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AIESEC AIESEC's Vision Peace and fulfillment of humankind's potential Our Impact Our international platform enables young people to explore and develop their leadership potential for them to have a positive impact in society AIESEC is the world's largest student-run organization and is present in over 120 countries and has over 86,000 members worldwide. AIESEC is a global, non-political, independent, not-for-profit organization run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. We're focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, by offering youth the opportunity to participate in international internships and to be part of a global learning environment. AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to be global citizens, to change the world, and to get experiences and skills that matter today.  Our members are part of an exciting, driven, global network. They are able to contribute to societal change while exploring their own vision for a positive impact on society  Our alumni are leaders within their organization and communities. They use the experience, skills and inspiration AIESEC has provided them to be agents of positive change within today's society.

In Numbers Founded in 1948 Empowering 86, 000 Present in 2,400 124

ambitious leaders top universities countries & territories

Connecting 8000 1,000,000 Generating 15,000 24,000 500

organizations globally impactful alumni unique life-changing internships challenging leadership roles synergizing conferences

Where We're Heading Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG): Engage and develop every young person in the world! We aim to achieve these goals by 2015:

To create a cross-generational positive impact

To be the most credible and diverse Global Youth Voice

To be the First-Choice Partner across sectors

AIESEC AIESEC's Approach Members of AIESEC live an integrated development experience. This involves leadership opportunities, international experiences and interacting with a global network to support their development Students involved in AIESEC have gained skills and competencies through challenging leadership experiences, international internships, and interaction with an extensive global networks. AIESEC currently has 4 programs, including 2 exchange programs: 

Team Member Program (TMP)

Team Leader Program (TLP)

Global Community Development Program (GCDP)

Global Internship Program (GIP)

Team Member Program One of the most crucial ways in which you can start your path towards leadership development, this program introduces students to a practical team experience. Members gain access to a global network and are engaged in practical hard and soft skills development projects

Global Community Development Program Internships are the most intense learning experience we offer, which links together our global network. This program encompasses cross-cultural positive impact through entrepreneurial projects that lead to self development and skill enhancement. It is focused on making an impact globally and developing cultural awareness

Team Leader Program This experience culminates members’ personal and professional development through the concept of team building and management. Team leaders get to lead a team of members and guide them through their work, thus becoming a crucial part of their development.

Global Internship Program This program offers a wide variety of internships (Management, Educational, Technological) that lead the professional development of a member and assists them to specialize in a certain field of work. They are generally longer term in nature and involve working on diverse business projects for partner companies.

AIESEC Western Founded back in 1967, AIESEC Western is one of 29 Canadian local chapters, and is located in London, Ontario. Students from many backgrounds come to us to develop skills as part of our Team Member Program. They have the choice of going abroad to participate in a professional internship in one of the 124 countries that are part of the AIESEC network. As well, we bring students from other countries to London to participate in a professional opportunity with one of our business partners.

Organization Structure Lo Local Committee President

Outgoing Exchange

Incoming Exchange


Talent Management

Marketing and Communications



AIESEC Values Our values provide a way for the collective leadership of AIESEC to encourage common norms of behavior across our global network.

We act in a way that is sustainable for our organization and society We lead by example and inspire leaders through our activities

We create a dynamic We are consistent and environment created by enthusiastic transparent in our participation of decisions and actions. individuals

We aim to deliver the highest quality performance in everything we do

We seek to learn from different ways of life and opinions represented in our multicultural

AIESEC Portfolios AIESEC Western is split up into 6 portfolios:      

Talent Management [TM] Outgoing Exchange [OGX] Communications [COMM] Finance [FIN] Incoming Exchange (IGX) Development [Dev]

Talent Management Members in Talent Management are in charge of the experiences of all Team Members and Team Leaders of AIESEC. We are responsible for attracting, selecting, training, assessing, tracking and rewarding all members. It plays a huge role in making sure that all members have access to the resources and tools necessary to learn and develop to their full potential. You learn to facilitate events and training while developing interpersonal skills.

Outgoing Exchange The Outgoing Exchange portfolio is responsible for all aspects of the AIESEC internship programs, including the selection of exchange candidates, the internship matching process and pre-travel preparation. The members of the portfolio enjoy international travel and meeting new people, while making a positive impact in international communities. A wide variety of skills are developed including: oral communication, project management and problem solving skills. Outgoing Exchange is the portfolio to challenge oneself while engaging in activities that create a direct impact in the lives of the students.

Communications The Communications team is the first engagement between AIESEC and students on campus. The team is responsible for making campaigns targeted for the specific audience and recruitment, all while maintaining a consistent worldwide brand and mindset in the campaigns. We use many different methods that include social media and as well as on-campus promotions for the AIESEC programs. Different challenges are seen in every portfolio, Communications deals with marketing and analyzing what AIESEC provides and as well the student's want and need.

AIESEC Portfolios Finance Finance is responsible for budgeting, tracking and reporting of AIESEC's revenues and expenses, and as well as for the financial supervision of selected Local Committee projects. This portfolio is also responsible for organizing great fundraising events throughout the year, securing sponsors through calls and meetings as well as overall financial oversight. The students have the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills through event planning with Talent Management, budgeting and accounting.

Incoming Exchange Incoming Exchange is responsible for the delivery of our core program – international internship, to local businesses. The portfolio creates, maintains and builds on the external partnerships and relationships of AIESEC's stakeholders. Members of this portfolio market the Global Internship Program and provide companies w i t h a direct link to the global network of young AIESECers. They organi ze c or por at e m eeti ng s with local businesses to give them the opportunity to develop young leaders from around the world.

Development The primary goal of the Development Portfolio is to help sustain growth and facilitate development of the rapidly growing local committee of AIESEC Western. The portfolio identifies and realizes strategic opportunities that expand AIESEC Western’s reach to the outer community such as forming partnerships with local organizations, and develop relationships with the other AIESEC chapters. Achievement of lateral growth within the organization is obtained through the formation of subcommittee system that brings together members from other portfolios to work on LC-wide projects.

AIESEC Exchange Internationalization

22 Exchange Participants realized in over 10 countries Exchange Participants Realized

AIESEC Exchange Exchange Participants Testimonials

' '…You’re going to love it! Keep an open mind especially with some of the cultural difference.' Kristie Lau, Past EP to AIESEC Taiwan

The best part of my internship was the people. I was there for 2 months …. I was working and living with total 20 other interns from 10 different countries" Del Soltani, Past EP to AIESEC Italy

'Why AIESEC? Why not? It's one of the best exchange programs in the world ever, I can't think of one that's better.' Zoubin Irani, Past EP to AIESEC India

"What we do is facilitate leadership and growth through international exchanges, and through facilitating those exchanges at the local level." Zoubin Irani, Past EP to AIESEC India

'As a student this is when you have the opportunity to explore different parts of the world and actually gain valuable skills that you'll need for your career…' - Tiffany Chiu, Past EP to AIESEC China

“I felt an instant connection with the people because the vigor with which the different traditions were celebrated reminded me of [Canada]."Harjot Bhandal, Past EP to AIESEC Brazil

AIESEC Exchange Leadership

40 students from Western University at the local organizing committee



AIESEC Alumni Lisa Bean Lisa Bean is a proud graduate of the Richard Ivey School of Business’ HBA class of 2004, and an AIESEC Western Alumni. Since her time with AIESEC Western, she has been a part of PriceMetrix Inc, a software company based out of Toronto, Canada whose specialty is to help wealth management firms optimize revenue through the use of practice intelligence, industry know-how and actionable data, and she is the current Director of Client Implementations and Training. In the past year, Lisa has still been involved with AIESEC Western, connecting us with several of her other AIESEC contacts, as well as helping us find a contact for one of our Professional Development events.

Rainbow Cheung Rainbow Cheung graduated from Western University in 2010 with a degree in Management and Organizational Studies. She led an over 100% growth in AIESEC Western’s core activities as the President from 2007 to 2008. From 2008 to 2009, Rainbow worked as VP Talent Management in AIESEC Iran and facilitated 8 AIESEC conferences in the Middle East and North Africa. Rainbow is a world explorer with living experiences in 7 countries including Hong Kong, Canada, Iran, Egypt, Algeria, UAE and Singapore. She worked in Meltwater Buzz Dubai (UAE) for 7 months in social media sales. Rainbow has a strong interest in education and environment, and is eager to applying her business development and marketing skills to industries critical to mankind. Rainbow is currently working as Digital Strategist in Social@Ogilvy specialized in business development, social media research and trends, residing in Singapore.

Hussain Haider Ali Hussain Haider Ali graduated from Western University in 2001. He was involved with AIESEC Western on several levels, including acting as the Local Chapter President for a term. Hussain was also able to go on an exchange internship facilitated between AIESEC Western and AIESEC Moi to work for a year in Nairobi, Kenya. Afterwards, his international experience included working in Istanbul, Turkey, and currently he works as a Senior consultant for the Human Resources Department of 519 Church Street Community Centre in Toronto. He has credited many skills he has gained and still applies in his work today to his experiences and time with AIESEC Western, and has come back to our chapter this past year as a member of our Board of Advisors.

Jason Yung Jason Yung graduated from Western University 2012 with a BA in Psychology (Hon). He was involved in the Outgoing Exchange team, and founded the Alumni Relations portfolio at AIESEC Western. His involvement in AIESEC brought him to Cambodia, Oman, Russia, and Brazil. He was the former National Vice President of Business Development in Oman. He is currently the National Vice President of Business Development for AIESEC in Cambodia and is responsible for external relations, sales strategy of the Global Internship Program, as well as working with national partners including Coca Cola, Smart, and RMA Cambodia.

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