Fall 2021 Issue

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PUBLISHERS XPRESSION Wow! It is hard to believe that in just a few months 2021 will come to an end. Our world and communities-at-large have faced some of its most turbulent times to date. Yet God has been faithful! I am thankful to God for in the midst of a pandemic, our organization has had favor, growth, and success! Xcellence, Inc. is thriving! What a blessing it is to be trusted with the assignment that I have been given in life to develop, empower, and promote leaders! We tapped into something great and once we all began sharing our stories and testimonials of Xcellence, Inc., we knew then that each time we came together especially in our events and travels across the country, we were creating memorable experiences. Therefore, we adopted the phrase, "The Xcellence Xperience!" Sometimes you have to push, sacrifice, trust and know that you deserve to be in the room. It has now become our signature to travel across the country, providing leadership experiences to equip leaders to connect with like-minded individuals to not only achieve their personal goals but for us all to lock arms, united by like-mindedness to have a greater impact in the world. In this Fall 2021 Issue of Xcellence Community Magazine, our goal is to bring our experiences to you legibly. To our Executive Board Members, Leaders, and Members, thank you for trusting us and our leadership. We hosted three powerful events this year, we kicked off the year in April by renting a mansion for women leaders to be poured into during the Sisters-in-Xcellence Luxury Leadership Retreat in Tampa, Florida. We then prepared to celebrate with our Brothers-In-Xcellence in the release of their new book, "The Levitical Man," and the Power of One Leadership Summit held in Houston, Texas. Lastly, on October 10th, we hosted in Atlanta, Georgia, the "Tommy Ford Legacy-A-Thon & Awards," honoring the late comedian, and humanitarian, Mr. Tommy Ford. Check out this power-packed inspirational issue loaded with some of the country's top leaders in their respective fields. I invite you to join our Xcellence Movement by visiting: www.xcellenceinc.org.

Dr. Angella Banks



It all began the summer of 1993 after graduating from High School that I took on a job at one of the Country’s largest printing companies. World Color Press Printing Company was one of the elite printing organizations around. I enjoyed the job as it provided a great salary for my family. I learned the full process of printing in a period of two years and began to quickly move up in the organization. By the fourth year I had become a Color Certified Printer. With this certification I was able to work with customers such as Vogue, GQ, and Time Magazine, just to name a few. This was a great career that I enjoyed dearly and considered myself to be a professional. Unfortunately, when the Internet became popular and books became available online, the magazine industry decreased immediately. The new wave of the internet caused the facility to close. Today, It is a pleasure to be back doing something that I like. To be named Editor in Chief of Xcellence Community Magazine has been like a dream come true. I have learned that, when you’re passionate about something it will always find its way back around to you. I look forward to the next couple of months being able to help Dr.A take the magazine to a higher level of Community and Leadership involvement. The time is now for more leaders to step up and move forward. WE ARE XCELLENCE.


1I am Grateful, Editor in Chief,

Thomas D. Adams