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Sikinos, between Ios and Folegandros, remains one of the last unexplored destinations of Cyclades. Cliffs, hidden beaches, mysterious hinterland closing between mountains, paths that disappear into the island and reveal Byzantine churches and ancient temples is a person of Sikinos.

A Country as postcard Off Alopronia, only organized settlement of the island is Chora. It consists of two sub-districts, the Castle and the village, spread over two facing hillsides. On the left side, the village is a beautiful puzzle of beautiful homes labyrinthine streets. In my imagination I walked into

the beautiful neoclassical building of the old school which dominates the entrance and realized that with such blue view will probably be very difficult to attend any course. This, however, who steals the impressions are the Castle, the fortified settlement from the 15th century is directly opposite. Entering the interior from the original paraporti, low whitewashed houses (in the basement for storing food), built one next to the other gives the impression that you are in an era movie scene. A scene not groomed, but rough and authentic. Where even the sight of a halfruined house next to Panagia Pantanassa he does not look odd instead catch yourself observing more distinct details like the old bed and the outside oven.

Now walking between houses with flower beds full of fiery geraniums and dense prickly gradually arrive at the end of the settlement, where stairs begin in the monastery of Chrissopigi (or Zoodochos Pigi) on top of the rock. Climb afternoon to be visited, if only to enjoy the sea view stretches along the horizon (and going by car). The small chapel you meet climbing foot is called church Elytis, desire in the will of our great poet which fulfilled his partner Ioulita Iliopoulos. Forget the car! Filled paths is the island, which smell of thyme and bring you into gorges, Byzantine chapels, traces of ancient settlements and

inaccessible beaches. From easily as what connects the town with Alopronoia, so demanding as the circular Castle Well-Manali-Agios Panteleimonas-Alopronia-Castle. A very good and detailed map of Walker Sikinos is one that is published by Ascent versions, while 7 of the trails are signaling phase.

Accessible through both path and drive (up to a point), the Diocese Church is that of the surprises of the interior that should not be missed. Enigmatic and haughty, combines eras and religions, as originally built as a Roman mausoleum in the 3rd century AD, while the 17th century was converted into a Christian church with a dome and sanctuary. Currently ongoing archaeological work, so you will not be able to approach too, however only the views submitted.

Time to dive! Along with the clear waters of Alopronia, two other beaches are accessible by car: Dialiskari and St. George. And 3 are free municipal umbrellas, while in St. George operates the tavern "Almira" with fresh fish. On other beaches (Agios Panteleimonas, Santorineos, Malta and St. John) lead paths or boat that departs from Alopronoia. Essential supplies the umbrella, water and something to snack.

Tips -Buy local honey and capers - Local bus runs regularly from Alopronoia to Hora and Episkopi -Don't Look for a taxi, because there are no -At The island is free public wi-f -Favokeftedes, Chickpeas, beans, string beans and of course local wine are some of the dishes offered in abundance in famous festivals Sikinioti greater that of the Assumption -The Festival of Photography Photosikinos group with photographic projections and Sikinos with exhibitions, performances and concerts give the Sikinos summer color art.


Sikinos, the unprocessed cycladic diamond