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BUSINESS PLAN Branding and Packaging company

5th April 2012 Prepared by Annabel Lewak-Steed Head of Operations of SoulDesignz

1. Introduction 1 2. Confidentiality 1 3. Executive Summary 2 3.1 What makes us tick 2 3.2 Company slogan 2 3.3 Proposition 2 3.4 Unique selling point 2 4. Business Focus 4.1 Mission statement 4 4.2 Vision 4 4.3 Professional support 4 4.4 Operations 5 4.5 Aims and objectives 5 5. Market Research 5.1 SWOT analysis 6 6. Marketing Plan 6.1 Competitors 9 6.2 Staff roles 9 6.3 Founding members 10 6.4 Office 10 6.5 Sales & marketing stratergy 10 7. Financial Plan 7.1 Initial overheads 11 7.2 Financial prospects & projections 12 7.3 Financial requirements & obligations 14 7.4 Pricing policy 15 8. Appendix 16 8.1 Curriculam Vitae 17 8.2 Portfolio/references 18

1: Introduction Company Name: SoulDesignz Head of Operations:Annabel Lewak-Steed Date of Establishment:January 2012 Company Address: 4 Hurst Place, Middlesex HA6 2JS Contact Details: Tel: 07507791226 Email: Website:

2.Confidentiality Agreement The undersigned reader agrees that the following information provided by Annabel Lewak-Steed in this business plan is confidential; therefore, reader agrees not to disclose it without the prior consent or written permission of Annabel Lewak-Steed. It is with gratitude that the publisher of this document approaches the undersigned reader, and kindly requests that you do not use the information herein to abuse the privileges of business ethics or use the proposed information to do harm unto others. After signing and accepting this document, please return to Annabel Lewak-Steed ___________________/___________________
Signature/ Date ___________________


3. Executive Summary 3.1 What makes us tick? SoulDesignz is a unique branding, advertising and packaging company. It will capture feeling, thoughts and emotion, we will incorporate a fervent passion that will come from the mind and soul. Here at SoulDesignz we aim to promote your business in the most effective way for you and your company and add a little bit of soul to the marketing process. Using the latest multimedia technology, and utilizing our skills and experience, we will work closely with you in order to propel your new buisness to the forefront of your fields. Existing buisnesses can sometimes really benefit from giving their design brands a makeover, and in doing so make their products and services more appealing to a new target audience. Here at SoulDesignz we are passionate about our work, we believe we are the best and we want to make you feel that way too.

3:2 Company Slogan Express The Meaning,‌

3:3 Proposition We at SoulDesignz propose to use our knowledge to branding your company in the best way possible. We will take you through the process of making your business stand out from the crowd, whilst working closely with the client, and putting you at ease throughout.

3:4 Unique Selling Point SoulDesignz has an urban outlook on the advertising world, with young fresh minds and an entrepreneurial take on the latest design formats, we are coming up with new ideas


everyday. We don’t solve problems, we understand them, which helps us to overcome the challenges which we thrive on.

3:5 Output Brand and corporate identity design Packaging Events and Exhibitions Web design Illustrations



4. Business Focus 4:1 Mission Statement “Passionate, ethical, eye-catching and effective advertising to make our clients more successfull.� Advertising in all its forms, is a powerful means of communication which must be approached with an ethical and moral outlook because of the nature of the widespread audience who will be exposed to it. It is these very ethics, which SoulDesignz takes as one of its primary responsibilities. We want to get the most eye catching spreads and designs out there, but we don’t want to offend anyone in the process, that is why we make sure wherever one of our designs is seen, it portrays taste, and not waste. 4.2 - Vision SoulDesignz is a limited company founded and managed by Annabel Lewak-Steed. We are a newly established company specializing in graphic design, employing the latest design formats, specifically pertaining to branding, packaging and illustration. Based in and around London, SoulDesignz aims to bring your products to the forefront of advertisement and most importantly, propelling your business to greater heights. With an ethical outlook on target audiences SoulDesignz incorporates a passion to achieve success in a moral fashion whilst standing above competition in excellence.

4.3 - Professional Support Profesionally based within the medium of elite branding and sophisticated packaging. SoulDesignz can guarantee the very highest level of satisfaction. In partnership we work very closely with renowned digital development specialists from Down Right, a London based web design house. Our business contacts are of the very highest standards therefore, any work we cannot undertake will be refered and subcontracted by us, on your behalf.


4.4 - Operations Annabel Lewak-Steed- Chief Executive and Head of Operations.

4.5 - Aims & Objectives Objectives need to be SMART, I.e. specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time related. Objectives are set in three main terms:

Short Term Within the first 3 months of SoulDesignz going into operation we would aim to establish a good preliminary clientele base. Initially advertisement would be a high priority, in order to achieve a wider level of awareness.

Medium Term After a year of SoulDesignz being a fully functional business, my primary goals would be shifted from adverisment to employment, it would be at this point I would expect to recruit more designers as my business expands.

Long Term After 2 years at the forefront of Graphic Design SoulDesignz, woud hope to achieve a profitable and trustworthy business. A wide recognition and clientele base and two or more employees to undertake work received via the internet.



5. Market Research There is always a demand for a Graphic Design Company worth its weight in gold. In order to reach a sophisticated wide-spread clientele base which would support my expectations for SoulDesignz as a business, I would market SoulDesignz and receive feedback on my performance through good advertising and client introductionary functions. I would also seriously consider engaging in some probono charity work to ascertain a reliable way to judge my performance through practice.

5.1 - SWOT Analysis The SWOT analysis is where you use your research to identify 4 things: Strengths SoulDesignz, incorporates bright positive colour schemes and easy to read font sizes to really stand out and appeal across the marketplace. Using urban, up beat and refreshing clean-cut designs.

Leading from the front, SoulDesignz utilizes all its core staff and co-ordinates the best person/or team for the job. This ensures SoulDesignz achieves all of its goals professionally and promptly.

Here at SoulDesignz, we like to think outside the box. We don’t go with the preset flow we create, mold and fashion our own. This gives us our personality and helps us to live up to our name.

Ties, bonds, trust and commitment, these are our standards of business etiquette, which we shall endeavor to uphold at all times.


Our brand at SoulDesignz will remain a name beyond reproach, and good business is a practice of ours.

Weaknesses A small client base is our initial concern; we are looking into a wider range of advertising and local charity work.

Sourcing all of our packaging from the UK can push up costs of products, however SoulDesignz will ensure that all of its sources are sustainable.

Based in London, SoulDesignz will not initially be able to undertake much work other than via the Internet, as travel costs incurred could be an issue.


Here at SoulDesignz we are delighted to be able to put our ideas out there and to watch them grow. The opportunity to create a sustainable packaging and innovative branding company excites and challenges us.

Everyone likes the idea of a business with whom they can work well At SoulDesignz professional courtesy; punctuality and discretion are all standard practice. SoulDesignz relishes the opportunity to give you that “Good Business” experience.

Threats Issues on morality, ‘sensible advertising’ is good advertising. SoulDesignz will always do the right thing within its medium. We have learnt from other businesses that have come into controversy over their sexual content or indecent advertising. SoulDesignz will not make the same mistakes.



The production of packaging uses raw materials that are environmentally friendly. Fair sustainable trade is an important factor when considering threats. We will try to educate customers on our packaging, where our clients are open to it.

Social, environmental and economic factors contribute greatly in our threat assessments, as we wish to deliver the best overall strategies for our clients, and their own.

Threat Assessments Where work is undertaken, SoulDesignz will carry out a threat assessment in order to prevent coming into a conflict of interests as production moves on. This will include an overview of specific areas such as, sexual content, and suitability, economic, technological, social and legal obligations and understandings.


6.Marketing Plan To forecast an outlook on how a business is going to fair, is a difficult thing to do in the current financial climate. SoulDesignz hopes to achieve a reputation second to none. Using our unique selling point of innovation and a strict work ethic, we know that we can achieve great things. Attaining feedback and gaining that recognition is going to be where our advertising strategies come into their own. Services From the boardroom to the factory production lines, throughout the whole process of our speciality packaging and branding services, which we specialize in, we take a personal hand in keeping everything running to schedule and our clients up to date. Clients All new clients begin their SoulDesignz business with our head of operations, Miss Annabel Lewak-Steed. Some assignments may need certain aspects sub-contracted but in such cases a designer from SoulDesignz will always supervise this.

6.1 Competitors In the United Kingdom, we are blessed with some of the best designers and innovative thinkers as far as branding and packaging goes. Here at SoulDesignz, we love a challenge, it stimulates us and we thrive upon it. We aim to stand above our competition, not only for the way in which we conduct our business but also the quality of our work.

6.2 Staff Roles Due to the nature of our work pertaining to intellectual property, confidentiality is paramount. Our team members are highly



qualified, creative and absolutely discreet. Each staff member is highly valued within our organization and expected to carry out their own work professionally and to a deadline. Staff roles and responsibilities fall into branding, packaging, web design and illustration. Staff will also carry out multiple tasks at once if required to do so.

6.3 SoulDesignz Founding Member Miss Annabel Lewak-Steed is the founder of SoulDesignz. It is through her well established business contacts and experience in the private hospitality sector which warrants her lead role and Head of Operations status.

6.4 Office SoulDesignz is a London based limited company, initially run from a private residence. It will also use privately recommended and assured freelance Graphic Designers to undertake cross county business affairs in order to achieve growth.

6.5 - Sales & Marketing Strategy SoulDesignz is a versatile company who wish to achieve status in the food, drink, fashion, leisure and entertainment industries. In order to achieve this H.O.O Miss Annabel Lewak-Steed, will hold client introductory functions/events. Exhibitions will also be looked into in order to display the level of quality SoulDesignz has to offer. SoulDesignz will customize its services around a client to suit their business objectives. We are branching out of London and into the realms of the worldwide web. This will help us to accommodate a wider client basis and to gain recognition further afield. Our main unique marketing strategy is a stance on fair trade, sustainability and sourcing our materials locally. Charity is close to our hearts here at SoulDesignz and so we pledge 5% of all profits to a different charity each year. Where possible we will undertake small operations for newly founded charities in order to raise awareness, for their various good causes. 10

7. Financial Plan SoulDesignz is a newly established limited company based in London. Receiving mainly local based work, currently means SoulDesignz is a business with little overheads. The current financial outlay and expected outlook is as follows.

7.1 – Initial Overheads The business is run from an already owned private residence, and as such, the owner does not need to pay for premise costs i.e. rent etc. There would also be no staffing expenditure initially as Miss Annabel Lewak-Steed will undertake most work. Naturally, the first year’s turnover would not normally cover all the initial start-up costs. At SoulDesignz we are confident that will be able to establish ourselves into the open market, whilst offering an affordable service.


Equipment 15-inch laptop £1,000 A4 printer/scanner/photocopier £500 1 phone including answering machine £30 plus monthly bills (estimated)

Software Specific software including Adobe suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) Premises


Stationary Office Equipment (Desk and chair)

negligible cost- in house. £250

Petty Cash for sundry items




7.2 Financial Prospects and Projections We believe that SoulDesignz will grown into a potentially high grossing business.

£130,000 £115,000 £100,000 £75,000 £50,000

4 years

3 1/2 years

3 years

2 1/2 years

2 years

1 1/2 years

1 year

First 6 months


Rate of Growth

Profit Margin/Cashflow Graph Over the next six months to one year we intend to have the business turnover at about £11,000-£12,000 at the half way mark. By the end of the year an estimated figure of £23,000£25,000 we believe is an achievable target, that we are confident that we can meet. Although it appears to be a modest sum, it should be expected as a high proportion of efforts and endeavors over the first six months to one year, will be primarily concentrated on advertisement and small jobs locally. This would then pave a clear route to be able to achieve more


in terms of turnover and income in the following years to come. As we move into more comfortable settings, we want to remain at the cutting edge and move further afield. In the period progressing from one year and six months to two years, we expect to see a nice steady rise in business and an increase in overall turnover, to higher levels expecting to gross up to £75,000. However, with a greater income comes both greater work and greater taxes. It would be the two-year stage that I would be looking at employing one staff member or more in order to help with the volume of work. Covering the period of two and half years to three years, we expect social designs to undergo some major changes as we start to really elevate our business onto new plains. Hopefully whilst still maintaining a steady flow of work we would expect to gross around £75,000 within our first six months into the second year. Moreover, by the third, judging by the current economic climate and our projections for that in three years time, we expect to see a fairly large climb towards the start of the third year. Possibly up to the heights of £100,000 or just over. At this point, if all is achieved in terms of financial targets, SoulDesignz would be taking on up to two or more staffing members. It would be at this point also that SoulDesignz would gear its concentration onto moving to a high street premises, in order to expand further and to be more accessible. With SoulDesignz fully projected into the world of design brand and packaging specialization our interests with our own personal development will really become evident between the three and half to four year mark. Our estimates of how the financial side of business will look at this time grows rapidly and continues to do so. Grossing overall at this time between £115,000 and £130,000 may not seem like a big jump from a £100,000 however; once again it would be our intention to expand further. If SoulDesignz can maintain a steadily rising amount of business, from the time of starting up and moving on operationally. then after the five year to seven year mark,



SoulDesignz would look to carry out its secondary objective of branching out further. This, for SoulDesignz would mean more offices in prevalent locations around the country.

7.3 Financial Requirements and Obligations

Starting up expenses,

Legal £300 Marketing consultants £1,000 Computer programs £3,000 Office equipment/stationary £280 plus monthly connection fees thereafter Business and liability insurance £850 Designs and Costs £2,700 Other £0

Total start up expenses


1 ½ years to 2 years Cash requirements Start up inventory Other short term assets Total short term assets Long term assets

£8,400 £17,000 £600 £26,000 £0

Total start up requirements and obligations


2 ½ years to 3 years Cash requirements Inventory Short term assets Long term assets Left to finance

£16,000 £75,000 £10,000 £20,000 £0


Short-long term borrowing

Unpaid expenses Short-long term loans Interest free short-long term loans

£0 £0 £10,000

Total borrowing

Loss at starts up Total equity Total debt and equity Check line


£8,130 £30,850 £30,850 £0

7.4 Pricing Policy Of course, SoulDesignz would prefer to tailor make the service to the clients needs and for the best possible outcome. However, for customers not looking for that bespoke service, we have three premium care packages, these are our bronze, silver and gold care package and are as follows.

Bronze Package £525.00

Marketing Collateral (Flyers, brochures)

Half day rate for full days work, consultancy

Silver Package £725.00

A Logo (The symbol of the entire identity & brand) Stationery (Letterhead + business card + envelopes)

A Logo (The symbol of the entire identity & brand) Stationery (Letterhead + business card + envelopes) Marketing Collateral (Flyers, brochures, books)



Products & Packaging (Products sold and the packaging in which they come)

Apparel Design (Tangible clothing items that are worn by employees)

Half day rate for two days consultancy

Gold Package ÂŁ1,025

A Logo (The symbol of the entire identity & brand) Stationery (Letterhead + business card + envelopes)

Apparel Design (Tangible clothing items that are worn by employees)

Signage (Interior & exterior design)

Messages & Actions (Messages conveyed via indirect or direct modes of communication)

Other Communication (web design)

Half days rate on two days consultancy.

Marketing Collateral (Flyers, brochures, books) Products & Packaging (Products sold and the packaging in which they come)

Anything visual that represents the business.


8. Appendix Additional information that is referenced in the business plan. Partnership Agreements Miss Annabel Lewak-Steed is the sole owner and trader of SoulDesignz. SoulDesignz its logo and brand is the intellectual property of Miss Annabel Lewak-Steed. As such SoulDesignz does not have any partners and is owned by Miss Annabel Lewak-Steed.






T:07507791226 E : a l ewa k @ h ot m a i l . c o. u k




in Nail Company for my own business Busy Bear Branding Parklane Polyclinic and Education Centre Branding Cake & Co Branding

Graphic Design Experience

I am always keen to evolve my existing skills and to pioneer new ones. I am very much dedicated and committed to everything I do. I am highly capable in using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and In Design

I perform well in a team, yet am equally happy to work by myself; I also adapt well to different working environments.

I am an enthusiastic, confident, highly motivated and organized individual, who meets deadlines. I would describe myself as reliable, responsible, outgoing and friendly.

Pr ofi le uc io n


June 2006 St Benedicts GCSE Polish C

GCSE’s, English Literature C, English Language B, Mathematics B, French B, Double Award Science CC, Information Communication Technology C, Art & Design B, Textiles B

September 1992-2007 Northwood College A-Levels, Graphics Design B, Pyschology C, Textiles B

September 2008-2011 Middlesex University BA (hons) Graphic Design- 2:2 September 2007-2008 Ravensbourne ABC Foundation Art & Design- Pass

September 2011-to date Westminster University MA Design for Communication


Sharmans Pharmacy May 2004- May 2005

Marsh Mclennan Summer 2007

JD Sports Oct 2007-Jan 2008

Bottoms Up Oct 2008 - Dec 2009

Claires Accessories April 2010- Oct 2010

Superdrug Oct 2010- to Oct 2011

Blockbuster Oct 2011-to date

Self Employed Nail Technician Dec 2009-ongoing

W or k

8.2 Portfolio

Busy Bear Trading An online shop, selling all kinds of products. There is no specific target market, meaning the website caters for everyone’s needs.

E : a l ewa k @ h ot m a i l . c o. u k

Cake & Co Branding

I designed the logo, business cards and postcards for advertising purposes.


Parklane polyclinic and Parklane Education Centre Parklane polyclinic and education centre, is not yet established. It will be a learning/clinic centre.

3 Park Lane, Harefield, London, UB9 6BJ T: 07579 054 282 E:



The Cake & Company The Cake & Company is a bakery business run from home. I designed the logo, with multiple colour choices that feature on the website, once it has been launched.



Nail Company I designed my business cards and leaflets to promote my mobile acryllic nail company.



BRANDING Branding and Packaging company

5th April 2012 Prepared by Annabel Lewak-Steed Head of Operations of SoulDesignz




d nz

1. Branding 2. The Logo 2.1 Stand out from the crowd 2.2 Initial logo 2.3 Logo development 2.4 Final logo 2.5 Colour palette 2.6 Typography

3. Applications

1 2 2 3 3 4 5 7 9

1.Branding We are offering a unique service in Graphic Design. Covering all financial margins, we are the go to specialists in branding and package design. We also offer services within the remits of web design and are at the forefront of core computer programming. Our unique selling point starts with the client and grows through their business. This becomes evidently clear as the business starts to project its identity into the relative market place. Competition is not the main concern of SoulDesignz. We stand above our rivals with our fair trade local based outsourcing of raw materials. Our expertise in our specialized fields and integral code of conduct. Potential clients of SoulDesignz will predominatly be made up of newly founded or existing business owners or existing business’s which require a new outlook, through their branding and packaging.


2. The Logo SoulDesignz logo is designed using a bright and energetic colour scheme. It is designed to deliver an upbeat and fun vibe to attract clients. The logotype is legible and is appropriate for the business industry of branding and and package design. The symbol used as the ‘o’ can also be identified as SoulDesignz if seen on its own. The symbol incorporated within the logo is powerful and innovative.

2.1 Stand Out From The Crowd There is a white space surrounding the logo, (marked above in black lines) to enable the logo to stand out from the crowd to avoid it getting lost amongst other designs. This is done as a protection barrier to be used on all applications such as business cards, letterheads and stationary etc.



2:2 Initial Logo Design

2:3 Logo Development


2:4 Final Logo



2.5 Colour Palette The SoulDesignz colour scheme is exuberant, strong and gives off an energetic vibe. SoulDesignz believes that colour offers an instantaneous method for conveying meaning. The colour palette used for SoulDesignz is powerful and communicates a vibrant positivity towards potential and exciting clients. Individual colours used within the palette have different attributes, which together culminate to form a strong message of originality, that is reflected within our work. What colour means within SoulDesignz? Purple:royalty and sophistication Orange/pink gradient:playful and youthful Lime green:soothing Blue: calming and success Purple




M/O gradient



254 EC

Magenta EC

7409 EC


C:59% M:95% Y:0% K:0%

C:0% M:100% Y:0% K:0%

C:0% M:49% Y:93% K:0%


R:129 G:42 B:131

R:225 G:2 B:122

R:243 G:151 B:27







Lime green




254 EC

Magenta EC



C:20% M:0% Y:100% K:0%

C:100% M:0% Y:0% K:0%

C:77% M:76% Y:61% K:81%


R:223 G:219 B:8

R:37 G:156 B:211

R:27 G:22 B:27






2.6 Typography The SoulDesignz logo uses two fonts. Soul is created using the type from the family BD Bankwell designed by Lorenz Gianfreda in 2001, and Designz is created using the type from the family Folks, designed by Manfred Klein in 2003. BD Bankwell is a quirky font with a friendly appreance and vibe. It is a legible and clear typeface with a unique feel. It is also clear to read at smaller text settings whilst maintaining its lively and subtelty on larger display sizes. Folks is a simple but urban font. The font is very clear giving it a clean cut finnish. BD Bankwell regular




3. Applications Notebook






27 March 2012 Trenz Pruca Title Company Name 4321 First Street Anytown, State ZIP

Dear Trenz,

4 Hurst Place Jackets Lane Middlesex HA6 2JS

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, set eiusmod tempor incidunt et labore et dolore magna aliquam. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exerc. Irure dolor in reprehend incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse molestaie cillum. Tia non ob ea soluad incom dereud facilis est er expedit distinct. Nam liber te conscient to factor tum poen legum odioque civiuda et tam. Neque pecun modut est neque nonor et imper ned libidig met, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed ut labore et dolore magna aliquam is nostrud exercitation ullam mmodo consequet. Duis aute in voluptate velit esse cillum . Sincerely yours,

Annabel lewak-Steed




Envelope 110x220mm


Business Cards 35 x 85mm



Soul Designz Business Plan  
Soul Designz Business Plan  

SoulDesignz business plan