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Photo courtesy of Enrique MuĂąoz Studio



In the Hispanic culture, the coming-of-age for a female is often celebrated at 15 years old and the Quinces, or Quinceañera party, can be as elaborate as a wedding. Much like for a bride, the dress is the teen’s most important aspect of the party. But, the food, photography and choreography are important, too. For this feature, we asked several experts (an event planner/caterer, a travel agent and a choreographer and photographer) with extensive Quinceañeras experience about the latest trends.


Food and event planning Grisel Garcia, President and Chief Creative Officer of A Matter of Taste Catering & Event Planning (, said most customers prefer a light menu for teens — such as a pasta station, sliders and chicken — but a more elaborate one for the adults. «We have catered Quinces parties where it was a three-course menu with lobster bisque, salad, filet mignon with salmon, complimentary vegetable medley and rosemary garlic potatoes,» Garcia said.

Photo courtesy of Angel Diaz

Beef or fish dishes are pricier than chicken and carving stations «because they require more than one chef on-site,» she said. Three courses with beef are approximately $40 per person, while a simple twocourse menu is $25 per person. «Dessert or candy stations are very popular and feature colorful, fun chocolates and candy beautifully displayed,» Garcia said. «Dessert shooters [desserts in a shot glass] and donut displays on a self-standing wood piece with pegs to hang donuts on are also a trend.» Trends also include photo booths with props for a take-home memento, and «Food Action Stations» where guests are given ingredients and garnishes for a do-it-yourself experience. And the popular «Hora Loca» with upbeat music, which can include

Photo courtesy of Angel Diaz

Brazilian shows, stilt walkers, fun props for guests and famous singers. She has worked with such themes as Cinderella, Great Gatsby, ’80s and ’90s, Chanel No. 5 and

including aqua, purple, green, red and even black.

Phantom of the Opera. Then there was that animal-

«This trend started a few years back and depends on

loving client who chose to dance with a snake wrapped

the theme chosen,» Diaz said.

around her body.


He adds that stilt walkers during the «Hora Loca» also have the Royal Court of France, which is «very popular with an 1800s theme, and there was a

With more than 30 years in the business, Angel Diaz,

December theme where the Goddess of Winter lady in

of Angel’s Choreography and editor of Anmar Party

stilts greeted guests.»

Magazine, puts on shows and directs rehearsals with professional dancers. «Rehearsals vary depending on the group of

Diaz’s parties can range from $15,000 for approximately 100 guests to $475,000 for a client who spared no expense. His parties are highlighted in his

youngsters and their dancing abilities,» Diaz said. The

magazine, on Vimeo and YouTube. (Watch the party for

number of couples ranges from as few as four to as

that client on Diaz’s Quince TV.)

many as 18.


Although white and off-white are popular colors for her dress, Diaz said the trend now are bold hues,

And future trends? «A previous client in Cape Coral

Most teens pick a song with help from their moms

wants me to do his daughter’s Quinces with pictures

or Diaz’s extensive list. Dances range from bachata or

and video clips filmed in Cuba so a destination video

salsa to 1950s theme.

and photography could be a new trend,» Diaz said.

| Family Matters Miami

Call Now to Schedule your Private Tour 305-227-1149 Cruises In the business for 26 years, Tania Gonzalez, owner of Tania Travel and Tours (, said the Quinceañera cruise business has become one of the most sought-out ways of celebrating a Quince party because it allows the Quinceañera, her family and friends to enjoy a week-long cruise filled with private parties, activities and events instead of a onenight celebration. Cruises vary in price and depend on the ship,

Big things often have small beginnings.

itinerary, cabin selection and total number of sailing days. Whether simple or elaborate, Gonzalez and her team take a client’s requests into consideration prior to sailing and keep in mind it’s a collaborative event. A simpler and edgier approach is what she is experiencing in terms of themes, from a masquerade ball or princess gala, with events taking place throughout the ship. «It is truly based on the ship’s availability at the time I begin planning for the events,» she said. As for future trends, she’s seeing a shift away from the Caribbean to cruises to Europe, the Mediterranean and Alaska.

Photos Alberto Muñoz, who works with his father at Enrique Muñoz Studio (, is an expert on photoshoot location trends. Although iconic spots like the Biltmore and Vizcaya are still used, trends point elsewhere.

CEA is more than a school. It is a place where children learn more about more, where the seeds of curiosity and compassion are cultivated from the start. At CEA, your child is encouraged to take chances and to always do his or her best. This guided process of self-discovery instills in your child’s heart a resilience and confidence that will last a lifetime. Analytical, imaginative, confident, and ever-kind, CEA alumni follow their dreams – and, more often than not – they live them.

«Now, Secret Gardens and Walton House, both in Redland, and Little River Studios are very popular,» Muñoz said. At Secret Gardens of Miami (14450 SW 248th St., Homestead /, the ponds with fish are very popular and they even bring animals like tigers and snakes for the shoots. The teens take photos in canoes wearing fancy dresses, not their



years educating children

gowns. And at Walton House (28501 SW 187th Ave., Homestead /, there’s plenty of greenery, a pool, birds and even a horse. Little River Studios (300 NE 71st St., Miami / has a small movie screen setup including a greenhouse with antique cars that many choose for their shoots.

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Anmar® Party Magazines 31st Christmas Winter Edition  

Anmar® Party Magazines 31st Christmas Winter Edition Anmar® Xclusive Bridal Magazine, Anmar® Kids and Teens Magazine

Anmar® Party Magazines 31st Christmas Winter Edition  

Anmar® Party Magazines 31st Christmas Winter Edition Anmar® Xclusive Bridal Magazine, Anmar® Kids and Teens Magazine