with an eye to capturing a young child’s interest and imagination– and showing them virtues in practice. Illustrated by beautiful full color Italian masterpieces–Titian, Botticelli, Fra Angelico, and Giotto. 142pp, sewn hardcover, STK# 8071✱ $23.95

One of the most beautiful books ever written concerning Communion, Confession and Confirmation, the clearly written explanations and stories are just the thing for children of ALL ages. Fr. Halpin’s charming, down-to-earth style of writing goes right to the hearts of children, completely captivating their attention. Helps parents and teachers explain the true essence of Communion, Confession and Confirmation—all in the form of a spiritual retreat.

My Prayer Book

For children 3-5 years old. Includes beautiful color pictures for Holy Mass. Fosters correct sentiments for Our Lord, Our Lady, and St. Joseph. Articles of Faith and prayers to Jesus and Mary are set in verse. Excellent bedtime storybook. 48pp, plasticized cover, STK# 6582. $3.95

205pp, hardcover, STK# 6747. $12.00

The Mass Explained to Children Maria Montessori

Know Your Mass Fr. Demetrius Manousos

Originally published by the Catechetical Guild in 1954 (Imprimatur Francis Cardinal Spellman), this is a “comic” book unlike any other. Know Your Mass is a detailed, fully illustrated step-bystep explanation of the Traditional Latin Mass now reprinted for the first time in full color! The book presents the theology of the Mass in a manner easily understood by children and yet incredibly interesting and informative for adults as well. This should come as no surprise to those who have read The Seven Sacraments, another Angelus Press Fr. Manousos reprint. He has the amazing ability to take solid theology and present it to children...without dumbing it down. He was truly a gifted writer. This makes Know Your Mass an excellent catechetical tool for all ages. All parts of the Holy Sacrifice are covered, from the preparation for Mass, the altar, sacred vessels and vestments, liturgical actions, the sanctuary, and some liturgical history as well, to helpful suggestions for children to get the most–or should we say give the most–at Mass. Ideal, NO, PERFECT, as a First Holy Communion gift. Great for converts as well. Anyone who delves into this book cannot come away ignorant of the true significance of the liturgical representation of Our Lord’s Sacrifice on Calvary that is the Holy Mass. Highly recommended. 96pp, softcover, STK# 1022Q $15.00

Every conceivable element of the traditional Mass explained to children 8-15.  The Mass of the Catechumens  The Mass of the Faithful  The Last Supper  The Meaning of the Mass  Introduction to the Mass  Eucharistic miracles  History of the Mass  Activity in Heaven during Mass  Why we fast for Communion  Meaning of the altar, altar cloths, crucifix and candles, sacred vessels, bells, incense, vestments, and more! Hundreds of questions answered. “Therefore, when we go to Mass, we do not go there only to commemorate Jesus; we go to find Him, to receive Him. He is present there, He lives, He will never leave us. This is our comfort, our hope, the greatest part of our Faith: the Mystery of the Mass.” 116pp, hardcover, 36 illustrations, STK# 7028Q $14.95

Children and Young Adults


The Seven Sacraments One of the best gifts you can give a child is a better understanding of the Catholic Faith. That’s exactly what you’ll do with this beautiful little book, The Seven Sacraments. Fr. Manousos has found an excellent way to explain the mystery of sanctifying grace to children in a profound and memorable way. The explanation, based on St. Thomas Aquinas, compares our natural development (from babies to adults to death) to the life of our soul…our natural life and our “super-life.” At each step of our two lives, we encounter special events along the way. In our “super-life,” the life of grace, these special events are the sacraments. Each sacrament is explained in enough detail to give a basic, but very solid, understanding. The matter and form (although those words are not used) are indicated, and, very importantly, the effects of each sacrament are stated in detail. Beautifully illustrated on every page, your child will get hours of enjoyment just looking at the pictures, which, in a way, are as instructive as the text itself. Ideal for children 5 to 10 years old. Sturdy and durable hardback. The book could be read to younger children and even though they would not grasp all the concepts, it would help to familiarize them with important sacramental words and images. Older children and even adults will enjoy the book too! 46pp, 5" x 7½", color hardcover, over 50 color illustrations, STK# 6757✱ $10.00

My Path to Heaven

Fr. Geoffrey Bliss & Caryll Houselander

Actual size of sticker: St. Pius X (Sept. 3)

Dramatic and detailed etchings make this a very special book for children. Based on the Ignatian retreat, it helps children ponder the truths of the Faith and calls them to lead lives of holiness in accordance with those truths. The illustrations reveal the heroism and adventure of the Christian life, and the questions on each chapter help children to remember what they’ve learned. 96pp, 8½" x 11", softcover, STK# 5414✱ $13.95

Our Saints and Feasts Sticker Album 33 stickers of the Saints and feastdays per

sheet, twelve 8.5" x 11" sheets, 396 stickers in all–one for each day of the year. Perfect for integrating the liturgical year into family life. Great for teaching children–put a different sticker on your liturgical calendar every day. Includes a thumbnail sketch of each saint and feastday. 12 pages of stickers, 12-page booklet of thumbnail sketches, STK# 4068✱ $20.00


Papal Encyclicals

Quo Primum & De Defectibus

Quo Graviora

Mirari Vos

Qui Pluribus

ment from Pope St. Pius V giving the full weight of papal authority towards promoting the celebration of the Mass of the Latin Tridentine Rite in perpetuity. 8pp, STK# 5319Q $1.50

Forever forbids the faithful from joining these secret societies which attack the Catholic Church. See also Humanum Genus (above). 33pp, STK# 5311Q $3.50

A broadside smashing of religious indifferentism within and without the Church. Freedoms of Press, Worship, and Assembly?! 19pp, STK# 6557Q $3.00

Raises the alert to the errors of the day: liberalism, Freemasonry, rationalism, pantheism, naturalism, Protestantism, and Communism. 22pp, STK# 5312Q $3.50

Diuturnum Illud

Humanum Genus

Libertas Praestantissimum

Custodi Di Quella Fede Satis Cognitum

E Supremi Apostolatus

Where does authority come from? How society needs it. Rejects “consent of the people.” Measure of how Church defends loyalty to temporal power. Lessons of history.

Exposes the Church’s mortal enemy and its power for evil. Don’t be deceived; its mentality is vicious and criminal. 28pp, STK# 5316Q

Liberty: One of the world’s most misunderstood concepts is put into its true Catholic perspective. 34pp, STK# 6558Q

people warning against the allurements and false promises of the Freemasons. 14pp, STK# 5313Q

one–Ut unum sint” has been the rallying cry of Ecumania - but what is the Church’s understanding of true Catholic unity?

Blueprint of a saint’s papacy. Submission to God equals admitting His kingship in all things. True renewal. 17pp, STK# 5315Q

48pp softcover, STK# 8131 $4.00


Ad Diem Illum Laetissimum

Pascendi Dominici Gregis

Our Apostolic Mandate Mortalium Animos

Quas Primas

Divini Illius Magistri

The prophetic encyclical Outlines the great riches of Pius X which defined Modernism, cut it up, and wonderful implications behind the dogma and let it hang out to of the Immaculate Con- dry. Modernists can’t hide from this light. ception. 23pp, STK# ­5318Q $3.00 77pp, STK# 5306. $4.50

Condemnation of a lay movement hyping the ideas modern society holds inviolable: human dignity, liberation from authority, democratization of the Church. 58pp, STK# 5310Q $4.50

Proclaims the Feast of Christ the King. The nature of this Kingship, its advantages, opportunities, and expectations. The relationship between Church and State.

Principles to be followed by the Church, State, and Family regarding education. Based on nature and revealed truth. 59pp, STK# 6725Q

Mens Nostra

Divini Redemptoris

Mystici Corporis

Mediator Dei

Fulgens Radiatur

Ecclesiae Fastos

We live in a world of materialism & activity, so we must turn our hearts and minds towards God in silent contemplation.

Communism is atheistic because it is based on a materialist philosophy which analyzes capitalism without reference to God. 50pp, STK# 5317Q $4.25

Explanation of this doctrine. The Catholic Church: its unity, role of hierarchy, Sacraments, connection of Head and members. Who’s a member? Who’s not?

A reprimand to innovators. Nature of Liturgy, especially the Mass. Eucharistic worship. Divine Office and Liturgical Year. Pastoral directives.

On the life, times, and message of the Father of Western Monasticism: St. Benedict and his relevancy to the modern world. 

The riveting story of St. Boniface, the apostle of Germany who became the true “Father of the German people” by giving them supernatural life in Christ.

Condemnation of Freema- On Religious Indifferentism On Faith and Religion (Gregory XVI, 1834) (Pius IX, 1846) Brief but important docu- sonry (Leo XII, 1826)

On the Origin of Civil Power On Freemasonry (Leo XIII, 1881) (Leo XIII, 1884)


On the Promotion of the Spiritual Exercises (Pius XI, 1929)

23pp, softcover, STK# 8118 $3.00

Haurietis Aquas

On Devotion to the Sacred Heart, (Pius XII, 1956)

The 2-fold love of Christ’s Sacred Heart–love of God and neighbor–is the essence of the Catholic. 46pp, STK# 5320. $1.50

On “The Sillon” (Pius X, 1910)

On Doctrine of the ­Modernists (Pius X, 1907)

On Atheistic Communism (Pius XI, 1937)

On the Mystical Body of Christ (Pius XII, 1943)

78pp, STK# 5301. $2.50

Aeterni Patris

Written to all bishops so they would see “...all the errors and pernicious doctrines which Pius IX has reprobated and condemned.” 29pp, STK# 5314Q $3.50

souls. Good philosophy fortifies faith. Reviews the Church’s thinkers, especially St. Thomas Aquinas, of “chief and special glory.”

Restoring Christian Condemning Modern Errors Philosophy (Leo XIII, 1879) Bad philosophy damns (Pius IX, 1864)

23pp, STK# 5321. $1.75

On the Unity of the Church On the Restoration of All Things in Christ (Leo XIII, 1896) (St. Pius X, 1903) Addressed to the Italian “That they may be Guardians of That Faith (Leo XIII, 1892)



22pp, STK# 6551. $2.00

On the Jubilee of the Immaculate Conception (Pius X, 1904)

On Human Liberty (Leo XIII, 1888)

Quanta Cura & the Syllabus of Errors

On True Religious Unity (Pius XI, 1928)

Why a loose unity among men on basic beliefs is false unity. True ecumenism is conversion to Catholicism. 16pp, STK# 6554Q $2.00

On the Sacred Liturgy (Pius XII, 1947)

80pp, STK# 5307. $2.50

Against the Heresies Study Kit

On the Kingship of Christ (Pius XI, 1925)

On Education of Youth (Pius XI, 1929)


23pp, STK# 5305. $1.25

On St. Benedict (Pius XII, 1947)

23pp, softcover, STK# 8117 $3.00

On St. Boniface (Pius XII, 1954)

26pp, softcover, STK# 8116 $3.00

For your convenience we have put together Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre’s 348-page book Against the Heresies (see p.4) and the 10 works which it covers: E Supremi Apostolatus (On the Restoration of All Things in Christ)  Quo Graviora (Condemnation of Freemasonry)  Qui Pluribus (On Faith and Religion)  Humanum Genus (On Freemasonry)  Custodi di quella Fede (Guardians of that Faith)  Libertas Praestantissimum (On the Nature of Human Liberty)  Mirari Vos (On Liberalism and Religious Indifferentism)  Quanta Cura/SYLLABUS (Condemning Modern Errors/Syllabus of Errors)  Notre Charge Apostolique (Our Apostolic Mandate)  Divini Redemptoris (On Atheistic Communism) 1 book, 10 encyclicals, boxed. STK# 5308✱ $45.00 If you already own a copy of the book Against the Heresies, you may purchase the Against the Heresies Set—Encyclicals Only. 10 encyclicals. STK# 5309✱ $30.00

Lingua Latina : A Universal Latin Series


Lingua Latina, by Professor Hans H. Ørberg, provides Latin that students read and understand immediately. Every sentence is intelligible per se because the meaning and function of all new words and forms are made clear by the context or by illustrations and marginal notes. This DIRECT METHOD, based on understanding from the context, has proved efficient both for self-study and classroom teaching. Students discover that they can read and understand Latin immediately without parsing. Such direct understanding gives students self-confidence and stimulates concentration. It sharpens their faculties of observation and reasoning, faculties that will be greatly needed as the sentences grow more complex. Reading in this way, they move step by step towards reading of Latin literature in Latin with real understanding and appreciation.

Lingua Latina, Part I

Familia Romana Covers the essentials of Latin grammar

and a basic vocabulary of some 1500 words. The 35 chapters form a sequence of events in the life of a Roman family in the 2nd century A.D. Each chapter is divided into 2 or 3 lessons (Lectiones) followed by a grammar section (Grammatica Latina), and three exercises (Pensae). At the end of the volume there is a survey of inflexions, a Roman calendar, and a word index (Index vocabulorum). 328pp.   Latine Disco. Student’s Manual I. In English. 50pp. Latin-English Vocabulary I 20pp. Exercitia Latina I. Additional exercises for the lectiones in Part I. 136pp. Grammatica Latina. A Latin morphology. 32pp. 5 books, STK# 8031. $45.90

Lingua Latina, Part II Roma Aeterna

Part II follows the same format as Part I but the subject matter is Roman history. A description of the city of Rome followed by a prose version of Vergil’s Aeneid I-IV, with some passages in the original, and Livy’s Book I supplemented with extracts from Ovid. At first Livy’s prose is gently adapted, but the book contains mostly unadapted texts by Livy, Aulus Gellius, Nepos, Sallust, Cicero and Horace. 424pp. Instructions Student’s Manual II. 36pp. Latin-English Vocabulary II 40pp. Exercitia Latina II. Additional exercises for the Lectiones in Part II. 140pp. Index for Part I & II. 64pp. 5 books, STK# 8032. $55.85

Supplementary Readings Colloquia Personarum An illustrated series of 24 dialogues (colloquia). There is one colloquium matching each of Chapters 1-24 of Familia Romana. Notes in Latin. 79pp, STK# 7066R-1, $10.95

Latin-English Vocabulary for Colloquia Personarum. 12pp, STK# 7066R-1V, $2.00

Sermones Romani This text provides readings from Latin authors for students who

have completed the first book in the Lingua Latina series. The previous booklet Plautus: Menaechmi is now included here. 80pp. STK# 7066R-6. $12.95

Catilina: Sallustius, Cicero Includes: Sallustii de Catilinae Conivratione, Ciceronis in Catilinam Oratio I, Ciceronis in Catilinam Oratio III.1-17, 29, Ciceronis pro Caelio Oratio, Index Vocabulorum, Index Nominum. 80pp, STK# 1021. $10.95

Sample pages from Familia Romana

Plautus: Amphitryo. This comedy can be read by students who have finished Familia Romana. Notes in Latin.

84pp, STK# 7066R-3. $9.95

Caesaris Commentarii de Bello Gallico

From Books I (partial), IV, and V. This text can be read by students who have finished Familia Romana. 96pp, STK# 7066R-4. $8.95

For Instructors Teachers’ Material. Answer Keys for Exercitia Latina I & II, Pensae I & II (from text books).

Petronius: Cena Trimalchionis. Selection from Petronius’s Satyricon. To be read by

171pp. STK# 7066I. $19.95

64pp, STK# 7066R-5, $8.95

62pp. STK# 7066T. $18.95

students who are halfway through Roma Aeterna.Text and marginal notes in Latin.

Latin-English Vocabulary for Petronius: Cena Trimalchionis. 18pp, STK# 7066R-5V, $2.00

Latine Doceo. A manual for instructors.


History & Social Doctrine A Heart for Europe

Joanna & James Bogle

The story of Bl. Emperor Charles of Austro-Hungary, who tried to prevent the slaughter of WW I that destroyed what was left of Catholic Europe and set the stage for WWII. 176pp, photos, softcover, STK# 5167. $18.00

Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Conquest of Darkness Warren H. Carroll

The extraordinary story of the appearance of Our Lady, the conversion of Mexico and its deliverance from Aztec tyranny. The history of Cortes’s conquest, Might not true devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe begin here? 123pp, softcover, STK# 6401. $15.00

The Guillotine and the Cross Garcia Moreno

Fr. Augustine Berthe

Can governments publicly profess the Catholic faith in modern times? Catholic governments were formerly commonplace when Christendom extended throughout Europe. But now such a possibility is scorned as being out of date and impractical. Instead, the Freemasonic axiom of separation of Church and State has become universally accepted, despite the fact that this notion has been repeatedly condemned by the Church. In this book, the reader will see that it is possible to vanquish the Revolution and wrest nations from its mortal embrace: Garcia Moreno, President of Ecuador, held the Revolution at bay for 15 years. Alone among all the heads of state, in the wake of the French Revolution and the collapse of societies it brought about, Garcia Moreno restored Christian government in Ecuador and merited the name of “Regenerator of the Fatherland”; alone, surrounded by tyrants who fought over the nations only to empty their treasuries, their minds and their hearts, he heaped immense benefits upon his nation in the material, intellectual, moral and religious spheres. A heroic martyr for Catholic civilization, he gave his blood for this noble cause. This is THE definitive biography of Garcia Moreno written by French priest Fr. Augustine Berthe in 1877 and translated into English by Lady Elizabeth Herbert of Lea in 1889 (a fascinating person in her own right: wife of the British Minister of War and Anglican convert to Catholicism). 401pp, 66 photos and drawings. Softcover STK# 3097✱ $17.99 Hardcover STK# 6430✱ $32.95

Warren H. Carroll

The Spirits of ‘76

203pp, softcover, STK# 6402. $12.00

A study of seven of the American Founding Fathers–an examination of their attitudes, values and philosophies, all from the Roman Catholic point of view. Rush, Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Hamilton, and Carroll.

Dollfuss: An Austrian Patriot

1917: Red Banners

Excellent mini-biography of one of the great Catholic political leaders of the 20th century. As Austrian Chancellor, Dollfuss turned Austria into what was called the “Quadragesimo Anno State.”

The 20th century becomes intelligible through the "lenses" of Fatima. Carroll parallels the apparitions of our Lady at Fatima with the machinations of the Russian Communists. A month by month account of the crucial year 1917.

The slogans of the French Revolution are now accepted unquestioningly in spite of their bloody birth in the Reign of Terror that claimed 40,000 lives in a few months. Covers Danton, his conversion and the resistance of the Vendée.

Fr. Johannes Messner

160pp, softcover, photographs, STK# 8044✱ $12.95

Fatima in Twilight Mark Fellows

Can the message of Fatima really address our contemporary problems? Essential reading for every Catholic interested in modern history…Fatima is the key to understanding. 345pp, softcover, STK# 8014✱  $19.17

Ten Dates Every Catholic Should Know Dr. Diane Moczar

Excellent for any Catholic who wants to understand the history of our Faith. But it will give you more than knowledge: you’ll close this book with renewed confidence that no matter how dark and dangerous the times may be, God has never abandoned his people...and never will.

189pp, softcover, STK# 8208 $13.95

The Last Crusade Warren H. Carroll

Donald D’Elia

182pp, softcover, STK# 6404. $8.00

Warren H. Carroll

137pp, softcover, STK# 6403. $12.00

The Conquest of New Spain Bernal Díaz

A first-person account of the Spanish victory over the Aztecs. The landing, battles, civilization to a pagan world...Diaz says that he & his soldiers gave the dignity of the sons of God to the Indians.

416pp, softcover, STK# 8178. $15.00

The Jews

Hillaire Belloc

Jewish control of banking, Bolshevism as a Jewish movement, AntiSemitism, The Jews & the Church oppose capitalism–divergent paths, The four most important forces in the world: the Catholic Church, the Jews, Islam and industrial capitalism The Jews in England (exile under Edward I, their return under the Protestant Cromwell, and their alliance against their mutual enemy, the Catholic Church) Zionism and more!

242pp, softcover, STK# 7055  $12.00

Dr. Carroll explains that the Spanish Civil War was an attempt by the enemies of Christ to extinguish the Faith. Nearly 7,000 priests, seminarians, monks and nuns (thirteen bishops) were martyred in just six months of 1936. Read about the heroic resistance that followed, including an enthralling account of the famous siege of the Alcazar, a tale of heroism that should not be forgotten. 232pp, color softcover, STK# 6410. $14.95


History & Social Doctrine An Essay on the Restoration of Property Hilaire Belloc

Belloc’s Distributist masterpiece wherein he outlines what a Distributist society looks like, how it may be brought about under modern conditions, and what it takes to maintain it.

104pp, softcover, STK# 7069✱ $8.95

Economics for Helen Hilaire Belloc

An introduction to basic economics: defines terms and answers questions about why the economy fluctuates and how we are affected by these fluctuations. Catholic alternatives are explained. 170pp, softcover, STK# 7024✱ $12.95

Ethics and the National Economy Fr. Heinrich Pesch

Fr. Pesch stresses a truth which is as fundamental as it is today neglected: that morality must govern economic life. All facets of economic activity are considered. 184pp, softcover, STK# 8033✱ $13.95

The Kingship of Christ and Organized Naturalism Fr. Denis Fahey, C.S.Sp.

The Servile State Hilaire Belloc

Capitalism is inherently unstable and the two “remedies” proposed by the world (Marxism and the Servile State) are worse than the disease! Shows how capitalism tends towards Marxism because both undermine the Catholic ideal of a broad distribution of productive property. 207pp, softcover, STK# 7026. $10.00

Catholicism, Protestantism, and Capitalism Amintore Fanfani

Demonstrates that the world is not irreparably divided into two camps, the capitalist and socialist. We ought to steer a Catholic course between these twin pillars of shipwreck. This book will change the way you think about economics.

192pp. softcover, STK# 7092✱ $14.95

How Christ Changed the World Msgr. Luigi Civardi

The most important agent of positive social change for the last 2,000 years has been Jesus Christ, His doctrine and His Church. Civardi explains the effect of Christianity in every major aspect of human life and the principles that bore those effects. 111pp, softcover, STK# 8022✱ $9.00

Cardinal Abp. Rodriguez

The Rural Solution

The Church and the Land

102pp, softcover, STK# 7094✱ $9.95

Modern society crowds us into cities & suburbs, gives us few children, lots of credit, industrialism, consumerism, speed and noise. Fr. McNabb says that life on the land, large families, the possession of real wealth over tokens, and the corporal and spiritual works of mercy are the hallmarks of a sane society.

Catholic essays: “Ruralism vs. Urbanism” (Bp. Richard Williamson), “Distributism: Economics as if People Mattered” & “The Why and How of a Parallel Economy” (Dr. Peter Chojnowski), “Two Pigs and a Cow,” “The Economics of the Catholic Family” (Dr. Walter John Marx) and “The Better Life” (Willis D. Nutting).

Vol.1, The Integrity Series Carol Robinson

Chapter after chapter on how to apply St. Thomas’s teachings to modern society–and why we must do so if we are to have any hope of leaving this world with our souls intact. Far from being an esoteric philosophical treatise, this book is eminently practical, engaging, and highly rewarding for any Catholic. 398pp, softcover, STK# 4094✱ $15.00

Mystery of Freemasonry Unveiled

Details the contrast between the Church’s social teachings and organized naturalism, which is Freemasonry and other groups working to make what is now called “Secular Humanism” the dominant ruling force in the world. 142pp, softcover, STK# 6753. $6.95

My Life with Thomas Aquinas

A classic summary and reference work on Masonry. Exposes its plans for the destruction of Christian order & its anti-Catholic fury. Focuses on principles, not conspiracy theories.

256pp, softcover, STK# 7056. $10.00

Fr. Vincent McNabb, O.P.

188pp, softcover, STK# 7086✱ $14.95

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Duties of the Catholic State in Regard to Religion

Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani

Cardinal Ottaviani, in a 1953 lecture, explains why the Church teaches that the State has the duty of professing the Catholic religion and that rulers are to insure that the moral principles of the True Religion inspire the social activity and the laws of the State. 26pp, softcover, STK# 1029✱ $5.00


ESPAÑOL Misalito Latin-Español (Latin-English Missal Booklet)

The Ordinary of the Mass. Brief notes explain the Action at the altar. Includes prayers for before and after Mass, preparation for the Sacrament of Confession, and the chant notation for the Mass of the Angels. 64pp, softcover, STK# 8109. $3.95

El Vestido de Gracia (Garment of Grace)

chrIstmas cards Keep Christ (and the Mass) in “ChristMass” this year. Beautiful designs from the Beuronese murals of Benedictine monks. These images were featured in our 2004 Beuronese Murals calendar. The cards’ text is from the Postcommunion of the Third Mass of Christmas Day and reads “Grant, we beseech Thee almighty God, that as the Savior of the world born on this day, is the Author of our heavenly birth, so He may also be to us the Giver of immortality. Amen.” Sorry, no Rudolph the RedNosed Reindeer or elves here. Both designs come in packs of 10 or 25. Envelopes included.

Nativity, 10 cards and envelopes, boxed, STK# 8060✱ $10.00 Nativity, 25 cards and envelopes, boxed, STK# 8060X✱ $20.00 Three Wise Men, 10 cards and envelopes, boxed, STK# 8061✱ $10.00 Three Wise Men, 25 cards and envelopes, boxed, STK# 8061X✱ $20.00

This pocket-sized pamphlet covers the history of the Brown Scapular and many miraculous events that will convince you of the efficacy of the scapular, the veracity of the Sabbatine Privilege, and the protection accorded by Our Lady to those who wear it devoutly. Contains a scapular catechism which answers all common questions. Beautifully illustrated in full color. Excellent for children, and it is guaranteed to strengthen your love of Our Lady and her scapular.

62 Razones: ¿Por Que la Misa Tradicional en Latin?

(62 Reasons: Why the Traditional Latin Mass)

Sixty-two reasons why, in conscience, we cannot attend the New Mass (also known as the Mass of Pope Paul VI, Novus Ordo, new liturgy) either in the vernacular or the Latin, whether facing the people or facing the tabernacle. Thus, for the same reasons, we adhere faithfully to the traditional Mass (also known as the Tridentine Mass, old Latin Mass, Roman Missal, Pian Missal, Missal of St. Pius V, Mass of All Time). 17x11, double-sided, full color, STK# 8111. $0.50 ea., 10+ $0.40 ea.

Hora Santa de Reparacion (Holy Hour of Reparation)

First published in 1945, this collection of prayers may be used for public or private devotion. Excellent for church Holy Hours. Contents of this booklet include litanies, acts of consecration, and many prayers. Affordably priced. 31pp, softcover, STK# 8110. $2.95

48pp, full color throughout, pamphlet, STK# 8112✱ $1.00

El Texto de la Doctrina Cristiana

(Catechism of Christian Doctrine) Fr. Jerónimo Ripalda, S.J .

The most popular catechism ever published. It was eventually translated into 47 languages. Padre Ripalda was a personal friend of St. Teresa of Avila and was her confessor for two years. 64pp, softcover, STK# 8106. $3.95

La Iglesia Católica Tiene la Respuesta (The Catholic Church Has the Answer) Paul Whitcombe

A must for resisting the inroads of Protestant sects. Dynamite! Despite its small size this booklet is one of the most thorough, factual, interesting, and well-documented statements available on what the Catholic Church teaches and why. Needs to be placed in as many hands as possible–the issue is the salvation of souls. Great for evangelization and instruction. 64pp, softcover, 37 color illustrations, STK# 8107. $4.95

El Pan de Cada Dia (My Daily Bread) Fr. Anthony J. Paone

A summary of spiritual doctrine so simple that everyone can come to a knowledge and practice of the principles of the spiritual life. It is divided into three books which treat respectively of the three ways of the Spiritual Life: Purification, Imitation, and Union. This book must be read, not only with the head, but with the heart. We must think and pray. 439pp, leatherette cover, STK# 8108. $7.50

Una Colección Pequeña de Oraciones y Devociones Basicas

(Small Collection of Basic Prayers & Devotions)

 Como Rezar el Rosario (How to Say the Rosary)  La Medalla Milagrosa (The Miraculous Medal)  El Es-

capulario Verde (The Green Scapular)  Déle Mucha Importancia a Su Escapulario (The Great Importance of Your Brown Scapular)  El Cielo Abierto por la practica de las Tres Avemarias (Heaven Opened by the Practice of the Three Hail Marys)  5 Primeros Sabados de Reparacion al Inmaculado Corazon de Maria (5 First Saturdays of Reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary) 6 great pamphlets, one low price. In convenient resealable plastic bag. STK# 8113. $1.00 STK# 8113X✱ $45.00 [50 pack]


Literature The Boy Knight of Reims Eloise Lownsbery

An historical novel set at the time of St. Joan of Arc, first published in 1927. Jean D’Orbais was born under the shadow of Reims Cathedral. From his earliest childhood he sees its beauty through the efforts of the master craftsmen who are at work on it. When he is ten years old, he is apprenticed to a goldsmith, and begins his education in the arts. The story of his career, his escapades, his ambitions, and his final success is enthralling. But it is not Jean alone who interests us. Through his eyes we see the bustling town of Reims in the 14th century with its crafts and guilds, its merchants and beggars, its nobles and its soldiers. 332pp, hardcover, illustrated, STK# 8120. $15.00

The Blue Gonfalon at the First Crusade Margaret Anne Hubbard

A panorama of Europe in 1099 set in a thrilling story of the First Crusade. Ever since he could remember, Bennet wanted to become a knight. No matter that he was the son of an armorer on the estate of Lord Godfrey, Duke of Lorraine; no matter that a peasant’s son could never see the realization of such a fantastic dream....Then one day Peter the Hermit rode through Lorraine, describing atrocities committed by infidels in Jerusalem and calling for an army of Christians to march to Palestine. Bennet’s chance had come at last, for when Godfrey took the crusader’s cross, he asked Bennet to accompany him to the Holy Land as his squire. With the blue gonfalon flying at the head of the French troops, Bennet began the long journey to Jerusalem–toward adventure, danger, and the possibility that a courageous deed would make his dream of knighthood come true. 187pp, hardcover with dust jacket, illustrated, STK# 8119. $14.00

The Blood Red Crescent and the Battle of Lepanto Henry Garnet

It was fall 1570, and rumors of an invasion by the Turks were spreading throughout Venice. Down by the docks, Guido Callata listened to the sailors as they discussed past battles and speculated about more fighting in the future. From the altar of St. Mark’s, a message from His Holiness Pope Pius V had been read, calling for crusade to repel Turkish advances. A fleet of Venetian and Spanish vessels would be assembled, and Guido’s father, like other wealthy Venetians, had agreed to build and equip a galley for the Christian fleet... How Guido finally manages to join the fleet and help to defeat the Turks in the memorable Battle of Lepanto is a colorful tale of danger, suspense, and adventure in 16thcentury Italy. (First published in 1960.) 188pp, hardcover with dust jacket, illustrated, STK# 8121. $14.00

The Rev. Owen Francis Dudley has won recognition on both sides of the Atlantic as a penetrating thinker and a novelist of distinction. Born in 1882, he studied for the Anglican ministry and was ordained in 1911. In 1915, he converted to the Catholic Faith and after study­ing for the Catholic priesthood at the Beda College in Rome, he was ordained in September of 1917. Fr. Dudley served as Chaplain to the British Gunners on the French and Italian fronts in World War I. After recovering from war wounds Fr. Dudley be­came very active in the work of the Catholic Missionary Society, of which he was superior from 1933-1946, lecturing in town halls, theaters, Hyde Park and mining club rooms; he even visited the United States while on a lecture tour. As part of his missionary apostolate, he wrote a series of novels on the abiding Problems of Human Happiness–the desire of every heart.

The Shadow on the Earth

The Masterful Monk

Pagent of Life

Part II of the series. This novel depicts the different perspectives of optimism and pessimism pitted against each other–a story of good versus evil at its best. Set in a Benedictine monastery, this great read leads to a deepened understanding of the answer to the problem of pain and suffering.

Part III in the series. In a vivid portrayal of the philosophical problem of human happiness, Fr. Dudley lays out for the reader the now all-too-familiar attack on mankind’s innate sense of morality. Temptations of materialism were never stronger than they are today, yet here they are embodied in a novel from 1945!

Part IV in the series, a tale of human respect. In this book, Fr. Dudley endeavors to present an antithesis to that modern cowardice which manifests itself in the vogue for the vague and non-committal; the convenient dilettantism which ques­tions everything and holds nothing.

Owen Francis Dudley

143pp, hardcover, STK# 8074. $10.00

Owen Francis Dudley

314pp, hardcover, STK# 8075. $12.00

Owen Francis Dudley

343pp, hardcover, STK# 8076. $12.00

The Coming of the Monster

Owen Francis Dudley

Part V of the series, portrays the modern revolt against God and the moral law. An unusual mystery that leads you on a “journey of the mind”–and body!–with scenes set in Leningrad, Lourdes, Paris, and Hollywood. 275pp, hardcover, STK# 8077. $12.00

The Tremaynes and the Masterful Monk Owen Francis Dudley

The novel is a character study, the story of an ugly, unlikable man who seemed unredeemable. In the event, he proved otherwise–owing to the monk acting on the principle of the potentially reclaimable deep down. 333pp, hardcover, STK# 8115. $12.00


The Liturgical Year in GREGORIAN CHANT, Complete Set Christian culture is under attack from all sides. In many ways, the major threat has not come from television, the media or “trash” literature, but from music. The power of music to move the mind and soul has long been testified to by the greatest minds. In the Catholic Church, St. Pius X in his motu proprio argued that music is an integral part of the liturgy without which it would be sadly incomplete. Thus, one cannot be neutral towards music; it either nourishes or corrupts. Gregorian chant is the foundation of Western European music, but few people appreciate Chant and even fewer can sing it. Yet it is not too late to start. We already have the lyrics and translations in our missals. The following CD volumes were produced by the Schola Bellarmina of Brussels, Belgium, under the direction of Society of Saint Pius X priest Fr. Bernard Lorber. These excellent recordings give you a chance to sit down and follow along at home to this great spiritual treasure the Church has provided us. Excellent for choirs, scholas and individuals just learning to sing Gregorian Chant. Special price on entire set of 14 CDs (7 Volumes), STK# 6620. $225.00

Volume 1: Advent to Epiphany

VOLUME 4: Easter Vigil to the Feast of the Ascension

2 CDs in case with booklet, TAP# 6610. $35.00

2 CDs in case with booklet, TAP# 6613. $35.00

Includes Propers for the Sundays of Advent, the three Masses of Christmas, the Octave of Christmas, the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus and the Mass of Epiphany.

Volume 2: Feast of the Holy Family to 2nd Sunday of Lent

Includes Propers for the Feast of the Holy Family, 2nd Sunday after Epiphany, 3rd Sunday after Epiphany, Septuagesima Sunday, Sexagesima Sunday, Quinquagesima Sunday, Blessing of Ashes, Mass of Ash Wednesday, 1st Sunday of Lent, 2nd Sunday of Lent. 2 CDs in case with booklet, TAP# 6611. $35.00

Volume 3: Third Sunday of Lent to Holy Week

Includes Propers for the 3rd and 4th Sundays of Lent, Passion Sunday, Palm Sunday, Evening Mass of Holy Thursday, and the Liturgy of Good Friday. Also includes Hymns and Propers for the Blessing and Procession with palms on Palm Sunday. 2 CDs in case with booklet, TAP# 6612. $35.00

Includes Propers for Easter Vigil, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Low Sunday, 2nd-5th Sundays after Easter, the Rogation Mass, Feast of the Ascension, and the Sunday in the Octave of the Ascension.

Volume 5: Pentecost to the Sixth Sunday After Pentecost

Includes Propers for the Feasts of Pentecost, Corpus Christi, and the Sacred Heart; Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart and Masses for the Sundays between Pentecost and the Sixth Sunday after Pentecost. 2 CDs in case with booklet, TAP# 6614. $35.00

VOLUME 6: Seventh Sunday to Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost

Includes Propers for the Seventh Sunday after Pentecost to the Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost. 2 CDs in case with booklet, TAP# 6615. $35.00

VOLUME 7: Fifteenth Sunday to the Last Sunday After Pentecost

Includes Propers for the Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost to the Twenty-Second Sunday after Pentecost and the Last Sunday after Pentecost. 2 CDs in case with booklet, TAP# 6616. $35.00

Square Notes: A Workbook in Gregorian Chant

Sr. M. Judith, O.P. Grouped into five sections (Symbols, Simple Neums, Rhythm, Special Neums, and Modes), Square Notes clarifies the basics of Gregorian chant. Every fundamental of chant is covered with a short explanation followed by written exercises to be done in the workbook–fill in the blanks, identifying notes, writing notation, drawing rhythmic waves, and much more. From the Preface: A thorough and accurate presentation of the fundamentals of Gregorian Chant. However, the theoretical material presented here should never be considered as an end in itself. It is intended only as a gateway to a fuller participation in the Liturgy of Holy Mother Church through a more beautiful rendition of Her official music.

Arsis, Punctum, Virga, Ictus, Chironomy, Undulation, Climacus, Torculus, Bar Lines, Scandicus, Modes, Quilisma…if it’s Greek to you, here’s a good place to start! Need a little refresher? Pick up Square Notes! 118pp, large format softcover, index, STK# 8001✱ $15.00

VOLUME 8: The 18 Kyriales and the 6 Credos

Kyriales include Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei, Ite Missa Est. Also includes Vidi Aquam, Asperges, and 19 organ pieces. 3 CDs in case with booklet, TAP# 6618. $50.00

VOLUME 9: Sanctoral I

December 8-July 1 Includes propers for the major feasts of the Sanctoral cycle from December 8th-July 1st. Including Immaculate Conception, Purification of the BVM, St. Joseph, Annunciation of the BVM, St. Joseph the Worker, Sts. Peter and Paul, and the Precious Blood. 2 CDs in case with booklet, TAP# 6619. $35.00

Five new audio dramas from Regina Martyrum Productions Regina Martyrum Productions produces the finest works of Catholic audio theatre. With emphasis on the lives of the Saints, these productions are edifying, and entertaining. They offer something for young and old alike. Engaging the power of your imagination while listening, you and your children will walk through the pages of the Church’s history. These are NOT your run of the mill “books on tape!” Every production is packed with full casts, great music, and awesomely realistic sound effects! This is cinema without the video! Great in the car, at story time, at suppertime, at bedtime. Anytime.

The Power of Prayer

This is the uplifting story of St. Monica and St. Augustine. From Tagaste to Milan, Monica prayed for her son and shed many tears for him. In the end, her sacrifices and example won for us all one of the great Doctors of the Church. 23 scenes and 18 characters, along with a superb soundtrack, bring this work vividly to life. 1 CD, 68 minutes, STK# 8202. $12.95

Noble Heroine of Charity

The life story of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, the first American citizen to be canonized. You will marvel at this 5-foot Italian dynamo who, trusting in God’s Providence and being resigned to His Holy Will, founded the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart and opened dozens of orphanages, schools, and hospitals all across America. 1 CD, 48 minutes, STK# 8203. $12.95

In This Sign You Shall Conquer

An historical drama about Constantine and his rise to the throne of Rome as the first Christian Emperor; then his mother, St. Helena, sets off to Jerusalem to find the Holy Cross...which she does. An epic production with action and battles, drama and intrigue, comedy and sorrow: you will thrill, chill, laugh and cry! 2 CDs, 84 minutes, STK# 8199. $12.95

St. Charbel Makhlouf of Lebanon: One of the Greatest Saints of Our Time

St. Charbel (1828-98), a Maronite Rite Catholic priest and hermit of Lebanon, is considered by many to be the male counterpart of the Little Flower of Lisieux. He led a hidden life of virtue, labor and devotion to the Rosary. He said Mass daily at 11:00AM...after an 11 hour preparation –on his knees. His fasting and penances were severe. He separated himself from the world entirely, and his only contact with the outside was at the request of his superiors, orders which he followed without question. Fr. Charbel suffered a stroke on December 16, 1898, during the Offertory of the Liturgy while reciting the prayer “Father of Truth, behold Your Son, a sacrifice pleasing to You. Accept this offering of Him who died for me...” He continued to repeat that prayer until his death 8 days later. From April 22-August 14, 1950, exactly 350 miracles were recorded at his tomb...20 of the cured were Moslems. MANY, MANY more were recorded as his body remained perfectly intact (supple skin, flexible joints, no odor) for over 75 years after his death and exuded a miraculous liquid that healed a great number of crippled and sick people and converted many others, including Moslems to the True Faith. His casket rotted, he did not. 96pp, softcover, STK# 8198 $4.95


To Heaven Through the Window

From his birth to his death, this is the inspiring story of the renowned wonder-worker, St. Gerard Majella. This great Redemptorist lay brother was the model of humility and obedience. This 1994 production has been expanded by five scenes and completely redone. 41 cast members and 24 extras will entertain and edify you. 1 CD, 75 minutes, STK# 8201. $12.95

The Last Viking

This is the dramatic story of St. Magnus of 12thcentury Scotland. A valiant young man who was the Prince of the Orkney Islands of Scotland. Magnus was loved by all but one, and that was his own cousin. Features great music, awesome sound effects and battles, not to mention 36+ cast members. 2 CDs, 90 minutes, STK# 8200. $12.95

Ondessonk: Priest of the Red Man (2 CD’s)

St. Isaac Jogues, a “Blackrobe” from France, earned the name Ondessonk from the Huron Indians and this is his story. His birth in Orleans; his studies; spiritual growth; travels to the New World; life with the Hurons; his heroism; his zeal for saving souls; his sufferings and heroic martyrdom. EDIFYING! 2 CDs, 105 minutes, STK# 8211. $14.95

The Sword and the Tea

Time travel with 15-year-old Michael Brogan and relive the history of Japanese Catholics. Children and adults will find Michael's time travel fascinating, and will be touched by the poignant lessons that he learns through trials and suffering and by his growth in appreciation of the Faith of his ancestors. A great blend of history, drama and humor –this production is for everyone. Based upon the novel The Samurai and the Tea (see below). 2 CDs, 87 minutes, STK# 3114, $14.95

The Samurai and the Tea

Historical novel of a Japanese-American Catholic boy who discovers the importance of the Faith after being mysteriously transported back to important events in the history of Japanese Catholicism. The author presents a fascinating glimpse of a feudal Japan that goes beyond the swordplay and the bushido of samurai history, portraying Japan’s martyred Christians and the intricate culture of the tea ceremony. Appropriate for older children and adults. 138pp, softcover, STK# 8013. $8.00

Saints of the American Wilderness Rev. John A. O’Brien

Based upon the letters and reports written by the Jesuit missionaries themselves: the famous Jesuit Relations written between 1610 and 1672, which were published in a series of 73 volumes. In their day, the missionaries’ letters were the most powerful means of attracting new workers to the harvest; 19thcentury American historian Francis Parkman could scarcely lay down a volume of the Relations once he had taken it up. A work worthy of its subject: the Jesuit North American martyrs. 258pp, color hardcover, Illustrated, STK# 8090✱ $15.95


 #1: New Danger: The Catechism of the Catholic Church!; Secret Vatican

Power Group Preparing the Next Conclave  #2: Catholics in Surrender; Reply to 30 Days; What Keeps Us and Rome Apart  #3: They Think They’ve Won  #4: They Think They’ve Won. The New Philosophy of Maurice Blondel  #5: They Think They’ve Won. Henri de Lubac  #6: They Think They’ve Won. Urs von Balthasar  #7: They Think They’ve Won. The Montini-Lubac Alliance  #8: They Think They’ve Won. Cardinal Ratzinger: A Prefect Without Faith at the Congregation for the Faith  #9: They Think They’ve Won. Pope John Paul II's Pontificate: A Period of Gravest Tribulation for the Church  #10: They Think They’ve Won. Disobedience to the Infallible Magisterium: Hallmark of the “New Theology”  #11: They Think They’ve Won. The Triumph of Modernism over Catholic Exegesis  #13: The Next Conclave, the papabili  “The Supernatural Extent of Our Doctrinal Battle,” by Bishop Bernard Fellay  #14: The Supernatural Extent of Our Doctrinal Battle  #15: “Americanism & Vatican II,” by former St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary Rector Bishop Williamson  #16: True God, True Faith, True Church; Who Remembers Fatima?  #17: The Cure for the Present Crisis  #18: The Next Conclave and Its Secretary  To Apostasy by Way of Obedience  #19: “The True Notion of Tradition,” by Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais  #20: “Papal Primacy on the Skids,” by Romano Amerio  #21: Pope John XXIII: A Critical Judgment  #22: The Beatification Process of Pope Paul VI  The Worship of Idols  Semper Infideles  Casting a Shadow on Mary’s Virginity  #23: A Pastoral Letter Leading to Sacrilege  #24: The Fideism of Cardinal Ratzinger  Hostility to Catholicism in Russia  #25: Evolution or Teilhardism?  #26: Is Hell Empty?  #27: Contraception Under Cover of Asceticism  #28: Vatican Council II: The Great New Approach  #29 Concerning a Sedevacantist Thesis  #30 The Non-Christian Religions Are a Preparation for the Gospel?  Concerning the Renewed Debate About Paul VI’s Missal  #31 The Memories of a Destructive Mind, Part I  #32 The Memories of a Destructive Mind, Part 2  #34 The Episcopal Consecrations Theological Study: Part 2  #36 The Episcopal Consecrations Canonical Study: Part 2  #37 The Episcopal Consecrations Canonical Study: Part 3  #38 The Episcopal Consecrations Canonical Study: Part 4  #39 The Episcopal Consecrations Canonical Study: Part 5  #40 Mediator Dei  Bishop ­Fellay on Dominus Jesus  #41 Dialogue or Monologue  Reality Check for the Post Modern World  #43 The Catholic Church in Germany After the Consistory  Cardinals with no Faith  #44 Clear Ideas of the Pope’s Infallible Magisterium  #45 What Should We Make of Assisi 1986?  What Should We Make of Assisi 2002?

 #46 The Self-Destruction of the “Ecumenical” Papacy  Vatican II: An

Untypical Council

 #47 Dominus Jesus and the Religions  #48 The Ambiguous Accord of Campos  Pius XII and “Paschal Mystery

Theology” #49 Okaying Mixed Marriages #50 The Errors of Vatican II: Part 1 #51 The Errors of Vatican II: Part 2 #52 The Errors of Vatican II: Part 3 #53 The Errors of Vatican II: Part 4 #54 The Errors of Vatican II: Part 5 #55 The Errors of Vatican II: Part 6 #56 The Errors of Vatican II: Part 7 #57 The Errors of Vatican II: Part 8 #58 Does Card. Kasper Believe That Revelation Ended with St. John or Not?  #59 “New Theology” Destroys Doctrine of Original Sin  #60 Overturning Catholic Doctrine and Morality  Subversion and Conversion  #61 Reflections on the Case of Fr. Somerville  #62 “The Ecumenism Trap”: A new book by Fr. George May  #63 “The Ecumenism Trap” Conclusion  #64 The Dogma of Ecumenism  #65 Are the Dead Really Dead When We Remove Their Organs?  Reflections on the Responsibility of Individuals at the Present Hour  #66 On the Nature of Modern Thought  #67 On the Church and the Pope  #68 Two Key Points for the Church's Recovery  Historical Change of Course in the Liturgical Reform  #69 St. Pius X and the Duel Between Modern Thought and Catholic Theology: Part 1  #70 St. Pius X and the Duel Between Modern Thought and Catholic Theology: Part 2  #71 St. Pius X and the Duel Between Modern Thought and Catholic Theology: Part 3  #72 The Benefit of the Doubt  Enemy Islam: An Interview with the Bishop of Rumbek, Sudan  #73 The Good Shepherd, the Wolves, and the Mercenaries  #74 Islam: An Unbridgeable Abyss  The "Black Legend"  #75 Free the Mass and the Face of the Earth Shall Be Renewed  Must We Attend A “Protestantized” Mass?          

S ìSìNoNo Reprints

Founded in Rome to counteract the modernist drift in the Vatican, S ì S ì N o N o provides insider reports on developments, trends, intrigue in the Vatican, and profound theological commentary on their consequences. Selected articles are translated and published bi-monthly in The Angelus.

Specify issue number when ordering. 8 to12 pages depending on issue. $2.00 each ✱


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The Angelus Supplements The Conference: What Catholics Need to Know

What Vatican II Should Have Done

November, 2004, talk by the Superior General of the SSPX about:  The “Triple Bankruptcy” of the Novus Ordo  Clerics favoring the SSPX  The lessons of fallen Campos  Authentic obedience  Status of SSPX in Rome  Why No Agreement  Rome, seat of the New Ecumenism of Cardinal Kasper  The destructive consequences of a new definition of “person”  Hope in Mary 20pp, AP Reprint, STK# 8073✱ $3.00

In 1959, in preparation for Vatican Council II, Domenico Cardinal Tardini sent out a letter requesting suggestions from all the world’s bishops. Bishop Gerald de Proença Sigaud, Bishop of Jacarezinho in Brazil sent back this reply on August 22, 1959 to the Cardinal. This response is remarkable for its clarity and foresight. A must-read for everyone! 8pp, AP Reprint, STK# 1011✱ $2.00

Bishop Bernard Fellay

Problems, Causes, Remedies

Supplied Jurisdiction and Traditional Priests

Sketches the state of the Church in Rome and in the world, giving current facts and anecdotes, the personalities involved and the great difficulties in resolving the current crisis. He outlines the causes behind this situation and the necessary remedies.

“How can traditional priests administer sacraments when they have had their sacramental faculties removed?” Calm, commonsense approach used to address a difficult inquiry. Recommended reading by priests of the Society.

Bishop Bernard Fellay

8pp, AP Reprint, STK# 1017✱ $2.00

Bishop Tissier de Mallerais

12pp, AP Reprint, STK# 1012✱ $2.00

Bishop Gerald de Proença Sigaud

The Validity of The Hawaii Six article briefly summaConfessions & Marriages This rizes the celebrated case in the Chapels of the of the “excommunication” of six Society of Saint Pius Society of Saint Pius X Fr. Ramon Anglés

Fr. Anglés uses canonical arguments and the notion of supplied jurisdiction to explain the validity of confessions and marriages in the chapels of the SSPX. 32pp, AP Reprint, STK# 1015✱ $4.00

X faithful in May 1991 by the then Bishop of Honolulu that was declared null and void by Rome. Contains a copy of the official letter from Cardinal Ratzinger! 4pp, AP Reprint, STK# 1013✱ $1.00

Opus Dei

Nicolas Dehan

Although not widely known in this country Opus Dei is highly influential throughout the world. Nicolas Dehan sets forth the underlying principles of Opus Dei, and puts the faithful on guard against a possible wolf in sheep’s clothing. 24pp, AP Reprint, STK# 6603✱ $3.00

The Angelus is America’s premier magazine of Catholic Faith and Culture. Every month, The Angelus brings you 44 pages of the best in Catholic history, literature, theology, analysis of the Crisis in the Church, family life, liturgy, news of the work of Catholic tradition, Questions & Answers, and much more. The Angelus has been forming the minds of Roman Catholics since 1978 with articles that inform and help you think with a Catholic mind.

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