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Journey towards happiness

I am so unhappy. What should I do?

On Onhis hisway, way,Julian Julianmet metan anold oldpenguin penguincarry carryheavy heavygrocery grocerybag. bag. Can you help me to carry this bag?

No. Carry it yourself.

Why am I still unhappy?

Please help me Julian. I am stuck between the bushes.

Alright, I will help you.

Weirdly, I am feeling so happy. I guess helping others can make me happy.

So, So,Julian Julianwent wentback backand andhelped helpedthe theold oldpenguin penguinto tocarry carryhis hisheavy heavy grocery grocerybag bag. . I will carry this bag for you penguin.

Thank you Julian.

I feel so happy now.

Journey towards happiness  

Julian embarks on a journey to find happiness.