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Angelo Eduardo Chagas Portifolio of Academic Works

Architecture and Urbanism


[ Residence ] The residence was a propost of Theory and Project, optional lesson. Each student it projected his own residence based in the self-knowledge developed for the discipline during the year. The activities realized was mockups construction, poems, chronic and readings as “Huis Clos” (Jean-Paul Sartre) and “Also sprach Zarathustra” (Friedrich Nietzsche). That it provided growth as person and in projects methods.

Project. The project integrate all spaces as a whole. external and internal, the house is all, not in nor out. The house have the external living room with swimming pool, a big room with the stair that guide to mezzanine, the separation between room and kitchen it's a little bathroom. Under the stair is a little garden with lake. The mezzanine is a space that the function is a bedroom, office, atelier but without divisions and a close bathroom. All the doors and windows were drawn in harmony with the project. The window have a mobile “brise-soleil”. The materials utilized were bricks and wood. The project was realized individually.


[ Residence ]


Left lateral

Perspective without wall

Funds and kitchen door.


[ Residence ] W.C.




External Livving Room

Plan Cross section A


WC Closet



Cross section B Plan with mezzanine


[ Residence ]

1- External Living Room

2 - Mezzanine



3 - Mezzanine

4 - Swimming Pool




Art Gallery

[ Art Gallery ] Art gallery was proposal by the Integral Projetual Work discipline. We had to project a space destined to store and show the academic works realized by Architecture, Arts and Communication Faculty. On this project we utilized the theory of Gaston Bachelard, poetic of space. We went at the place, take our first impression and start to drawing.

Project The project result was what we call of "Not-building". The construction is a rigid big volume of glass, partially buried with a organic ramp that cross all building, like a promenade. The project is contrasted all the time, it's rigid volume but with soft materials and a organic ramp but with bigger density at the building. Your internal levels are like a not finished construction, scaffolds. It's a great box of glass with two levels of exhibition, one workshop and amphitheater under balanced. The glass utilized was a “Low-E� to block the sun radiation inside the building. The project was realized in group, by Angelo Eduardo Chagas, Ana Paula Cunha Lima and Tayana Fada.


[ Art Gallery ]

Techinique specifications of material


Cross Section A

Buried Plan


[ Art Gallery ]




[ Art Gallery ]


[ Art Gallery ]


University Library - UNESP Bauru

[ University Library - UNESP Bauru ] This project haves the intention of propose a new library for UNESP so that better the functioning and the space exploitation. Project: The building consists on blocks with different heights but almost without internal separations, only differentiation by levels. The entrance haves a big reception with desktops and private study rooms, access to second floor, where is sited the coffee shop, digital collection, exhibition and space for playful activities. The book collection have a restricted access and different levels with a study space, not needing leave with books. the library also have a external amphitheater for pre sentations, lecture and workshops. The project was realized in group, by Angelo Eduardo Chagas, Ana Paula Cunha Lima and Tayana Fada.


[ University Library - UNESP Bauru ]


[ University Library - UNESP Bauru ]


[ University Library - UNESP Bauru ]


Book collection

Book collection


External Amphitheater


External Space Coffe Shop

Reception Room

Exhibition Digital Collection Playful activities

Plan of first floor

Plan of second floor


[ University Library - UNESP Bauru ]

Cross Section A

Cross Section B


[ University Library - UNESP Bauru ]


[ University Library - UNESP Bauru ]


[ University Library - UNESP Bauru ]


Architecture, Arts and Communication Faculty

[ Architecture, Arts and Communication Faculty ] Campus FAAC it's project that move the faculty from the suburb to the downtown of Bauru, because the courses are directly related with the city and new courses are added too. The place of project is on Bauru downtown, in a block with historic buildings, located in the front of old train station, where city development start. Project: The project is a tower with 23 floors, which opens space for the station and not dispute with this, but complements her. The station haves a horizontal presence and the tower come with the verticality, also with the intention to be a focal point at the city. The historic buildings were incorporated to the project. The program is distributed for the tower, starting with subterranean parking, Theater partially buried, library and principal entrance on first floor, classrooms, studios, laboratories and ateliers occupy the superior floors, each floor is destined to only one function, on the coverage is a restaurant and belvedere. The access is by elevator complex, and external panoramic stairs but protected with glasses and grid on floor for air circulation. The project was realized in group, by Angelo Eduardo Chagas, Ana Paula Cunha Lima, D창maris Rodrigues and Tayana Fada.


[ Architecture, Arts and Communication Faculty ] The Milanesi hotel, on the corner, was incorporated to the project with the function of students residence. The Estoril Hotel was incorporated to theater, with the function of figurine laboratory, and the faรงade of Cariani Hotel was incorporated on a lateral of library and theater.



[ Architecture, Arts and Communication Faculty ]



[ Architecture, Arts and Communication Faculty ]

Entrance by Rodrigues Alves avenue Stairs detail


[ Architecture, Arts and Communication Faculty ]

- Coffee Shop


[ Architecture, Arts and Communication Faculty ]

1 2

3 1 - Theater entrance. 2 - Square 3 - Balcony


[ Architecture, Arts and Communication Faculty ]


[ Angelo Eduardo Chagas ]

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