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Balance 4Life







In order for my concept to be a success, it needs to be promoted in an appropriate way. Consumers will understand my concept once it has been explained by appropraite marketing tools. My plan is to communicate Balance4Life to my target audience by use of posters, leaflets, promotional packs, business cards and web design.

In order for my marketing to be a s uccess, it is important to promote Balance4Life in a vibrant and clear way. This will be done in order to add consistency, and to make the brand noticable to consumers. Balance4Life is a new concept, it has a modern, sleek and urban style and therefore this needs to be portrayed within the marketing. 2

I believe that once you’ve got a brand, including all the design elements that meet the criteria of the relevant target audience, it’s not enough!

Balance4life has an urban style!


Within marketing includes four crucial aspects most commonly described as the four p’s or the marketing mix. These include: Price Product Place Promotion.

Price This involves the price of the product in which will affect the marketing opportunities of the new enterprise. The price will reflect the quality of the product and takes into account how much people would be willing to pay to buy the product. In terms of B4L – The range would be priced according to mid-range. Prices would remain competitive, however they would not be overpriced or underpriced. On average breakfast products such as porridge range from &1.50- £4.00. Which means I would price my cereals etc at £2.65.

Product This involves the actual product itself. For examoke, what is the purpose of the product? How will people benefit from buying the product and mainly why you chose to design and create the new eneterprise. The product is usually the most important aspect to marketing as it is the product in which the consumers will be buying and enjoying in order to fulfil the purpose of the product. Therefore, it is essential that the product is new, fresh and eye catching to consumers. In terms of B4L - the products that have been designed are a range of foods that should be eaten regularly, in moderation and occasionally. These categories are determined by a vibrant colour coding system, that remains consistant throughout the packaging. There are three colours, (green, orange and magenta) three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and three logos (B4R-regular, B4M modertion and B4O occasionally.

Balance4Life has set out a daily allowance, which is what should be consumed from each category to keep a balanced diet. (5 portions of B4R, 3 portions of B4M and 1 portion of B4O.) It does not matter when the consumer chooses to eat the particular foods products, however this needs to be kept consistant throughout the daily intake of food. I also incorporated a new menu for the three meals, in order to make my concept more innovative. It is not to say that if a particular food product should be consumed regularly, then it has no flavour or is seen a bland. Many people perceive the fact that certain foods are unhealthy, this is not the case and it is due to how much of a certain food product is eaten. For example a doughnut. If a doughnut is consumed daily in a week, it is unhealthy, however one doughnut is not unhealthy. A balance needs to be made between certain foods products, and this is why I feel my concept works.


Place Place usualy would include the location of where the product would be sold in order to effectivley fulfil its purpuse and be available to consumers. In other words the location of the product is essential reflecting the quality of the product.


However, in terms of B4L I will be explaining where my product would be in the actual supermarket. I would hope for B4L products to be sold within the UK at various different locations however it is where the products would be in the shops which I feel to be important. In order to keep with my theme of innovative, I would have an aisle specially for B4L, where all my products would be found. This would make the consumers shopping experience easier. I believe that this would have an effective response as everything that is need for all three

would be divided and in one ailse. This therefore allows the consumer to work out what meals they want to keep regular, in moderation and occasional. It also allows the consumer to see the whole range in one place rather than dotted around the supermarket. I believe that this is a good layout system for my brand, however one disadvantage of this would be that is detracts slightly from competetion. Once Balance4Life has become a known brand and is understood by the consumers, I would have a shop dedicated just to B4L food products. This could also include cooking demonstrations and could be seen as a fun and different way to shop. B4L products will also be accessible online,

Promotion This involves how the product is to be sold in order to attract consumers. For example, the design of the product, the colours involved and how the product looks as a whole.


How consumers are able to gain a balanced diet


INTRODUCING B4L Introducing Balance4Life to the community

Leaflets would be handed out with posters and sample menus.

In order to raise awareness about Balance4Life, events could takeplace. These events would include: Talks about why Balance4Life has been introduced.

Promotional Activities

Talks about how the packaging works and what consumers need to look for to gain a balanced diet. Samples of food products within the relevant colour coded packaging.

Balance4Life is to help consumers gain a balanced diet. Even though there are foods that should be consumed more regularly, does not mean that these foods have no taste! B4L There would be cooking demonstrations in order for consumers to taste the foods. The consumers will also be informed which category each food is in. This will help consumers to understand each category.




Below is a range of initial posters that I designed for Balance4Life.


In my opinion, I feel that this poster is to busy, and your eye cannot focus on one point.

I feel that this poster tells the consumer my idea in an effective way, however there is too much going one. I prefer the large logo on the side and therefore will incorporate a similar layout within my final posters.

I believe this poster is the most effective. I will be designing 4 posters, 1 main poster and 3 posters for the 3 different categories, reguar, moderate and occasionally.

FINAL POSTERS After using elements from my initial posters, I have designed 4 new posters. The first poster shows my whole concept, incorporating the main logo for my brand, and the three separate logos below. 9

The 2nd poster shows the meaning behind B4R. In order for the consumers to understand, I have used my Logo to portray which colour represents regular, in moderation and occasionally, by repeating the relevant logo a certain number of times. The regular logo has been repeated the most, as this signifies food that should be eaten regularly. The moderation logo, has been repeated less, as this is food that can be consumed moderately. The occasionally logo has been used the least amount of times as this signifies food that should only be eaten occasionally.


Main Poster






Occasionall y


Poster Placement



Leaflets will be handed out to consumers in the streets, or left in shops for consumers to pick up. I wanted my leaflets to be vibrant and follow the theme of all my other design work.


The leaflets have to provide the consumers with all relevant information in order to get them interested in the B4L scheme.



After printing the leaflet out, it allowed me to make relevant changes, in order for certain information to stand out and for the overall look to be less crowded. I decided to make the whole of the inside black, in order for the wirting to be more noticeable.




Business cards have been designed because I believe that they are one of the most powerful advertising tools available. I usually pick up a business card if I think it looks interesting or grabs my attention.

Balance4Life Freepost ALS09/11/88 PO BOX 8701 Northwood HA7 2JL

Business cards are known to be convenient and they fit in your wallet. If somebody does not take a leaflet they are more likely to take a business card. The business card has customer services details and website details for consumers to look at if they are interested in this concept and feel they want to learn more about this idea.

Consumer Services Department

Balance 4Life Balance4Life

0800 776 448 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm





I felt it was important to have promotional packs than can be given out to consumers in order to gain information about how Balance4Life works. Within these packs, there would be a leaflet, a business card, a promotional poster, that has information about the scheme on the back, and sample menu’s . These packs would be handed out at events, or could be ordered online.








Balance4Life is a company who are has focused on the current issue of an increase in obesity. An idea has been developed to make consumers aware of what is needed to ensure that this increase is prevented. After conducting research, it becaome evident that more than 50% of consumers do not take any notice of the traffic light system on packaging. It was apparent that consumers felt that it was too small and not very clear.


This concept is an alternative to the traffic light system. Many people believe that if a food product contains a lot of calories, then it is unhealthy for you. This is not the case, as the daily allowance for men is 2500 calories and for women it is 2000 calories. Certain foods become unhealthy once you start eating them regularly and therefore Balance4Life is a more effective way to ensure you are able to balance your meals. Balance4Life says that a daily balanced diet should incorporate a range of foods from the three different categories. Regular-5 portions Moderation-3 portions Occasionally-1 portion Moderatio n

Occasio nally

This website would be mosty to inform consumers of how B4L works and the purpose of why this concept has been introduced. Menu’s It would list the range of products within each category, including products that are in stores, and also recipes in order to make meals to fit within the categories. Shop Although this website would be used mostly to give consumers information on how this concept works, I believe it is important for consumers to also purchase products online. This allows a wider demographic to use the website, as it could be usefull for people who are in full time work to also maintain a balance diet with a click on a button. .oped would be insurance schemes. Many insurance policies ask whether customers maintain a healthy diet. I could introduce a insurancre scheme where if you maintain a balance diet, using B4L products a decreased payment would be introduced.

Events The events page would give information about seminars taking place, and cooking demostrations in order to get the community involved by maintaing a balanced diet. Schemes Once developed, B4L would introduce schemes, such as balance schemes. Helping consumers to maintain their balanced diets. Another scheme that could be introduced would be an insurance scheme. Many insurance companies nowadays always ask whether the customer is healthy and active. An idea for Balance4Life could be that if the customer takes part in a balanced diet by using B4L products, than a reduced payment could be incorporated as part of their insurance policy. Not only are you gaining a balanced diet, however you are getting a reduced price for life insurance.




My aim was to remain consistant with my design in order to create a recognizable brand. I wanted to keep all the elements simple, clear and vibrant. The main reason for marketing is to sell your brand and to grab the attention of your target market. It is also to explain the idea and tell a story. I believe that I explained my concept in a clear and logical way, allowing consumers to understand the conceot by just reading a leaflet.


I wanted to tell a story within my posters, and I believe that I achieved this by using my logo and a repeating technique. Overall, I believe I have acheived the marketing side for Balance4Life. All the design elements remain consistant, in terms of design, my information is clear, and vibrant.



I believe that marketing is the key to success, once a brand has been established.

Food only becomes unhealthy if you eat to much!

Balance 4Life


Vol 3. Marketing  

This book shows my marketing aspects for Balance4Life