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APRIL 2014


Pictured: Lindsy & Lauren from C2C

How did C2C start?

We, Lindsey Clark + Lauren Palomares, started Coast to Coast Central in the summer of 2012. After moving from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to opposite coasts (San Diego and Orlando) we were on the prowl for a tradition to keep us connected despite the distance. We decided to do little fashion “challenges” and upload them to Instagram. We began to hashtag the challenges with #CoastToCoastChallenge. There was no agenda, just two friends trying to stay connected; however, as the days passed, girls from around the country began inquiring what the #CoastToCoastChallenge hashtag was and asking how they could join. We invited our girlfriends to join us and before we knew it, the challenge caught on like wildfire. Girls around the globe were beginning to join us. After a couple of weeks, we decided to create a blog as a home and central hub for our new Instagram fashion challenge. Our desire was that the blog would become a place of inspiration for women; a place where they could feel challenged, inspired, and empowered. The rest, they say, is history . . . How is Jesus reflected through your company?

Plain + simple, Jesus is at the center of it all and He is weaved into every part of Coast to Coast Central. The heart of Coast to Coast is in alignment with the heart and mandate of Christ: to love thy neighbor, seek justice, and go into all the world. Saint Francis of Assisi once said, “Preach the Gospel at all times, when necessary, use words.” As individuals and as a company, we strive to live by these words. We realize that fashion is perhaps one of the most unconventional platforms for promoting love, the idea of creating change, and spreading hope. However, we believe that our God is not limited to the pulpit, Sunday morning church services, or traditional ministries. We believe that our God is wild enough to use fashion as an avenue for people to experience Him. Our deepest desire is to be salt + light on the earth. We hope to wear love as we challenge, inspire, and empower women in every area of life. We wish to be relevant to our audience. Yet at the same time, we aspire to go against the grain of culture by eliminating the idea of competition and instead becoming beacons of hope. We hope that as individuals interact with us and our community that they will understand their worth, realize their God-given dream, and feel empowered to go into their world and create change. Above all else, we want to reflect Jesus and make His name famous throughout the earth.

How can people get involved/interact with your company?

As humanity, we believe that it is essential to live and fight for a worthy cause. Often, people have the idea that they have the be on the frontlines in order to make a difference in the world or make a lasting impact. However, we would beg to differ. No matter who you are, what your job is, what your social status is, or where you live - you have the opportunity to create change. Use social media as your tool: Throw up a Facebook Status or Tweet about the work Coast To Coast Central™ is doing with survivors of sex trafficking in Ecuador. Or join the weekly #coasttocoastchallenge on Instagram [boys, you’re invited too!]. Wear love and purchase The Darling Necklace or Wolf Tee for yourself and a friend. If you are a boutique owner, partner with us and sell The Darling Necklace in your boutique. For all of our Suzzane Collins and J.K. Rowlings out there, write a blog post or newspaper article on Coast to Coast Central and tell the story of how we are using fashion to empower women to rise above injustice. And to all the ladies who refuse to be paralyzed by the enormity of injustice in our world, join our team and the fight against sex trafficking by becoming a C2C Activist. Whoever you are, whatever your talent may be, there is a way to be involved and create change in our world. What type of impact do you desire to make with C2C?

One of the most outstanding lessons that we have learned in life is to go after the One. While we have hopes and dreams to change the world, our biggest hope is to see change in the life of at least one. If everything we do is to help just one girl achieve her God-given dream, to restore self-worth to one girl, to help one orphan find a home, or to rescue one girl out of sex trafficking - then we have accomplished our purpose. How have you seen God work through your company?

The mere fact that Coast to Coast Central exists is evidence of the work of God. We like to call Coast to Coast Central a divine accident. While we were merely trying to create a tradition to keep in touch, the good Lord clearly had other plans. He weaved our love for the world, for people, and for all things girly-girl into one beautiful package. Daily, our inbox is evidence that God is moving in and through Coast to Coast. With an audience spread out across the globe, everyday, we have ladyloves writing in about everything under the sun from questions about fashion to post-college advice to revealing some of the most intimate pieces of them. Day after day, we hear stories about how Coast to Coast has made an impact on women’s lives and restored their self-confidence, renewed their sense of selfworth, empowered them to dream, and helped them discover their purpose in life. It doesn’t stop there. God has been able to use Coast to Coast internationally in order to bring hope and justice to women + children at risk to human trafficking. As a community, we are working towards funding the building of a rescue home in Quito, Ecuador for sex trafficking survivors and a farm in Kampong Thom, Cambodia to sustain an orphanage of 80 children. In June 2014, Coast to Coast will be taking a team of 40 men + women to Qutio, Ecuador in order to share the love + hope of Christ and bring justice to those who need it most. We believe with our whole hearts that no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has even conceived the things that the Lord has planned for Coast to Coast. We are bracing ourselves, because we know that this is only the beginning. TEAM:

Lindsey Eryn Clark, 27: San Diego, CA Lauren Palomares, 26: Orlando, FL Sarah Carter, 26: Los Angeles, CA Haven Brown, 27: Dallas, TX Jill Rhodes, 26: Nashville, TN Bree Card, 26: Virgina Beach, VA Ashley Baxter, 22 : Baton Rouge, LA Alex Koenig, 22: Norman, OK Lara Allen, 20: Tulsa, OK




By Angelic Magazine

once told someone that if I made a mistake, committed a sin, that I wouldn't want God's grace. If I knew it was wrong and I did it anyway, why would I deserve to be forgiven by God? If I knowingly walked away from Him, why would He want me back? After all, I chose to walk away, I chose to sin against Him. Over the course of the last year my perception on who God is has changed. I grew up in a Christian family and I've always labeled myself as someone who believes, but I've never really known Him, at least not in the way that I do today. I kept myself pure, pure from drugs, sex, alcohol, pornography and if something was deemed as wrong, I've tried my best to stray away from it. I've kept true to the law of God as best as I can but I never understood His grace. Romans 6:14 "you are not under the law, but under grace." Somehow God penetrated my heart and changed how I viewed Him. I'm really not under His law but under His grace. Our track records of whatever they may be wouldn't define us in His eyes but only our willingness to seek Him and His forgiveness would stand. I never liked to label myself as a sinner. There's an ugly, monstrous face that attaches itself to the word and in my mind I didn't want to associate with a monster. But I am a sinner, I'm not as pure I think and my unwillingness to accept His grace and seek His forgiveness would only prevent me from finding His glory. Sitting at church one Sunday morning last spring, I heard the speaker say, "It's not about how long you've walked with Jesus, but about how hard you're willing to run after Him today." It made sense to me. I don't get bonus points for being a Christian for however many years it's been. That doesn't matter. What'll define my walk with Jesus is how passionately am I seeking Him today?

And that was it. I realized yesterday is forgotten and today is what matters. We have a clean slate everyday and that is Grace. We have the ability to seek Him today when yesterday we might have done drugs, had sex outside of marriage, gotten drunk, watched pornography or done whatever it may be that makes us feel like a sinner, but today, He embraces us. His love washes away our past and welcomes us into our futures. I accept God's grace today because I realize that I need it. I seek it and surrender to it. Grace isn't an excuse to continue to sin, but a reason to love and live for Him that much more. Easter is this month and Jesus' crucifixion makes me revere the man who Christ is. I think about when Jesus was standing before Pontius Pilate in the moments before He was about to be crucified. Pilate had the authority to set Jesus free and asked the crowd if he should release Jesus or release a known criminal named Barabbas. The crowd yelled for Barabbas' release and knowing that Barabbas was wicked, a murderer, a thief, a sinner and someone who by human standards deserved to suffer the awful death that awaited him, with boldness and without a fight, Jesus took Barabbas' place on the cross. In many ways you and I are Barabbas and Jesus will always boldly take our place upon the cross so that we don't have to. I've worn a crucifix of Jesus around my neck since I was little and although its taken me time to understand the real signficance of the cross and why I wear it, today, I wear it as a symbol of His bold love for me. I want to run after Jesus today because I desire to know Him more. His forgiveness is free, His love is unconditional and His grace is forever. Isaiah 53:5 "he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed."



eflecting on this season of life I am in and how I got here I can see where the Lord’s hands were in it all. It is such an amazing thing to see the redemption of my brokenness and that I am a new creation in His image. In high school I was in a serious relationship and after we broke up I was left feeling completely empty. I made him my boyfriend, best friend, and essentially my God because I had made him my everything. I spent my freshman year of college trying to fill that hole in my heart with guys and drinking. I thought that this was the best solution but it left me feeling even more alone and broken. The Lord captivated my heart that year by showing me that I didn’t need to find my value in men but that my identity is in Him. Once the Lord had my heart I swore off dating for a year to just focus on my relationship with the Lord. That year being single was a critical time of growth that I cherish. During that time I realized that the Lord was really the man that I had been searching for to know me deeply. A boyfriend or girlfriend isn't meant to be a God because they can’t handle the weight of our every need, however, God can meet our needs more than we ever imagined! I'm engaged now and my fiancé and I started out as being friends. We got to really know each other and became best friends, which was really great for the foundation of our relationship. The Lord changed the desires of our hearts to have deeper feelings for each other and eventually we started dating. My fiancé Johnny is truly amazing and I have no doubt that the Lord put him in my life to be my husband. The thing that I love the most about my relationship with Johnny is the way that I see how the Lord loves me through him everyday. Johnny is the person that I love the most in the world

but it is important in our relationship that we will always love the Lord more. The Lord will always know my heart and soul on a much more intimate and deeper level than Johnny will be able to because He is my creator and my Savior. I am realizing more in our society that people think that marriage is going to solve all their problems and make them happy. I have heard girls say things along the line of “if only I find the right guy and get married then I’ll be happy.”

I think the fairy tales that we heard as children made it seem like a prince was going to save you and you would live happily ever after. Well, what if Jesus is the prince of our fairy tale who will save us from our brokenness and restore us? I am beyond excited to marry Johnny and see all the ways we strive to become who the Lord says we are by bringing that out of each other. I have no idea what the future holds for us and what marriage will be like but I imagine it to be something that will grow us both tremendously. I know that Johnny and I will fall short and disappoint each other and have to forgive often. We both know that we can lean on a God that never disappoints and is always fulfilling and satisfying! In Deuteronomy 31:8 (NIV) it says that “The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged






WE have to be willing to let go ofthe steering wheel and give GOD control to allow his WILL to be done on our life.


By Angelic Magazine

f I want God’s will to be done in my life, I have to be willing to let go of the wheel and let Him take control. I realize that part of letting go and letting God is that things won’t always go according to my plan. I find myself praying so much more now than I ever did and intertwined in my prayers are for God’s will to be done in my life. But I think I mostly just give it lip service because really, I want certain things to happen and I want them to happen my way. Sure, I’ll pray for God’s will to take place, but in reality I’m still clinging onto my will. I want the pieces of the puzzle to line up how I see fit and although I’m praying for God’s will to happen, beneath my prayer I want God to orchestrate those pieces of the puzzle how I think they should be put together. But that cycle is frustrating because over and over what I design in my head doesn’t come to pass. I’m tired of it. It’s like me driving the vehicle but telling God to take me to my destination and expecting Him to get me there while I’m controlling the steering wheel. You can’t have two drivers and the only way God can work in my life, guide my life and lead me is if I surrender the wheel to Him. Today, I’m letting go of the wheel completely and whatever comes my way, whoever crosses my path, whatever doors open in my life, I’m surrendering my will to God and trusting Him to direct the steps of my life. Proverbs 19:21 “Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails.” I’m releasing the stronghold of control I’ve tried to master and giving it to God. I meet a good variety of people and when we begin to talk about hopes and goals and dreams and all that stuff, so often I hear people say they're searching to find the person God has designed for them to marry.

I’ve understood what they meant but today, I realize it’s not about us finding certain things or obtaining our hearts desires in our power. When we let go and give it to God, that person He’s created for us to marry will be brought to us in His power. That goal we’re seeking, that dream of adventure we carry in our hearts, only when we give God the wheel will that perfect adventure take place. Giving God control frees us to live with a freedom of peace and a freedom of knowing God’s love is directing the steps of our heart. After wrapping my head around giving God the wheel, in my mind I feel a bit of a relaxation. I feel at peace knowing that I don’t have to worry about anything because I have a God who loves me and I have a God who wants me to seek Him. Part of seeking Him is trusting Him and I’m asking God to help me trust Him more each day. I’m giving you the wheel God. Take me on a journey of adventure, where love, life, prosperity and faith are with me every step of the way. When things don’t make sense to me, I know you make sense and give me wisdom in my seasons of confusion. Whoever you lead into my life and whatever doors you open, I know they’re a blessing from you God. Help me to acknowledge the blessings you send my way. I ask you to give me a willing heart to trust your will even when it doesn’t align with how I think it should be and give me divine discernment in those moments. I trust you God. Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways surrender to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

The REAL 30-Day Challenge is a 30-day photo challenge designed to help you personally refocus and to impact others’ lives in a real way by being real with each other over social media about who we are, about what we’ve been through, and about where we’re going. It removes the filters, the color photos, the manipulation, the cover-ups, the games, the facades, and all the gaudy glamour. Instagram: @real30day


T E A M:

Leah Ball, 25: The Founder Andrew Young, 24: The Director Shandi Bradley, 27: The Designer Kailee Clark, 19: The Author Rebekah Baines, 16: The Artist


Growing up in church and landing a job as the Worship Director right out of high school, my life looked like the picture of perfection on the outside, but on the inside things were not as colorful as I painted them to be. I had mastered the art of wearing masks and God was sick of it. He gave me The REAL 30-Day Challenge, word for word, first as a personal challenge to get my life back in order, and it caught attention quickly.

I wanted all types of people to be able to relate to REAL, not just Christians, so we try to design everything we do in a way that is relatable to people who know God and those who don't. But the really cool thing about REAL is that it's all about the Gospel, and eventually you get to a point in the Challenge where there's no denying it. We don't have to shove Jesus down anyone's throats they can come to Him all on their own as they take the Challenge. Authenticity leads to honesty, which leads to brokenness, which



Our website - - is the best place to interact with us through blog posts, the Challenges for guys and girls, testimonies/stories, and staying updated with everything going on. We're also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which the most popular platform. Getting involved is as simple as reaching out to us - - and letting us know what you're about and how you want to help out! We're always looking for people to join our team, from anything to photography and graphics, to advocating and spreading the word!

We desire for our impact to be global because this message is for everyone. Social media and technology are great but they have begun to distort the view of who we really are. Everyone has a story and we believe that those stories are the keys to unlocking people's potential, seeing their dreams become reality, forming lasting relationships, and ultimately introducing people to Jesus Christ. Authenticity is powerful, and we want to use it to change the way people present themselves over social media.


If only you could read the testimonies we've received through our inbox! Guys and girls have sent in amazing stories of how taking the Challenge has not only changed their view of social media, but changed their lives for the better. People have used the Challenge to start the healing process from pornography addictions, sexual abuse, self-mutilation, and so much more! REAL is giving people a voice and the freedom to be who they are without fear of rejection.


TWENTY TWO YEAR OLD MUSICIAN, KASHLEE C LAUSEN IS DIVERSE & ECLECTIC. READ ABOUT WHY SHE CHOOSES JESUS. Why do you choose Jesus? I choose Jesus because he chose me! To know that I am so powerfully, deeply, unconditionally loved is something I cannot wrap my mind around no matter how hard I try. When I step outside and see all the magical things that He has so delicately and thoughtfully put into place, those are the moments that I'm truly awestruck at just how much he loves us. He is the creator of the seed and the insect, and the creator of the sun and the stars. It just blows my m Why do you choose music? It wasn't much of a choice for me honestly, haha. God placed a burning passion for all things musical in my heart, and blessed me with an incredibly musically gifted dad, so it would be very difficult to not follow where that path led! Music has really become an extension of who I am, and it's something that runs deep down in the trenches of my soul. How would you describe your music vocal/playing style? You know that band Creed? It's nothing like that. That's a great question...I've asked myself that several times. Hahaha. I really really love nearly all different types of music, so I draw influence from all those different styles. One week I'm feeling super bluesy, the next week I'm trying to sort out the harmonies from The Civil Wars and next week I'm immersed in jazz chords. I'd say overall, my go to style is kinda bluegrassy indie-folk. What do you hope to accomplish with music? I'd say my goal is to hopefully be able to speak something that someone wasn't able to put into words, and be relatable enough to make some sort of impact on their life. When leading worship, it's definitely to help people clear their head of any distractions, and create an atmosphere for intense worship. And then for me personally, to always continue music because it's such a positive thing in my life.



How would you communicate to people that Jesus isn't scary Hmmm...I'd probably just say to give it a try! You've got every thing to gain. It can definitely be an intimidating thought but once you get past that you realize how great of a comfort it is.


By Kristianne Young n a perfect, sunny day in March, I joined a group of stylish industry professionals and fashion lovers in a beautiful garden setting for a private showing of L.A. designer Bri Seeley’s Fall 2014 Chrysalis Collection.

This wasn’t just any fashion presentation though; I’ve been a huge fan of Bri Seeley’s designs since I first saw her impeccable Escape collection glide down the runway at Phoenix Fashion Week in 2012, the same collection that won her the title of Designer of the Year. A few tweets, emails, and art museum dates later, Bri and I have forged a friendship sealed by our love for fabulous fashion and a good latte. Our friendship has offered me the privilege of admiring Seeley's designs both from the audience and from behind the scenes. Her hard work and passion for empowering women through her clothing is truly inspiring. Bri also represents a small number of designers whose garments are made in America. Her newest collection is no exception to the graceful and sophisticated designs that her fans and customers have come to love. The Chrysalis Collection is a fresh take on Seeley's most popular styles and silhouettes. Deep red hues and classic black are staples of any fall wardrobe, but Bri’s collection reaches beyond seasons with sheer fabrics and flirty halter necklines. Among my favorites, the ‘Harper’ jumpsuit is a musthave for making a bold statement for spring and summer or pairing with a chic blazer or Bri Seeley jacket for cool weather perfection! Learn more about Bri Seeley and her designs at

(Pictured, fashion designer Bri Seeley & her designs from her private showing in Los Angeles of her fall 2014 Chrysallis Collection)


remember as far back as age 12, I was interested in religion. I was captivated by rituals, history and heritage. My family had never belonged to a church, so it fascinated me. I began exploring different churches in high school and even met my future husband. Life moves faster than we plan, and before I knew it, I was married with two kids and a third on the way. We began attending a non-denominational church at the time. At age 25, I thought it would be best for our children to have Jesus in their lives, but I figured it was too late for me. We would sit in service every Sunday for months, hearing the Gospel and taking it in. Finally one, day, it clicked for me. I prayed that Jesus would forgive me and fill my life with his Grace that I did not deserve. It was an overwhelming feeling of joy that brought me to tears. Complete surrender to my Creator. To feel the weight lifted off my shoulders, I had been carrying all of my life. To know that God loved me so much that He sacrificed Himself so I could have eternal life by His side. There is no greater gift. - Karie

God created us to be more than a picture on a cover of a magazine or be thought of solely by our physical appearance. We were created to exemplify Him through all that we are. With that mindset, we held an open call model casting in February for a potential model to be on the cover of our April issue. Model castings tell you that you have to be a certain height, a certain dress size, must have short hair or long hair or whatever it is they're looking for and model castings tell you that if you don't fit what they're looking for, you're not good enough to be selected. That entire viewpoint is twisted and dangerous. God made us a certain height on purpose. He gave his hips, thighs, stomaches, arms and calves on purpose too, and He didn't say you must be this height or this size to represent me. He just asks that we be ourselves. So, for our Angelic model casting, we weren't looking for a certain height, a certain dress size or a certain physical appearance. We wanted to find someone who could help us represent Jesus through who they were as people and ultimately through fashion. Girls will jump at the opportunity to be on a cover of a magazine because of the attention that will come from it. We hope whoever is a part of being on the cover and those who see the covers ofAngelic will look beyond the superficialities of fashion but that they will ultimately see Jesus through our magazine. We aim to show that you can be modest yet stylish and represent Christ through fashion. Brandi Heighes, 19, as well as Natalie Varvel, 16, were cast to be on the cover of this issue and help us fulfill our purpose. Karie Denny photographed the cover and photo-shoot editorial you are about to see.


e were still setting up when she walked inside of the boutique for the model casting. She was the first hopeful model to arrive. We asked for all potential models to print out our application and fill out the two questions on the application prior to arriving. The two questions were, why do you want to model for Angelic Magazine and what does grace mean to you? Our table was soon set up and she made her way to our table. She sat down, handed us her printed application and what quickly struck my eye was she quoted a verse from the bible as I read her responses. She seemed pleasant, eager and by all accounts like someone we could feature in the magazine. Anyone can quote a verse, anyone can say they believe but scripture tell us "You see that a person is considered righteous by what they do and not by faith alone." James 2:24 Who is Natalie Varvel? Who is the young woman in the photos inside this issue that you see? Angelic: When you think of a model and the modeling industry and what it entails, what are your thoughts? How does it come off to you? Varvel: It is a dream job. Stereotypically, everyone knows that stereotype. It’s really skinny models and all the fashion designers, and they just want this perfect product. You have to be perfect for everything. It’s really tough. Q. With you saying that, do you feel pressure from that? Is it a bit scary for you?

A. It is

a little bit scary. I’m afraid they’ll try to make me something I’m not. Q. How are you intentional about your faith in your everyday life? A. First, I ask Him for guidance in every single thing I do. As far as how I dress, I’m a very modest person. I always make sure my arms are covered, my chest is covered and my back is covered. I always pray. I always read my bible every day. To me, prayer is the most important thing… especially in a relationship and especially with God. I mean if you don’t have communication, what is there? It’s really important. Q. Do you desire to be a model because the industry is a little bit on the darker end, and you feel it may need Jesus more than any other industry? A. Yes. That and another main reason is I am a very shy person, so it draws me out of my shell. It forces me to be in situations that I am uncomfortable with like talking with people one on one and experiencing that. It’s really helping me build my social skills. Q. So when you do a photo shoot or when someone does your make up, are you okay with the attention that you get? A. It makes me uncomfortable, but I guess that’s why I like it. It draws me out and makes me experience things I’m not really used to. Growing up, I was always the kid no one paid attention to and so I guess I just kind of developed a comfort in that, and now it’s getting in the way of when I go and apply for jobs. Especially with college coming up, I need to be able to have that one on one conversation.

In her model casting application, Varvel quoted Ephesians 2:8 "For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God." She goes on to say, "Grace to me is exactly that, a gift from God that I could never deserve without Christ, my Savior." Varvel's response to why she wanted to model for Angelic Magazine was, "Over the past few months I have been praying for an opportunity to use my talents for Christ and to glorify Him." A person's photo is an image, but a person's story for Jesus is their testimony and it is in our testimonies for Christ that we will truly glorify Him. We at Angelic Magazine don't want the allure of fashion to distract from our purpose of representing Jesus. It is our intent to show that the beauty found from within is what defines a persons legacy. A person isn't remembered by how many covers of magazines they were featured on. A person who exudes the beauty of God, who reflects His light from within and outwardly reaches people, it is those people who will never be forgotten. That is real beauty. 2 Corinthians 4:16 "Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day."


scoliosis. It ended up getting so bad that I was in a backbrace for four years. It was really hard going through it. I was a teenager and I had faith but not like I do now. I would cry every night, I was in so much pain, my spine was in an S shape. I'd ask God, why me? Why do I have to go through this? I don't deserve this, I didn't do anything wrong. I eventually ended up having surgery and it cured me but it was a long process to where I am today. I chose Him because He's the one who always got me through everything and whenever I feel alone I know He's always there. Q. What was high school like for you? A. I was insecure. I didn't talk to anyone in high school. My freshman year I was still in a backbrace and I was very depressed. I was a nice person but I couldn't express my full personality because of my insecurities. Q. What advice would you give to a girl who struggles with self-esteem? A. God has a plan. He truly does and all the dots will connect eventually. He gave me patience and allowed me to grow through my insecurities. I still don't know exactly who I am but I'm getting there. Have patience and let God grow you. Q. What made you want to model? A. Truly deep down I always wanted to model. I wanted to have a humbleness about myself and do modeling for the right reasons. I wanted to express myself in ways I wasn't able to when I was a teenager. Q. What do you hope to achieve with modeling? A. God is the one controlling my path and whatever He wants, whatever His will is, I'll Angelic: Why do you choose Jesus? Heighes: When I was 13 I was diagnosed with let Him guide me with it. he walked across the street in a rush. We could see her pace from our table outside of the boutique where we were sitting. The casting had ended only moments earlier and as the evening began to settle in, we had begun to deliberate who we should select for the casting. With a subtle nervous confidence she approached us and asked, "is it too late to be a part of the casting?" Our eyes focused on her and her expression showed she was unsure of what our response would be. We said, "tell us about yourself?" She began to gush out who she was and gave us pictures, headshots that had been taken of her. There was a sincere friendliness about her, an innocence of youth and a declaration of striving to seek her purpose in life. I asked, how does God influence you? She responded with a peculiar shock, "I've never had a casting ask me that before" and proceeded to tell us why she believed. Brandi Heighes showed up to the casting not knowing Angelic Magazine declared to represent Jesus, but it was almost as if He led her there purposefully. Her family friend had suggested to her that afternoon that she show up to our casting and she had no idea what awaited her when she arrived. There wasn't a fraudulence in her response, she declared her faith unapologetically and as Jesus freaks, we detected she spoke the same language we did. We wanted Heighes to be a part of our April issue because we felt she could represent our purpose of representing Jesus through her faith.

Angelic Magazine April 2014  

Jesus. Music. Fashion. April 2014. San Diego. Phoenix, Las Vegas.

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