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Babson College is the top-ranked small, private business college located in beautiful Wellesley, Massachusetts. Babson is internationally recognized for its entrepreneurial leadership in a changing global environment. U.S. News & World Report has ranked Babson No. 1 in entrepreneurship for 15 straight years. Babson emphasizes creativity, imagination, hands-on learning, and risk taking as essential to learning the foundation of business.

Summer Study for High School Students joins students in a collegiate community to work together to gain the tools and hands�on experience to impact organizations, industries, and the world. Through Entrepreneurial Thought and ActionŽ, students practice moving from ideas to action while working to develop social and economic value everywhere.

July 9, 2012 — August 10, 2012


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July 13, 2012

August 8, 2012


Final Projects! Jorge Gonzalez Javier de Oňa Jaime Alarco


A business that sells plastic containers that measure and eliminate the waste of products such as shampoos and lotion

Elizabeth Akpadiaha Stephanie Ellis Emir Malcioglu


An online community to connect tutors with students that need extra help in various academic subjects

Nina Hu William Kurniawan Anthony Maina Zeynep Yurdoglu

Project Monster

A company that sells recycling bins in the form of friendly monster characters that are designed to engage children in recycling habits

Alex Warren Lionel Sondayi

Stamped Wear

A business that sells custom-designed t-shirts made of eco-friendly, light, soft material.

Shanms Merchant Marcus Wong Erkan Kiliç

The Armadio Project

An online interactive website that allows people to upload items in their wardrobe and arrange them in the form of a virtual wardrobe that can be shared with others

Albert Lee Angela Orozco Aylin Sencift

Purpose Paper

An organization that collects unused pages of notebooks and develops new notebooks to resell. For each one purchased, one is donated to a rural school in Turkey and Colombia

Richa Agarwal Adolfo Castaňeda Jacob Chacko

Social Dining

An organization that offers a service that integrates the concept of social networking with facilitating social interactions in restaurants, cafes, bars, etc.

Emir Bensusan Sai Yeluru

Bargain, Co.

An organization that pools buying power of individuals when purchasing home appliances

Ceri Franko

Info Trade A company that collects customers’ information and pays them to take surveys for local businesses

Sagar Tambi

LaRosa A Manhattan restaurant designed to be a destination Restaurant for romantic experiences

Ali Abunuwar Romi Amoudi

Life in Motion

A non-profit that promotes the awareness of causes such as suicide, poverty, and abuse via apparel and accessories like bags and wristbands

Guarav Ayya Laura Torres Castillo


A company that sells devices that connect to faucets and measure the amount of water that is used per month to reduce water usage

Christopher Chedid StudyNets An organization that compiles study materials online Samanth Ketha and makes them available via subscriptions to students of all ages Alex Goldman Syakaa William

Knowledge An organization that offers micro-giving funding for Strong educational purposes to students

Joshua Frank Benjamin Latz

Book Me

An online application that makes it easier to book appointments spas, restaurants, beauty salons, etc.

Idea Generation Students

Elizabeth Akpadiaha Johannesburg, South Africa Eakpadiaha11

Albert Lee Freemont, CA USA Albertplee

Aylin Sencift Istanbul, Turkey Senciftaylin

Stephanie Ellis Miami, FL USA Adriellis

Nina Hu Cupertino, CA USA Nina.huuu

William Kurniawan Hightstown, NJ USA wkurniawan13

Anthony Mania Johannesburg, South Africa Amainaa11

Emir Malcioglu Istanbul, Turkey Emir608

Angela Orcozo Cali, Columbia Angie.3008

Zeynep Yurdoglu Istanbul, Turkey Zeynepyurdoglu

Entrepreneurship Development

Mohammed Abunuwar Dubai, United Arab Aliabunuwar

Richa Agarwal Rajasthan, India r.sweetsour

Jamie Alarco Madrid, Spain jamie_alarco_94

Guarav Ayya Singapore Ayya10258

Emir Bensusan Istanbul, Turkey emirbensusan

Adolfo Casteneda Guatemala f.castaNeda.a

Christopher Chedid New Jersey, USA Cgchedid

Javier De Ona San Jose, Costa Rica Jdeonasoto

Joshua Frank Irvington, NY USA Michiganfan6695

Romi Amoudi Miami, FL USA amoudi.romi

Jacob Chacko Abu Dhabi, United Arab Fam_chacko

Ceri Franko Istanbul, Turkey Jerryfranko

Experience Students

Alex Goldman Weston, MA USA Alexgold18

Ben Latz New Rochelle, NY USA Ben

Laura Castillo Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Lauratorres05

Jorge Gonzalez San Jose, Costa Rica Jorgearturogonzalez31

Samanth Ketha Irving, TX USA sam.ketha

Erkan Kilic Istanbul, Turkey Kilerk.14

Shams Merchant Sugar Land, TX USA Shamsmerchant44

Tapiwa Sondayi Addis Ababa, Ethiopia tsondayi1

Sagar Tambi Rajasthan, India Tambisagar

Syakka William Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania Swilliam11

Marcus Wong Hong Kong, China wong.mcy

Alexander Warren Beverly Hills, MI USA Awarrenthegreat

Sia Yeluru San Antonio, TX USA Magicjohnson23


Rachel Reiser Program Coordinator Assistant Dean, Academic Planning & Strategy, Undergraduate School

Breeana Blackmon Class of 2015 Bblackmon1

Monesh Sabunani Class of 2013 Msabunani1

Nicole Smith Program Coordinator Youth & Summer Academic Programs, Undergraduate School

Shawn Blake Class of 2014

Daquan Oliver Class of 2014

Angelina Hong Graduate Assistant

Phyleka Rogers Class of 2013

Joe Thant Meaghan Toothaker Class of 2015 Class of 2015


Dennis Hanno Dean of Grad. School/ Vice Provost, Undergraduate School

Peter Bagley Adjunct Lecturer, Entrepreneurship Division

Sinan Erzurumlu Assistant Professor, Tech OPs & Info Mgmt Div.

Elizabeth Goldberg Associate Professor, Arts & Humanities Div.

Cheryl Kiser Managing Director, Lewis Initiative, President's Office

Emily Weiner Assistant Director, Babson Social Innovation, President's Office


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Richa “drives” the boat.

Surprise fire alarm


That’s Joe not Josh! Baby Picture Fun!



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Superlatives! Following your departure, the mentors came together to find a way that helps capture their experiences with you in just a few words. These superlatives are meant to be fun and are based off of the fun had over the summer! Cute as a Button Javier & Stephanie Most Huggable Shams

Most Likely to be found in Prison Emir M. Most Likely to Host a Talk Show Joshua

Most Likely to Become a Millionaire First Sai Best Dressed Laura

Most Athletic Aylin & Jaime

Biggest Flirt Adolfo (Fito)

Mostly Likely to Be a Mob Boss Ceri Most Dependable Romi

Funniest Laugh Guarav Most Sarcastic Ben

Best Shoulder to Cry On Zeynep Most Likely to Employ His Parents Alex G. Most Likely to Win a Nobel Peace Prize Angela

Superlatives! Cutest Couple Nina and Lionel (Tapiwa)

Most Likely to be a Cartoon Character William K.

Most Charming Albert Most Likely to Make Richa Fall in Love Jorge (Tuto) Most Dramatic Richa Best Team Player Emir B. Most Likely to be a Teen Celebrity Alex W.

Most Adaptable Ali

Most Likely to Trade Business for the Runway Marcus Most Approachable Sam

Most Likely to be an Evil Scientist Anthony Most Likely to Own American Idol Jacob Most Likely to be a Professor Chris Most Likely to Live in Outer Space Elizabeth & Sagar

Most Likely to be a Diplomat Syakaa & Erkan

Week 1 Memories

Week 2 Memories

Week 3 Memories

Week 4 Memories

Week 5 Memories

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