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Brief Assignment

The much ballyhooed zombie apocalypse has happened, and actually, it’s not as dramatic as we expected. Things were pretty hectic for a year or so, but now the smoke has cleared, and everything is pleasantly familiar, but a little weird around the edges. Sure, everyone’s a little paler than normal, but there’s still zombie farmer’s markets, zombie ultimate Frisbee, and zombie elections between two zombie political factions. Kraft Food, Inc, in fact, is now known as Zombie Kraft Food, Inc. They’ve come to Zombie BBDO and asked you to launch a new gourmet line of human brains called “Cerebella Foods.” Cerebella makes most of its revenue off of a proprietary brain hummus blend. They’d like you to name and market the product for $50MM. Create a brief to inspire your creative team.

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Cerebella Foods: Make A Statem ent

Get The Passionate Zombie population to rally behind our brand. Take Ms. Sarah Zombie for example. Whether it be brains, political action, or organic foods, her innate zombie nature will do whatever it can to allow her wants to become true. As a passionate zombie person, she surrounds herself with other passionate people1, giving herself and others confidence. She reads vigorously2, constantly filling her knowledge appetite whenever she has time; and if she doesn’t have time, she’ll make time. She’ll often forget about her daily tasks to pursue what she is passionate about2. If someone tells her to be passionate- she won’t be- she needs to find why she’s passionate on her own3.

To Make time to research Cerebella Foods, make it her passion, and share her new passion with other passionate zombie people. We want her to be an advocate for the brand and have the avenues available to her for advocacy. Passionate people don’t just stop at awareness, and don’t have a will to stop until they are confident they are making an effect4.

By Making something that needs to be questioned, researched, and proven, igniting a passion. Once her ‘passionate side’ kicks in, the journey is hers, so we need to provide her with the right avenues to share it.

Because Cerebella Foods is not just any other gourmet food line, it’s a food line that goes beyond just taste, but makes a statement.

And Creative Considerations Passionate Zombies love quotes, especially ones like this: “I am what I am because of who we all are.” ~Definition of Ubuntu, a Bantu concept popularized by Nelson Mandela

Research Links: 1 2 3 4

The Zombie Project  

I was assigned this project by Matt Herrmann, Director of Strategy at BBDO, to create brief for the "Zombie BBDO." Their client, Zombie Kraf...

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