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EVE’s MIRROR and SUSANI were composed by me in July and December 1984. AVE – as MESSAGE – was composed from January to March 1985 at the Leisure Lodge, Diani Beach (Kenya) and is dedicated to Suzanne Stephens (basset-horn) and Kathinka Pasveer (alto flute). Giampiero Cantoni, president of the Società per le Belle Arti ed Esposizione Permanente in Milan, asked for a composition which could be performed at an exhibition entitled “Mozarts Magic Flute” scheduled for the spring of 1985, and so I proposed the duet AVE. Suzanne Stephens and Kathinka Pasveer then played the world première on June 10th 1985 at the Palazzo di via Turati 34. For this occasion, I wrote the following text: Mozart’s magic flutist has expanded his abilities to an indescribable degree. He no longer makes mistakes. His Adored One no longer sings in ethnic German or any translation, but rather in the most international language of the basset-horn. On their instruments, both can now rush like wind, shout, sing, speak, yodel, weep, sigh and cheer; they play rapid passages in quarter-, sixth- and eighth-tones and other minute steps. Effortlessly, they move in space with daring positions, dancing virtuosity, humor, with much charm and with erotic allusions, ending with a tender kiss on the hand.



AngelicA 13 - Festival Internazionale di Musica - 2003  

AngelicA - Festival Internazionale di Musica - tredicesimo anno - abissale & aderente - Bologna, Modena - 13>18 maggio 2003