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woodruff residence

{ first floor plan }

{ building section } { design strategies }

Method Design was retained as the building science and architectural consultants for this AIA Citation winning project. Designed around sustainable stategies that arose from programmatic and zoning restraints, the entire house operates passively through appropriate massing, orientation, and exposure to both sun and prevailing winds..

method design {rye, ny}

{ view from bedroom }

{ northeast elevation photo }

{ west elevation photo }


{ tendencies & certanties }

{ verticalized growth }

{ site rendering }

{ mosque volume }

{ mosque program }

{ vertical program }

As a competition proposal, this entry addresses vertical density in rapidly growing cities. Challenging the inherent imagery of what a scraper is, this structure grows from its surrounding environment while respecting the existing context. The city’s fabric of certainties and tendencies generate the way the structure is inhabited. Although a skeletal structure consisting of only minor program at first, the structure will host growth that will take on an identity similar to its surrounding context.

method design {cairo, egypt}

{ extrapolated block at year 50 }


{ material reuse }

{ structural system }

{ connecting programs }

{ tent appropriation }

{ shaping strategy }

{ system components }

Street fairs offer up an astonishing diversity of wares, food and entertainment. Less engaging are the ubiquitous tents that spring up like mushrooms. They discreetly (and economically) get the job done, but offer little in the way of spaces that captivate the imagination. The souk, the bazaar, the seaside New England tourist booth, the Coney Island stand – all herald the inexpensive thrill. In the distance, Heightened Reflection emerges from a sea of white and anonymous tents, in which visitors engage in typical street fair browsing. The project builds on the squat geometries of the tents, but pulls them skyward, creating sweeping interior volumes and

method design {the bowery, nyc}

{ in tent experience rendering }

{ in tent experience rendering }

{ ^ street view rendering }

{ ˇ under tent persepective rendering }

{ tent street cross section }

dramatic exterior facades that mirror the urban scene around it. Merchants conduct their business adjacent to unique, colorful and soaring cloth ceilings. Customers, who are still able to browse and buy, can also engage with a variety of interior installations: in one, saturated red walls lead to a clerestory; in another, a periscope yields views far down the street. In one scenario a disco ball lazily spins, casting a thousand reflections, and in another Chinese lanterns swarm toward the sky. The profound interior environments allow the participants a moment of intimacy and a place of personal reflection within the vibrant collective experience that is amplified by the exterior mylar skin.


{ influence of views }

{ aperture strategy }

{ structural components }

{ aperture consequences }

{ aperture consequnces }

Method Design was commissioned to situate and design a new prayer chapel for the expanding garden and field areas of the Rain Forest International School near Yaounde, Cameroon. In addition to fulfilling the program of a gathering and worship space for the community, the School’s leadership required full maintaining of views from school buildings into the chapel, as well as additional exterior amphitheater-style seating and gathering space. The design team’s response was to utilize a single, shifting wall system of CMU fins

method design {yaounde, cameroon}

{ exterior photo }

{ interior photo }

{ exterior photo }

oriented towards a central, internal point to negotiate a landscape that provided private, intimate worship space to the interior, and an exterior gathering and amphitheater space. The mahogany and corrugated steel roof system窶電esigned with David Kufferman, PE and the RFIS Team, provides for areas of shading and entry to the chapel.


{ equipment details }

{ renovation scope rendering }

This histology and cytology lab for the University of Pennsylvania was a renovation of a twenty five year old lab with inadequate ventilation. Located on the fifth floor of the building, it receives little natural daylight and therefore this design tries to create a better working environment for the employees.

ballinger {philadelphia, pa}

{ old lab during demo }

{ entry to lab }

{ lab interior }


phase induced architecture Montreal

Lake Ontario





University of Guelph Brock University Niagra College




Finger Lakes

Detroit Lake Erie

Penn State

{ phase change of water experiement photos }

New York


Lake Cayuga Pittsburgh










summer june



fall september


november december 4



University of Maryland

Washington D.C.

0 28

{ regional map } Charleston

snow fall


{existingTravel site plan } Expected Radius

0 90


These cities were listed on Uncork New York’s website as prime locations that people will travel from in order to come to the Finger Lakes region. The radius covers about 360 miles (around a 6 hour drive). Also includes Universities with viticulture/enology degrees.

temperature (high, av, low)



10 100

humidity range (morning, evening)

ke C


ug a

30 12


av wind speed


0 80

percent sunshine

1m ile


design strategy

passive still cold

passive still cold

passive still cold







passive still cold


passive still cold

{ seasonal influences } water stateinfluences & { regional } phase associated with above conditions

snow water






secti abovon e

Yo rk


ion sect e abov


Ro m

wetlands warmest



r y,




tto n

wo o



ve W




melted solid


Using empirical knowledge of material systems, an ephemeral architecture can be created as a result of induced phase changes of water that develop a way to inhabit site by bridging water naturally occurring and artificial realms. Great lengths are taken to allow humans to maintain physical comfort levels through use of enclosure and mechanical systems, but the separation of temperature, moisture, and daylight between interior and exterior conditions creates a boundary between interior and exterior spaces. Using passive strategies onwood Grove Winery, Romulus New York 0



.5 mile



thesis {fingerlakes, ny}

{ proposed site section } { proposed experential moments throughout the site }

and understanding of materials at a micro scale, it is possible to develop an architecture that uses climatic qualities of site to induce phase change of water. The resulting ephemeral qualities of water will alter one’s perception of inhabited space. A climate moderated by lakes, with significant seasonal variations and microclimates provides a venue for exhibiting the resulting phenomena.

nam june paik museum



Main Exhibition Spaces

004:1 Main Circulation

Storage + Mechanical Rooms


Cafe Kitchen Museum Giftshop

0.000G { site plan }

Secondary Egress/ Firepath

{ program & circulation diagram }

{ physical section model }

{ physical section model }

Program + Ciculation Diagram

{ concept sketch }

{ physical sketch model }

{ physical section models }

This project altered and developed TIAR Studio’s original competition proposal for a museum for Nam June Paik, a visual media artist. My partner and I collaborated with students majoring in civil engineer to help realize the integration of the structure and the design. Spanning a valley, the museum functions as a bridge with programmed galleries inserted into it. The looped circulation creates views of the valley that contrast with the black box spaces that it flanks.

dd studio {seoul, korea}

{ transverse section }

{ longitudinal section }

vertical community

{ module }

{ connection levels }

seroc latnoziroh dna lacitrev

{ existing site condition }

{ structural bridges } srewot neewteb noitcennoc larutcurts sa gnigdirb

{ probable future development }

{ primary structure } troppus sa niks larutcurts lacitrev

{ proposed intervention }

{ compilation of systems } denibmoc stnemele lacitrev dna latanoziroh


{ module system }

{ facade layering } floor slabs interior glazing exterior structure exterior module system

{ program diagram }

As part of studying abroad, RPI students collaborated with the architecture students at Tongji University’s College of Architecture and Urban Planning. This project responds to the PROPOSED BUS STOPS growing demand for housing in the overpopulated city ofLINEShanghai whileBEING experimenting and integrating local techniques of fabrication. By proposing a building of this magnitude, 12 | METRO | CURRENTLY SURVEYED areas for green space are created and certain areas targeted for demolition canOFbe preserved. LINE 12 | METRO | PROPOSED EXTENSION SCOPE LINE 9 | METRO | PARTIALLY CONSTRUCTED


china studio {shanghai}

{ site rendering }

{ facade rendering }

botique hotel

{ polemical rendering }

{ inspiration }

From conception to physical manifestation, this studio reinforced how to utilize a concept in answering questions of how architecture performs. This project is a result of trying to understand how social spaces can layer around an aqueous core, while creating privileged views of New York City.

urban studio {chinatown, nyc}

{ physical model }

integrated housing internal residential and exterior envelope

{ site plan }

S i t e P l a n 1” = 16’

{enclosure diagram }

{ initial massing model }

{ meandering circulation diagram }

{ residential vs retail diagram }

{ site plan }

residential vs non-residential

non-residential residential

As part of a community where the living situations were that of integrated lifestyle, this design consists of more than just living areas. Along the main pedestrian path leading from the exterior of this new community to the interior along the bordering neighbor’s plot are retail areas and rentable offices. Apartments ranging from small lofts to spacious four bedrooms branch off of a meandering circulation. L o c a t i o n P l a n 1/128” = 1’

2nd yr studio {boston,ma}

{ section perspective rendering }

emac nyu

{ hand drafted site section }

The original condition of this site in New York City was a highly regularized park. The new proposal creates an altered topography that promotes places for aleatory hang out. An effort to combine the business concentrated area of lower Manhattan with the exploratory program of electronic arts was integrated through the park on the surface with the electronic arts facility inhabiting the space below it.

1st yr studio {manhattan, ny}

{ hand drafted site plan }

{ physical site model }


{ hand drafted topo }

{pocket depth chart }

{ hand drafted charcoal rendering }

Using only one material, this design is created through a standardized system of threading longer skinnier pieces of foam through slots made in smaller rectangular pieces. The final form evolved through responses to various performance criteria, such as when a golf ball is dropped on it, an unexpected path is created, as well as maintaining a continuity of interior and exterior spaces. Realistic drawings, photographs, vector and topographic drawings were utilized to convey the design response.

material studio

{ physical model photo }

{ physical model photo }


pasquale new style


1 2 3 4 5

a b c d e µÿãëîò f g h i j k úæœfiš lmnopflžðÐß q r s t u £ÃÎÒË v w x y z Únjƀ

After completing a typography course, I became intrigued with the idea of developing new font designs. From those preliminary idea of preserving the circle, Pasquale New Style was born. It is simple geometrical font that reads well at small sizes, but reads better at larger sizes. Contrasting thicknesses of these letters allows for easier legibility. A moderate x–height, long stems, and a high crossbar are all characteristics of this font.

font design

ª ² ³ “ ” * ABCDE ; : @ & !FGHIJ []()<>? KLMNO ÷ § $ % ‡PQRST Þ ƒ ł ¤ ± # UVWXYZ

6 7 8 9 0


sweet as... veges

This book is a compilation of recipes that I developed while WWOOFing in Auckland, New Zealand for six months. Upon arriving back in the States, I photographed the dishes and laid out this book. As the chef de cuisine in Auckland, I was responsible for coordinating the vegetarian kitchen, and cooking for the other 20 or so people I was living with. In an attempt to maintain a low budget, locally sourced diet, these dishes were created.

cook book

resume {Education}

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Albany, NY Bachelor of Architecture 2010 Magna Cum Laude Tongji University Study Abroad Second Year Faculty Award Academic Proficiency & Promise of Excellence in Architecture Dean’s List entry- graduation Emily Roebling Scholarship Rensselaer Leadership Scholarship

{Professional Affiliations}


LEED Green Associate 2009-2011 NCARB IDP- 100 units accumulated Campbell, Reese, and Demetrios Comodromos. “Urban Morphology + The Social Vernacular.” Journal of Architectural Education 63.1 (2009): 6-13. Print.


2D Design 3D Modeling Post Processing Fabrication Communication


Demetrios Comodromos Reese Campbell William Bergman R.K. Stewart

AutoCAD, Microstation Rhino, Microstation, Triforma, Revit, Ecotect Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign MasterCAM, CNC Mill, Laser Cutter, Porcelain Molds Mandarin, French Method Design Method Design Rensselaer Fabrication Shop Perkins + Will

Partner 212.203.9924 Partner 917.843.5182 Shop Manager 518.276.3034 Associate Principal 415.856.3074


Method Design 2008-2011

Perkins + Will 2009

New York City Competition {Cairo, Egypt} As a member of the design team with the partners, included in initial design strategies as well as prepared diagrams and generated digital site model. Private residence {Ryeas, NY} Prepared delivery of DD set for $600/ square foot house: AIA Citation winning project San Francisco Allergan Tower III {Irvine, CA} Contributed to finalizing CD drawings in Revit. Oyster Point Business Park and Marina {San Francisco, CA} In the masterplanning phase, prepared client meeting materials and EIR book. Princess Nora University {Riyadh, Saudi Arabia} Assisted with final CD set in Revit. Byron Rogers U.S. Courthouse {Denver, CO} Prospective GSA project, generated initial environmental analysis.

Ballinger 2007-2008

Philadelphia Boeing Helicopter Manufacturing & Office Facility {Philadelphia, PA} Assisted in diagrams and projected site development to win bid. Rochester University Hospital {Rochester, NY} Contributed in preparing SD & DD sets using Revit Histology & Cytology Lab for the University of Pennsylvania {Philadelphia, PA} Prepared renderings and other visuals for user group meetings as well as DD - CD sets

Rensselaer 2007- 2010

Albany Teaching assistant For series of three construction system classes, available for desk critiques with students, as well as reviewer in pin-ups and organization of class data. Supervisor of digital fabrication shop Oversaw use of laser cutters and cnc mill. Assisted in approving and helping students with files for use of the equipment.

Tongji University 2008

Shanghai Awarded acceptance to study at Tongji Universityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s College of Architecture & Urban Planning. In addition to classroom and studio experience, engaged in study of regional fabrication in Jingdezhen, Chinaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s porcelain capital.

Pasquale Portfolio  
Pasquale Portfolio  

This is my portfolio of work including university, professional, and individual projects.