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WE iNTERVIEWed bRAD MOORE AND FOUND OUT THE LASTEST GOSSIP IN HIS LIFE, FROM HIM BEING IN HOSPITAL TO HIS NEW CLOTHES LINE.. BRAD OPENS UP TO SLICK MAGAZINE with how his fans got him through his time in hospital. he also talks to us about his new album out.

4 December 2012 slick magazine


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y o b e h t e k a t n a c u u o y “yo t u b , n o t x i r b f o t u o out n o t x i r b e k a t t can � y o b e h t f o Bradley Moore is back in the game after returning from hospital almost two months ago and he feels better than ever. He has come back with his new album 'Stronger'. Brad was put in hospital on August the 18th as he was shot just an inch away from his kidneys; he is very lucky to be alive, if the bullet was an inch to the right this article would have been called 'Rest In Peace Brad'.


radley was bought up on an estate in Brixton, when violence and drugs were an everyday occurrence; he escaped from his estate in 2006 when he was only nineteen years of age after securing a record deal with heat Records and moved to a much more civilized, safer area. However this did not stop him getting involved with the wrong people, which caused him to be shot and nearly loose his life in August. Slick maga-

zine however want to focus on his music carrier and how he got back to the top in a matter of months and release his album on time despite his recent struggles. Bradley is now back on top purely due to his dedication to complete his album for release day; speaking to Slick he mentioned to us that "if it wasn't for my friends and family who stuck by me and supported me through this terrible time in my life, I wouldn't have released this album in time".

words Angelos Andreou

Brad worked very hard whilst in hospital to write the lyrics of the songs in his album, one of his songs 'The Recovery' actually relates to his time in hospital and how people have to fight for something they want. Following on from the interview we had with him, he told Slick "when you love something as much as I do, you find the strength to focus on your target, in my case my target was to release the album on time. like I have said my love for my music and fans is off the hook". Later on he mentioned about his fans again, saying "I am very grateful for all the fans that tweeted, emailed and wrote letters to me wishing me my best. It was one of the main reasons that motivated me to complete Stronger". 'Sronger' has been nominated for best R&B/Hip-Hop album; we will find out if he wins the awards are in December, however he has some



very good competition with the likes of T.I 'Trouble Man', Chris Brown 'Fortune' and Usher 'Looking 4 Myself'. When we asked Brad what he thinks of being nominated he looked surprised and said, "I didn't even know I was nominated, but now I do I'm pretty proud of myself" and then laughed. His latest album involves Brad's personal life, the problems and emotions he went through; it is possibly his most touching album mentioned in a couple of reviews. The song that is predicted to be the best song in the album refers to his love of his life Milli Lawson and what he misses about her; when we asked Brad how his love life is he simply replied "no comment" and smirked suggestively. So we are expecting some news about Bradley soon, preferably him getting back with Milli? Sorry girls but Brad might be taken never know what these celebrities are gong to do next?

After we got speaking for a while I was more comfortable around Bradley and I felt from his body language that he was more relaxed around me. I then asked him another personal question; is he clean from drugs? He looked quite chilled about the question in comparison to his history in interviews when they have asked this question. However this time it was different, he looked relaxed, almost like he was ready for After getting to know Brad a little the question and had good news to more we asked him if he has anytell us and his fans. He started speaking after another sip of his drink, he said “yes. I am finally clean and have been for almost nine months now, I feel as healthy as ever and on top of the world.” I replied saying how I’m happy for him and that thing for us fans to look forward to he has done well considering he got in the near future. He then mena lot of criticism from the media. tioned about his new clothes line After I spoke about the criticism he ‘Candy’ and how Billionaire Boys got he carried on; “see, the media Club helped him out a lot as most of had a bee in their bonnet about me his loyal fans know the brand is and they felt like they had to kick associated with BBC. He then me whilst I was already down.” He added “my brand will focus on my took another drink of his whisky on favourite styles and will bring some- the rocks and carried on; “the media thing unique and original to the don’t know what it’s like to have the clothing market. As ‘Candy’ will be world looking at them 24/7, and the associated with BBC it will hopeful- pressure you get from everybody ly get noticed by all my lovely fans around you. They just don’t know and even the people who haven’t what it’s like.” heard of me easier; but when I get noticed enough I will defo open my After a while I changed the topic own shops”. and turned it back about his actual

“my love for my music and fans is off the hook”

4 December 2012 slick magazine

bradley is also the new face of diesel

Bradely has recently been announced as the new face of diesel since he has come back into the game of music. Prehaps he is the new face due to most of his clothing being from diesel and that he said in one of his interviews that he loves the brand and purchases most things from diesel; so he is perfect for the part. Part of teh contract with diesel is to make tweets and promote their new products via social networking sites; you may have also noticed that he drives around in a fiat 500 diesel limited edition.

mention that he was up against ‘Clement Mafro and the Frontline’ in the nomination process as he was the most favourite to win the award. He said that “he is an idiot man, he always took the piss out of my music and I will never respect him for that”, he then went a little silent. I then told him how I was team Bradley and didn’t really like Clement Mafro and the Frontline in the first place, Bradley then smiled and then said “yes bro, his music is to mainstream”.

profession, music. I asked him what the fans should expect from the new album being released and whether it is going to be more successful than his first album, ‘Victate’. He said “firstly, the type of music in my new album is much more from the heart and means something to me, the songs in Victate weren’t all written by me”, he then paused and then carried on “the thing people don’t understand is that I had 18 year to write my first album, now I only had 8 months as all my fans are expecting new songs, albums all the time”. He then paused and took a sip of his drink; I then asked him again, do you

Personally I think it’s the amount of awards I win.” As you all know Bradley won ‘best new beginner’ at the Brits at the beginning of this year. He said that “I was very shocked that I even got nominated, let alone won the award. I was up against people like Connor Manard, Frank Ocean all these great people who also deserved to win the award. I am not saying I don’t deserve it, far from that, but I was very shocked”. After he stopped speaking I asked him why he didn’t

“I’m still here bit**es”. think it will be successful, he said “it depends. What do you class as successful, how much money it makes? How many awards the album wins?

Later on after we spoke about Bradley's early life and his new album we moved to a subject that a lot of people are most probably thinking; is he a changed man? We asked him this question and he immediately grinned, he replied, "Listen" and paused, took a sip of his straight whisky on the rocks, and carried on: "the shooting has taught me a lesson. However I don't believe in leaving my old life, my old friends, and forgetting where I came from just because my life might end. I live life on the edge and when my time is up at least I know I did what I want, with who I want". Brad came across as a very strong character that has no fierce on what lies ahead in his life. He later on added, "I will try and stop my habits in getting mixed with the wrong people, however in some cases I can't help it. Sometimes it might not even involve me but it will involve my friends, and when my friends are in trouble they look at me as the one who can sort out their sh*t". So what we gathered from Mr. Moore's attitude and what he has said is that he isn't going to change into someone he is not, and he will carry on the way he is living his life, like he said "I'm still here bit*hes".



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number one fan and has Followed him to ALL of his concerts, this Brixton girl shares the same interests and LOVES his fresh music! Keep writing to SLICK and Brad’s January shout out could be to YOU!

Bradley’s new album stronger to be released. This loyal fan has met Brad a number of times at his London gigs! Keep writing to SLICK and Brad’s January shout out could be to YOU!

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4 December 2012 slick magazine



Keep writing to SLICK and Brad’s January shout out could be to Y

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