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Customer Journey Lancome Cosmetics

Customer: Female, 32 Online Explorer Little online social influence Willing to try new things


Curiosity Peaked Experience Digital Version




Inner Monologue

What’s My Trigger?

Audience: Creative Team

Receieve and Use




I’m on I hear about a new, great looking make-up and a group of others on the site.

I want to click this link and see what Lancome’s site has to offer me. I’m looking for something specific.

This looks pretty. How will I put this on? Looks great on other people, but what is everyone else saying about it?

This forum on says Alright I’m ready to buy. I’ve it’s a great product with quality. done the research, let’s do this. These authors are reliable too. What are the experts saying?

Is this author reliable? How many other times have I seen this?

Is it harmful to my skin type? How badly do I need it? Will it look good on my skin? How much does it cost on the site?

Is this going to suck? What will my friends think about this shade and color? How much is it? How is this different from what i already have?

Everyone says this is a great Could I have received a promo What else do I need? buy and I know this will go code? well with what I already own. I What else do I need? need to get my hands on it! Is there somehthing just like this for cheaper?

Could I have found this in the store?

I hope this is worth it. Maybe I should share my experience online?

Credibile blog sites have the same if not more power over the customer than purchasing websites like Lancome.

Seeing multiple blog mentions of the same product greatly increases chances of buying.

What others think highly affects how a woman feels when applyin make-up.

Listening and reading reviews Online customers are rarely Ordering online checkout is from someone else is a leading browsing, they know what they always a pain. way to gain product trust. want, and are not suggested anything else that might pair well with the product.

Waiting is the worst part about ordering online. Customers, especially women, hate waiting for their make-up. there is little to no contact from company and customer at this time.

There is a gap from when they get the product and when women will have the opportunity to use it.





Bored, Anxious



Here we go! How do I pay on this site? Did I have a promo code? Swipe. There it is.


So here I am, I’m short on my Finally it’s here! I totally current make-up. Where is it? forgot I ordered this. I Maybe I shouldn’t have to wait. really can’t to put this on.

Customer Experience Journey  
Customer Experience Journey  

An assignment where I was challenged to research and map the customer journey of a 30+ women who buys make-up online, ideally identifying pa...