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The Art Of Guitars The Ultimate Instrument Of The Century


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The Ibanez Xiphos XPT707FX is one of the most electrifying guitars of all time. Constructed handmade with Mahogany body and Humbucking Pickups, it is one of the most known 7stringed guitars of all time! Its design is immaculate than those of other bodied guitars. To have one of these guitars is like having Oli Herbert (lead guitarist from All That Remains and owner of a Xiphos) as your dad!

Specially designed for Randy Rhoads, the ultimately famours Jackson Polka Dot Flying V is on of the most inspired guitars of all time due to its elegant features and design by Wayne Charvel and Grover Jackson. It was made famous by late lead guitarist from Quiet Riots professional guitaris Randy Rhoads

Jackson W arrior

The Jackson Warrior puts the “Metal” in Heavy Metal!! Its unique design is that from a different world. With Its bolt on maple wood neck and EMG –81 pickups makes the guitar sound intensifying with each passing BPM. Definitely a GO-Getter!!

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The Legendary Dime bag Darrell Designed Guitar is one of the most famous guitars of all time! With its Sharp Unique Design that defies all!

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The Fam ous Jac kson Ke was bu lly ilt upon differe standar nt ds than other b guitars. rand This gui tar des was be ign yond ex travaga amon o nt ther gu itars. It showed fear be neath t strings! he

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This double neck guitar was inspired and built by two Xiphos. The Ibanez Xiphos XPT700FX, which is a common six string guitar. And it was also inspired by The Ibanez Xiphos XPT707FX, which is a seven stringed guitar. This guitar definitely represents Metal!!!



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This guit ar has b een used by many lead gui tarists from the 80’s and 90’s due to it s rock n’ roll type of body ! Its bod y is a rocking s tyle whic h lets many lea d guitar ists enjoy its playin g.

n i Gib n a son is n o EDS bs dy Nec i o G b f kG 127 o This m r uita 5S o f y b e r s GD d e s ten U o ! i d uble m e i J p a e k i sh l r s t a t s i i r u a g t i s i u h g T d n , x a i r d d n i n e m H t a e t r h g g f i m is o e m o s y bod say!

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is gu most itar is u sed by m meta ost h eavy l gui taris to it ts du s ex trem e torti e on a disnd g soun reat d! D efini mon tely ster a of a guita r!

e h t g n o m a s i r e t c e ly h t S n s e i c h e T R ! s u o d m a a e l f t x s se mo u o , m e a r f o y m used b rom Never f t e s i m r o a s t i u h it g W . s re m p o l o L u erf w Jeff o p n ly a h c g i r h a t ui g very s i h !T e c n a form ll! a e l u r

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The Art Of Guitars  
The Art Of Guitars  

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