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Online Accredited Degrees vs Non-Accredited Degrees As various sectors of businesses and school begin to venture utilizing the internet, online degrees are becoming more prevalent. However, with so many online colleges to choose from, which one do you choose? More importantly, which one is a legitimate college that has the ability to award degrees to its prospective students? With the benefits of technological advances come fraudsters working to creating fraudulent companies that take your money. This is where Online Accredited Degrees come into play. When prospective students are looking to further their higher education, students must be sure to research into what type of school they would like to attend. While your schedule and the school’s flexibility and accessibility may be important, it is also importa nt to be aware of the schools licenses and accreditations. Some of the main differences between Online Accredited Degrees and Non-Accredited Degrees are its ability to allow transfers from other schools and colleges, the college’s legitimacy, and its reputation. Many colleges and trade schools can function without a license and accreditation. However, one of the disadvantages of non-accredited degrees is that course credits cannot be transferred to a different school. Moreover, because many companies know about the fraudulent scams that easily hand out diplomas without any work, employers are reluctant to hire those without Online Accredited Degrees. Accreditation allows employers to check the legitimacy of the college in addition to its longstanding reputation of its former and current students. In addition to the security of knowing that Online Accredited Degrees are a valid and legitimate degree, accredited programs may also accept transferred credits from non-accredited degrees. So there is hope for those who are attending a non-accredited degree program. However, the acceptance of course credits may vary with each institution so it is vital that each prospective student research and verify with the school’s admission office. However, if you cannot transfer your non-accredited degree courses, non-accredited colleges maintain relationships with community colleges that agree to accept students from the non-accredited colleges in question. Online Accredited Degrees however takes the mess out of the guessing to provide you with the ease of knowing that your degree is universally accepted. Because Online Accredited Degrees are more universally accepted not only in the academic world but with employers as well, these degrees give you an ease in knowing that when you graduate you will have a greater knowledge to assist you in your career. Lastly, many colleges that offer Online Accredited Degrees also offer job placement assistant to its current students pending graduation. Career Development Counselors will work with you to make you a more appealing candidate that is in demand in today’s job market. These Career Development Counselors will provide you with their hands-on knowledge of what employers are looking for and what resumes get trashed. Online Accredited Degrees offer not only a higher education, but a future that is guided with a job placement staff. It is important to research the type of school you would like to attend and to be sure that career assistance is available once the Online Accredited Degrees are obtained.

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