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angela tay industrial designer


Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design 2012

Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands Overseas exchange program, Winter 2011


Design & Technology Teacher (Temp) Responsible for teaching and planning of the Secondary 2 curriculum Jan-Aug 2008 & May-July 2010

Freelance Graphic Designer General graphic design & designing of corporate identities for various companies 2008-Present


First Prize Logo Design Award ACES Logo Design Competition Dec 2010

Home Team Innofest Participatory Award Fireblanket+ Oct 2010

Creative Innovation Award Awarded for my D&T Project at the D&T Awards 2006


Franco-Singaporean Water Workshop A collaboration with ENSCI-Les Ateliers (Paris) 2011

Many Ways of Seeing by Masayo Ave & Design Singapore Feb 2012

Asian Smart Living Summer School Taiwan Dec 2011



Hello, my name is Angela! I’m an Industrial Designer and I live in Singapore, a sunny part of the world. I enjoy Good Design and believe that design should bring joy into people’s life. My work reflects very much of who I am and what I like. I take joy in understanding users hence much of my work reflect a strong user empathy. I am particularly interested in the medical field of design as well as designing for the young and the less privileged.

feeding on the go

Feeding on the go is a set of essential feeding items designed together with a feeding bag to help parents feed better with one hand on the go. A Final Year Bachelor Thesis Project

Each feeding item is specially designed with a clip that allows a quick and secure attachment onto the feeding bag. With the secure clipping, items do not shift when baby pushes it. and parents can feed comfortably with both hands.

User FOCUSed The project took on a user focused approach to find out the best and most fertile issue parents face today that needs to be addressed.

user empathy

focus groups

weblogs, websites & forums

interviews & observations


4 user research methods were carried out continuously throughout the project to understand, relate and observe stakeholders. Surveys were eventually carried out to help confirm these findings.

valuable insights As I’m no parent myself, user empathy was very important in the topic. Valuable insights were gained from parents which helped greatly in the final design outcome.



I have never realized it but yes, it will be so much easier if I can feed with one hand By the time I manage to open the milk bottle, my son has already spilled something.

design opportunities

An important role of the designer should not only be able to observe, but to translate these observations and insights into design opportunities.

Project Development at Technical University of Eindhoven In collaboration with hospital Mรกxima Medisch Centrum, Veldhoven Developed together with Brian Mizrahi

The mispositioning of feeding tubes in premature infants can be a deadly mistake. The Nasogastric Feeding Tube Reader enables nurses to wirelessly locate the position of feeding tubes in neonates quickly and reliably. The ergonomics of the reader was designed with the workflow of nurses in mind, allowing them to perform the task with efficiency and ease.


User Research User Research is the biggest attribution to the success of the project. The outcome was designed strongly with the end users in mind. The close working relationship with the medical staff was also a bonus.

clear interface Well thought of interface with clear considerations of the needs of the neonatal wards. Soft lights are used to prevent any additional disturbance to the babies.

user testing Several iterations of prototypes were brought to the nurses at MMC, each time with an improvement based on user feedbacks.

working models The importance of a working model cannot be emphasized more in this project. With real working prototypes, nurses were able to test realistically and provide valuable feedback for product improvements.

Project Development together with National University Hospital & NUS Mechanical Engineering Department Developed together with Wong Ding Chuen

Breathe, a hands free smoke evacuator that aids surgeons in removing smoke emitted from laser and electrosurgery.


Hands-free system allows surgeons and nurses to focus on the operation better.

user research Understanding the problems users face in the current smoke evacuator was key in the project. Key problems identified were the cumbersome nature of the instrument, technical difficulties and distruption of work flow.

functional prototype Several working prototypes were made followed by a proper setup for concept testing.

user testing Prototypes were brought to the Operating Theatre for testing and gaining of feedback from the Nursing Staff.

Designed to empower victims in a fire scene, Fireblanket+ improves their visibility and survival. With the use of fire-retardant material and reflective strips, the blanket serves as a protection and a distress signal for rescuers. With careful and detailed investigation on the form, Fireblanket+ allows victims to don the blanket quickly and with adequate protection from the fire.

Participatory Award at Ministry of Home Affairs Innofest 2010 Short Listed for Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award 2011 Developed together with Clement Zheng & Silvia Lim

fire blanket+

empowering victims Fireblanket+ was designed with strong focus on the victims, with the aim of improving the chances of survival in a firescene.

user research Close user studies were carried out with the Singapore Civil Defence Force. Expert evaluations were also provided by the firefighters with regards to the design.

only 10 seconds Fast & efficient donning time of blanket increases victim’s chance of survival.

implementation As infrastructure for the existing fire blanket is already in place, adoptation of Fire Blanket+ will be an easy one.


Mimosa, a modular shelter in the city. The juxtaposition of “Mimosa� leaves create a refreshing shelter experience, as the opacity of the shade reacts to the intensity of UV light. Just like a mimosa plant, commuters are protected by the shade when it is sunny, and could watch the pattern of rain when they are marooned during a downpour. Franco - Singaporean Workshop between ENSCI Paris & NUS Developed together with Darren Yeo & Romain Jung

With photochromic technology, Mimosa transforms to a shade when sunny and transparent when it rains. The duality of weather creates a better appreciation of natural elements within an urban context.

Combining 6 elements together, the space transforms into a bus stop in the city.

Mobi, a platform connecting everyone together to play. Designed for use in the living room, Mobi connects all personal handheld devices together, syncs them and play. A clear location mapping of all players in the game is provided. With Mobi, game set-ups are now fast, fluid and everyone can now play together.

Vertical studio conducted by ASUS Singapore Developed together with Elsie Teo & Jasper Galvin


future of the living room The project focused on an exploration of the future of the living room.

problem seeking Multiple observations, surveys and interviews were carried out as we constantly questioning and seek improvements in the living room.

Daryl, 14

research methodologies Understanding the users were key objectives and was carried out through several research methodologies.

improving humanhuman interaction The Design Direction was thus to seek out the best way to improve human to human interaction in the living room, through playtime.

Student Lives with parents & brother

huh.. setup is so troublesome..

connection FAIL AGAIN?!


I don’t have the game with me now..

too expensive to buy extra controllers..

Alessi Kids is targeted at little ones with a heart for food and fun. Playing with familiar forms and icons, it takes a twist on Alessi’s current products. With Alessi Kids, everyone at home can now own an Alessi product. The project was developed based on an investigation on the Italian brand, Alessi. Avenues for brand and design innovation were identified and the result was Alessi Kids.

alessi kids



3d modelling


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Portfolio of Angela Tay  

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