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GSPeer Mentors Diversity/Retention Group Project planner Our mission is to decreasethe number of college drop-outs with a strong emphasis on minority students. If students acquire attachment toward the campus, the less likely they are to drop out. Aside from GScounseling/one on one meeting, diversity events will also help keep students feel welcome and not out casted. At the same time, we can promote diversity not only campus wide but in our own GSclassesas well. **Note that all of the ideas listed are already existing programs ran by different departments. With that in mind, we spoke to the coordinators and decided to help promote these existing programs instead of creating new ones. WHAT

WHO (Contact)


The Diversity Center is willing to provide - Multi-Cultural Robert Lara, Ed. D. monetary support for any projects that the GS day/night Associate Executive Director diversity/retention group would want to pursue. - foreign movie Office(510) 885-2333 However, he requires a solid plan/logistics (e.g. # Cell (510) 377-1935 nights of people working for the event, performers, Fax (510) 885-7415 -cultural time/date of event, purpose etc.). In addition, performances events must be inclusive to the whole student -diversity meetings body (NOT only to freshmen). What the r

Diversity Center, 1st floor New UU

-Bilingual buddies

Barbara Forsberg, MA Program coordinator Direct line: (510) 885-7521

ALPoffice: (510) 885-2358 Fax: (510) 885-2040 Portable bldg. at the bottom of the stairs that go up to the science bldg.

-resources (Rooms, ads/banners promotion, etc.) -list of recognized Clubs and organizations on campus

Lori Knight- Baker Student Life & Leadership Program Advisor

(510) 885-3657 New University Union, Room 2011

group can do is to extend promotion of their events in GS classes. The American Language Program (ALP) helps international students adapt to University life here in the U.S. “Speaking Partners Program matches an ALP student with a regular university student for weekly conversation and friendship�.

Peer mentors can help promote this program in the freshmen GS classes and Barbara is willing to come by and speak about what they offer. For reservations of rooms and other logistics pleasecontact Lori Knight-Baker. (Highly suggest to refer to this link before contacting her): -life/student-life/slife/resources

Please refer to this link : *List is subject to change each school year


sample testing to see how this works


sample testing to see how this works