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By Natalie Meece

oxy Anne is not your typical rock star. She doesn’t ooze out sex or drugs but does the rock n roll. Her music is rock n roll with a modern twist. This 16 year­old Costa Mesa native is singing her heart out. With musical influence from her family and bands like Evanescence, Moxy Anne is ready to take the stage and promote individuality and not to be afraid of who you are. Angelic: What’s behind the name “Moxy Anne”? Moxy Anne: “My grandfather used to call me Moxy. If I was sassy with him he would say “Stop being a little Moxy.” So the name kind of stuck. And Anne is my middle name.” Angelic: How would you describe your music style? Moxy Anne: “Modern 80’s rock.” Angelic: Describe your personal style? Moxy Anne: “My personal style is influence by Amy Lee of Evanescence and Haley Williams of Paramore. From the 80’s, Pat Benatar and the Runaways and Joan Jett.”

Angelic: What are you music inspirations? Moxy Anne: “I grew up in a Christian community so I started music there. When I was 12 I started listening to rock music like Evanescence, Flyleaf and European metal. Now that I’m 16 I listen to 80’s rock like Mötley Crüe. Angelic: What kind of message are you trying to convey to your listeners? Is faith a part of that? Moxy Anne: “My message I am trying to convey is that you can be whatever you want to be and do what ever you want to do and not be afraid of who you are. I want people to know, especially kids to know that they are beautiful for who they are even if they don’t think they are. To believe in something that is bigger than you, to have a belief in God and yourself. Don’t let people tear you down.” Angelic: Where do you play? Moxy Anne: “I play at local venues and in Hollywood. I play a lot at a restaurant called Di Pazza which is a restaurant/bar. On November 16th I’m playing at Edison High School in Huntington Beach for an anti­ bullying campaign.”

Angelic: How does Jesus influence your music? Moxy Anne: "I am a Christian. I'm not ashamed of it. But I recognize that there are people in the world who are opposed to Christians and will avoid Christian music. I'd rather reach more people with a positive message than feed the same message that 10,000 other people are doing." Angelic: Other than music, what do you like to do? Moxy Anne: “I love history, reading and photography. I like sports. I don’t like watching sports, I like playing them. I love playing football but I don’t have time for it.” Angelic: Any future plans with music? Moxy Anne: “I’m currently working on my record and playing shows. I love what I do.”

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Angelic Magazine: November 2013 Issue  

Jesus. Music. Fashion. November 2013.

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