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Upgrade your existing fireplaces to energy efficient wood burning inserts Today, with the changing economic conditions, it has become  essential   for   most   home   owners   to   keep   an   eye   on   their  finances. An important segment which is to be monitored is the  rising   heating   expense.   Traditional   fireplaces   have   been  around   from   many   years   and   are   a   part   of   every   home.  However,   with   the   inefficient   performance   and   tedious  maintenance,   the   majority   of   home   owners   are   looking   to  upgrade their fireplaces to sophisticated and innovative  wood  burning inserts. Wood   burning   inserts   offer   an   easy   and   efficient   way   to   replace   your   existing   traditional  fireplaces  without  any additional  construction.  The problem  with  a traditional  fireplace is the  inefficient burning. The draft of the traditional fireplace pulls warm air into the fire and then into  the chimney. Most of the heat produced escapes through the chimney increasing your heating  bills. In addition, lot of smoke and dust is created which can cause irritation and pollution. With  wood burning inserts, you can easily alleviate this issue and utilize the heat produced to the  maximum extent. Wood burning inserts work on a closed combustion heating technology which provides heat to  the room and does not pull warm air into the chimney. If you purchase EPA certified wood  burning inserts, you can be assured of this closed combustion air  system. In  addition, EPA  certified   wood   burning   inserts   are   eco­friendly   in   nature.   They   produce   cleaner   flames   and  minimize air pollution. Wood   inserts  are   energy   efficient   and   cost   effective.   You   can   purchase   these   closed  combustion wood burning inserts from $1500 including the installation. If you already have an  existing fireplace, you can install these wood inserts into that space. You need to make sure  that an approved stainless steel chimney liner is installed which is compatible with the advanced  combustion technology. The advanced combustion technology used in wood inserts prevents  the   condensation   of   gases.   Within   no   time   you   would   identify   that   more   heat   is   produced  consuming less fuel. In addition,  these devices work at an increased efficiency and provide  uninterrupted heat and warmth during power outages too. Though the electric components like 

the fans   and   blowers   do   not   work,   heat   is   still   produced   and   supplied   to   the   room   in   a  conventional manner. If you are constructing a new home or purchasing a new one, it is recommended to get this  closed combustion heating system so that it will increase the resale value of your home over  time. Wood inserts burn at higher temperatures when compared with other heating appliances  and hence you need to make sure that the chimney installed withstands the heat. Wood inserts are available in various colors and styles to match the décor of any room. Before  purchasing   wood   inserts   check   the   ambiance   of   the   room   and   match   the   décor   with   wood  inserts you are purchasing. You can also purchase a wide variety of mantels and frames to  enhance the beauty of these wood inserts. Wood burning inserts are specially designed to burn  longer and cleaner and you can enjoy the warmth and ambiance from these excellent heating  devices while saving your heating bills.

Upgrade your existing fireplaces to energy efficient wood burning inserts  

Wood burning inserts work on a closed combustion heating technology which provides heat to the room and does not pull warm air into the chim...

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