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Alcohol Rehab Helpline – Christian Addiction Program For most people, faith plays a crucial role in the successful recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. Here at Alcohol Rehab Helpline, we believe in that too. This is precisely the reason we offer a Christ-centric take on traditional drug and alcohol treatment. Many individuals who found themselves battling with substance abuse believe that they are a disappointment to God and that their addiction had completely hindered them from maintaining their relationship to the Higher Power. They perceive their alcohol or drug problem as a failure in the eyes of their Creator. What people should understand is that all kinds of addiction are a chronic disease. Instead of seeing the struggle as a failure or a seemingly insurmountable challenge, those with alcohol and drug abuse issues should consider it an opportunity for God to take control of their lives once again. We here at Alcohol Rehab Helpline help alcoholics and drug addicts who consider faith as an important aspect of their lives to get on the road to recovery with God on their side. We make this possible through our Christian addiction program.

What Christian Rehabilitation and Treatment is All About Our Christian addiction program is similar to our other programs in two ways. First, each program is customized and designed specifically to fit the requirements of the individual. Second, it incorporates traditional treatment methods. All individuals who enter the program will go through counseling, psycho-educational therapy, education about the addiction as well as relapse prevention. Clients and their families also get involved with activities and programs sponsored by other related support groups prior to leaving the facility. What sets the Christian addiction program apart from our other programs is our approach to the treatment and rehabilitation. In this program, God is the focus. We help our clients relieve themselves from their addictions by allowing them to reconnect with their Creator and renew their faith. For instance, all primary therapy groups have a Christian counselor as a facilitator. Bible study sessions are also an integral part of the program. These sessions allow clients to listen to God’s Word and use His teachings to free themselves from the addiction. Lastly, clients enrolled at the Christian addiction program also have local church visits as part of their community building and life-skills training. However, the thing that makes the Christian addiction program truly unique is that it has Christcentered 12 steps to recovery process. Learn more about the Christian 12 steps here.

Christian Addiction Program | The Alcohol Rehab  

Christian addiction program is similar to our other programs in two ways. First, each program is customized and designed specifically to fit...

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