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How To Work With A SEO Reseller Offering national or local search engine optimization can be a big benefit to businesses, but it's tough to get together a staff that is knowledgeable enough to make it work, especially if your operation is fairly small. Instead of trying to create your own team, many web designers, traditional marketing firms, hosting companies, sales reps, and more are choosing to partner with a SEO reseller to provide the clients with the service they want through a relationship of mutual benefit. But in order to ensure that the relationship is good on all sides, you need to take some basic steps and lay out some groundwork.

Start By Finding A Good Provider

If you're new to internet marketing, it can be difficult to know who to trust. Don't just go with the first company that shows up in the search results. Make sure to do your research. Look at industry blogs. Check Better Business Bureau ratings. Make sure that the people you ultimately decide to work with are as good at getting results and satisfying clients as they claim to be.

Make Sure All Terms Are Clear

Starting any kind of partnership is an exciting time, but make sure you don't get so caught up in the excitement that you forget to hammer out the basic framework for your business together. Lay out a contract (or at least a formal agreement of some kind) that covers what is expected of both parties. Having all of this determined upfront will reduce the possibility of confusion later on.

Establish A Rapport

Work to develop trust over time with your SEO reseller. You should get to know each other, ideally before they start working with your clients. One really good way to encourage this kind of bonding is by having them take care of your own site. This will give you a sense of how they operate and also iron out any potential discussions that must be had before they get to it with your people.

Put Them In Touch With Your Clients

Having you act as a go-between with the SEO reseller and your people who want local search engine optimization might initially seem like a good plan, but ultimately it just complicates the entire process. Instead, make sure you work with a business that you can trust. Partnership should be just that: they are there to assist you and enable you to better serve your customers. If the vendor doesn't realize and respect that, look for another SEO reseller.

Don't Offer Expert Advice Unless You're An Expert

Search engine optimization is a complex field with a lot of subtlety and many different methodologies. It requires years of practice after learning the basics to establish enough knowledge and experience to make recommendations for specific cases. If you don't have this amount of knowledge yourself, it's best to let the experts you're working with make the recommendations. Ask questions, learn from them, and help shape their recommendations to best fit with the overall marketing strategy you have in mind.

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