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C/ Carabela La Niña, 7. 41007, Sevilla. Tlf.: 954 51 38 92. Fax: 954 51 34 20.




MONDAY 26/03


8:30: ARRIVAL at the school and a meeting of all the foreign teachers and students. 9:30:We show our city with a power point. 10:00 They show their cities 11:15 Break for breakfast 11:45 A walk along the school 13:30 We show the products of our work with the special needs students. 14:45 The host families pick up the students

8:30 We work together on the logo, comic… 10:00 Exhibition of the products that we have made(photos, posters about the heroes, masks…) We choose a country to go on designing the comic. 11:15 Break for breakfast 11:45 We keep on working 13:30 the foreign students contact with our culture getting into the Compulsory Secondary Education classrooms (3rd Form classrooms) 15;15 The host families pick up the students to have lunch and spend some time with them maybe visiting some places or doing a leisure activity.

16:30 A walk through Seville (Plaza de España, Santa Cruz Neighbourhood, Historic downtown, The Cathedral) 20:00 We arrive at the school and the host families pick up the students at 20:30. 20:30 Spain invites all the teachers to have dinner.

18:30 PUBLIC MEETING Flamenco music and dancing. We visit the Fair of the Nations (an exhibition about the four countries made by the Spanish teachers and students) and we have a snack with the students, the host families, the teachers,…

WEDNESDAY 28/03 Excursion “the route Majaceite” Environmental aim of this activity Departure: 8:30 Arrival: 18:30 (the students are picked up by the host families)


FRIDAY 30/03

8:30 We work finishing details to prepare our next meeting in Turkey 12:00We take the bus to La Gran Plaza.We will take the subway up to El Prado. 13:30 We visit el Alcázar 14:30 We have lunch in a park (sandwiches and snacks)

We take the Comenius groups to the airport. TURKEY: their flight leaves at 09:05 h. POLAND: their flight leaves at 17:25/35 SLOVAKIA: their flight leaves at 10:40

17:15 We visit the Palace San Telmo Walk along The neighbourhood called Triana and (19:30) visit the church of the Brotherhood La Estrella. 20´30: going “Tapas” in Seville. Pub “Blanca Paloma” Triana”.

They are invited to see a processional parade that we organize with enfant students in the morning at school.

Plannig Comenius Ingles  
Plannig Comenius Ingles  

Plannig Comenius Ingles