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Fashion Journals By: Angelica Ruiz




Entry #1 WGSN February 6, 2013

WGSN is an online news broadcasting website based out of London. The abbreviation stands for Worth Global Style Network. Established in 1998, it’s now the official broadcaster of Mercedes-Benz and MADE fashion week, a Vogue partner that helped to launch the Vogue Archive, leading the world’s fashion forecaster scene with over 300 editorial and design staff, providing inspiration and design tools through wealth of industry and intelligence, and also news and reports about current fashion and media. The most important element this website brings to the table for students and people who are still learning how to engage themselves in fashion is the fashion trend forecasts, these tips help you find out what’s relevant and in fashion. The news and reports are also of importance because news about other companies can ultimately affect your brand. Infamous 80’s designer Halston has opened a Halston Heritage store on New York’s Madison Avenue. The flagship is the brand’s latest attempt to bring the brand the success it had in the past. CEO Ben Malka is planning a “great American Fashion house.” They will focus first on line entitled Halston Hertage, then freestanding stores and a main line. The new flagship is first of plans to launch many new stores. First, a new store in SoHo will be launched within the next upcoming year, but an address has not been released thus far. The plans call for a high-end target customer such as the Beverly Center in Los Angeles, Kuwait, Dubai, Jordan, China, Southeast Asia and India. Malka, who is the former chairman of BCBG Max Azria Group reportedly brought $20 million to Halston when appointed CEO and is the largest of three investors. 4


Entry #2 History February 18, 2013

When looking through current and foreshadowed trends, one can always count on seeing an element of history whether it is through design, color, or other form of detail. After looking through Women’s Wear Daily and World Global Style Network and comparing what has trickled down from runway to ready to wear, the most popular trend I have pulled from my research is the men’s 60’s modern look. This look is relevant in the indie-rock scene and references 1960 culture for the modern-day man. According to WGSN, the look is described as a “tailoring-meets-vintage sportswear trend, punctuated by a monochrome palette.” Included in this trend are the roll-neck sweater, chequerboard, rounded collar, and most importantly the cycling knit and tailored mod suit. The cycling knit is made popular by brands like Kolor and Fred Perry and contain either a half zip funnel neck or polo-like buttoning with sometimes ribbed stripes and cuffs around the neck and arms. The mod suit is also important because it’s seen today as a look that can be dressed up or dressed down. The mod look is synonymous with streamlined tailoring. The jackets fit very slim and are custom tailored to look just right. Sometimes the pants will also be off the peg with a fit that is ankle-swinging and slim topped off with a skinny tie. The style is similar to the 60’s style through imitation of popular individuals during the era such as The Beatles. The largest difference is the way men can now accessorize and keep colors monochromatic.


Fred Perry Spring 2013

Michael Kors Fall 2013


Entry #3 Cosmetics February 23, 2013



After dominating almost half the world as one of the leading cosmetic companies, MAC is determined to conquer a new continent: Africa. They are planning on entering three new countries within three years to build business. The new stores will be launched in Lagos, Nigeria and in Zambia and Botswana. MAC now has 22 doors throughout South Africa that have been successful for over a decade. William P. Lauder, executive chairman of the Estee Lauder Cosmetic Incorporation and MAC’s parent company believes that there is untapped potential in Africa. Also, Karen Buglisi, global brand president for MAC believes the brand has a large following from the wealthy Nigerians who purchase in Paris, London, and New York but do not have a story in their homeland. As a trailblazer in emerging markets, the belief that the breadth of new product line with dark foundation shades, humidity resistance, and visuals with black models will add to the brand awareness. Buglisi is also anticipating installation of a resident trainer and senior makeup artist within the next year or so. 10


Entry #4 Men’s February 28, 2013

Men’s trends change just as frequently as women’s. One of the trends that have stayed relevant from Winter 2012 until Fall 2013 is men’s militaryesque cargo pant. The pants come in different shades of green, grey, black, or camouflage. They usually have two standard pockets in front, two pockets on back, and pockets on the outside of each leg about knee-high. The pants really appeal to a large demographic because children wear them for all the pockets and durability while urban teenagers and adult men wear them to be part of the trend. They are usually worn with military boots or gym shoes. In my opinion, I think that the pants look best paired with Nike Jordan’s or Chuck Taylor Converse. On the right man, they can be very flattering. I interviewed a Columbia sophomore named John that was walking into the library wearing a pair of these pants in a dark, faded green color over black and gum Levi’s boots. He said he liked the pants because they’re easy to throw on and the closest thing to being sweatpants comfortable. He likes the trend and thinks it’s something that everyone can wear when they need a quick, casual look.



Entry #5 New Show / Movie March 5, 2013

In the new shoe The Carrie Diaries that is set as a prequel to the show Sex and the City, the characters on the show are frequently dressed in matching prints from head to toe. This is a trend that has been seen on runway shows by Givenchy, Versace, and Jeremy Scott. Seeing this trend on a younger character portrayed by AnnaSophia Robb and Chloe Bridges right after seeing it worn by celebrities on the red carpet such as Rihanna and Rashida Jones makes it appealing to such a large demographic, that soon enough we should see it on the streets.



Entry #6 Fabric Swatches March 12, 2013


100% Cotton


Paisley is a reoccurring fabric print that is often combined with floral patterns to create an attractive effect. The trend that was made popular in the 90’s on bandanas and t-shirts is very popular in the urban fashion community. The print is also frequently used on furniture.

Givenchy RTW Fall 2013

Givenchy RTW Fall 2013 17


100% Cotton


Mesh is a delicate polyester fabric that is sometimes hard to manipulate into desired designs, but when done correctly can look almost elegant. If assembled incorrectly, the finished product will look trashy and cheap that will fall apart easily.

Givenchy RTW Fall 2013

Maison Martin Margiela RTW Fall 2013 19

Cashmere 100% Wool


Cashmere is a timeless material this is warm, cozy, and expensive. Designers took cashmere this season and altered them in fashions other than the traditional v neck sweater.

Marc Jacobs RTW Fall 2013

Hermes RTW Fall 2013


Entry # 7 Dos and Don’ts March 18, 2013

Don’t: Wear airbrushed denim! Not a jacket, not pants, not even a hat! It usually doesn’t come out the way you planned and after wearing and washing the piece will end up looking distorted and faded.

Do: Wear a single wash denim jacket with distressed shoulders, pockets, etc. This jacket looks ten times better than anything with spray paint on it with half the effort. 22

Don’t: Wear a large printed peplum over a pudgy or pregnant midsection! Peplum can definitely create a curvy figure, but a peplum that is too tight creates rolls and does the complete opposite.

Do: Appropriately fitting leather peplum. An oversized leather peplum like this piece from Oscar de la Renta’s RWT Fall 2013 line drapes beautifully over the midsection and is perfectly accessorized by a black and 23 gold belt.

Don’t: Wear a modern suit that is tailored for somebody half your height and weight. Every sized man looks good in a suit tailored for his body, but ready to wear suits are not for everybody.

Do: Wear ready to wear neutral colored separates when unable to obtain a custom tailored suit as shown in Lanvin RTW Fall 2013. 24

Don’t: Wear a satin looking, unsteamed graphic print t-shirt with dress pants and black dress shoes. Not all blacks look good with each other and this is a perfect example.

Do: Wear cotton graphic screen print t-shirts with the proper shade black leather pants, black jacket, and gold accessories. The perfect example is shown here by Kanye West in Givenchy and Cartier.


Entry #8 Store Visit / Trend April 1, 2013

For my department store visit I decided to visit Macy’s. I saw countless trends, but the ones I saw the most were leather, denim, lace, prints, and black and white. The first, leather, is very big in street wear, couture, and home décor. I saw black leather high waisted shorts in the junior’s section of the store. Next, denim was something I saw frequently. Denim, of course, was in the men’s, women’s, juniors, and children’s sections. I found it interesting that I actually ran across denim in the handbag area, as there were denim handbags for sale, also. Then there was lace. Lace is found almost every department, but it stuck out the most in the home décor section in beautiful white curtain detailing. Then prints began to stick out to me, mostly in the women’s department. Dresses with bright colored floral prints on cotton fabrics for affordable prices were everywhere. Finally is the black and white trend. I saw this trend frequently, also. But it stuck out the most in a pair of black and white checkered Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. 26

Entry #9 Visual Display April 1, 2013

This visual was taken at Free People inside of Water Tower Place on Michigan Avenue. I am not the biggest Free People enthusiast, but they have to have one of the best visual merchandising teams in the industry right now. Their windows, tables, cases, and decorations are always perfectly designed. The Free People customer is a free-spirited, lively kind of girl. This is exactly who these creative aspects appeal to.

This display is in Saks Fifth Avenue in downtown Chicago. The designer displayed is St. John, one of the most distinguished names in high-end retail and design. The designs are very clean, just like the display. White carpets, beautiful lighting, and flowers to bring the whole look together. The target customer is somebody who would have his or her home decorated like this.


Entry #10 Designer Report April 10, 2013

Since I’ve become interested in high fashion, Givenchy has always been my favorite designer. I love the brand’s pieces of every time period including Hubert de Givenchy’s designs for Audrey Hepburn all the way up until today with Virgil Abloh’s styling of Kanye West in Givenchy. The collection I’m reporting on is from Paris Fashion Week for Fall / Winter 2013 RTW. Givenchy can obviously create amazing dresses, gowns, jackets and coats but lately they’ve been producing pieces heavy with black, leather, and screenprinting. This line is almost in a category of it’s own as “couture street wear.” These pieces would be retailed at stores like Barney’s, Bergdorf Goodman, and RSVP Gallery.

Givenchy RTW Fall / Winter 2013 28

Illustrations taken from Joshua Osborn, WWD, and WGSN. 29

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