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Independent Performance of OCTOPHONY. As with the electronic works KONTAKTE and HYMNEN, I originally conceived OCTOPHONY as self-sufficient music for octophonic play-back over loudspeakers. When performed as such, the 8-track tape (duration: ca. 69 minutes without the PIETÀ bridge of INVASION – EXPLOSION) is played back over loudspeakers distributed according to the drawing...... The auditorium should be darkened, perhaps with a small moon projected above the rear wall of the stage by a follower spotlight. For stereophonic broadcasts and compact disc, I mixed a stereo version in February 1994 (CD 41 Stockhausen Complete Edition). OCTOPHONY is the evidence of my outer space experience in the years 1990–1991. Kar lheinz Stockhausen, Pasqua 1994



AngelicA 13 - Festival Internazionale di Musica - 2003  
AngelicA 13 - Festival Internazionale di Musica - 2003  

AngelicA - Festival Internazionale di Musica - tredicesimo anno - abissale & aderente - Bologna, Modena - 13>18 maggio 2003