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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? By Angelos Andreou


copied the magazine I inspired mine to hen creating be like (vibe) then it my magazine, Slick, would not be unique. I tried to include So firstly I achieved typical features my unique magazine shown in the music magazines genre Hip- by having a different colour theme than Hop/R&B to make any other music it attract the target magazine on the audiences. I used the shelves (purple). I research I had done at the beginning of the used these colours as it displays course, for instance my magazine as analyzing magazines, something new as to help gather up the first thing people enough knowledge see is the colours on the design of Hipand the pictures of Hop/R&B magazines and are presented; this the magazine. I also helped my magazine to created the name of appear as professional my magazine also has many links with the as possible and still genre of the magazine appeal to the target as it as the same feel audience. as cool or wicked. This is the type of I wanted to make my magazine my target magazine stand out audience would like to from others in the read as it seems from market, I felt like if I the very start that it’s a chilled, easy reading magazine; just like the type of music, R&B.

as someone who has handwritten the word ‘Back’ this again relates to the genre of the magazine. I placed a banner at the bottom of the magazine which showed that the magazine has Facebook and Twitter, this appeal to my target audience has part of their social habits is to be on social networking sites. Also my other sell lines contain many well-known artists, which means it will attract a wide variety of audience.

For my main sell line I used a font that is different to all the other sell lines to make it Unlike the normal R&B/ stand out; the font HipHop magazines, I has the same feeling have created an ‘artist

have carefully chosen where my photos have been taken to ensure the target audience is enticed. For instance I took the out side photo shoot of Bradley Moore in London city with buildings and people in the background, which fits in with the article of Bradley being a London city boy. This also links with the target audience as they go up to cities index’ which has many on a regular basis to well-known, famous go to clubs and so on, Hip-Hop/R&B artists the target audience with the page number also prefer the busy the artists are featuring My double paged city instead of the quite spread continue to on next to the names. use the them of white, country side, thus I have gone against why I did not have the black and purple, the conventions of a outside photo shoot reflecting the mood typical Hip-Hop/R&B in the woods. Also magazine as I believe as chilled, relaxed the picture on the first and originality which this again makes my double-paged spread plants a seed into the magazine unique. I will entice the audience readers mind; whilst also believe that this and draw them in, will appeal to my target reading the article as Bradley face is audience as it will allow they will then feel laid back. In the first double half covered by the them to look roughly shadow which implies through the magazine paged spread I have the article will be and within 30 seconds created a large quote interesting and there is which the reader can of skimming through some gossip to know; read in seconds, this it, they will know the target audience like allows the reader to who is featuring in to read about gossip, know whether they Slick magazine and so this will appeal to would be interested whether they want to them highly. purchase it or not. The in my magazine or in this case my article. I benefit with having so many artists in the magazine means it will be very hard for the consumer not to want to read about minimum one to two artists, therefore leading to them purchasing Slick. There is also a section on the contents page, which says ‘follow us on twitter’ and ‘like us on facebook’ which appeals to the audience as the target audience are usually active on social networking sites.

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