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INTRO Hi all, Shafana here! Partnership Manager at Teezily, collaborating with the Seller Support and Communication Team. You might have met me IRL last June during our first edition of the Seller Advisory Board in Paris. I am more than happy to start this fresh and new edition of the Teezily Post, and as you might have already noticed, this issue will be all about New Year’s challenges and goals. Talking about new resolutions, I feel like I should share some of them with you. My job this year has been really challenging. Between the partnership activities, the organization of our Contests, the Seller Advisory Board, the Incentive Trips to Malta and Kuala Lumpur, and Charles’ 1000 other ideas ;)... Even if the results of all these projects have been really rewarding (the TZ Team is happy only if our Zilers are happy), working on different projects at the same time can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. This is why I would say that my main new year’s resolution, regarding my professional life, is to learn to let things go. If you’re organized, conscientious, and motivated enough, everything should be ok, right? And if you really want to know, my biggest personal challenge will be crossing the finish line of the Parisian Half-Marathon, because no one should be afraid to dream big, don’t you think? And you Zilers, what are your goals for this New Year? :) Regarding this issue of the Teezily Post, we will definitely help you start this New Year successfully by giving you some tips about upcoming trends, social media strategies, and a glance into our latest updates. Last but not least, our ultimate guide about our brand new Marketplace will help you become the Super Ziler of the year ;) I hope you will all enjoy this Winter Edition and again, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! May 2017 be full of success, motivation, nice projects, but also full of good health and love my dear Zilers! Cheers, Shafana Cassime Partnership Manager



Ziler of the Month : Felix We are celebrating the end of an explosive year ( in terms of achievements and growth ) and we are welcoming 2017 with open arms, expecting it will bring even more surprises to you, our sellers. That’s why this month we decided to have a short conversation with a seller that just launched his business on Teezily, Felix from Germany. In just a few weeks he has obtained an outstanding success in the t-shirt marketing scenario thanks to our revolutionary feature: the Marketplace. In this short interview, Felix explained to us how the Marketplace helped him build his brand and boost his sales without investing in advertising. Definitely a positive message for all the “newbies” out there: becoming a successful seller in this business isn’t difficult, all you need is a good dose of motivation and the willingness to explore this profitable market!

h Hello Felix! Could you share wit us your journey with Teezily? ut When and how did you learn abo the platform?

I heard about the platform a few years ago; at that time it was all about FB Ads, how to leverage FB marketing tools, the Graph Search…. To be honest, I tried it and didn’t really have much success at first… I was very frustrated, so I focused on other sites where you didn’t need to set up advertising in order to sponsor your campaigns.

How did you overcome the first failures and obstacles you ing encountered at the very beginn of this business?

When I heard that Teezily could work without ads and that you had added a Marketplace to the site... I said “ok this is the time to jump back on the horse and give it another try”.



Do you remember your first successful campaign? Tell us about the moment you realized this business could be truly profitable.

Well, I joined the Marketplace 1 month ago... so this is all still new for me, I am learning new marketing tips and having new insights everyday - thanks to the great Support of Teezily - these guys and girls are helping you 24/7 via fb, some of them even became my friends. I made a whole lot of money on my first month without spending a single penny on ads.

s What motivated you to join thi sellers’ community and is this a

e The newbies would love receiv some advice from you: which resources would you recommend to start with this business?

Join my group! -> groups/ShirtMoneyMakers/

What’s this group all about?

It’s just a crazy bunch of messed up but successful people talking about selling shirts and other things :-) I never thought it would grow so much in such a short time; we have over 1,5k members so far and the group is still a 6 week old baby. BIG THINGS will happen with this in 2017, so don’t miss it!

full time job?

I have been in this business for 7 years now and I am always on the search for new methods. Teezily’s margins are absolutely amazing... Receiving 21 Euros for 1 sold Hoodie is just crazy and almost 3 times what you get on other sites… However, this is not a full time job, I’m an architect so I’m doing this on the side.

Can you reveal to us which get market you would love to tar in 2017? :)

Everybody on this Planet!

Your New year’s resolution: Do you work with somebody else? Do you have a team?

I recently started Outsourcing some of the process... yeah. It helps to grow if you don’t have to focus on uploading all can be on the lookout for new ideas and trends. Well I have a HUGE Team, it’s my FB Group «Shirt Money Makers». Creating this team totally changed the game for’s for newbies and gurus - everybody who needs help or is willing to give something back...

Fuck Bitches - Get Money Well, let’s be serious for a second again, I wanna say THANK YOU to the people in my group - you guys ROCK! Without you this whole “Success Story” wouldn’t be happening THANK YOU ALL for being a part of this Happy Holidays and Happy 2k17!



Latest updates Features & Products Brand New Phone Service We have opened international phone lines to help your customers during their buying process !


Local Telephone Number

Working Hours - Local Time


(646) 741 - 2095

24/24, mon-sat


020 3868 8072

8 AM - 6 PM, mon-sat


283 107 934

24/24 mon-sat


438 800 - 4798

24/24 (english), mon-sat


(089) 380 35 647

9 AM - 7 PM


(0) 7 2022 9043

9 AM - 7 PM


022 518 74 96

9 AM - 7 PM


01 72 30 10 10

9 AM - 7 PM


025 88 41 69

9 AM - 7 PM


(020) 808 19 53

9 AM - 7 PM


02 8295 0976

9 AM - 7 PM


911 23 58 97

9 AM - 7 PM


(21) 3500 2419

8 AM - 6 PM (Brasilia local time)

The Teezily Marketplace We have added the latest feature, the Marketplace, which plays an important role for both sellers and buyers on our platform. In the next article, you will learn how Marketplace works to create significant numbers of organic sales on your campaigns.




4XL Catalogue update: 4XL and 5XL Hoodie

If you have been receiving requests from your customers asking for large size hoodies, we have good news for you! We just added 4XL and 5XL hoodies to our Teezilab!

Customizable campaigns for your customers Another awesomeness has been added to our platform. From now on it will be possible to launch campaigns with customizable text so that your customers can personalize the design and make it even more exclusive. Since we have added features that allow the users to upload their own fonts (.ttf format), there is nothing stopping you from launching your customizable campaigns.

And last but not least ... We now * Accept new currencies for payment (BRL/PLN/DKK/NOK) * Have a system to know the status of your order («Track my Order») * Allow favicon uploads for DNS stores What does it mean ? - Right now we’ll display the right currencies for your Brazilian, Polish, Danish and Norwegian customers. - Your buyers will be able to track their orders on the Teezily website. - For those who aren’t using the DNS store, it’s not a must have but it’s definitely a good thing to have !



The Definitive Guide to Teezily Marketplace

What is a Marketplace?

A Marketplace is an ecommerce platform that enables both buyers and sellers to either list their products for sale or set up online storefronts and to leverage the platform and its services.

of the TZ Marketplace? What are the main advantages

There are two main benefits: free traffic to your Campaign(s) and an intensified online engagement. Your target group will easily find your products by clicking on the related category or using the search engine.

ketplace? What is the main purpose of a Mar

The main purpose is, of course, to boost the conversion rate by enhancing brand awaeness. Marketplace presence on Teezily is enabled by default, but a seller can opt-out when creating a Campaign or, at any point later on, on a per-campaign basis.

The perfect option even if…

✓ You don’t have a big involved community and you want to target a larger audience.

✓ You have little time, motivation, or experience on social media strategies­Edit products / prices on a running campaign.

✓ You sell a subject-specific product with little to no competition on the Marketplace


How it works

Teezily’s Marketplace gathers all the campaigns in the same space and organizes them in a wellcoordinated online catalogue. It allows for categories, subcategories, and filters, which means the buyer can refine the search a lot more precisely making the products more likely to be found, which brings us to our next point.

Choose the right category

Categories will allow your customers to easily narrow down your assortment and find the items they are looking for, which will of course be strictly related to their interests. Are you targeting nurses who love yoga? … You know what to do! Before publishing your Campaigns add the related categories, which are Jobs > Hospital and Entertainment > Yoga.

h? What else do I have to deal wit

We assure you that’s it. All you have to do is choose the category before launching your Campaign and then it runs on its own. No need to do anything else, it is now the customer’s turn to find your design and purchase it.




Trends for 2017 marketing & social media, sport events, colors, booming countries in e-commerce

While “2016 – the year in a review” is all over the media on this time of the year, we think it’s time to look forward into the new year, a new start, a whole lot of new opportunities for your t-shirt business. That’s why we’ve summed up the expected trends of 2017 for you.

Marketing & Social Media trends At least since the launch of a very specific pocket monster app this summer, we now all know that augmented reality is no science-fiction, but already accessible in our day-to-day life, offering huge marketing opportunities. What else will make a buzz on social media and marketing next year? We have the answers: • • • • • • • •

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Live Chats on Social Media Influencer marketing Snapchat Time-limited content Facebook Mobile shopping Personalization of products

Big sport events coming up Here’s a list of the biggest sport events for 2017. All of them are a great occasion to relaunch your sports campaigns, because as you know, everybody wants to be in the winning team! Jan 16-29 Tennis - Australia Open, Melbourne, Australia Feb 5 Gridiron/Football - Super Bowl, Houston Texas, USA Feb 6-19 Skiing - World Alpine Ski Championships Piz Nair, St. Moritz, Switzerland Apr 3-9 Golf - Masters, Augusta, USA Apr 8 Horse Racing - Grand National Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool, England Jun 3 Football (Soccer) - UEFA Champions League final, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff Jun Basketball, NBA Finals, USA / Canada Jun 17-27 Sailing - America’s Cup, Bermuda Jul 1–23 Cycling - 2017 Tour de France, Germany / France Jul 3-16 Tennis - Wimbledon, London, England Jul 14-30 Swimming - World Aquatics Champs, Budapest, Hungary Nov 28-Dec 5 Weightlifting - IWF World Championships, Anaheim, USA












Booming countries for e-commerce Let’s start with two of our bestselling countries: the USA and Germany. The German market experienced its strongest growth in the past years, but that’s not all! E-commerce is still continuously growing and the m-commerce even doubled in 2015, and the same growth is expected for 2016 and 2017. Luckily, Teezily is also adaptable for mobile use! The US-market is already at its peak, with a slight decline in growth (still positive!). But no need to worry, it is still a market with a huge customer base and therefore a reliable market for your business. The overall trend is heading more and more towards m-commerce. Check out this table to see the european growth rates of 2015 and 2016 in order to predict 2017’s growth:


Growth rate 2015 in %

Growth rate 2016 in %



























Photoshop VS. Illustrator

Photoshop and Illustrator are Adobe‘s most popular graphics programs. If you’re new in the custom products business or working on a new project, you might have a hard time figuring out which of the two programs will work best for you since they seem very similar. We’ve summed up some of the main differences between Photoshop and Illustrator to help you get started.

OR T A R T S U ILL • Vector based • Illustrator, as its name suggests, is for creating and editing vector based illustrations such as logos and brand marks, or other design elements.Vector graphics are scalable images that can be resized into whatever size you like and still maintain their resolution and clarity. • Being an object based editing tool, you work with objects (squares,circles…).


• It maintains the edge fidelity: it doesn’t lose its quality if scaled up or down.The quality will remain perfect no matter how much you scale it because it constantly redraws itself to make the image readable. • Better print output since it’s not resolution dependent; created to get something printed in different sizes


• Can’t be easily used to modify already existing images. • Less filters and tools than Photoshop.



OP H S O T O H P • Raster/bitmap based • Really simple to use, Photoshop is the No.1 graphics program. It is really useful to create or edit photos, and raster (pixel) based artwork. The program was originally developed as a tool to improve photographs, but over time its functionality has developed to the point where it can be used to create user interface, designs, web pages... • In Photoshop you work by selecting chunks of pixels.


• It has a lot of unique tools, special effects, and filters. • There is a huge color selection and you can replace objects. • It can be easily used to modify already existing images. • You have complete control of your projects since you can edit your graphic pixel-by-pixe.


• Might lose its quality if scaled up or down • You can’t create logos since Photoshop is pixel or raster based; the files that the software creates cannot be enlarged or manipulated without drawback • You might go out of path and then photoshop will refill it with pixels

In conclusion, one is not better than the other, they are simply different. It’s important to understand the basic differences and take advantage of them. The truth is you might need to use both of them to finish a single design that contains different elements: vector lines are generally cleaner and of higher quality, so you will be able to print different screens with the mathematical certainty that they will align. Photoshop on the other hand, has much better tools to manipulate what’s already there. For example, it’s better to add a text to your design edited by Photoshop with Illustrator, because otherwise it could distort. If you keep all this in mind you will be able to make a better decision about which software is best for your next awesome Teezily design.



Calendars January & February CALENDAR EVENT JANUARY 2017 - Creativity Month MONDAY New Year’s Day


TUESDAY Happy Mew Year Day For Cats




Bird Day

3 Houseplant Appreciation Day





Three Kings Day

4 5 6


Kiss A Ginger Day

9 10 11 12 13 14 USA: Martin Ditch New Year’s Luther King Resolutions Day Day

Cheese Lovers Day

Hugging Day

15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

Australia: Australia Day

22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Croissant Day

29 30 31










Hedgehog Day

1 Wear Red Day




Opera Day

6 7 Valentine’s Day


4 White Shirt Day

9 10 11

Singles Awareness Day

Drink Wine Day

12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Love Your Pet Day

World Yoga Day

Play Tennis Day

World Bartender Day

Tell A Fairy Tale Day

19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Germany: Fasching/ Karneval

Rare Disease Day

26 27 28 29 30



The “Personalise Your Campaign” Tool: the 5 Ws

What? at will make yo A game-changing tool th even more exclusive

ur campaigns

wishes, we have our customers and fulfill their Since our main goal is to satisfy feature, which ary “customize your campaign” decided to launch this revolution r (potential) g campaigns. That means you stin exi e aliz son per to you s to your enable a personalized slogan / name add to ty uni ort opp the e buyers will hav chase! ul to you for their exclusive pur campaign and be forever gratef

When? We introduced the tool at the beginning of Nove mber, for your Christmas Camp aign!

Indeed, many of you have caught this opportunity and have given your customer the fabulous opportunity to cus tomize this season’s trend: the Ug ly Christmas Sweater. However, that doesn’ t mean this tool will only be use ful for your winter campaign, think about Mothe r’s Day, Veteran’s Day in the US , the “anniversary campaign” (“2015: the year we go married”), all the items rela ted to age & zodiac signs...



Where? Use the customizable box in the Teezila b First of all, while creating your original designs you should keep in mind that you will need to leave a space in the product mockup for the personalised box. The personalization process itself is really easy: on the first creation step on the Teezilab, all you have to do is add the customisable text, adjust the size, and place it where you want it to go (on the back? Under your design?). Last but not least, try several different fonts and colors to make sure you pick the best one for your personalized text: do not underestimate the importance of chromatic and visual harmony! Buyers will never purchase an ugly design, even if the message is the right one.



th it! rsonaliza-tion is wor pe at th ow kn s er il Reta me-living items, to shirts, handbags, and ho

dresses Sellers of everything, from n unique products. In ting buyers create their ow let of ue val the ing ver co customization are dis than 90% of marketers say re mo , y​ nc lta nsu Co ​ e to success . fact, according brand, and to your future n ow ur yo ild bu es, sal is crucial to boost g-term personalization need to implement a lon s ler sel d, cee suc to er especially for In ord the product was designed like l fee rs me sto cu ke ma strategy to them.

Why? Because personalizat ion represents a ma ssive opportunity for reta ilers

The growing relevance and impact of personalization ste ms from the fact that it erases any ambiguit y and enhances a one-to-o ne link. T ​ echTarget​ describes customization as “​(...) meeting the custo me r’s needs more effectively and efficiently, making interactions faster and easier and, consequently, increasing customer satisfaction an d the likelihood of repeat visits.” Brands have fully recognized the importa nc e of offering an unparalleled customer exp erience, and in the globaliza tion era customers want to be “different”. Do not forget the concept tha t lies at the very foundation of this business , which is that you are cre ating and selling original items that will en hance the identity of an individual and/or a community. The message is a marketing strategy of the utmost relevance.



How to Increase Traffic to Your Page Increasing traffic to your fan page is probably one of the most important challenges for sellers, especially because there are thousands of competing stores / campaigners that are targeting the same audiences, and this objective is even more ambitious if you don’t have an engaged or passionate community of fans / followers. Social media currently offers a unique leverage to gain web traffic towards your campaigns ( or stores ). However, please bear in mind that you should avoid any form of spam and ideally, you want to create special and original content. Using the innovative tools platforms have integrated can be crucial for social media campaigns oriented towards web traffic acquisition. We will now give you some concrete examples of initiatives that are going to increase the engagement on your page and consequently boost your sales!

The Contest Launching a social contest allows you to enhance web traffic with a fun game, offer personalized products for free, and launch useful promotions for your community. If the contest’s rule is to post a comment or a photo on social channels, you can direct people to your campaign / store page and check the analytics on the TZ dashboard. It’s a win-win strategy: your store / campaign receives traffic and generates buzz for your social media page, and the user has the chance to win a prize for contributing to the initiative.

Examples of contests 1. Share the Picture - Invite your buyers to share a picture of them wearing your exclusive product: the most liked photo will win a free product! 2. The Quiz - Ask your followers to answer a very simple question (let the quantum physic games begin!). You could share a picture of a bunch of t-shirts in a closet or on a table and ask “how many t-shirts can you count?”. 3. Comment to win - One of the most simple (and engaging!) contests. All users have to do is comment something like “what do you like the most about our products?” and … keep their fingers crossed! 4. Fill-In-The-Blank contest - You can write an incomplete sentence and ask your followers to complete it (be sure it’s related to your brand/business!). The most liked comment will win the prize. 5. Crowdsource contest - Every marketer knows clients should be their primary source of inspiration. Ask them what design they would love to see printed on a t-shirt or mug. Give a free product to the person with the most brilliant idea!



The Poll This strategy is related to the crowdsource contest but the purpose is different. Because it offers the possibility to involve your community on specific topics that can be related to your business or to a specific niche/passion, the survey is one of the most powerful tools to boost your web traffic. Furthermore, it will definitely improve your reputation as a seller as it will clearly demonstrate you care about your buyer’s opinion. You might ask them to choose their favorite logo for your page or name for your store.

Here are the main advantages: 1. Free products Feedback Why not be more direct and ask the customers what they like about your product? If a person has followed your page, there’s a good chance that they think very highly of your creations. These are the people that are going to provide some of the most honest and lengthy feedback, and they will gladly do it for free. 2. Gain deep understanding of your community Polling provides deep insight into your FB community, and it can improve the development of marketing and advertising campaigns. 3. Content Generation Social media polling creates two pieces of content: The first one is the actual poll itself and the second is when you showcase the results. 4. Increase Traffic Especially after you invite your followers to share it, the pool will definitely increase traffic to your social media page and will consequently improve the visibility of your products / store.



The power of visual content Social media, by nature, is designed for visual content and it’s no surprise that image based content attracts more engagement in comparison to simple text based posts. So it’s important that you regularly include images, videos, vines, GIFs, and other forms of visual content in your social media updates. And of course do not forget to join the link to your most recent campaign or your store! Did you know that Image based posts on FB attract 39% more engagement?!

Follow the trends Last but not least, do not forget to follow the trends. How? It’s easy: by checking Twitter at least 3 times a day. Pick a popular hashtag and share meaningful and fun content on your page. A real marketer knows how to find the link with his business. A concrete example? Wish your community a happy #InternationalFriendshipDay and suggest them to purchase your product and offer it to their best friends! A country has suddenly become a trend on Twitter? (due to political, social, economic, or any other special reason) Remind people from #Italia that you have some personalized italian campaigns!



#followthetrend : The Ugly Christmas Sweater



Last but not least… Your New Year Resolutions! It’s that time of year when, after weeks of excess booze and food consumption, we turn our attentions to self-improvement with New Year Resolutions. We asked some of our Zilers their good intentions for 2017: check them out! 1. What are your main keys of success to develop your business through Teezily ? 2. What are your New Year’s resolutions? 3. Would you love to explore a new market (or niche) in 2017? 4. What was your best market in 2016? 5. Your most significant achievement in 2016


ran Nicolas, F

1. You need to be very rigorous and motivated, and you have to work a lot; you need to work like a machine but think like a human.What I mean by this is that it’s useless to work all the time on something that already works, instead you should think about how it could be improved ! I discovered a lot of ways to save time, increase selling, and make more profits, and i’ll keep finding more and more methods. :) 2. Develop my brand internationally, even if the market is now way more competitive. Right now I am focusing on targeting the English speaking countries because if I succeed, the online engagement will be massive! 3. Thanks to the brand new customization feature, ideas for new designs are now limitless! I definitely want to boost my sales in the US and explore the Brazilian market as well! 4. France, as always, followed by Switzerland and Germany. 5. In a few days, I’m going to reach my goal of 30K products sold, and I think this is my biggest success so far ;)



, Vietnam

Anh Nguyen

1. I would give the credit to my amazing team. We are 7 young people working passionately to master this business. I could never do it by myself. 2. I definitely need to spend more time on sport. I am also planning a holiday trip for our team, maybe we will fly to Paris to see Teezily team :D 3. Of course but … no spoilers! 4. My strategy is to start with a broad audience in all potential markets, then focus and increase ads budget on those with good sales. With this practice, I’ve seen that Germany, UK and France are the top countries in Europe. And of course, the US, which is the biggest ecommerce market in the world. 5. I reached my record of a campaign with 6k sales in Teezily. This is the keystone of my journey in t-shirt business and is also an unforgettable memory.

rtem, Germany

Phillip & A

1. There are a lot of factors that are involved in success and failure. We think the most important factor is the research of the niche and the good understanding of the group you targeted. Another thing is: being able to analyze the data and the performance of your ads. It’s important to understand the numbers given and being able to make an interpretation of them. Managing a timetable is also really important. Only with a allaround optimized process, you’ll be able to increase the volume of sales. Eventually the main factors of success for us are time, analytics, market research and the creativity for the designs. 2. Our New Year’s resolutions are: Reaching the next level with our business, and increase the number of sale up to the next stage. We want to be more efficient in the paid-ads and also in the organic ads. We want to come nearer to Teezily plus and Shopify and be more active in this field. Plus, we want to create a mastermind group, in which we will present strategies and case studies. With this group it will be possible to attract more people and give them the ambition to start something with Teezily. 3. We want to try harder on the US market next year, because for now we are not 100% involved in it. Countries like Brazil are also written on our list. 4. Our most important markets are Germany/Austria/Switzerland. This year we were really surprised by Holland, Italy and Spain, because it was possible for us to reach some results there. 5. Our most significant achievement in 2016 was for us to be invited to join Teezily in Malta. We are only since one year in the business, so we can say that the whole year was a success for us. We had the possibility to enhance our numbers the whole year on, that’s why we hope we’ll be able to continue this way next year.



Get to know the team... Antonio fro m? Hel lo Ant oni o! Whe re do you com e I’m from Sardinia, Italy! What is your role at Teezily? I’m the growth sales ma nager

Wha t are you r dre ams and insp irat ion s and why ? Help every single Ziler to become a millionai re. Because I love them, all of them! lors. What the Teezily tee co to on ti di ad w You are a ne be and why color would you t the italian tricolor! Not really a color … bu

If you cou ld cho ose any one in the wor ld, who wou ld you hav e dinn er wit h? Jeff Bezos, the CEO at Amazon

Decision questions T-Shirt or Hoodie ?


Favorite food: Pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! And everything that is sweet and sour Favorite tv show : That’s difficult ... GOT, Modern Family, Narcos, Breaking Bad.. and so much more! Music or books ? music I have a lot of favorite artists: Carl Cox, Flume, Sbtrkt... A Juventus football match at the stadium or a dinner with the Zilers? :) A dinner with the Zilers, at the Juventus Stadium! :D Your dream trip: In this period of the year, an Island!

Profile for Angelica Teezily

Teezily Post - December / January  

We are delighted to introduce you the latest edition of the Teezily Post, number 5 ! This month we will talk about our brand new tool ("Pers...

Teezily Post - December / January  

We are delighted to introduce you the latest edition of the Teezily Post, number 5 ! This month we will talk about our brand new tool ("Pers...