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Plan de trabajo del proyecto: Let’s investigate animals in Nature!!

Ángel GB CPR ÁGORA 06/02/2013


pages 1. Move & sound like the animals


2. We choose our favourite animal


3. Where animals live!!


4. I got my puppet


5. Where’s the crocodile? A story


6. It’s the animal’s day!


7. We make our own habitat



El proyecto se organiza atendiendo a la siguiente secuencia de actividades:

1. Move & sound like the animals Warm up activity to explore the previous ideas.

2. We choose our favorite animal Children talk about their favorite ones and choose theirs. They must bring school some pictures about their choice to make a poster with all of them.

3. Where animals live! The teacher draws on an A1 or bigger piece of paper a sketch of the jungle then children color it. Possibly, students will talk about some other different habitats like grasslands or forests. We have to keep an eye to incorporate them to our scenes and get knowledge about them. We retell the story every day.

4. I got my puppet Depending on the children’s choice we offer them their own animal to make a mini puppet with a stick to act it out in a story.

5. Where’s the crocodile? A story Using the former picture of the jungle on the A1 sheet, we tell the story with the mini puppets. We retell the story and children act it out every day.


6. It’s the animal’s day! This activity is aimed to a specific animal every class. The children who chose the animal can talk to their mates about it. Later, they all learn a poem about the animal and cook up their own poems, even in L1. On one hand, they must make another animal mobile, on the other they arrange an animal picture puzzle. To celebrate Carnival party we make our own animal masks.

7. We make our own habitat Children make their own scene on an A4 sheet to tell the story into the class and outside the class to their family.


Let's investigate animals in Nature!