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Introduction Although the Monster Species is a world wide phenomenon the South African monsters are a breed unto their own! A unique environment, climate and an Apartheid goverment in the 1980’s has facilitated the evolution of some truly wondrous and often foul smelling beasts. From the Towering Drakensburg Mountains in the north to the ice cold Atlantic coastline in the south. The South African Monster exists in a huge range of sizes, colours, temperaments, environments and retail outlets. Indigenous people have for many thousands of years used the hides of animals to provide warmth, comfort and protection from the cold during the long winter months... The natural choice for dogs beds is monster hide due to its durability and heat retaining qualities The Field Guide to South African Monsters takes a closer look at individual characters and how to identify them. It also shows the different regions where they exist and contains useful advice on dealing with angry and aggressive monsters. All dog lovers now have at their fingertips a comprehensive guide to some of the most unique species of beast using the keys provided an ordinary afternoon walk will be transformed into an intriguing voyage of discovery for both owner and pet. Happy hunting.... Professor Du plessis


Caring for your Monster Bed Made from keeps your dog warm in winter and cool in summer



OdiusAfricanis Cyclops Kanye-Iliso Eenoogie Malkop


kwazulu Natal Mountains

The horns and teeth t ten are po a is ft Tu ad He The u se d to di g up roots and symbol of virility during the stubborn shrubbery mating season.

The single eye is this monsters most distinctive feature and is truly unique in Southern Africa.


The One Eyed Tokoloshi uses its sharp horns to dig up roots and plants, although a ferocious looking beast most are relatively placid but should still be approached with caution! The most distinctive feature is the single centrally placed eye. This is often bloodshot due to the large amounts of Cannabis found in its habitat. The One Eyed Tokoloshi also has short tufts of light brown hair on the center of its head which become bushier and thicker during the mating season (June-July and all public holidays). Similar skulls have been found in Europe suggesting a general migration during the last ice age.


An old Zulu fable tells the story of a brave young youth and his faithful dog who went in search of One Eyed Tokoloshi (Kanye-Ilso) droppings. Due to thier scarcity the droppings are to this day a valuable ingredient in the potions and cermonies. The boy wished to marry the daughter of the most powerful witch doctor in all of Kwazulu. After climbing to the very summit of the Drakensburg the youths dog (a most talented hound) was able to sniff out the distinctive droppings which would surely earn the youth his bride. The young lad and his dog rushed back to the village and presented his potential father in law with the bag of dung. However when it was opened the whole village was astounded to see that the dung had turned to solid rock! The youth was banished from the village ( the dog went for a nap) and to this day an old tribal proverb says “kuondoka monster poo peke yake� Which basically means leave monster poo alone!


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