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ISSUE 8 | July 2008

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Hello, welcome again to Haworth 360. We have an action packed issue, starting with the “re-opening” of our new corporate headquarters in Holland, Michigan. The new One Haworth Center is a wonderful demonstration of Haworth’s global commitment to sustainable design, and is a showcase of our organizational capabilities around workplace and culture. This knowledge was recognised also at NeoCon in Chicago with Haworth winning best large showroom for the third time in five years.

AllWays on the move Introducing Very Haworth’s HQ Grand Opening New Product Brochures

ADAPT Roots & Shoots - Haworth undergoes ‘green’ audit Straw preserves forests: AllWays available strawboard worksufaces

KNOWLEDGE WORKTECH ASIA ‘Green Manufacturing’ - KnowledgeCircle Series Fritz Hansen furniture




GREEN Haworth opens ‘Green Tour’ and ‘Green Office’ to demonstrate sustainability office solutions Haworth Sustainability Report 2007 LEED 2009 The World Celebrated ‘Environment Day’ on June 5th 2008

IDEATION Better Buildings Better Companies Better Buildings for Better Outcomes-An Australian Perspective

PARTNER Beijing says ‘Hello Moto’ Jones Lang LaSalle is Climate Positive Marvell makes the switch Haworth and Fritz Hansen offer modern image for banking leader

In our part of the world, we launched the Green Office program with the first installation in Shanghai. The Green Office is Haworth’s tangible demonstration and commitment to sustainability leadership in the region. This program captures all the elements of our green credentials including our green design, green manufacturing, social responsibility and carbon offsetting. We are taking this concept across Asia Pacific, The Middle East and Latin America. The Knowledge@haworth series continues to bring workplace knowledge and new research to our partners and customers. The May and June sessions held in Sydney, Melbourne and Dubai covered topics of ‘social engagement’ and ‘green design and manufacturing’ - offering new information creatively delivered and interpreted. Each seminar encourages new ways of thinking about workplaces and our role in the ‘bigger picture’. July sessions will be held in Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Singapore. In China, the devastating earthquake in Sichuan province has affected us all. Services were held throughout the country, with 3 days of official mourning. Like many organisations in China, Haworth members each made individual donations, collecting a commendable RMB 137,200. Haworth Corporate contributed to the donations raised, resulting in an overall donation of RMB 205,800. We continue to think of ways we can make a difference and are grateful that all of our members were safe.

DESIGN NC-B Resonate

Please enjoy this issue of Haworth 360.

AllWays Finalist for Australian International Design Awards 2008 Haworth Wins Gold at NeoCon World’s Trade Fair AllWays CAD Symbols-Now Online

GLOBAL Renovated Headquarters Reflects Friendships

Regards, Frank Vice President & General Manager Haworth Asia Pacific, the Middle East & Latin America

Haworth offers a new conference program integrating multi media technologies


AllWays on the move

Introducing new members of AllWays family - a 120-degree workstation and an AllWays Executive desk. The AllWays Executive desk enhances the high aesthetic appeal of AllWays with executive elements such as a gorgeous compact laminate, leather desk inlay and leather wrapped storage pedestal. Surprising elements such internal pedestal color choices makes this a fabulous functional workspace and a style statement. The AllWays 120-degree workstation continues the design concept of clean, aesthetic and high-function reconfiguration with concise under-desk structure catering for cluster of 6 or more. Multiple standard functional components, such as desk mount screen, modesty screen, hung screen monitor arm could be easily attached to worktop rim to complete the total solution. The recommended cable solution (4 power and 4 data for each end user) via horizontal cable channel can support cluster of 6 by exclusive outside cable entrance. The 120-deg workstation is also applicable for high adjustable / freestanding desk application. For more information please contact


Introducing Very Building on ergonomic science, Haworth created a conference and stacking chair for use throughout organizations. The globally designed chair, Very, is used in café, touch down, teaming and seminar spaces, as well as guest seating. Designed by Haworth’s Global Design Team and Simon Desanta, the design goal was a chair with a global feel and unexpected comfort, including the feeling of mesh on a simple plastic chair. The result is a light scale plastic chair with a perforated surface, offering texture and options of color to suit individual preferences. Very offers design adaptability and versatility with universally simplistic styling for a sophisticated look that supports broad application. The chair easily blends with a wide range of interior solutions - Very can be applied with different materials, colors or styles to meet functional needs, create personality for the interior and support user preferences. With scalable style and material options, Very offers value with strong science innovative comfort at its price point. Very received Gold MBDC and Greenguard certification and is expected to contribute to LEED certification points. The chair represents the first phase in an international seating family that is manufactured and sold around the world. This is also a true family of seating with four models - wire stacker, side stacker (non-recline), seminar chair and team conference chair. Very received two Best of NeoCon awards in 2008 – a Gold in the Seating: Stacking category and a Silver in the Seating: Conference category. It will be available to order from October 2008. For more information please contact

Haworth's HQ Grand Opening Nearly 1,200 architects, designers, clients, government officials, journalists, and other special guests from around the world arrived at One Haworth Center, Holland Michigan on Wednesday, May 21 to participate in the first day of the two-day Grand Opening Celebration event. Guests attended a series of presentations throughout the week that covered topics such as sustainability, architecture, and the creation of One Haworth Center. “When people come to One Haworth Center, they won’t just see a beautiful place,” said Mabel Casey, VP Global Marketing and Sales Support. “They’ll see how our people add to the physical place. Our people make the difference in our spaces.” “We want to help clients create workspaces where their company can be more productive and more efficient through the use of our products. We’re really thinking about how we use our products from our client’s perspective. Building this facility is taking these exact thoughts and practicing them on ourselves” said Dick Haworth, Chairman of the Board. The new One Haworth Center is a 300,000 square foot testament to adaptable, user-focused, sustainable design and includes a sun-filled atrium and sedum plantings on the roof. Over 750 workstations with access to daylight and views. The new corporate headquarters incorporates many of the principles we encourage our clients to adopt every day. By incorporating Haworth's organic workspace solutions throughout, the interior will suit our corporate needs today, and allow us to mold spaces to evolving business needs and user workstyles. The fully renovated environment will function as a living laboratory of innovative organic workspace solutions. In line with our sustainability objectives, One Haworth Center is registered for LEED®-NC Gold certification by the U.S. Green Buildings Council.

New Product Brochures Have you seen the new AllWays, Storage, Xone and Bamboo brochures? To order a brochure, please contact your local sales here

ADAPT Roots & Shoots - Haworth undergoes ‘green’ audit Haworth donated Climate Positive office furniture to Roots & Shoots (a global environmental and humanitarian program for youth) who, in return, sent their young interns to conduct an Eco-Office Evaluation of Haworth’s Shanghai HQ. Haworth is a company dedicated to sustainability, and we wanted to make sure that our employees were doing their individual parts to reduce, reuse, and recycle. The test results showed: • Haworth scored 80.2%; all in all, we did very well overall • Haworth provides glasses to employees, no use of paper cups, therefore better for the environment • Haworth employees share equipment which saves energy; we can all map to 1 of 2 printers instead of having several printers • Haworth employees use double-sided printing, re-uses paper to save resources and energy • Inkjet is returned and a refund is given in exchange; the ink is not thrown away, we keep it and get a refund for it to help the environment • Tips: > Shut down copy machine and printer because they are always on stand-by, even after office closes > More plants in the office to make people feel more comfortable and provide more oxygen > Employees are encouraged to set up screen saver to save energy > Suggest that for corporate travel, we use trains instead of airplanes to reduce our carbon footprint (which is impossible!) > Turn off the A/C to save energy, turn off the lights in rooms that are not being used This office evaluation gives Haworth employees a concept about how to protect the environment and keep things green all the time; good for Haworth, good for people, and good for the future to make China and the Planet more sustainable.

Straw preserves forests: AllWays available with strawboard worksurfaces Straw is an agricultural byproduct that makes up ½ of a cereal-crop yield, such as oats, rice or wheat. In times gone by, straw was regarded as a useful part of the harvest, but with the advent of modern farming and machine-based harvesting methods, farmers came to regard straw as a nuisance and a burden. However, straw can be put to many uses, old and new. Haworth has partnered with local farmers to recreate the resourcefulness of yesterday. Environmental benefits of re-using straw: • Avoids generating toxic fumes and greenhouse gases as a result of burning straw; • Provides additional income to farmers, enabling them to reinvest in quality seeds for their main crop. This empowers them to provide for their families and put their children through school. Strawboard: a solution in social and environmental sustainability. For more information please visit



KNOWLEDGE WORKTECH ASIA As the countdown to the first-ever WORKTECH ASIA continues, we want to build the excitement and tell you a little bit about a few of our featured speakers. Bill Mobley Mobley Group Pacific Limited and China Europe International Business School TOPIC: Challenges around Talent Acquisition, Retention and Organisational Culture Bill holds a number of academic roles including the Professorship of Management for the China Europe International Business School in Shanghai. He will teach us how to improve the effectiveness of leaders and organizations. Harry C. Hui Chief Marketing Officer, PepsiCo International, China Beverages TOPIC: Connecting with the Chinese Millennial Generation Harry is a commentator in the Chinese media and music industries in Asia. He manages the International Marketing and Innovation programmes for PepsiCo and prior to that as the President of Universal Music Asia. Harry will give insight into how we can reach the new ‘creative class’ emerging in China. Jeremiah Lee Regional Director, Reya Group TOPIC: How the Workplace Can Help an Organization Find (and Strengthen) its Identity Jeremiah moved to Shanghai in 2004 to build a multidisciplinary Research and Development team from the ground up. Prior this, Jeremiah worked for over 10 years as a designer, researcher, and programmer in the United States. Jeremiah’s past clients include SAP, Nokia, Dupont, Dow, Philips, Siemens, Astra Zeneca, Microsoft, HSBC, and Roche. Jeremiah is also the author of a regular column on innovation and speaks regularly at international forums and panel discussions globally on topics ranging from innovation to managing organisational culture. Register now at to take advantage of Early Bird rates!

‘Green Manufacturing’ – KnowledgeCircle Series On Wednesday 25th June, Haworth invited clients and partners to discuss green manufacturing at the Interface showroom in Shanghai. Mark Cotter, Haworth Operations Director discussed his own experiences and learnings around this ever-evolving area. Manufacturing with a green agenda is a complex task: creating a balance between productivity and sustainability requires meticulous planning and ongoing education. As a global manufacturing hub, China presents unique opportunities to develop and test innovative green manufacturing strategies; the areas of infrastructure, strategic supplier partnerships, construction, packaging and internal education are some of the key areas undergoing great change to include sustainable practices. • Green manufacturing in China, with a particular focus on employee engagement to ensure the integrity and perpetuation of sustainable practices; • Green reporting - finding the appropriate metrics for green manufacturing and balancing these with productivity; • Sustainable future – educating the current generation for a clean tomorrow; • Sustainable retro-fitting of existing factories; and • ISO14001 accreditation. Knowledge Circle events are being held regionally. Recent events in Australia and Dubai were met with great enthusiasm and high attendance. For more information, please contact


Fritz Hansen creates purely timeless furniture Fashion trends in the design industry can be very fickle, but Fritz Hansen does not follow trends said Fritz Hansen’s Vice-President of Sales, Frederick Møller in a recent iTV interview hosted at the Haworth Shanghai Creativity Center. And this approach to creativity seems to be working for this leading Danish furniture design company. Fritz Hansen manufactures the iconic Egg and Swan chairs as well as the Series 7 chairs – possibly the most copied chair design in the world. The company is continually developing new products that might become tomorrow's design icons, like the minimalist and futuristic Space chairs and tables. New designs must not follow trends but have true appeal while fitting within strict design standards embodied by Fritz Hansen's four design pillars: timeless, original, pure and sculpture. "You can live with the product for a long time," said Møller. "You can see our furniture is very simple with understated elegance." They are viewed as pieces of art and culture as well as investments, added Møller. Because of the high quality and timeless design they retain their value. "Fritz Hansen does not compete on price," said Møller. Since there are many lowprice furniture manufacturers in China, the world's largest developing economy, selling Fritz Hansen involves educating the market in the value of timeless design. please visit: for the full interivew.

GREEN Haworth opens ‘Green Tour’ and ‘Green Office’ to demonstrate sustainability office solutions The Haworth Shanghai factory has been transformed to highlight our green manufacturing credentials – showcasing the commitment to sustainable manufacturing. The Green Tour makes 11 stops through the factory to demonstrate recycling and waste management techniques. The final stop on the Green Tour is the Green Office - is a living, breathing example of a truly sustainable workspace beyond furniture. Sustainability brought to life. Attributes: • low carbon footprint • daylight harvesting • user controlled lighting • designed for cross ventilation • high recycled and rapidly renewable content • healthy indoor air quality – solvent free zone • design for churn – work setting change with ease • ergonomics – human health • reuse furniture • less paper policy • recycling policy

With our partners, we have created a truly sustainable space:

For more information about the Green Office, please visit www.haworth-asia/greenoffice. To book your own Green Tour, please contact Julia Payne at


Haworth Sustainability Report 2007 The Haworth Sustainability Report has been released. Take a look at our achievements and contributions to a clean tomorrow and healthy, vital communities within which we work and function. See the full report at

LEED 2009 "LEED 2009 resets the bar for green building leadership because the urgency of our mission has challenged the industry to move faster and reach further," said Rick Fedrizzi, President, CEO & Founding Chair, USGBC. Focus has been applied to improving energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, and addressing other environmental and human health outcomes. The original version was released in 2000. The existing LEED rating system has been reorganized attempting to balance the needs of the market and technical advancement. Principle to this are some central ideas, focusing on transparent weighting of credits and crucially for a geographically diverse world, a new mechanism for incorporating bioregional credits. This is important for a rating system that is used in very diverse physical settings. There are more third party certification programs taken on board and improved On-line aspects. The new version is called LEED Version 3.0.

The World Celebrated “Environment Day” on June 5th 2008 New Zealand played host to World Environment Day 2008 in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) on June 5. The Ministry for the Environment was the lead government agency coordinating the event alongside UNEP. Wellington was the host city, however World Environment Day was celebrated actively throughout New Zealand. Why World Environment Day?

Global Water Statistics

World Environment Day is observed annually in more than 100 countries, and is one of the most popular days on the United Nations calendar. It is an opportunity to raise awareness and promote action on national environmental issues. New Zealand businesses and communities utilised World Environment Day to tie-in their own environmental and sustainable activities and messages and gain leverage from World Environment Day’s status and media focus.

Do you know about the internal and renewable water resources, demand for water, quality of water and access to water in your country?

For more details visit

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“CO2 – Kick The Habit – Towards a lowcarbon economy” World Environment Day, commemorated each year on 5 June, is one of the principal vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and action. The World Environment Day slogan for 2008 is Kick the Habit! Towards a Low Carbon Economy. Recognizing that climate change is becoming the defining issue of our era, UNEP is asking countries, companies and communities to focus on greenhouse gas emissions and how to reduce them. The World Environment Day will highlight resources and initiatives that promote low carbon economies and lifestyles, such as improved energy efficiency, alternative energy sources, forest conservation and eco-friendly consumption. For more details please click here.


IDEATION Better Buildings Better Companies Through 2025, roughly half of the world’s new-building construction is expected to take place in China alone! In this context, “Green Buildings 2008”, Shanghai’s premiere green building event was held on May 28-29 to share green building perspectives and rating systems from North America (LEED), UK (BREEAM), Australia (Green star), South Asia and China. Every day the worldwide economy burns an amount of energy the planet required 10,000 days to create! Buildings consume 50% of this global energy and people costs in these buildings over a period of ten years is the maximum cost (82%) incurred by a company. So, companies can leverage green building strategy and workplace solutions to maximize ROI in the long term by simultaneously reducing people costs and meeting CSR agenda. Ravi Mani, Ideation and Sustainability, Haworth India copresented with alliance partner Kenneth Langer, President, EMSI, USA on the topic “Better Buildings Better Companies” to show how green building strategies and workplace solutions can also be profitable in the long-term. People costs can be reduced by increasing worker productivity (+10.9% in CH2’s Green star 6* rated building) through lower sick days and corresponding health costs, by increasing attraction and retention of talent, and by increasing job satisfaction. In the following session, panelists Ravi Mani, Ideation and Wang Hong, EMSI, discussed “What Asian governments are doing to promote sustainable development”. In Asia, government policies, legislation, and financial incentives for sustainable development were work in progress. Singapore government’s financial incentives for Green Mark certified buildings were perceived as being proactive. For more information please contact

Better Buildings for Better Outcomes – An Australian Perspective There are two basic interest groups in the commercial real estate market; those that build and those that occupy. For the builder, in the world of commercial real estate the debate has stopped on whether green buildings are beneficial for the investor and occupier. The mayor developers and institutions are too busy building and occupying the greenest buildings they can lay their hands on. Why? Have a look at the list of accepted benefits below: - lower development control costs - improved risk mitigation and management - higher tenant retention - lower renovation costs - faster lease-up periods - lower overheads - higher returns - more flexible space planning - more productive and healthier environments - access to financial incentives and tax credits - a baseline measure to earn carbon credits - lower insurance costs - increased interest by Ethical Investment Funds - a better industry image Each line is worthy of an essay, but added together they form a convincing argument against business as usual. The push for green buildings is also becoming very apparent from tenants as noted in an article in The Age from May 27 2008 ‘Green Buildings Good for Business’, “Romilly Madew, chief executive officer of the Green Building Council of Australia, says in a recent survey of property owners, developers and valuers, that almost half of all respondents said the pressure to build green was coming from their tenants, and in turn, their staff.” This pressure is coming from a more environmentally aware population making demands on the buildings they occupy. In a tight employment market the attraction of the Gen Y talent is focused on any factors that resonate and environment is consistently one those factors. However, once you are sitting at your desk or collaborating in one of the buildings informal touchdown areas, the building’s commercial payback horizon and rent per metre fade into the background. Does all this green stuff make you work better, stay longer, get sick less and put more smiles on your dial? Are you more productive in other words? The answer is ‘Yes’ (with qualifications, of course). The metric of productivity is notoriously difficult to pin down. Click here to read the full-text article.


PARTNER Beijing says "Hello Moto" "We are scientists - We are artists … bringing cutting-edge technologies into your everyday life, with style," proclaims Motorola proudly. Nowhere is this clearer than in its new Beijing R&D facility. Unlike many companies, Motorola is not just manufacturing in China. It is tapping the talent and spirit of transformation taking place across China. The Motorola China Research Center has been awarded for innovation excellence. And the importance of this research aspect in China is growing, so Motorola needed to design a new campus to support this increasing critical department. Motorola needed a design that would facilitate collaboration and innovation while reflecting the creativity and artistic aspects needed to help the company remain a leading consumer electronics developer that is both cutting-edge and "in style." Haworth has a broad experience with designing workspaces that enhance performance and helped Motorola develop an open office environment with an artistic aesthetic throughout. It was able to provide workstations, creative breakout areas, small meeting facilities and conference rooms – all with an artistic flair to help Motorola achieve its goals.

Jones Lang LaSalle is Climate Positive Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) is reducing its carbon footprint through ACT: A Cleaner Tomorrow initiative, which includes energy and water conservation, emissions and waste reduction, recycling and recycled materials use, measuring and reducing carbon footprint and occupy sustainable certified spaces. "Interest in, and concern about, environmental sustainability continues to gain momentum with our clients, prospects, investors and the professionals who take pride in working for Jones Lang LaSalle," said Lauralee Martin, global Chief Operating & Financial Officer. It was natural to cooperate with its office furniture partner Haworth when it was renovating its Shanghai location. This including Haworth's highly sustainable storage solutions and the climate positive task chair Zody as part of a more sustainable office solution. All Zody chairs are 110% carbon offset through Climate Positive.

Marvell makes the switch Marvell is a major semiconductor manufacturer with expertise in the Wi-Fi, storage and switching component industries. The US-based firm had already opened two facilities in Shanghai furnished through a global supply contract with a major Haworth competitor. But when it was opening a new Shanghai location, Haworth decided to help Marvell get in "the Xone." Marvell is a company that knows innovation. In fact, the technology behind Marvell's award-winning Qdeo™ video processing technology, which powers rich, high-definition video in a wide variety of applications like home-theater devices, including Blu-ray players and recorders, A/V receivers, and LCD-TVs, recently won an EDN innovation award. So when it was developing its new location it wanted an innovative design. Xone™ workstations offer a solution with innovative style and flexible functionality where price is a strong constraint. Marvell is also noted for its contribution to environmental sustainability, like the "Greenest Application" award it received for developing its power factor correction controller for AC-DC power supplies. There are over 10 billion power supplies used in computing, telecom, and consumer electronics worldwide and more efficient power supply designs could drastically cut energy use and reduce millions of tons of CO2 emissions annually. Marvell recognized the value and award-winning sustainability of Zody™. The end result was a contract encompassing the new location and renovation of Marvell's existing Shanghai operations representing over $1 million and further projects in India and Singapore.


Haworth and Fritz Hansen offer modern image for banking leader ICBC is one of China’s “Big Four” state-owned banks. Under strong pressure from leading multinational banks like CITI, SCB and HSBC in the face of Chinese banking reform and opening to international competition, ICBC is seeking to modernize and innovate. ICBC outfitted its corporate headquarters with its local office systems furniture provider but the bank was looking to create a more modern feel and to present a more luxurious and upscale image to provide an image that competes in the international arena when it envisioned two new projects catering to China’s increasingly wealthy and discerning clients. Joseph Wong Design Associates, which was established in San Diego, California in 1977, was the A&D firm for The Bund 24 ICBC Private Bank Company and ICBC Shanghai Fortune Center. JDWA introduced Haworth as a partner that could help design great spaces that improve performance and has modern office solutions as well as a developing one-stop shop with other supplier partners and a wide range of services. It was not an easy success, with other major international competitors also bidding on the projects. It required a six-month courtship period during which Haworth’s expert sales staff educated ICBC’s leader on the value and long-term performance of choosing high quality products and the return on investment of creating offices and corporate spaces that reflect ICBC’s modern and competitive brand image. Haworth’s attractive Bamboo system and Zody chair combination provided the modern solution ICBC was looking for in combination with X99, Hello, Q -BIC and BG products. In combination with high-fashion Fritz Hansen Danish design furniture to provide that extra touch of sophistication and class that ICBC needed to present a strong and successful corporate image, Haworth presented the winning design solution. Haworth products and services help increase performance and helps local firms compete in the international arena.

DESIGN NC-B Resonate NC-B Resonate is an architectural storage element offering a variety of visually elegant configurations. The diversity of the piece allows the user to create multiple configurations to create elegant storage or space division. The elements may be used alone or together. Nicolai CzumajBront, of the Haworth Design Studio, designed this visually elegant and balanced piece – capable of softening any environment. The curvature and clean lines offer creative storage solutions by playing on positive and negative space. The open spaces also provide for daylight and views. The subtle flowing lines, inspired by nature, create sophistication and balance while nestling objects within its open spaces. As a centerpiece or accent, this timeless design incorporates gentle curves, clean lines, airiness and refined color options that will support most any environment. NC-B Resonate is available in single and two-tone colors. NC-B Resonate received a 2008 Best of NeoCon Gold in the Files & Storage category. For more information please contact

AllWays Finalist for Australian International Design Awards 2008 We are very excited to announce that AllWays has been recognized as a leader in industrial design innovation by being a finalist in the Australian International Design Awards 2008 in the category of furniture, lighting and spaces. These awards are the peak promotional body for the Australian design industry and important role in fostering a culture of design and innovation in Australia. The key appeal of AllWays is the global design research based on DEGW workplace forecast for the knowledge worker, leadership design in sustainability as well as the high aesthetic design. The AllWays 120degree and the AllWays executive desk applications were on display at the awards event in Sydney last month – pictured here with AllWays designer, Marc Fong.


Haworth Wins Gold at NeoCon World's Trade Fair Year-after-year, the Haworth Chicago showroom demonstrates its ability to adapt and evolve. Moveable walls are reconfigured. Furniture is changed. Power, data and communications are re-routed under the raised access flooring. This year, a reflection pool replaced last year's waterfall for NeoCon 2008. Haworth won IIDA 2008 NeoCon Large Showroom. This is the third time after 2004 and 2006. We also won Gold and Silver awards for the new Very chair and another Gold for Resonate shelving. For more information please visit or contact

AllWays CAD Symbols – Now Online AllWays CAD Symbols are now available on the website. This is part of an effort to make life easier for our customers and designers. More great developments will follow shortly – watch this space! click here

GLOBAL Renovated Headquarters Reflects Friendships HOLLAND, MI – June 3, 2008 – Haworth, Inc. unveiled the Art of Friendship at the opening celebration of its renovated global headquarters on May 21, 2008. This collection consists of pieces contributed by 14 of Haworth’s friends, made up of partners from a variety of disciplines. The artist’s creativity reaches beyond their professional vocation to become personal expressions and to represent the strong connection Haworth makes with its partners. “Haworth members are privileged to have developed partnerships and friendships with scores of creative people over the years,” said Jeff Reuschel, Haworth Global Design Director. “To acknowledge and celebrate these relationships, we have asked our colleagues to share their talents, interests and artistic expressions with the Haworth community, as well as visitors to our headquarters.” The Art of Friendship collection highlights industry leaders in architecture, construction, computer technology, interior design, industrial design, sustainability, academia and the social sciences that have impacted the development and evolution of the 20th century work environment. The artwork will be showcased throughout the LEED-NC Gold registered 300,000 square foot building. This ongoing collection will continue to expand as friends in a variety of industries contribute their art.

Haworth offers a new conference program integrating multi media technologies Designed by the German designer Albert Holz, Audience is characterised by its simple elegance and smooth forms. Connoisseurs will recognise the homage to Charles Eames in the unmistakable design of the legs. Suitable for executive office suites and conference rooms alike, Audience is an "a la carte" program offering a customised answer to each conference space: integrated technology, functionality and image are at the forefront of its design. Audience combines the know-how of the Haworth brand with the wood manufacturing expertise of Haworth France, which is known for having produced many design legends such as Charles Eames' lines. This long experience in the field of high quality office furnishings results in attention to details and fine finishes with the ability to develop customised solutions. Audience offers a wide selection of finishes and shapes: rectangular, oval, boat shaped, u-shaped, circular and square. It is designed to seat between four and 22 people. The range also includes a media trolley, a lectern, a sideboard, a projection wall and ancillary storage solutions. Audience is focused on the fact that conferencing solutions now require more and more technology integration. Customers look for perfectly integrated and sophisticated solutions which require close collaboration with audiovideo specialists and with the client's technical departments. Thanks to the use of central electrical connection points, ugly cable runs across table tops are now a thing of the past with Audience. From simple plug and play to video conference and mirror technique projection, everything can be integrated in a harmonious way. Audience is manufactured in France and is available to order now. Click here for more information.

Coming Soon Bamboo 120o/90o desk Tutti Light Planes

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