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About COURONNE The Couronne Story can an accident create history? Can a chance encounter lead to a pioneering path? Can a latent passion be reawakened by a pastime? The emergence of Couronne gives a nod in the affirmative. Couronne, the luxury leather goods and accessories brand whose birth was a result of the fusion of passion and destiny, offers collections of handbags, small leather goods and shoes that can be best described as “timeless chic”. Made by master craftsmen using the finest leathers and exotic skins, Couronne bags and shoes embody shapes, colours and details that are timeless yet progressive, refined yet cosmopolitan and poised yet practical. Designed for the woman who is distinguished by her impeccable style, Couronne’s collections portray a new kind of exposé of the modern woman. 04

Self Pampering,

Couronne’s designs are conceived by Los Angeles-based Kate Seok whose lifelong passion has been art, design and architecture. She created the brand in 2009 following an encounter with an enthralled shopper in a Department Store, who approached her to request to purchase the bag she was carrying without realizing that it was self-made by the designer. This chance encounter as well as incessant queries and requests by friends to design handbags for them, led the designer to transform her pastime into a vocation. Couronne’s emergence as a brand followed the initial path of word-of-mouth confidentiality which then grew rapidly, leading to the establishment of a flagship boutique in Seoul, the designer’s origin. Couronne which was acquired by the Kolon Industries in 2010, is currently retailed in over 70 stores worldwide. As a brand that is considered to be one of the most intriguing stories to emerge in luxury today, Couronne, whose name means “crown” in French, indeed personifies all that is found at the summit the finest products that portray passion and destiny.


ABOUT KATE SEOK “Luxury is what I place value in… It is what makes me satisfied, even if it’s not expensive” The story of Kate Seok spans several cultures and continents. Although currently based in Los Angeles for nearly twenty years. She was born and grew up in Seoul, surrounded by the sounds, colours and flavours that come from a deep culture that values beauty. Her passion and dedication however led her to hone her skills through life-changing experiences, starting in 1989 when she debuted as an accessory designer for several. Her talent was quickly spotted and she was offered an opportunity to collaborate with handsome Corp, one of the most renowned women’s wear companies in Korea. She founded the Accessory License Company during the decade-long period in this role,the foundation for the creation of Couronne was laid as she dedicated her time to perfecting her own signature aesthetic and style.

A highly talented visionary with an unwavering dedication to her craft, Kate Seok embodies ingenuity and depth. Her wit is infectious and her warmth is endearing. Her belief in her vision makes her a designer’s designer and her thoughtfulness makes her a woman’s woman.


COURONNE TIME LINE AN ORIGINAL WAY 2014 ▶ Who’s next Trade show in Paris

2013 ▶ 2013 TFWA Trade show in Singapore ▶ Awarded “best brand” by Asia Company Consumer Award


▶ Awarded “best bag brand” by Asia Company Consumer Award

2012 2011.11

▶ Opened a pop-up at ISETAN in Japan ▶ Vendome Luxury trade show in Paris

▶ Awarded the grand prize at 2011

Korea Lifestyle award hosted by Dong-A TV



▶ Started Duty free business ▶ Opened a pop-up store at HARROD’s in London

▶ Merged by Kolon Industries,

one of leading fashion company in South Korea

2009 ▶ Couronne founded by Kate Seok ▶ Couronne launched flagship store in Seoul, Korea


The Modern Luxury Era

Prestige Hermes







POSITIONING Couronne is committed to satisfying the desires of our customers. As the result we pledge to continuously innovative our business to improve your experience with Couronne. Couronne pioneers the “modern & smart luxury era”. Couronne’s consumer are highly sensitive to the fashion trends but sophisticated. They concerns on self-concept and self-worth, prestige, status image.





Timeless Chic Exquisite


What’s important is that a product is made by the best hands using the best materials. Kate’s strong sense of aesthetic expression coupled with her enhanced Sense curiosity for shape and forms that colored her universe made her path in the world of design inevitable. By delivering collections which include over 190 items per season, Couronne stands aside for quality and style. Couronne’s Stephanie has been nominated the must-have item among trendseters and sold more than 100,000 in total.


DISTRIBUTION The success gained over the past seasons has turned Couronne into a true case History in modern luxury. The brand has been consistently positioned in world’s fashion capitals by a network of experienced professionals. Thanks to the commercial growth and to an increasing demand for its products. Couronne can be found in 71 retail doors worldwide including prestige dept. store, free-standing stores, duty-free shops as well as on the website





$9.5M $1.5M

ANNUAL SALES The brand’s turnover has increased exponentially over the seasons. It hit $1.5millon in 2010, $9.5million in 2011, $38.2million in 2012, $53million in 2013.


AD Campaign







COMMUNICATION Couronne speaks not only the language of her own customer, but also melting own stories into seasonal campaign to stress the brand’s personality. ‘Self-pampering’








KBEE, Paris

Vendome, Paris

Isetan Pop-up store, Tokyo

Harrods, London

TFWA, Singapore

Who’s Next, Paris


E-COMMERCE Building together institutional contents and a best in class on-line store, the website aims at creating engagement with the final users thought a conversation-based model, conceived to narrow the gap between the brand’s on-line and off-line presence.


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HEADQUARTERS GT Tower,1317-23, Seocho-Dong, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, Korea (137-010) INTERNATIONAL SALES Simon Park Angela Kim


Couronne 2014 brandprofile  
Couronne 2014 brandprofile