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MY grandfather YOUSEF MY grandfather YOUSEF Today I will be talking about a very special person to me,he is my grandfather.He has many exciting and interesting stories about his life.You wont believe it! I will give you some information about him.The date of his birth is 1937-1-1. He was born in Lebanon in (Tarchich). My grandfather has a huge family consisted of 5 children and one wife. He was rich and polite and so was his family. My grandfather,in his childhood and youth,was naughty,but at the same time he was clever. He enjoyed living in his village with his friends;they always copied what he did. He studied and learned how to read and write under a tall greenish tree. He enjoyed throwins stones in the lake. He had very nice lake:it looked amazing with small fish in it. He was interested in fishing them. By the way he is a very good fisher! When my grandfather grew, he married a beautiful polite girl. He had 4 boys and 1 girl . He travelled to Africa with his family. He lived there for about 4 years. Then he came back to live in Lebanon.He was sold lands for living. My grandfather is so special to me. He is lovable and adorable person. He loves me and always taught me poems. I really love him and I he will live 100 years . His advice is: to learn and work hard and be a good independent girl.

My Grandfather Yousef  

I am talking about my lovely grandfather Yousef. By:Angel Emile Class:6G4