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ANGEL MUZAS Architect - ARB 090855J

PERSONAL INFORMATION: ADDRESS: 15 Sadler Court Manchester, Greater Manchester M15 5RP

CONTACT: 07522369560

WORK HISTORY 2015 - Partner in the architecture office Chiquitostudio design and project execution plan of a hotel in Guinea Bissau.(15/16) Design + Details + Structural calculation + Quantity survey + Budget 2016 - Partner in the architecture office MYSA arquitectos in the field of urban regulation. (16/17) Incidents reporting + Urban planning 2017 - Partner in the architecture office Illenc estudio. Expert report 2017 - Architectural Technician in Beech Design and Build, working in two listed building grade II. (Refurbishment and extension) + New building (17- Present) Design + Details + Structural design + CGIs + Planning submission + D&A PERSONAL PROJECTS 2014 - Collaboration in the international workshop “interfering with the flow of Vargas beach” through Aplatanarq. 2015 - Development Aplatanarq of “salones urbanos” with citizen engagement. 2015 - Design and construction management in an extension. 2016 - Furniture design. 2016 - Refurbishment and change of use of existing building. House to school. 2016 - Retail refurbishment. EDUCATION 2008 - Architecture plan 2001 - University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) 2012 - Architecture - Università degli Studi Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria (Italia) 2015 - Thesis: [E]co-barrio en “Le palmeraie”. Resilience, from theory to practice. LPGC (Score 9/10) PUBLICATIONS 2008 - Silencio : desde el silencio y desde el paisaje [Catálogo] / Bienal de Canarias ; Coord. Juan Manuel Palerm Salazar. Autor:Bienal de Canarias de Arquitectura, Arte y Paisaje AWARDS 2014 - Honorable mention in Troldtekt Award 2014: “From the little scale to the big” Proposal # 11999 2016 - Project selected by the ULPGC to take part in the “9 Biennal Internacional de Paisatge” of Barcelona. LANGUAGES English - Spanish - Italian SOFTWARE Autocad - Revit - Cype - Sketchup - Archicad - Photoshop - Illustrator - Indesing - Blender - Lumion - Arquimedes - Adobe Premiere

[E]co-barrio en Le palmeraie�


Agadir ______________________ Morocco The project in Agadir is situated in an area of urban growth, a meeting space between two main roads and the confluence with a ravine. The ecobarrio focuses on a theoretical model based on resilience and how to apply in a practical way. Resilience in the urban environment seeks to reduce vulnerability and is also linked to the dynamic concepts of development and urban growth. The project focus on dealing with external changes whilst maintaining the structure, functions, and identity. Reinforced with other theoric concepts as dynamic equilibrium, cycles, thresholds, and panarchy are reflecting the effects through scales. General strategies of action are established, based on an analysis of uses, mobility, free spaces and social cohesion. P. 4

P. 5

P. 6

Development of the sector in ground floor

espacio soporte de la comunidad, almacĂŠn, aseos y taquillas (horticultura)

espacio para compostaje de residuos organicos

First floor

Second floor

Third floor

P. 7

External walls

The proposal materializes closing on the outside, a harder faรงade that emphasizes the contour and looking for the ambiguity of the scale. The connectors that supply the dwellings became a filter and give a different kind of space along with secondary courtyards, separate from the main green axes. The internal area is transformed in that way, intensifying and creating a distinction between areas, and where life and movement of the community are encouraged.

P. 8

Internal Elevations

Longitudinal section of the building

P. 9



Bisรกu____________________ Guinea-Bisรกu In the middle of an underdeveloped country, the city of Guinea tries to grow surrounded by many problems and deficiencies. Through private initiatives, the possibility arises of generating a proposal that seeks to generate a trigger point, that keeps identity with the place and the tradition. A hotel complex that closes to the outside to be reborn through three patios that articulate the proposal. Each of them with an identity, each with a different function. Water becomes a fundamental element as it is a city in which rain periods of 4 months are interspersed with drought. The project, instead of repelling the water, brings it back and stores it under one of the patios.

P. 10

P. 11

A city able to master the water from the sky, to the people. As an Umbrella

A social center built from water, with branches looking to the sky. As a tree

Health care

180 People / Dry Season


140 People / Dry Season

Canteen Exhibition space 2/135 m2

Social Center

210 People / Dry Season

Impluvium Exhibition space 1/216 m2


Exhibition space 3/94.5 m2


120 People / Dry Season

Rain water Manual pump Social space /81 m2

Fine gravel 15cm 25%Impurity

Coarse gravel 13cm Geotextile

10% Impurity


10% Impurity

Cost in water


Charcoal 13cm 40%Impurity

41 m3 Stones

Fine gravel 9cm 15%Impurity

Water footprint16000 l

Coarse gravel 15cm 7%Impurity

207 m3 Clay Bricks Water footprint 294400 l

Clean water

17 m3 Straw Water footprint 2105740 l



It falls furiously, uncontrollably. It has been a long wait. The landscape is beautiful. The people communing amongst each other conscious of how the scene is flooded by an electrical blue. It will paint in its path hay rooves like those from long ago, aiming to be silently Shephered to a warm patio where they come to lay rest. Then continuing its journey through the rock, gravel and charcoal that undresses its impurities, for the grace of the thirsty. Joint 1


322.4 m3 Vitacola Water footprint 42114800 l

Total water footprint 154189000 l

Humidity season 1200mm/m2 rain

Water collected

P. 12

450000 l

Humidity season

0 mm/m2 rain

Joint 4


Joint 3


Joint 2


Detalle cubierta 6


Detalle base



Detalle forjado Lámina TYVEK

1 2

5 6



• Excelente resistencia a los rayos UV y al calor, que otras láminas de varias capas probadas no pueden garantizar (*) • Impermeable al agua • Estanca al aire y al viento • Altamente permeable al vapor de agua • Óptima gestión del aire y humedad en los edificios residenciales y comerciales • Disponible con cinta adhesiva integrada • Recomendada para las cubiertas con poca inclinación y las aplicaciones para fachadas y pisos • Destinada a todas las aplicaciones para cubiertas inclinadas con o sin soporte (madera y hormigón), incluyendo cubiertas frías, calientes e híbridas











Cubierta 1- Manojos de paja hilvanados entre sí. Colocados sobre rastrel mediante unión de cuerda.


1. Bloques de adobe de 25x12x6cm, realizados con prensa manual, colocados en aparejo belga.

2. Rastreles de madera 40x40mm. Madera blanda tipo pino.

1. Banda elástica de poliestireno expandido.

2. Revoco de arcilla y arena y acabado con pintura a la cal.

3. Contrarrastreles de madera 40x40mm. Madera blanda tipo pino.

2. Pavimento cerámico con mortero de agarre.

3. Viga de hormigón armado HA25.

4. Lámina Tyvek tipo Dupont Tyvek Supro (Polietileno de alta densidad termoligado con capa superficial en polipropileno) en rollos de 50x1.5m con solape de 15cm entre ellas.

3. Losa maciza de hormigón armado de 15 cm espesor.

4. Revestimiento interior realizado con mortero de cemento y acabado superficial con pintura plástica.

5. Tableros de madera 300x30x3. Madera dura tropical, tipo Elondo. 6. Viga estructural de 35x15cm. Madera dura tropical, tipo Vitacola.

4. Relleno de tierra compactada. 5. Relleno de gravas de diámetro variante. 6. Geotextil para hormigonar.

5. Vigas de vitacola apoyadas sobre durmiente. 6. Espuma de poliuretano. 7. Placas de yeso.

P. 13

BLOOM & MINDEL.Beech Design and Build

Manchester_________________________ Two enlisted buildings grade 2 in the middle of Manchester. A sensitive architectural response to the existing warehouse buildings and their historical and physical context. The aim to design and deliver the proposals that will return 11 Bloom Street and 10 Minshull Street to active use and complete the repair and regeneration of the vacant listed buildings. With works that includes the repair, refurbishment and new use of 11 Bloom Street and 10 Minshull Street, including the removal of nonoriginal internal partitions and construction of a new single storey vertical extension and roof terrace to 11 Bloom Street to provide 80 residential apartments hard landscaping, external lighting, access, servicing and other associated works.

P. 14

Mindel House was constructed as a warehouse c. 1876 and is typical of this period. As a warehouse, the building would have been built with offices at the ground and first floors, with the upper floors open. Mindel House was a manufacturer’s warehouse of a typical plan, being almost square and each floor was generally divided into specialist departments.

P. 15

The building in Bloom St. was constructed also as a warehouse, most likely finished in 1877 when it appears in the trade directories with several occupants. The building layout is also typical of an export warehouse in that it had a corner doorway with steps up to a raised ground floor. This led directly to a fine staircase rising through the building. Offices and the wareroom were likely on the ground floor, with more offices on the first floor, also shown by the embellishment of the architecture in these areas, such as plaster cornices. DRAWING NUMBER

+24.38 STAIRCASE DETAIL SEE DWG 530 +23.70




Proposed staircase Kitchen and Living Room

Kitchen and Living Room

Kitchen and Living Room


nies an Building ll Street,

of Beech sensitive buildings o design treet and pair and


piccadilly station Proposed staircase Bedroom

Kitchen and Living Room

Kitchen and Living Room


bishment ull Street, partitions extension esidential access,


Proposed staircase

Kitchen and Living Room

Kitchen and Living Room





Existing staircase

Kitchen and Living Room

Kitchen and Living Room


As a whole, both buildings holds a great deal of communal, historic and evidential value forming a part of a group of warehouses built at the same style and in the same location. Also, as it retains much of the external façade from its original consJANUARY 2018 | Design and access statement | 09 truction, it also has a high degree of aesthetic value, mainly relating to the Bloom Street and Minshull Street frontages. The interior has survived less well, but still retains several original features, and so does not detract from the overall heritage value.


Existing staircase

Kitchen and Living Room

Kitchen and Living Room



P. 16



Main entrance

Kitchen and Living Room

Existing staircase


Secondary entrance Âą0.00


Kitchen and Living Room


P. 17


Beech Design and Build

Manchester_________________________ From early analysis undertaken, it became apparent that the site was not fulfilling its potential and that there was an opportunity to create a new form to act as a gateway landmark building towards MediaCity:UK. The proposal of 19 apartments was taken after taking into account the limitations of the site, boundary, height and services as well as exploring a number of massing options, the best location for the new building would be on the north-west corner of the site with an L-shaped massing

P. 18

The proposed scheme has been considered in response to the opportunities and constraints presented by the site. The scheme aims to achieve the following key principles: • Defining the edges of the site, strengthening the urban grain of the area and creating good design precedents for future developments. • Responding to the varying scales along the street scene. The site’s prominent position at the junction of South Langworthy Road and Eccles New Road provides the opportunity to create a feature building at the gateway towards MediaCityUK. • Designing a building with a contemporary residential appearance to act as the entrance into MediaCity. • Encouraging sustainable city living, with a large secure bike storage and a sustainable waste management strategy. • Acknowledging the scheme’s environmental responsibilities and recognising its obligations, aiming to contribute positively into the local area by minimising its environmental impact of the building

P. 19












55mm) con mortero

ámara (70/20/33mm)

machihembrado en L de

de poliestireno



9 10

13 8.




Capa vegetal Geotextil Placas modulares 30mm Geotextil Antiraiz Lámina impermeabilizante EPDM(etilopropileno) Mortero de nivelación Pendienteado Estructura mixta conformada por viga metálica(IPE 200) y chapa colaborante

9. Cordón de sellado de junta 10. Remate de correa de hormigón de aluminio 11. Unión de la estructura mixta con estructura de hormigón mediante placa de acero y anclajes químicos 11

12. Acabado suelo(pavimento+mortero) Capa de mortero de nivelación Banda elástica para empujes perimetrales y aislamiento de ruido de impacto de polietileno expandido (PE) de 5mm de espesor Forjado bidireccional reticular con casetones perdidos de poliestireno expandido 13. Capa separadora de poliestireno expandido y cordón de colmatación superior con un elastómero.

P. 20

Tutor: Flora Pescador Monagas

Tutor Estructuras: Juan Rafael Pérez Cabrera

Tutor Construcción: José Miguel Rodríguez Guerra

Autor: Ángel Muzás Sanjuán

P. 21

P. 22

P. 23

P. 24

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