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Specialists in Height Safety Systems Steadfast are the UK's leading installers of Roof Edge Protection and Abseil Facade Systems; we provide a specialist range of Fall Arrest Systems, Restraint Systems and Fall Protection Equipment to the construction industry throughout the UK.


Self-Retracting Lifelines Steadfast Anglia high quality Height Safety equipment that is innovative in suit a constantly evolving market. These innovations are relatively effective and can be bespoke for specific projects. At Steadfast Anglia a consistent approach to fall protection led to the development of a specialist range of solutions to myriad fall risk requirements.

Abseil Facade Systems Height Safety is used in the prevention of falls and ensures the forces after a fall does not exceed current legislation of 6kn thus reducing the chances of injury. Construction sites are full of potential hazards and a small fall may prove fatal. It is vital the correct Height Safety equipment is used.

Roof Edge Protection A broad spectrum of Height Safety equipment is available in the form of harnesses, self-retracting lifelines, shock absorbing lanyards, rescue and retrieval equipment along with roof edge protection systems all conforming to current Height Safety legislation.

Fall Protection Rescue Systems In such cases he always needs to be prepared so that no untoward accident ever happens. This is the prime reason why Fall Protection Safety Systems have been put in place. The internet has dozens of sites which specialize in supplying such safety equipment.

Height Safety Equipment  

Steadfast are the UK's leading specialists for height safety and installers of Roof Edge Protection and Abseil Facade Systems; we offer heig...

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