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One late afternoon in México City, Cuauhtémoc Blanco was getting ready for soccer practice. When his wife called that a weird object had fell onto the roof of the house. He got on his Lamborghini and drove home. When he arrived he honked the horn for his wife to come outside and tell him what happened. She told him that when she got home from the supermarket the roof was destroyed, the object had been inside the kitchen. When he walked in the house the only thing he saw was a big cylinder object. Then suddenly a light came from the inside of the cylinder object. When he went touch it a frightening sound came and all he saw was dirt. He got up and started walking, he stopped and looked to his right there was people, and he ran to ask them where he is at and they said México City after a while of thinking what was going on he figured it he was back in time. After a while of walking he figured out that he had pain on his foot, he looked down and saw that he still had his uniform on, and he was walking with cleats. He started walking to the city. He stopped at noticing that the cylinder object was right in front of him. He was too scared to touch it so he went on to the city. He realized that the object was still following him. When he started running he didn’t look forward and the machine disappeared but he didn’t realize he was running towards it. When suddenly another flashing light came out he opened his eyes and there was blood, shots and different explosions. When he took cover he remember that this was the civil war, he remembered because his son was studying this for his big test. When he couldn’t here anymore shots he got up.