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Gorgeous contemporary textiles and accessories


Felt vessels inspired by a rich culture

SANCTUARY BOUTIQUE LINENS A mother daughter team creates a luxe bedding collection

this boy faces north

Photography that captures the unexpected, strange and unusual GET THIS LOOK: STYLE YOUR HOME LIKE THE STYLISTS




Jon Paley captures the unexpected, strange and unusual in dramatic and beautiful moody imagery

Vintage styled bedding collection designed with limited edition prints for both the young at heart and bigger.



Sanctuary is a collaboration between a mother daughter team and six talented artists creating a luxe bedding collection


OUR COVER SQUEAK Photography: Martina Gemmola Styling: Paige Anderson

Sumnima Moktan has just released her first homewares collection, inspired by the colours and rich cultural of Kathmandu

22 WOOD TO WALL Bring your walls to life with your own creativity. Be it either an illustration, graphic or photograph you can have it printed straight onto plywood

After travelling through India and being inspired by their culture Kath Banger has worked closely with artisans to create a textile collection that reflects their traditions with a modern twist

40 SQUEAK Textile designer, Pippa Oostergetel reveals how her scarf obession turned into a fashion accessories and homewares label

46 LAIKONIKA Josephine Palmer takes us on a child’s journey with gorgeous baby photo album keepsakes plus hand crafted products

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Everything you need to create a relaxed contemporary look

You can give your little girl a beautifully styled bedroom to dream of with this whimsical selection

18 BLOCK COLOUR Have some fun and blast your home with some colour this spring

26 GET THE LOOK Creating your office space just got easier with this fabulous selection

32 WHITE ROOM Crisp, clean and definitely not boring, white is the most versatile

52 HOT BATHROOM PICKS Style queen and lifestyle blogger, Rebecca Judd teams up with Reece and shares her top five must-have products for creating her dream bathroom

6 We love 38 Insta finds 54 Business directory




Each Ashton + Harper candle starts with the highest percentage of fine fragrance and essential oils combined with custom blend of soy wax and organic coconut oil. Price $49.95. Stockist: Hart Ldn

The signature 80cm x 80cm Cakebread tufted yarn style. Each of these pieces is handmade over many days in the Cakebread studio. Each cushion has it’s own unique combinationof colours, yarns and fibres. High quality wool/cashmere in Mist on reverse. Price $1390. Stockist: Elise Cakebread


TANZANIAN TRACK Dirt track, photographed in the late afternoon light in the Serengeti, Tanzania. Pricing starts at $600. Stockist: Our Print Collection

A casual little cutie for those lazy Sundays! Price $54.95. Stockist: Yin and Yarn


These beautiful table-runners will add a splash of personality and a dash of restaurant quality to any dining experience. Price $75. Stockist: Fazeek

NORMANN COPENHAGEN TEA STRAINER GREY Tea Strainer is a practical and flexible tea strainer made of silicone and stainless steel. Tea Strainer retains the heat and flavour while the tea is brewing, and when it is ready, the small built-in handle makes it easy to take out of the cup without burning your fingers. Price $35. Stockist: Designstuff


Toj Clothes Rack Small in white. Toj is a clothes rack with an industrial and simple expression. Its function is evident and its simple construction – with a rail, shelf and trusses – provides space for clothes, shoes and bags. Price $530. Stockist: Curious Grace




1] Miss Jones Geo Copper Frame. Square geometric patterned copper frame . Price $39. Stockist: The Twenty Two 2] Indoor Chair by Feelgood Designs - Designed by Yuzuru Yamakawa. Price $750. Stockist: Curious Grace 3] Silvia Copper LampshadeThe VITA Silvia shade, with its characteristic triangular, organic shaped blades, is a modern classic that fits into every home. Price $179.95. Stockist: Nordic Fusion

THIS BOY FACES NORTH Jon Paley captures the unexpected, strange and unusual in dramatic and beautiful moody imagery

Tell us a bit about your photography? My growing up in the north of England still heavily influences the way I look at and photograph the world now. The areas I chose to spent a lot of time as a teenager were pretty industrial and there wasn’t a lot of what you would call classic beauty to go around but there was, and still is, an amazing quality of light that can create drama and beauty in the most unexpected places. My photography will probably always be about seeing beauty in unexpected places or strange, unusual details.

Can you tell us about yourself and your background? I’m 47 years old and originally from Yorkshire in the north of England. I started taking photographs seriously when I was eleven or twelve after my Dad lent me his Pentax and a 50mm prime so I could go to the school camera club and from that point on I was hooked. Although I did pretty poorly at school I went on to study Graphic Design with a specialisation in Documentary Photography at Art College and became the first person in my family to get

Photography: Jon Paley

a degree. And I’ve been around photography in some pretty interesting ways throughout most of my working life now. What sparked you to begin your own business? I’d finally had enough of working for someone else and decided the risk of giving it a go had to be better than the misery of the corporate grind. I’ll probably never be a rich man but I’m happier now and I’ll take that any day. What techniques do you use in your photography? I don’t think you’d call it a technique but I’ve always tried to keep equipment to a minimum. It makes it easier to move around when I’m working and having fewer options to consider helps me stay concentrated on my work. Oh, and I don’t use flash, I hate flash.

“I’ll probably never be a rich man but I’m happier now and I’ll take that any day.” What inspires you in your photographs? It might sound a bit obvious to say but my photographs tend to be of things I’ve really, really enjoyed looking at. What do I mean by that? I’m a visual person and I love spending a lot of time just looking, exploring with my eyes in the way someone else might sit and read a book or go to the footie or whatever. Looking and seeing are daily activities for me and those activities inspire my photographs. Who are some of your favourite photographers and why? There are loads of photographers I like but for me Don McCullin stands head and shoulders above them all. He’s covered some of the most appalling humanitarian and military conflicts around the world and his commitment to journalism and his skill as a photographer is just awe-inspiring. continued on next page >

< continued from previoius page The first picture of his to stop me in my tracks was of a homeless Irishman in London in 1969, It’s an uncomfortable image but an incredibly beautiful one at the same time. The mans face is almost black with soot and his eyes are so fantastically clear and white in comparison. Wild tousled and matted hair. It’s just a terrific image, very compassionate too, a thread that runs through all McCullin’s work.

What is your favourite image that you have captured? It’s impossible to choose a single image as a favourite. But last month I photographed some cacti at dawn on a hillside overlooking Cairn Curran Reservoir and right now I love those images.Also the images I’ve been taking of details like door handles and light switches inside abandoned houses are becoming favourites.And then if we were to make it a trio of favourites I’d add anything with clouds I’ve shot over that last 12 months, I don’t think anyone can have too much dramatic sky in their life!

What has been your biggest highlight? Probably finally getting to meet the guys at OnStone and actually have them start produce prints for me. They print directly onto a stone composite that’s framed using recycled timber sourced from around Melbourne. It’s quite a different viewing experience because there’s no glass to get in the way. And it’s a very ecologically sound production process that my customers can really buy into - I mean you can walk into the place the prints are produced and talk to the team off the street pretty much -

Print sales are building steadily and that’s a great experience. So for example, if you were to visit my Instagram feed or my website tomorrow and saw an image you liked you could use the contact form to ask me if a print is possible and how much it would cost. Then you’re looking at a one-off every time, a single edition, signed, dedicated, whatever you’d like. I think that’s amazing for everyone. CONTACT:

get the look Everything you need to create this relaxed contemporary look

fenton & fenton Lifestyle range 2015 All products available through fenton & fenton Styling: Ruth Welsby Photography: Mike Baker Stockist: fenton & fenton





3 8 4






1] Lighter Beige Natural Cowhide Rug. Price $369. Stockist: Cow Hide Rugs Online 2] Helen McCullagh is best known for her bright, contemporary and aesthetically beautiful still life oil paintings. Stockist: Helen McCullah Art 3] Tribal Pot Range. Priced from $120. Stockist: Pop and Scott 4] Calypso Collection, Chameleon Plant Stand. Price $140. Stockit: Ivy Muse 5} Barn Owl. Taxidermy barn owl mounted on a log. Price $750. Stockist: fenton and fenton 6] Node Ball, Large wireframe ball. Available in a variety of colours. Price $85. Stockist: fenton & fenton 7] Finn Claw Leg Coffee Table. Price $890. Stockist: fenton & fenton 8] Sunflower Cushion featuring a handmade ceramic button and flokati style fringing. Price $340. Stockist: Elise Cakebread 9] Black Aztec Bone Inlay Chest of Drawers, Price $2,249. Stockist: Zohi Interiors 10] Marble Basics Octagonal Trivet. Price $75. Stockist: Marble Basics 11] Marble Baby Basic Canister. Price $70. Stockist: Marble Basics 12] Leather Pampa Mariposa Chair. Price $1650. Stockist: Ally and Me


Photography and Styling: Lousie Roche from Villa Styling, @villastyling the

Sanctuary is a collaboration between a mother daughter team and six talented artists creating a luxe bedding collection Tell us a bit about Sanctuary - Boutique Linens? Sanctuary burst onto the scene in early 2015 with our elegant and edgy design-focused bedding. In an effort to stand out from the crowd, we joined forces with local and international artists, collaborating closely to produce a luxe range of quilts, coverlets, duvet covers and sheets. We’re a mother daughter team, Simone is Creative Director and Anne is Director. We work in unison and design all patterns together and see the process through conception to completion. Tell us about yourself and your background? I have quite a varied working background. I grew up with a love of nature and animals thanks to my mum and grandmothers which lead me to working as a veterinary nurse for a few years. It was a really wonderful time but I eventually got restless and changed careers to go and work with my dad in the music industry in promotions and publicity. The decline of the record store industry lead me to study interior design, which is something I’ve always had an interest in thanks to my mum who is a serial renovator. She was also studying interior design and worked as a colour consultant and the thing we both agreed on was that we had a love for soft furnishings and wallpaper and wanted to explore that further. My previous careers definitely still come through in the work we do now as you’ll notice our designs being nature-inspired with a rock n roll edge. What sparked you to create your business? It was that love of soft furnishings and wallpaper that lead us to the idea of putting an artistic, highly patterned and coloured aesthetic

onto bedding. There are so many wonderful bedding brands out there doing plain linens and geometric designs and we saw a gap for something different and went for it. What processes are involved in creating your pieces? We find the easiest part is coming up with the concept for our designs. Our ethos for every design is ‘elegance with an edge’ which you’ll see come through all of our products. Once we’ve agreed on key elements and colours we

collaborate with artists and illustrators to bring the final pattern to life. We have now worked alongside six brilliant designers and counting. What inspires you in your designs? Nature is a recurring theme you’ll see throughout all of our designs. There’s endless inspiration every time you step out your door. Travel, mythical places, colour, art and design; there’s no limit to inspiration. continued on next page >

< continued from previous page What do you love the most about having your own label? Having the freedom to come up with designs that you really love is the best thing. Every pattern we put out, we would put in our own homes. We go with what we love 100 per cent of the time and don’t worry about trends. Who are some of your favourite designers? We have a lot of love for designers such as Kenzo, Matthew Williamson, Schumacher & Manuel Canovas.

Photography and Styling: Lousie Roche from Villa Styling, @villastyling the

What is your favourite item in your store right now and why? I always say it’s hard to choose a favourite but it’s true. Our first design was the Skulls & Roses pattern, which was part of the collaboration with Llew Mejia, who is an illustrator based in San Francisco. That pattern will always have a special place in my heart as it’s so colourful and wild and really set the tone for how we continue to come up with designs. What has been your biggest highlight? I think every brands first highlight is that first order, or that first positive response. The positivity surrounding our brand has been ongoing and it puts a smile on our faces every day. We love developing relationships with retailers, stylists and other small businesses and getting out there and working together. What are your plans for the future? We have some absolutely gorgeous patterns tucked up our sleeves for future ranges – we can’t wait to get them out there! We also plan to expand our range to new products that we will introduce over the next year or so. CONTACT:

Delta Circle Linen Cushion in Peach & Blue. Price $89. Stockist: Resident GP

Faker Cotton Blanket Faker is that quiet cool guy in the group.You know the one... he always manages to get everyoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s attention without even trying. Damn him and his superior good looks. Price $179. Stockist: Hunting for George Emporium Mason Vase. Price $19.95. Stockist: Emporium

block colour

Have some fun and blast your home with some colour this spring Block Rug - woollen handwoven floor rug. Price $495. Stockist: Cranmore Home

Half Pie Cushion. Price $49. Stockist: Arro Home Colour Block Navy and Aqua Cushion. Price $49.95. Stockist: Urban Nest Designs Mies Queen Quilt Cover. Price $229. Stockist: Country Road

Blush Fringe Kantha Blanket. Price $229. Stockist: Sage and Clare

POP & SCOTT ‘DREAM WEAVER’ These light shades were inspired by the iconic ‘50s - ‘60s jute woven designs. Each one is woven by hand over 2 days, using natural fibres. They have internal supports and can be attached to any pendant style light fitting. Available in various colour combinations, each light is unique. Small (550mm high, 500mm widest point) $870 Medium (750mm high, 500mm widest point) $1,200 Stockist: Pop and Scott Photography: Bobby and Tide


OON HOME Photography and styling: Louise Roche @ Villa Styling.

Sumnima Moktan has just released her first homewares collection, inspired by the colours and rich cultural of Kathmandu

Tell us a bit about Oon Home? Oon in Nepali means wool. We design and manufacture clothing in cashmere and homewares in wool felt. All items are handmade. Oon is ethical, eco luxe, conscious living. Tell us about yourself and your background? Now I realize I have always been a ‘creative’. At home (born and bred in Kathmandu), I was

constantly crafting and recycling. My mom had this sewing machine and I’d make curtains, cushion covers - anything I could think of. I would hand paint patterns into furniture, denims and fabrics creating my own embellishments on clothes. While studing uni in Australia I took a retail job selling designer rugs which I found challenging. It was a very creative process, on top of selling it was almost like interior decorating and soon I

Photography and styling: Louise Roche @ Villa Styling.

was one of the top performers in the company. I was learning so much, my creativity was on full play and I was having outburst of ideas. What sparked you to create your business? Around the time when I was about to finish my studies I had to make a decision because the urge for creative pursuit wouldn’t stop. Do I leave a career that I was studying towards and embark on an uncertain adventure and what about all the social work that I wanted to do? I also realised I always had this entrepreneurial streak in me; even after my degree I wanted to do independent research and work with INGOs/ NGOs. The problem with social research is that you always have to look to others for funds.You may have a fantastic proposal that would help in poverty alleviation but if it is not in the interest of donor agency, that idea is nothing. Being the type who can’t wait, I choose instead to make things happen and utilise my creative skills and serve a purpose at the same time. However, it wasn’t until one day my husband said, “What do you need to get started, what is the first step?” and it was actually him who put things into action. He comes from a business and graphic designs background. What inspires you in your designs? Nature, people and their stories. Oon has just debuted its first homewares collection which was inspired by the colours, rich cultural and traditional artisanal heritage of Kathmandu. What do you love the most about having your own label? Creativity. At this stage, I most love the fact that I’m able to give to the community. That our work helps to create decent work for women and earn a good living wage. The other thing I love is freedom. Freedom of working your own hours, which can be up to 24 hours a day sometimes and yet, you don’t complain.

This is tough because I have so many favourites. My current favourite is Prabal Gurung.

Who are some of your favourite designers?

What has been your biggest highlight? Right now debuting the Oon homewares will

What is your favourite item in your store right now and why? From the Oon home it’s the multipurpose felt baskets. It has a beautiful texture, looks like a work of art in itself and is multipurpose you can use them as vase sleeves, as a storage for kids toys, can be used as laundry basket and colours are delicious to inject freshness into any room.

qualify for the biggest highlight, because when I took that leap of faith I thought if this doesn’t work I’ll go back to my academic career. I have never looked back. What are your plans for the future? We will be adding custom made services to Oon home and new product categories. As the brand grows we also want to develop more clear, transparent ways to extend our social engagement and commitment in Nepal. CONTACT:

WOOD TO WALL Bring your walls to life with your own creativity. Be it either an illustration, graphic or photograph you can have it printed straight onto plywood giving you your own unique piece of art. Tell us a bit about your business? Amar and Cassandra launched Wood to Wall only three months ago after so so many hours behind the scenes. At the heart of Wood to Wall lies our love of design, plywood and everything print. We care a lot about our product and the way in which we present ourselves as a brand, using only the highest quality and ethically sourced birch plywood we designed the perfect ready-tohang blank canvas. The creativity is now in your hands; you can create unique wall art by printing your photos, art, graphics, type or illustrations directly onto wood. And we are proud to say - everything we do is 100% Melbourne made, designed and printed.

Photography: Simon Shiff @simonshiffphotographer

Tell us about yourself and your background? Wowsa, this is a hard question. I’m 25 and have been working in homewares, furniture, textiles and graphic design for over seven years now. It’s pretty strange to think that I didn’t study any creative arts subjects at high school and now run

my own bespoke print studio with my crazyhard-working business partner. Amar and I met at Uni while studying Graphic Design. We worked on a lot of projects together and as annoying as we sometimes find each other (haha), we actually work well together. I’m crazy-all-over-the-place-can’t-concentrateon-one-thing-at-a-time, while Amar is very organised, matriculate and somehow pulls me into line. Although our conversations (debates) can be very entertaining in the studio at times, we are super proud of Wood to Wall and everything we have achieved so far. What sparked you to create your business? Our passion for print, and plywood and design and wall art and homewares and.. and… the list could go on forever! What processes are involved in creating your pieces? We are pretty particular when it comes to quality – each panel is selected from (FSC certified) highgrade plywood, cut and profiled to our unique ready-to-hang design, printed, and wrapped and shipped to it’s super awesome new owner. What inspires you in your designs? I am very inspired by Scandinavian design aesthetic. I love the mix of soft pastels, heavy textures and natural mediums. What do you love the most about having your own label? One of the most rewarding things about Wood to Wall is seeing what people can do and create with our product and then seeing their reactions when they receive their printed panels. What is your favourite item in your store right now and why? Kimmy Hogan’s art! 100%! She is amazing! Everything she creates is beautiful and lends itself to plywood so well. continued on next page >

Photography: Simon Shiff @simonshiffphotographer

< continued from previous page What has been your biggest highlight? I think finally seeing our stand come together at the most recent Finders Keepers Market in Melbourne, and hearing everyone’s feedback and how blown away they were with our product and concept – that was definitely one of those moments you actually get to stand back and think ‘yeah, …actually this is pretty awesome’. What are your plans for the future? Oh my gosh – so many! There are so many things Amar and I want to achieve with Wood to Wall and our Wood to Wall brand. I think when you live and breathe a project like we do, it will never achieve everything you set out to because you keep wanting to achieve more and push yourselves further. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your business? Super exciting – we will be launching circle panels on our website soon, stay tuned! CONTACT:


COPENHAGUE DESK CPH90 In addition to a homely and welcoming expression, functional furniture qualities such as stackability, durability and ease of cleaning were important design requirements for the university. Pricing starts from $1400. Stockist: Cult Design

EMBRACE THE GOOD STEEL BANNER “Embrace the Good” is one of the “Think Good thoughts” collection, a collaboration between Lisa and NZ designers, Toodles Noodles. Cut from recycled industrial steel, imperfections are part of its charm. Suitable for indoors or out. Measures 450mm x 250mm. Comes ready to hang. Price $85. Stockist: Lisa Sarah Designs in Steel

LOVE SHELF The Love Shelf will be an elegant and quirky addition to any bedroom or living area in your home. The angular design is intriguing enough to draw the eye, whereas the subtlety of the smooth, light natural pine finish exudes an air of understated simplicity. Price $200. Stockist: Down that Little Lane

OOH NOO OFFICIAL 8 The entire Ooh Noo collection is designed and produced in the European Union. The Ooh Noo team consists of a few young designers, painters and artists, a printer, a seamstress and an administrator. When you purchase an Ooh Noo piece of bedding, you can be certain it was created the old school way: in a community of people, who create and sell these cute things because they love to. Coming soon to Neutral Instinct

get the look Creating your office space just got easier with this fabulous selection

Norsu Interiors Styling: Greenhouse Interiors Photography: Lisa Cohen Photography






7 5






1] Marble Wall Clock. Price $69.95. Stockist: Forage and Find 2] Boathouse Desk Lamp - Copper. Price $59. Stockist: Target 3] Marble Basics - The Basic Obelisk is a sculptural centrepiece. Price $90. Stockist: Mecque 4] Magdalena Tyboni - Butterfly Chair print. Price $95. Stockist: Norsu 5] Compass Trestles with a base made from steamed solid beech available in natural or stained black finish. Stockist: Hub Furniture 6] Marble Holder. Crafted from a single piece of solid marble, this luxe storage vessel. Price $49.95. Stockist: Country Road 7] Metallic Geometric Vase. Price $39.95. Stockist: Mint Empire 8] Hanna Konola Dusty Green Birthday Print - A4. Price $55. Stockist: Norsu 9] Nova White and Oak Dining Chair. Price $169.95. Stockist: Zanui 10] Sete Bleached Hand-Braided Round Jute Rug. Price $263. Stockist: Miss Amara 11] Leather Strap Shelf with Laminated Silver Grey Shelf and Black Leather Straps. Price $155. Stockist: H and G Design 12] ferm LIVING wire basket, rose - small. Price $125. Stockist: Norsu

DAZED BUT AMAZED Vintage styled bedding collection designed with limited edition prints for both the young at heart and bigger. Founder Jes O’Brien Saddington takes us behind the scenes and gives insight into the brand

Tell us a bit about Dazed but Amazed? Gender neutral bedding inspired by the little people in our life, but just as appealing to the big. This capsule collection is consistently available in our natural, custom woven, vintage washed, 100% pure linen. Soft at the touch and hardy to the wear.There has been no compromise in quality. Why should there be on the fibres your most treasured people rest on and breath in every single dream time? Ethically manufactured and then hand screen printed here in our own printing space in Newcastle. Each item is hand finished, unique and a limited edition. We

are involved with our product from design, fabric selection, manufacturing, screen printing through to sales at your doorstep. Each collection embraces a hand picked selection of incredible artists. which together with, we have created limited edition prints that you and your littles can have proudly in your home. Tell us about yourself and your background? I’m a creative, business juggling mother and wife. Openly house proud, in an always “lived in” home and a “shoulda coulda woulda” interior decorator in the next life (currently mid major house renovation!).

Supported by my handy husband Mic and our mini sidekick creation, product testing technician and offspring Banjo. I am a full time working freelance makeup artist with my own business ( Have been in the industry for 6 years working across editorial, advertising, and now a lot of weddings, prior to this i worked in both fashion and beauty PR both in Sydney and London. In recent years i have taken on the role as Creative Producer/Director of Californian line Cleobella (www.cleobella. com) Whom i travel with 2-3 times a year organising and working on their campaigns. continued on next page >

Photography: Hannah Rose Robinson

< continued from previous page What sparked you to create your business? A gap in the market, and a month spare to get the ball rolling! I always wanted to buy Banjo pure linen bedding as a baby - it’s hypoallergenic, gets better with age, and lasts a lifetime - literally. Its what my husband and I have adorned on our bed. But I could not find it anywhere. I also hated that everything with kids bedding was so gender specific. Boys, Blue, Boats - that type of thing. I wanted something that would appeal to me as much as it would my rambunctious toddler, and so it begun… What processes are involved in creating your pieces? We do everything, fabric selection; custom woven specifically for our brand. Design of the bedding; our quilt cover has unique internal tie tabs to stop your quilt rolling around and bunching, staying perfectly in place with crazy sleeping kids. Oversee Manufacturing. I then approached different artists, and we collaborated on the prints I was wanting to offer, fully embracing the artists involved and creating the prints to become limited edition. We have built our own custom screen printing studio here in our home town of Newcastle, and we then hand screen print every single design. So no two are ever the same, you are buying a unique artwork every time. We hand make the screens, and the quilt cover artworks measure up to 1m x 1m, as far as I am aware we are the only people in Oz that hand screen print the old fashioned way in this scale. What inspires you in your designs? My son. My home. My friends. My family. What do you love the most about having your own label? Well it’s very early days as we launched less than a month ago, but the dream is just to have the flexibility to be home, and manage the eternal juggle of life, work, parenthood, wifehood and time with family and friends. Also the magic in being able to create something that is truly unique really excites me. Not just in the design and aesthetic, but in every single piece. What is your favourite item in your store right now and why? It’s impossible for a parent to choose favourites, and across the prints I honestly can not choose. I love the five prints, and I love the five artists I worked with.

Photography: Hannah Rose Robinson

They were all so enthusiastic about a brand that at the early stages was still very much an idea, and each of them is amazing in its own way and right. But in terms of the product I’d have to maybe choose the throw, more for it’s versatility than anything else. You can use it as a sheet, a wall hanging, a baby wrap, a beach towel, a throw on the couch or floor when your out and about. Its options of use are endless. Also being a product that can be used by all ages regardless. What has been your biggest highlight? Early days! But I’d have to say featuring in Real

Living Magazine the same week we launched was pretty thrilling and definitely not something I expected so soon. Also having such prestigious and well known artists involved from the get-go. What are your plans for the future? This brand came about in such an organic manner, so I hope to see it grow, being able to maintain the hand printed quality and uniqueness if each piece. There will also be more collaborations with brands and artists alike that together with us combine the aesthetics of quality, design and creativity.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your business? Currently only available at www. and we ship internationally. We promise to keep your babes warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Stay Little & Dream Big. Dazed but Amazed, Confused and Amused... Follow along on our crazy little adventure on Instagram @dazedbutamazed.


Forrest Floor Art Print By Silke Bonde. Price $129.99. Stockist: Resident GP Styling and photography: Studio Oink.

Studio Snowpuppe Moth XL paper origami lampshade. Price $230. Stockist: Norsu

Bloomingville Bold Structure Vase. Price $79. Stockist: Room and Bloom

Tablo Table Rectangular. Price $550. Stockist:

white room

Crisp, clean and definitely not boring, white is the most versatile ferm LIVING Grid Basket. Price $90. Stockist: Designstuff

Kabino Sideboard. Price $1050. Stockist:

Helio Planter. Price $199. Stockist: Ute Design

Faceted White Vase. Price $29.95. Stockist: Trunk Design

By Lassen Kubus 4 Candleholder. Price $175. Stockist: Neutral Instinct

Academy Chair Upholstered. Price $322. Stockist: Curious Grace


LAZY DAY DAYBED Time to get very excited about doing very, very little... Inspired by mid-century French design, our edit of Down To The Woods rattan furniture makes a great addition to a home. Much like the flexible nature of rattan itself, the lazy days daybed works so well styled in a multitude of ways. Stockist:

TASSLE & TWINE After travelling through India and being inspired by their culture Kath Banger has worked closely with artisans to create a textile collection that reflects their traditions with a modern twist Tell us a bit about Tassle & Twine? Tassel & Twine is an online collection of uniquely handcrafted, contemporary homewares, in textiles and woven materials. Our primary focus is to work with artisans, craftspeople, womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s collectives and NGOâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s throughout South East Asia. At the present our focus is in India. Some of these crafts are centuries old, and are now struggling to survive with the onset of Western development. By working with these people it keeps their craft sustainable and puts money and resources back into the community, so that these villages earn enough to survive. Giving back directly to these villages helps their current needs and

Photography: Chris Kapa -

development for future generations. Tassel & Twine is about engaging and connecting to people, sharing their stories, and educating people about traditional crafts. Tell us about yourself and your background? I spent the beginning of my career working in film and theatre as a set and costume designer, and then worked in commercial fashion for the past 15 years as a designer for a number of high profile brands. I have always loved to collaborate with people and have always had a passion for textiles, texture colour and all things handcrafted. So after spending so long in the fashion industry

and seeing the inâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and outâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s of the industry, I made a conscious decision to use my skills to create a brand that has value and meaning. What sparked you to create your business? I went to India, purely just to travel, without any intention of starting a business. But I fell in love! I fell in love with the people, the culture the food and of course the textiles. So I spent months travelling to remote communities in both North and South India to explore the traditional techniques of printing and weaving fabrics. And after spending time working in these communities, I became so passionate about helping other people, to enrich their lives now and for their future. So that was that, and eighteen months later, Tassel & Twine evolved. What processes are involved in creating your pieces? I work closely with all of our artisanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and collectives to design the products that come to life in their hands. There are a number of traditional crafts used in making our products. All of products are made by hand with techniques and traditions that are centuries old, some of these include woodblock printing, mud printing, indigo dying and weaving on traditional handlooms in organic cotton. Because all of the product is made by hand it is a very slow process, for example an 8 metre length of fabric can be stamped over 2000 times just for one colour. This is what gives the products such beauty and makes every item uniquely designed for you and your home. What inspires you in your designs? Many things give me inspiration, travel, vintage fabrics, memories, family too many things to mention. I like to take a mixture of things and give them a modern twist. The collections are designed to mix and elevate your home in style and comfort. continued on next page >

Photography: Chris Kapa

< continued from previous page What do you love the most about having your own label? I get to do what I love every day, which is so rewarding. I work with wonderful collaborators both here in Australia and in India, and I get to travel. But most importantly I am helping people and their families not only to earn an income, but also to keep their communities sustainable. Who are some of your favourite designers? I am inspired by people who are about evoking change and have very similar ethical philosophy to my own. It is so great to see, there are now a host of like minded businesses starting to emerge, like Armadillo & Co, The Family Love Tree, One Another, The Dhama Door and Koskela just to name a few that I love and admire. What is your favourite item in your store right now and why? I love Summer, and I love the beach, so I cannot wait to wrap myself up in one of our new sarongs handcrafted in Indigo for the beach this year! Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a must have when you travel. Personally itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s always my staple item when travelling. I never leave home without one.

What has been your biggest highlight? Earlier this year travelled to a remote part of India called Bhagalpur and began working and training in an NGO group called Dristee. Many of these ladies come from difficult circumstances they are single mothers or are widowed and most live in poverty. I spent time with these ladies training them in new sewing techniques. It was so wonderful to see these ladies excited about learning new skills, and so rewarding just to see their faces light up! I tell you, you gain a whole new perspective on life. Currently the ladies are making our re-useable shopping bags, which are hand woven and then stitched for Tassel & Twine. By teaching them to stitch they have a skill to become self sufficient, to earn income and ultimately empower them. What are your plans for the future? As Tassel & Twine has only recently been launched. We will continue to establish ourselves in Australia, with an aim to exporting next year. As we grow and develop to work with our artisanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s collectives & NGOâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s we will ensure the development of our communities continue. We will eventually fund a training program for the children in our communities for their growth and development. CONTACT:


There are so many great discoveries in this magical world of Instagram that we have to share some of our favs!

1] @kate_esslemont #thelittleposyco #blooms #fresh #flowers 2] @petecromer I will be hving a little show of new original artworks this November in Collingwood 3] @annikavonholdt Roses 4] @studiohome Some typical @arrohome pizazz for your Monday. Photo @elisegrace 5] @kipandco You make by heart go BOOM. Roma we love you. Get your hands on our new heartache bedding super fun with cherry red foil hearts. Photo @nikoleramsay. Styling @amberlen1 6] @nicedigs Pooped pup zzzz zzzz zzzz. Photo by @wavethatstranger 7] @aboynamedaaron Shine bright! Part of a complete limited edition design series Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m working on; this piece is entirely handpainted in watercolour and finished with no detail spared. 8] @formanpictureframing Introducing the fine art photography of Katie Mendl AKA @calicopony. 9] @goldfrankincensemyrrh We are so excited to announce our amazing collaboration with the stunning @sophie_vine on her new exciting venture @vinesofthewild


RETRO MODERN MID CENTURY DINING SUITE. Angle Legged Natural Table with white Replica Danish Scandinavian Eames Chairs. The Dining Table is handmade from solid timber and veneer. Stockist:

get the look You can give your little girl a beautifully styled bedroom to dream of with this whimsical selection

Amigos de Hoy Petal Dhurrie Rug - Lilac Hand woven in India, the Amigos de Hoy cotton dhurrie rugs are the ultimate statement piece. Styling: Tess Beagley , Minted Interiors Photography: Carrie Young

1 2


4 3








1] Neon peach mandala with pastel confetti. Price $290. Stockist: Lumiere Art & Co 2] Multi Colored Garland. Price $165. Stockist: Third Drawer Down 3] Rabbit lamp in white. Price $165. Stockist: Mocking Birds Sing 4] Petal Dhurrie Rug in lilac. Price $795. Stockist: Art Hide 5] Fluro Pink Pegboard Pillowcase. Price $49. Stockist: Castle and Things 6] Pink Flamingos. Price $49.95. Stockist: Urban Attitude 7] Vovo Cushion Rectangle â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Sugar Pink. Price $119. Stockist: Amigos de Hoy 8] Dakota Bedroom furniture range. Stockist: Forty Winks 9] Petite Vegas Cloud Light .Pre-order now. Stockist: Fromage la Rue 10] Tutti Frutti Pillowcase. Price $59. Stockist: Castle and Things 11] Amigos De Hoy - Ziggy Cushion Magenta. Price $110. Stockist: Art Hide 12] Channel Chest-Sky Blue. Price $295. Stockist: Vavoom

SQUEAK Textile designer, Pippa Oostergetel reveals how her scarf obession turned into a growing fashion accessories and homewares label

Photography: Martina Gemmola Styling: Paige Anderson

Tell us a bit about Squeak? Squeak is a fashion accessories and homewares label that is heavily addicted to digitally printed textiles, colour and natural fibres. Tell us about yourself and your background? I studied as a Textile Designer at RMIT University and then worked for a bit in screen printing, both in Melbourne and London. After that I took a break and travelled for a little over a year before deciding to head back home. I worked as a Textile Designer for a few years before breaking out onto my own and starting Squeak. What sparked you to create your business? I always knew I wanted my own thing and I had an unhealthy obsession with scarves, so I naturally decided I should try designing my own. Everything just led from there. What started with an original range of just 10 silk scarves has now turned into me having 9 different product categories. What processes are involved in creating your pieces? I usually start with the product design. What fabrications, style and features I want the product to have. From there I tend to move into the actual textile pattern. I usually work in photoshop, either using original photos I’ve taken or artwork I’ve drawn and then scanned in. What inspires you in your designs? Mostly colour and feel. I love the initial reaction of people seeing my product and their eyes light up first with seeing all the colour and designs, then they go in to touch it and their eyes light up again. I love natural fibres and nothing beats silk or cashmere.

What do you love the most about having your own label? The freedom to design what I like all the time. I created Squeak mainly for selfish reasons. I loved scarves and I wanted more of them, so I started a business in it. I then wanted a cushion… and then a bag. I’d love to say my motivations weren’t so self-serving, but they are. I love fashion accessories and homewares, and someone wise once said to do what you love. Who are some of your favourite designers? I love a lot of them, but I have always admired

Hay Design for their stylish simplicity, Helen Dealtry for her incredible skill with watercolour, and The Club of Odd Volumes for just being awesome at so many different things. What is your favourite item in your store right now and why? Currently, it’s the new quilts. They are delicious! Amazing colours and they have a full velvet reverse, I’m crazy about them. But I’m also carrying my Skyline bag with me everywhere I go as well. continued on next page >

< continued from previous page What has been your biggest highlight? I love seeing people’s reactions to my product. Initially I started Squeak because it was something that I wanted, but since then I have been able to see what other people think of my designs and I’ve realised that they want it too. That is incredibly fulfilling and inspiring to keep going. What are your plans for the future? My plans are to just keep going and keep learning along the way. I have more ideas for products which I am starting to design now, but they’ll be a little way off, so I won’t give too much away. As long as I’m still enjoying things then I will keep pushing Squeak to new levels. CONTACT:

Photography: Martina Gemmola Styling: Paige Anderson

LOVE OTWAY CIRCLE / TABLE | BY ARCHIER Perfect for smaller spaces, the Otway Circle allows the apartment dwellers to enjoy dinners for four and double dates as well. Designed and made in Melbourne with a Vic Ash top and feet, and powder coated steel legs. Stockist: Handkrafted

Sand and green pitchers. Medium price $39. Stockist: The Twenty Two

Pebble plate ~ classic white. Price $9.â&#x20AC;&#x201C;$49. Stockist: Kim Wallace Ceramics

Flax Salad Bowl Duck Egg. Price $110. Stockist: The Twenty Two

f ine dining

Glam up your meals every night with these handcrafted pieces

Pair of Tumblers in Rverbed glaze. Price $78. Stockist: Clay Canoe

Jug Small. Price $24. Stockist: Mud Australia

Robert Gordon Swatch Dinner Plate Peach. Price $30. Stockist: The Twenty Two

Milk Bottle Medium. Price $38. Stockist: Bison Home Flared Bowl Medium. Price $54. Stockist: Mud Australia

Terracotta Raft. Brick Red Terracotta serving platter, spice pot and condiment dish. Price $179. Stockist: Clay Canoe

Robert Gordon Swatch Mug Lemon. Price $22. Stockist: The Twenty Two

LAIKONIK Josephine Palmer takes us on a childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s journey with gorgeous baby photo album keepsakes plus hand crafted original Australian products

Photography: Bonny Iris

Tell us a bit about your business? We are a small design/print studio based in Bondi. Our philosophy is to honour everyday objects by creating them to be used, to last, to have aesthetic appeal and a natural, uncomplicated beauty. We desire to bring art into the everyday tasks. Our products are made in the least complicated way using materials as close to their original earth source as possible. They are obvious, emphasizing simplicity and the possibility that an ordinary task can be enhanced by the addition of uncomplicated, utilitarian items of beauty. The beauty of the designs is married with the beauty of quality and longevity that each product embodies. We sell everything from scarves, wall hangings, photo books Tell us about yourself and your background? What a lot of people don’t know about me is that, I’m a widow and mum to two gorgeous boys. My experience goes back over 20 years in the design and branding industry. My personal inspirations are drawn from traditional printmaking methods such as lithography and etching, and a passion for clever sustainable design. I love beautiful things made from nature. So when my world turned upside down I had to reset myself and my family’s future so I founded a business called Laikonik, a business that allowed me to focus on the things that made me happy. Laikonik is a small business in every sense of the word; it’s me, myself and one other lovely person who helps me with my communication and business ideas. I live and love what I do. I’m originally from Tasmania and studied Fine Art at the University of Tasmania, then went on to work as a designer, working and traveling all over the world. My two favourite places outside of Australia, were, San Francisco which was an amazing place to work and live and I would also have to say Auckland was pretty inspiring especially from a design sense. We (two mums) Kasia and myself started out at

the local Sydney markets and word soon spread about our baby Journals and our products are designed by mums for mums. Even today after 10 years of designing and making our Once A Year Books they are still unique in the market.We have grown to sell, Art prints and textiles as well. What sparked you to create your business? In our own search (Kasia and Jo) for the perfect Baby journal and being a bit of a naturalist an anti-mass consumerism, I couldn’t find anything which was tactile and made with love and I

wanted to produce and promote a product that is instantly recognisable and understandable to the consumer, that is a first port of call for any expecting mum or baby shower guest, and that promotes quality, longevity and beauty in the lives of busy working mothers, such as myself. The concept is simple: once a year, choose a photo, once a year record the moments, and after 18 years you have before you a beautiful narrative of your child’s life (and you don’t feel like such crap-tacular mum after all!) continued on next page >

< continued from previous page What processes are involved in creating your pieces? Our products all have a hand made component, We do our own book binding and sewing, which involves total precision and a great eye for detail, I have high standards and I love what I do so I make sure every book is perfect. Quality control is key. When you run a small business. I want my customers to be happy and love the product as much as I do. What inspires you in your designs? Clever sustainable design, pinterest has been a great source. As I love working with illustrators and I want to keep my product fresh, ideally I want to promote Australian designers and retain the high standards of Australian made and designed products. What do you love the most about having your own label? A certain amount of freedom to explore different print methods. I’m so in love with letter press! Also to understand the market. Trade fairs and markets are always inspirational as well as meeting other designers and makers. You put in as much as you want to get out, I am always learning which I love. Who are some of your favourite designers? This is a tough one, there is so much talent out there!! Raul Briones, both beautiful and sustainable, Pet Lamps Kate and Kate can’t go wrong at the moment. Gorman - clever collabs, love all their designers. Illustrators, Beci Orpin, Laura Blythman, Anna Bufton, Pete Cromer… What is your favourite item in your store right now and why? I have several projects on all the time, It’s always the one I’m creating… but I would have to say I’m really satisfied with the outcome of the Once- A –Year- book (special Edition),


and working with Laura Blythman was really enjoyable and I can’t wait to work with a new illustrator for the next round of covers and extending our Once A Year idea… What has been your biggest highlight? I think receiving awards, such as the Eco excellence Award and nominated as a finalist for the prestigious Etsy Design awards. Working for over 20 years in the a design Community, for other companies, just being able to do my own thing and work for my self is huge, I love it!

What are your plans for the future? I’m launching new product, this Christmas – very exciting There’s some great things coming up. I have been chosen as one of the top 12 makers by WESTELM LOCAL, which is all about supporting local makers. and will have a popup store this Christmas. Putting up details on my instagram, so stay tuned.


Nocturna signature glass candle. Nocturna scents will evoke your sixth sense. Stockist:

Muuto Pendant Light. Price $275. Stockist: top3 by design

Black Belly Basket. Price: $36. Stockist: Cranmore Home

black touches

Sleek black will never disappoint with itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s boldness and versatility

Black Raspberry Signature Candle. Price $35. Stockist: Manili Home

Black Picasso Cowhide. Price $770. Stockist: Vavoom

Black velvet cushion. Price $59.95. Stockist: Urban Nest Designs Black Leather straps with black-topped ply timber shelf. Price $185. Stockist: Cranmore Home

Handpainted Black Tulum Cross. Stockist: Viva La Franki

All products are available through Reece

HOT BATHROOM PICKS Style queen and lifestyle blogger, Rebecca Judd teams up with Reece and shares her top five must-have products for creating her dream bathroom. EFFORTLESS FLOW “Customised spray modes when showering? If you like the sound of that then you can’t go past this rail shower for the most personalised and comfortable showering experience all with the click of a button.” Hansgrohe Croma Select Rail Shower $230 RRP



SWEEPING CONTOURS “A freestanding bath is the ultimate luxury feature in any bathroom and the Roca Virginia with its deep curved sides and thin edges displays remarkably stunning, yet simple design.” Roca Virginia 1700 Freestanding Bath with Pop Up Overflow Waste $1,989 RRP


Milli Axon Basin Mixer in Rose Gold/ Black $700 RRP

BALLERINA ELEGANCE “Just when you thought ISSY couldn’t get any better they team with one of my fave design teams, Zuster, to bring you this ever so stylish vanity. Think American Oak, graceful lines and tapered legs- this is a seriously swoon-worthy piece for the design conscious.” ISSY Z1 Ballerina 800 Vanity Unit $POA Milli Axon Basin Mixer in Black/Chrome $500 RRP



“Nothing says slick, minimal and functional in the toilet space more than this. In a world first, the Roca Meridian IN-TANK combines the modern look of a back to wall pan with an integrated cistern and buttons. Too clever!” Roca Meridian IN-TANK Back to Wall Pan Soft Close Seat $2,450 RRP


“Seamless, streamlined edges are oftened by the gorgeous curve of the integrated egg shaped basin.Versatile in its simplicity, this piece will complement any bathroom style.” ISSY Glide 1200 Wall Hung Vanity Unit $POA


X-FACTOR METALLICS Fast becoming the hottest trend in tapware, metallic mixers make a striking statement in your luxury bathroom. Add a pop of rose gold glamour, or a flash of gleaming chrome, and team it with matte black for an ultra luxe look.

Milli Axon Shower Mixer in Rose Gold/ Black $500 RRP

Milli Axon Basin Set in Black/Chrome $850 RR







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