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Angelique Tatad Industry, Theory, and Practice Mega Trends S/S 2013

Retro Rewind 2011-2012 Backcast

Retro Rewind 2011-2012 Backcast

Vintage inspired looks were embracing the 2011-2012 runway. Many designers such as Marc Jacobs and Nina Ricci were feeling nostalgic and brought back classic fashions for the season. Full and wide garments were showcased along with sheer and long fabrics. The bright colors popped and complimented the soft prints as well. Inspirations from as early as the 20’s were seen.

s/s 2013 Mega Trends As we mature from the retro era we see fashion evolving and growing into a sophisticated style. Moving away from full skirts and sheer fabrics, in 2013 fitted silhouettes and cleaner style lines will become more apparent. Because consumers want to grow and evolve as well, they will begin to move on from the past and better their lives. Eliminating the old and adapting to the present is the motto for 2013.

Refined Elegance

Refined Elegance Trend

Refined elegance reduces the complicated impurities to bring a clean and simple look. A fitted silhouette accented by abstract details depicts a solid base for a new structure. Refined elegance gives a fresh and beautiful start for the spring and summer seasons.

Refined Elegance Drivers The current drivers of this trend are consumers wanting to start new and fresh. Consumers have held on to the past for long enough and are beginning to realize that. Consumers need a clean, blank slate in order to start over.

Refined Elegance Manifestations

Consumers are in need of a fresh start. This trend offers consumers a sense of structure and state of calmness within the evolving world. Current trends that will evolve into this trend are the new architectural designs. New buildings and skyscrapers have gone up this past year encouraging fashion to become abstract and structurally functional like the beautiful buildings.

Refined Elegance Style Story The key items of refined elegance are fitted silhouettes. Abstract and structured dresses are needed to complete this look. Other key items are short pleated skirts to show simple lines and an architectural influence.

Refined Elegance Crisp Linen

Evening Fog

Sweet Blue

Blue Crush


Innocent Jade

Blue Moon

Dark Knight

Color Story The colors in refined elegance give a feeling of lightness and serenity. Blue is the dominant color because it is the color of looking beyond and increasing the future outlook, which is the underlying theme of this trend.

Refined Elegance Oxford Cloth

Polyester Knit

Natural Linen

Fabric Story Refined elegance gives a sense of simplicity. Consumers will feel light fabrics that are soft to the hand. The use of polyester knits will allow not only for stretch, but comfort for this trend. Natural Linens and Oxford will create neatly structured dress shirts for the consumer.

Enigmatic Luster

Enigmatic Luster Trend

This futuristic trend creates an outlet for consumers to engage into the quickly evolving world. As technology expands this trend will become more popular. The structured garments give a sense of dominance and presence. With bold hues and lines this trend will give confidence and focus to the consumers.

Enigmatic Luster Drivers

The driving force of this trend would be the growth of technology. Consumers always look to the future for the newest technology. The fast growing technological craze illuminates this futuristic trend.

Enigmatic Luster Manifestations

Consumers are now interested in evolving and looking ahead of time. This look will grow as consumers curiosity for the future develops. Current trends that inspire enigmatic luster are the on going creations of new technological products. There is always something better out there that the consumer must have.

Enigmatic Luster Style Story

Key items to create this fashionably forward look would be bodycon dresses with simple leather details. Also, fitted bottoms such as color blocked leggings will help accentuate this futuristic trend.

Enigmatic Luster Anemone


Modern White

Milky Way

Dreamy Mauve

Twilight Purple


Midnight Galaxy

Color Story

The mystery of the future is what inspired the color pallette of this trend. Enigmatic luster is filled with purple pastels and is accented with deeper hues to depict a galactic trend. Purple is the color of high importance which will give consumers a confident feeling within this trend.

Enigmatic Luster Silk Taffeta

Fabric Story

Jersey Cotton

Stretch Wool Gabardine

The fabric used for enigmatic luster would be textiles that have a sheen and can be fitted and tailored. Taffeta is used to give the trend true luster. Fabrics such as jersey cotton and gabardine are light fabrics; perfect for Spring/Summer and can be easily sewn for a fitted silhouette.

Exotic Divergence

Exotic Divergence Trend

Bright hues and prints give this ethnic inspired trend a unique sense. This trend is a worldly inspiration from many different cultures. It is colorfully up-beat and beautifully bold. exotic divergence is suited for the Spring and Summer season.

Exotic Divergence Drivers

Current drivers of this trend would again be the interest of the consumer to evolve and gain more knowledge of the world. Also, consumers are in a state of growth. They want to be diverse and educated. Culturally driven, the consumers will grow to adapt to new ethnic styles and inspirations.

Exotic Divergence Manifestations

Past trends of traveling show consumers staying close to home for vacations. As 2013 approaches consumers are now globe trotting and finding desires to explore the world, which will drive this ethnic trend. With deals from internet discount sites like Groupon and Living Social, consumers are able to have getaways while saving some money.

Exotic Divergence Style Story

Key items for exotic divergence would be loud prints to represent different cultural patterns. Head wraps are also a great accessory for this trend, along with brightly colored tops accessorized with big jewelry.

Exotic Divergence Indian Summer

Scarlet Sun

Lemon Twist

Palm Leaf

Frosted Ice

China Blue

Forward Fuschia

Izmir Purple

Color Story

The color palette of this trend is filled with bright hues to evoke a sense of happiness and excitement. Each color is derived from different cultural garments from around the world, which allows the consumer to become one step closer to exotic divergence.

Exotic Divergence Printed Camelot

Fabric Story

China Silk

Kente Cloth

Printed fabrics like Camelot and Kente cloth are key to achieve this ethnic trend. Not only will these fabrics have great patterns, but they are also unique fabrics coming from all around the world such as Asia and Africa. The use of the different fabrics ties this worldly trend together.


Efflorescence Trend

Efflorescence is the result of development and growth. This trend represents the desire of consumers to evolve and grow in 2013. Florals and romantic features embellish this trend. Flowers symbolize growth and life, which are aspects of 2013.

Efflorescence Drivers

Because consumers are feeling the need to grow and expand, efflorescence will emerge during the spring and summer because of the representation of blooming and growing flowers. Another driving force of this trend is the desire of gardening by younger generations.

Efflorescence Manifestations

Consumers of the Generation X and Y are realizing how much of a necessity gardening is, hence the popularity of this upcoming trend. Consumers are embracing the go-green movement which also compliments this trend. Currents trends that will help popularize efflorescence would be the eco-friendly consumers rising. Also gardening for health, restoration, and beauty has heightened.

Efflorescence Style Story

Key items for this trend are printed blouses. Darker floral bottoms are essential as well. Mixing and matching florals are also key and should be complimented with solid color accessories.

Efflorescence Honeydew

Green Lily






Baby’s Breath

Color Story

The color pallette of efflorescence is a group of muted hues. With soft colors, this color story sets a light mood for spring and summer. Each color was carefully picked and inspired by flowers.

Efflorescence Recycled Polyester Knit

Fabric Story

Printed Cotton

Organic Cotton Jersey

Because consumers have become interested eco-friendly fabrics, recycled polyester and organic cotton will be used. Also, printed floral cottons are essential to this botanical trend.


Industry, Theory, Practice Mega Trends S/S 2013

S/S 2013 Mega Trends  

Trend forecasting book created for Industry, Theory, and Practice

S/S 2013 Mega Trends  

Trend forecasting book created for Industry, Theory, and Practice