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5+1 Hidden and beautiful scenery around Athens Eleven points than have recorded reminiscent Alps or images swear that there was no case be located on the outskirts of Athens. Most are in the city or a short distance from the center. It is so easily accessible you wonder how you got never noticed ...


Doukissis Plakentias Bridge (Vrilissia)

It is the bridge that was built in the mid 19th century to enable the Duchess of Placentia Sophia Lempren to progress in Penteli and oversee the construction of the palace. Walking up the Avenue. Penteli, turn left on the street Duchess Placentia.


Queen Tower (Tritsis Park, Ilion)

Castellated mansion imigotthikou rate reconstructed from Amalia and offered birthday gift to Otto. Input from the Av. Republic or Av. Race.


Saint Marina (Parnitha

You think you're in Mount Athos. On the north side of Mount Parnitha, behind the village of Vlora. Until the Trinity car goes, until Prophet Elias rural dirt road and Agia Marina only man. All this, after you have crossed a 'little Ireland', a beautiful plateau in the town courtyard.


Cataract (Penteli)

Here the words are unnecessary. Swimming in the river of Attica in the year 2008. The even more amazing is that there goes bus!


Chaos (Sounion)

There is officially in Athens! A rare monument, the doline Chaos. A huge draft from large cave ceiling prostration like Gemini Argolida. Used seminars by cavers, with interesting vertical lowering of 70m.


Vaulted Mycenaean tomb (Îœenidi)

Imposing as those of Mycenae, dating from the 15th to 14th century BC located on the slope of an artificial hill discovered by Germans in 1879.

Secrets of Athens  
Secrets of Athens  

Some of the most hidden & beautiful scenery around Athens