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Introduction to Artist and class

Shape Drawings

Lines and Value Drawings

Classmates Artworks

Meet the Artist...

Hello, I am Angelica Munoz. My previous art background has been since sophomore year in high school. I took an introductory art course and learned about many of the basic techniques. One of my favorites was printmaking. I love photography. Also during my last year in high school I created a display cake. creating the flowers had many techniques. I enjoyed this, creativity was definitely a must.

Pretty Garden Cake

Beginning of class...

For this piece I used a drawing tablet, a stylus, and Adobe Illustrator. First I used the stylus to draw my name as part of our warm up. Then I changed the size of the brush stroke. After signing my name a couple of more times Ichanged the color of the brush stroke using the color picker. I signed my name more and then chose a color for the background. The object that first catches the eye is the thicker black strokes. The blue offers a neutral background and the red blends in a bit with the blue. The thin black strokes are what come into the view last. This is probably because of the obvious change in stroke. The thicker black strokes also seem to be bigger. The actual writing may

not be too clear but one can assume they are a bunch of sgnatures. The purpose of this piece was not only to become comfortable using the drawing tablet and stylus, but also to accomplish this by doing it with something we are most comfortable doing. Signing our name was the easiest thing for us to do get acustomed to the new tools. It is natural for us to sign our name. We don’t have to think about what step comes next, or in this case, what letter comes next. Signatures on top of signatures gives the idea of someone practicing their autograph for when they become famous. Also we can get the idea of a child learning to write their name in cursive.


our y p e e


ovi m d an


rain t o t g


ain r b r ou

Beginning with Shape Drawings...

By: Yadira Serna

As an introduction to the shape drawing portion of this class we has to recreate a firefighter scence or a barn photography. We started off by using big chunks and color use the color picker from the picture. We had to create muliple layers to focus on specific parts of the picture. While some of us did not actually finish this exact picture we gained the knowledge to create our own artwork and were able to apply those techniques on our artwork.


Original Piece of Art work

The task was to create a drawing from an original picture. This picture was taken over the summer at my uncle’s baseball game. Little did I know that going to his game and taking photos would help me out in class.

Player The greatsest challenge was creaing the brick wall and chain link fence. Also I made the choice of blurring out the crowd to be able to focus more on the player.

Finished Product on Adobe Illustrator

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Winter Player

Fall Hopeful

Summer at the Park

Lines Lighting and More Lines

The Milk Jug

100 Stroke Drawings

For this activity we had to create drawings using only 100 strokes. Those strokes include circles, zigzags, lines, curves, and waves. The challenge was to have the 100 lines define the shape of what we were drawing. We were not able to create the outline first. We had to start of from the bottom of the shape and work our way up. Once we got to the final strokes we had to use them to really define not just make it seem like a bunch of lines in a blob.

“A lonely man in an empty room at night about to drink some red wine�

Lonely Night These artworks was created using the pen tool and Adobe Illustrator. The stroke was changed to create special effects o the original. Some of the variations were more abstract than others. We had the opportunity to switch the size of the brush and the design of the stroke. They were all created using monochromatic themes. One of the final variations there had to be an effect that allowed the audience to have a sense that the object is grounded on something not just floating in space.

The bottle and the table gives off a lonely mood. One can imagine that there is a lonely man in an empty room at night about to drink some red wine. If there had been more lighting in the room the mood might have given off a feeling of being at a bar or a restaurant.

In the variation of the green bottle and cup we see a table and a window pane. This allows the audience to create a sense of space and shows that the object is grounded.The different shades of green on the bottle allows us to see that there is light hitting the bottle from a specific angle. The shading on the table also allows us to think that there is some source of light hitting the table.

Coffee Time

The purpose of this activity was to be able to create the shape of the cups by using the light to guide our eyes. we started by creating the lightest parts and then moved onto the darker parts.

Steamy Cup

Once we were finished we had to create at least 5 other variations for each drawing. To accomplish this we had to change the stroke size or shape.

Coffee at the office

While still working with lighting we had to not only recreate the the object but also what it was standing on. This paper coffee cup with holder was on top of the scanner. From the drwaing we can’t tell if it actually is paper or not. What one does notice is the refelction of the cup on the scanner so the viewers can get the idea that the top of the scanner has a shiny surface that not only reflect the light but also the objects that appear on top of it.

The reason why this artwork is called Coffee at the office is because, it is obviously a coffe cup but the fact that the cup is standing on the scanner gives off the hint that this is located somewhere in an office or workspace. This would have been clearer if there were papers around and pens like an actual messy office.

“Enjoy coffee at your workspace”

Classmate’s Creations

Computer Graphics Fall 2012


By Yadira Serna




b ur



ou nt


h et

By Lizet Alvarez



oo nt


ig ys


o gs

t me

g hin


n uk


By Rachel Rodriguez

100 Line Drawings

By Yadira Serna

By Lizet Alvarez

By Yadira Serna

By Rachel Rodriguez

Sight Drawings

By M. Zeekrya

Sight Drawings Continued

By Yadira Serna

“Ground your object

By Rachel Rodriguez

don’t leave it floating in space”

By Yadira Serna

By Lizet Alvarez

Thank you....

Thank you to all my classmates for allowing me to use their artworks. Together we have survived this class.

Graphic Arts  

Graphic arts design project